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07 A Lake was Born

When the food runs out, I will gather some elixir grass and sell it in the town again.
By occasionally taking baths with Punigami, I can take care of my hygiene.
After living like that for a month, Iris realized that it was the most suitable lifestyle for her.

「Minimum human interaction…….no worries about food and clothing……I can sleep as much as I want……..the scenery is beautiful……what a wonderful NEET life! I’m going to live like that forever! 」


「Will it really go that well?」Punigami was rather skeptical.
However, Iris didn’t worry about anything.
The elixir grass not only didn’t diminish but propagated even more.
The grass spread all the way until the bottom of the hill.

Iris was able to turn the barren lands into a grassland by simply being present.
She made a great contribution to the environment.
No one should blame her for that.
On the contrary, she even deserves to be praised.

On a certain morning when Iris lived a life of degradation as usual.

「Puni! Puni! 」

She woke up with a loud sound of Punigami’s voice.
She was sleeping on the floor of the church before she knew it.
Most likely, she just rolled off during her sleep. Such things happen often.

「Un……..what’s wrong, Punigami? So loud in the morning. Waking me up in the morning……..are you wasting your efforts trying to make me live a normal life? 」


Apparently, he wasn’t particularly trying to make her lifestyle proper.
For now, just go outside the church, asked Punigami.

「Something bigger that wasteland turning into grassland? Let me say this, I won’t be surprised that easily」


「Yes, yes. I’m going since you are that insistent. Even though I didn’t sleep enough……mou」

Iris chased after Punigami as she rubbed her eyes.
And when she went outside the church.
She opened her eyes wide and forgot how to breathe because of her sheer surprise.
It wasn’t the time to be sleepy.
No, maybe she was asleep and saw a dream.

The grassland around the church was still present.
As of yesterday, it reached to the end of the hill and was about to encroach on the village.

However, the grass was in the end only grass.

The scenery in front of Iris couldn’t be described as such a small change.

The abandoned village has disappeared
In place of the abandoned village, there was a big lake now.
There wasn’t only the grass around it but also blooming flowers of different colors.
Beautiful butterflies flew above them.

「N? Nnn? How did that happen? 」


I have no idea too, or so Punigami said.


「It’s because of my magical power anyway? Well…….I can’t think of anything else……..Still, all of these overnight」


「It wasn’t overnight? Ah, I’ve slept for three days in a row again. No, it’s too much of a change even for three days…….」


「Do you want to swim, Punigami? No wonder, you’re a slime, so you like it when it’s wet. I’m going to swim too! 」

Iris and Punigami ran down the hill.
Punigami didn’t slow down and plunged into the lake creating a big splash.
Iris jumped in only after she took off her clothes.

「Awawa, so cool and so pleasant」


The lake was incredibly clear, you could see all the way to the bottom.
The shore was shallow, only until Iris’ shoulders, but the rest of it was quite deep with the abandoned village on its bottom.
Since it was a new lake, there was no fish in it as of yet.

「Is this lake made of water from the underground source? Maybe it will overflow and turn into a river eventually」


「It this river connects to the sea, you can make a raft and have a fun time going downstream! Ah, but meeting humans on the way is undesirable…….let’s stay indoors……」


Apparently, Punigami wasn’t opposed to the idea of going down the river on the raft.
However, outside is full of danger.
No, it wasn’t that dangerous in reality but random human encounters can easily put Iris in a great pinch.

「Punigami. Let me back in the sun on top of you」


Iris sprawled on Punigami as he floated in the lake.
The early summer sun shined its sunlight.
When the breeze blew, Punigami gently swayed.
She had a very comfortable time.
Iris gazed at the blue sky.

The, she heard a shrill roar「Gyaoon」 coming from somewhere in the sky.
When she looked in the direction of the roar, Iris saw the red dragon flying this way.

「……..Is this the dragon that I drove out a while before? 」

When speaking about driving out, Iris might seem as a bad guy.
However, Iris only asked for an opportunity to stay in the church, the other party started the fight first.
Then it tried to stomp on her only to be pushed back.
Legitimate self-defense.
However, it was true that the dragon had a painful time, perhaps it’s better to apologize.

「Oi, Dragon-san, sorry for that time!」

Iris raised her upper body, waved her hands, and shouted.
Then, the dragon descended and landed on the side of the lake with another「Gyaoon」.

