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Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 67 (Part 1)

As previously announced, Re:Library will now be taking over the translation of this great web novel series. We already mentioned this before, but since each chapter is more or less about 6k ~ 9k characters in raw source, we will take that into consideration and split each chapter into an appropriate length, more or less about 3k ~ 4k characters each part. That’s about the average length of most other novels out there, which we believe is a good compromise for a novel this long.

Another thing that we should mention is that, since we are still in the middle of reviewing the past chapters, we won’t be translating this novel at full throttle just yet. For now, I’ve asked the translator to provide at least 1 part per month until we finish reviewing all the chapters. This chapter hasn’t been edited yet, we will come back to it later after the chapter reviews and change the terms as necessary. For now, enjoy the read.

As always, if you wish to show your support, you can head on to our Patreon page to offer some monetary support. Much love.

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» Chapter 61 (Part 1) «

The Saintess Chapter 9

We’re already chapter 9 in~ How exciting. On a side note, I’ve just supported a Patreon creator just a few days ago. As a matter of fact, this is literally the first time I’ve subbed to anyone’s Patreon page. You know FlowingCloud of Yado-Inn? I’ve just subbed to his Patreon page 😛

Seems that he got roped into the Gender Bender genre by me and he has been picking up a few Gender Bender of his own. The only problem is that he’s the type that can’t seem to stick to one novel for long so don’t expect any long term investment from him though.

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» Chapter 9 «

The Saintess Chapter 8

From the current outlook, it seems like the reader’s interest are leaning towards The Transcendent more. Over the past few days, many people have been asking me when will the next chapter of the Transcendent be available. To answer your question, since I’m not the translator in question, I have no idea.

I only commissioned 5 chapters from FrozenFirez for the month of February and he has provided me with just that. Although I have asked for another 5 chapters after he was finished, that was scheduled for the next month, so… the next chapter could come to you in anywhere between 1 to 30 days from now~

Well, I will try to make him quicken the pace though, so we won’t have to wait that long.

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» Chapter 8 «

[Chibi Art] Demon Sword Maiden

First off, don’t add this to NovelUpdates, please. It’s not a chapter update! Anyway, thanks to the Patrons, the Publishers, and the Ad Revenues we get from serving ads to the visitors, we finally have some leeway with our cash and managed to commission two cute chibi art for you! Lo and Behold, the cuteness of Lily and Nanako in all their glorious… CHIBI STATE!
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The Saintess Chapter 6

Here comes the 6th chapter of the Saintess! It’s quite a weird and refreshing feeling to translate a novel without titles for the chapters.

On a side note, I think I will start the voting session for the teaser novels when both The Saintess and the Transcendent reached chapter 10. For now, I don’t have any other teaser novel in mind, so if you have something to recommend, better do it soon, and by soon, I mean ASAP.

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» Chapter 6 «

Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 3

And today, we bring to you yet another chapter of Transcendent! Much thanks to FrozenFirez for completing the commission in a timely fashion~ The next two chapters will be available shortly, after I finish proofing them. Whenever that may be.

In this chapter, the protagonist is getting ready to delve into the world of the VR, I’m so excited to see what’s the VR world is like. And more importantly, the Gender BENDERRRRRR!!

Anyway, don’t forget to read How can the Saintess be a Boy!? too, we will be holding a voting session on which of these teaser novels to continue translating in due time. And you shall be the ones to decide.

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» Chapter 3 «

The Saintess Chapter 5

We’re now at the 5th chapter of this teaser~
What do you think of it so far? Would you pick this over “Reborn as a Transcendent“? Personally, I don’t know yet, but I believe I’d be more interested in reading the continuation of the Transcendent.

And you know what? If everything had gone according to plan, I shouldn’t even be here, translating, right now. I should be in Australia enjoying my short little vacation! Damned coronavirus! Way to ruin someone’s long-awaited trip!

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» Chapter 5 «

The Saintess Chapter 4

This here is the fourth chapter of The Saintess. Remember, this is still a teaser novel so we don’t have a fixed release schedule yet. In due time, we will eventually host a voting session to have you, the readers, pick your favorite teaser novels. We will then put all our resources into the novel with the highest votes and continue to bring you a steady weekly update of said novel. For now, the only other teaser we have in store for you is Reborn as a Transcendent. If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend you to go and read it.

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» Chapter 4 «

[New Teaser] Reborn as a Transcendent

Happy Valentine everyone! Hope you’re having a great time with your loved ones on this blessed day.

Today, we bring to you a new teaser project brought to you by FrozenFirez, our newly hired Chinese Translator on probation. This is the novel recommended to us by the Wild Lurker when we just started our Project Gender Bender six to seven months ago. It is to our greatest joy that we have finally reached the stage where we’re able to bring the translation of this web novel to the world.

Same with “How can the Saintess be a Boy!?,” this will be another teaser project for now. In due date, we will put up a vote and let the readers choose which of the teaser novels should we continue to translate. For now, enjoy the read.

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