「………What, what’s happened here!? Why is there a grassland?  Even such a big lake! What did you do to my lair!?」

The dragon impatiently asked Iris.
It wasn’t surprising.
The change was just that big.

「Un…….I was lazing about in the church and this happened before I noticed………..」

「As if there could be such a thing!」

Nevertheless, there was such a thing.
This world is full of mysteries.

「Believe me」


「Like hell I’ll believe it……also, what is this slime? 」

「He was drying on the bottom of the well. When I fiddled and revived the underground water line, he sucked the water and came back to life. His name is Punigami」


「Fiddled with the underground water line…….? As I thought, you didn’t just laze around all the time! 」

「It may be true when you think about it……….」

「Stop it! Enough of messing with other’s lair! 」

The dragon stomped on the ground with tears in its voice.
Kinda cute, ended up thinking Iris.
It must be a girl.
It’s difficult to judge based on her appearance.
With her big body, even such a childish act caused the ground to shake.
A wave formed on the lake washing Punigami away. Of course, Iris, who was on top of Punigami, was swept away too.

「Hey, don’t run!」

「No one is running. We are just being swept by the waves you are causing」

「Damn………you are making a fool of me……I won’t forgive you. I’m different from me of the past! I trained myself in the mountains! Take this, Dragon Breath! 」

Red magical power gathered in the dragon’s throat and transformed into intense flame spewing out towards Iris and Punigami.
The flame was indeed stronger than before.
However, the fact that it doesn’t work against Iris didn’t change.

「Etto…….freeze! 」

Iris froze a part of the lake and erected an ice wall.
Close to the absolute zero, super low temperature.
It blocked the breath of Dragon-san even after all the training.

「Wh-What!? What does it not melt!? I have flames here! Ice is something that should be melt by fire! 」

「Even if you say that……..It not hot enough」

「Don’t joke with me! Your ice surpasses common sense! Now I’m angry! I will smash your ice wall! 」

「Take it easy, you don’t need to get so red in the face」

「It’s red in the first place!」

Screamed the dragon and collided with the wall.
She tried to bash through the wall and reach Iris.
But that was a wall capable of withstanding even the dragon breath.
It didn’t even flinch after multiple strikes.

「C-Cold! This wall is too cold! Ah, it even stuck to my scale…..I can’t take it off! Adadadada, my scale is going to come off! 」

The dragon was attached to ice wall and couldn’t move.
How pitiful.
She started to gradually freeze.

「I don’t mind removing it but………are you going to accept me living here? 」

「I accept! I accept so remove it already! 」

「All right. Ei」

When Iris clicked her finger, the wall turned into the water and fell into the lake with a splash.
Because of its sudden disappearance, the dragon too fell into the lake.
Both, Iris and Punigami, were showered in a rain of lake water.

「Awawa, it’s fun」


Due to the dragon razing a giant wave, Iris and Punigami were swept all the way to the shore.
I didn’t know that gliding on the waves was so fun.
Let’s try making waves by myself next time.

「Damn it…..I lost again! Next time I will definitely win! 」

The dragon, who showed her head above the lake surface, let out a deafening cry.

「Next time……..didn’t you accept me living here? 」

「You can live here if you want to! But our fight in a different matter! Dragons are much stronger than something like humans! Idiot, idiot. Nudist! 」

The dragon soared leaving behind some parting words.

「No no, I’m not a human……..and aren’t dragons don’t wear clothes too. Aren’t you a nudist too!? Hey, how about we just live together? 」

Tried to retort Iris but the dragon was already far away.


  1. N/a.

06 Came Across a Cuttlefish

Go around the town to buy pajamas, dried meat, smoked fish, cheese and all kinds of other food. Should also buy a rucksack while I’m at it.

Iris, who developed confidence in her communication abilities, completed one purchase after another.

In addition, she bought a crepe-like tasty looking thing to try it out.
Even when she bought so much, she was still under one gold coin.

Elixir grass, amazing.
There are still plenty growing around the church though.

「As long as I have this elixir grass……..I can live without working for the rest of my life! 」


Iris was shivering in excitement at her splendid future but, apparently, Punigami still couldn’t understand its splendor.

「Fufufu, you are still too green, Punigami. Here, I will give you a candy that I received from the granny」


She plunged the candy ball in Punigami’s body.
Then, the candy ball floated inside his body and was gradually digested.


It seems that Punigami liked the candy ball.
Iris too licked a candy ball. Delicious.
There were candies on the Kurifot continent too, which were just lumps of sugar with a rough taste. The human candies were much tastier.
Even more so for the crepes.
If the humans disappear, all this tasty food will disappear with them.
Let’s put the extermination on hold.

Having decided on her future policy, Iris went into a dark unpopulated alley.
She wanted to take off and fly to the church but, since she was bound to create a commotion, she decided to fly away stealthily.

However, before she was able to, she was called from the back.

「Oi, young lady over there」

「Hiyaa, please forgive me!」

Iris reflexively apologized.
Even though she acquired the communication skills to be able to smoothly purchase things, it didn’t mean having an ability to cope with surprises.

「…….What are you apologizing for? 」

Said the man, who called out to her, in a wondering voice.

「N-Nothing in particular………just felt like it! 」

She truly felt like it, she didn’t know how to explain it otherwise.
She wanted to run away with a dash but she planned to sell the elixir grass in this town in the future.
She didn’t want weird rumors to be spread.
This is going to be difficult, Iris fired herself up and looked towards the source of the voice.

There were two men in that place.
The lined up in a way that blocked the road leading to the main street.

One was a muscle-man with a ferocious appearance. He appeared to be full of ill intentions towards Iris.
The other one was a slim guy with a nervous face. It was the other customer she saw in the shop back then.

「Oi. You didn’t make a mistake, right? 」

The big man asked the slender man.
The slender man nodded and grinned.

「Yeah, that’s her, bro. This little girl sold the elixir grass to the tool shop and earned ten gold coins」

「I see. Then I am going to say it straight, young lady. Give all of your money to us. Also, you are going to tell us where you found the elixir grass. If you won’t, I will show you the meaning of pain」

「That’s how it is. Let me tell you, little girl. Even if you have such a big slime, you should not try anything funny. Bro here is the first-class adventurer capable of defeating a minotaur with his bare hands. No matter how many slimes there are, they won’t be able to do a thing」

In short, they seemed to be cuttlefishes. [1] Most likely, the slender guy coincidentally met Iris in the tool shop, thought she was a nice catch, a reported everything to his big bro.

「I-I won’t…….why do I need to hand over my money to you!? Besides, if I tell you where I got the elixir grass…….I will be left with nothing! 」

Encountering a robbery attempt, Iris’ voice trembled because of her nervousness.
The two men laughed in glee.
Seeing her frightened, they thought that she would obediently hand over the money and information.
However, Iris wasn’t especially afraid of the two. She was afraid of strangers in general.

「Eee, trembling voice and shoulders, aren’t you cute. Are the money inside your backpack? Hand them over」

Having said so, the big man approached Iris.


Looking closely, she noticed grease on his face. And he was ugly.
No, don’t come close. Scary.


Iris punched the big man in the face without any hesitation. [2]


The big man flew away scattering his teeth and landed all the way back near the slender man.

「B-Big bro!?」

The slender man reached out to the big man. However, since he was completely knocked out, he didn’t respond.
Maybe because his bro was knocked out in one hit, there was panic on the slender man’s face.
Face with this pitiful man, Iris mercilessly landed the final blow.

「Nooooooo, a stranger, noooooooo! Stay away from meeeeee! 」

The slender men didn’t really try to approach her. He was even trying to create a distance. A splendid straight punch collided with his cheek.
After losing all his teeth and bleeding from his nose, the slender man lost his consciousness too.

After that, Iris finally came to herself.

「Hiyaa! I hit them! F-Forgive me…..but you guys were at fault! I’m not going to apologize………! 」


「Eh, did I apologize already? Ah, it’s true! What should I do……anyway, farewell! 」

Iris left the unconscious two as they were and escaped with Punigami towards the church at an impressive speed.

To forget her fear, she gorged herself with recently bought food, changed into new pajamas and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she completely forgot about the two she rendered unconscious.


  1. Apparently, it’s a slang for robbers. According to Google-sensei. 
  2. Loli punch! 

05 Sold the Grass for Ten Gold

During her travels, Iris spotted multiple human towns and villages.
Of course, since she didn’t want to meet them, she passed them by.

However, this time was different.
She was going to check whether this grass could be sold or not.

If it is possible, she would be able to buy a new pajamas and something to eat.
As a demon, Iris supplements herself by sucking the magical atmospheric magical power but the density of the magical power near the church wasn’t up to her satisfaction.
Without any food, she would starve to death.

With that as a reason, Iris landed in the closest human town but………
She has been hiding in a building’s shadow since a while ago and didn’t have the courage to leave it.

「Uu……..people are walking…….they have pleasant conversations……they will definitely come to talk to me once I get out…….Ah, see, every person around comes to greet that human! S-Scary……」

Iris was waiting for a timing to get out on the main street.
However, there was no indication of the human presences disappearing.
There was no end to human voices.
The humans will definitely disappear during the night.
If it’s the empty main street, Iris can walk around with confidence.
However, the shops are closed during the night too, so she won’t be able to appraise her grass.

「How troublesome…..such a difficult hurdle………」


Punigami let out an exasperated voice with Iris still on top of him.

「W-What!? This is my first time in a human town, it can’t be helped! Still…….this town didn’t look that big from the sky, for it to have so many people inside……There are many more towns even bigger than this one……..the extermination is indeed impossible for me. Besides, dying seems to be painful……I don’t want to bring pain. They’d be too pitiful」


「You know the feeling of death because you nearly dried up at the bottom of that well? Fumufumu, as I thought, it’s painful……..un……..let’s give up on the extermination. Let’s go back without accidentally killing anyone」


「Pathetic」angrily cried Punigami.

「But…… know. That stall owner tries to sell his vegetables to every passerby. I don’t have the confidence to refuse……..scary…….so easily speaking with strangers…….humans are scary」


「Eh, Punigami, why are you moving on your own, ah, you can’t! There is the main street in that direction, the main street!  S-Stop! 」

Disregarding her desperate pleading, Punigami jumped out on the main street.
At that moment, she became the focus of attention of all the people in the vicinity

「Oh, there is a girl riding on a slime here」
「Monster user, huh. How rare」
「She shouldn’t be a child of this town. Is she a traveler at such a young age? 」
「Her silver hair is incredibly beautiful. Where did she come from? 」

She heard a variety of voices.
Iris felt as if every single person in this town was staring at her.
No, in reality, there were some people on the main street, who didn’t pay her any attention.
There were those, who only briefly glanced at her before turning away, as well as those, who didn’t even look at her in the first place.
As for the ones, who were discussing Iris’ emergence, they were only a part of the crowd.

However, for Iris, the actual number held no importance.
In her vision, she was surrounded by strangers, who were eagerly talking about her.
I want to leave this place immediately.
If I won’t, I will die.
But even so–

「Young lady. You’ve found quite a big slime to be your comrade. Even though you are so small, very admirable. Here, a candy for you」 [1]

A granny spoke to Iris. [2] There wasn’t any substance behind those words.
Here, one is supposed to give a casual template answer.
In other words, completely meaningless chatter.
She didn’t know how to answer.
Iris came to know terror.

「Awawa………thank you for a candy, awawawa」

Iris was barely able to utter her thanks for the candy.
That was her limit.
What should be said next?
Right, let’s eat the candy.
Lick lick
No, wrong.
It’s not the time to lick a candy!
I need to say something.
Can’t think of anything.
My eyes are spinning.


Punigami advised learning about the places that can give a price for her grass.

「A, aa, are there any, any, any shops that deal in me-me-me-medicinal h-herbs?」

She bit her tongue and couldn’t even understand what she was saying herself but the granny managed to hear it with her miraculous hearing ability and told her with a grin.

「Medicinal herbs? There is one. So you were indeed a traveler. How admirable. I’ll guide you to it, come here」

「T-T-Thank you very much」

Iris chased after the granny on Punigami’s back.
Like that, they arrived at an old store.
There was a wooden sign stating「We are also buying」hanging in front of the shop.
It was exactly what she wanted.

「Here it is, Besides the medicinal herbs it also deals with a variety of travel supplies」

「Aa………thank you………for guiding me here…….」

「So small but can thank people properly. Here, another candy」

「T-Thank you very much」

「So hardworking and so cute. I will give you one more」

「Thank you verymush」

They arrived at a loop of candies and gratitude.
After Iris collected about 20 candies in her hand, the granny finally ran out of them.

「Ara, sorry. There won’t be any candies anymore. I’m truly sorry」

「N-No. I re-received so many from you, t-t-thank you very muf」

「So cute. Instead of a candy, I’m going to pet you」


After that, Iris was being patted until the granny was satisfied.
For someone, who had her heart jumping out of her chest after a light conversation, headpats held a fatal danger. I did well living through this, Iris praised herself.

「A-Anyway, we’ve arrived at the shop that can appraise my grass. My communicative powers aren’t to be underestimated」


Punigami too praised with「you worked hard」.
Having obtained her confidence, Iris grasped the grass tightly and entered the shop.

「E-E-E-Excu-cu-cu-cuse m-m-m-m-me」

「Ah? What are you saying, young lady? 」

The moment she entered the shop, she immediately attracted the attention of a beardy shopkeeper, who had a wondering expression.
Iris’ confidence crumbled in a second.

「No more. I’m going home」


With Punigami getting angry at her, she barely managed to restrain herself.
She took upon this challenge once again.

「T-This grass………I think it has medicinal value, I want to know…… much does it cost……..I mean, I don’t want to be unreasonable……………I want you to look at it if you can……..kind of」

Although mumbling, Iris managed to properly state her business and placed the grass on the counter.

「Grass? Is it medicinal plant of something…….is this?!」

The shopkeeper, who nearly lost his interest, immediately grabbed the grass the moment he laid his eyes on it.
Apparently, unexpectedly to Iris, this grass had some value to it.

As the shopkeeper was busy appraising, Iris decided to look around the shop.

It wasn’t that wide.
Maybe enough to fit around ten beds.
On the shelves filling this small space there was a suspicious potion, weirdly shaped wands, a dagger, dried meat, ropes, candles, parchment, tableware, a crystal sphere, a skull, and a lot of other miscellaneous goods.
There was only one customer besides Iris.
A slender man with a nervous look on his face.

Once Iris saw the slender man, 「there is a customer, scary」she trembled.

「Young lady…….this herb…….isn’t it the elusive elixir grass! What kind of magical power did it suck to become like that!? It’s useless, I alone am not capable of appraising it……」

The shopkeeper seemed to be busy changing his expression from an ecstatic one to a disappointed one.
Apparently, the grass brought by Iris was an amazing item.

「Um, that……is the elixir grass that amazing……? 」

「Of course it’s amazing!」

「Hiyaa, please forgive me!」

The shopkeeper cried out loud and Iris reflexively apologized.
Seeing this, the shopkeeper made an apologetic face.

「Ah, no, my bad. Still…….where did you get this thing?  I will tell you since you seem to do not know anything but the elixir grass is considered omnipotent compared to the other medicinal herbs. It will treat your illness if you eat it, heal your wounds if you grind it, make your body stronger if you make tea from it……..something like that. Of course, it is rare and doesn’t circulate very much. After all, it can only grow in the soil with abundant magical power in it. And I’m sure that this particular elixir grass didn’t suck your ordinary magical power. If my eyes don’t fool me, I can see a rainbow-colored magical power. There are even ten of these grasses……….sorry but my shop can’t afford this thing」

Regretfully said the shopkeeper as he stroked his beard.
Iris too was disappointed.
She gathered her courage and finally arrived at this step, not being able to get a price is troubling.

「A, ano………It’s okay if it’s cheaper, can you please buy it………..? I really want to sell this grass……..if I won’t be able to sell it now I…….」

If she won’t be able to sell it now, she will try to negotiate with another shop and die from embarrassment.

「You seem to have some complicated reasons behind this……but are you really okay with this? In my shop, you can only see the price reaching to your feet」

「Will you buy it if I show you my feet…….? Then I’ll do just that! 」[3]

Iris, still sitting on Punigami, took off her boots, stretched her legs, and displayed her feet.
As for the shopkeeper, he said

「So cute…….」

and blushed.

「W-What!? What was that!? Pervert! 」

「W-Wrong! It is unreasonable to call person a pervert when you have such beautiful legs on display! 」

Protested the shopkeeper.

「I-Is that how it works……….?」

Iris wasn’t confident so she tried asking Punigami.


However, Punigami wasn’t that sure either.
After all, no matter how competent, Punigami was still a slime. [4] You can’t expect him to be knowledgeable about the human common sense.
Iris might be even more knowledgeable in that regard.

「A-All right…….let’s do it this way…….tell me the highest price you can give me for these ten elixir grasses. If it convinces me, I will sell…….! 」

「Very well……..I can give you one gold for each. In other words, ten gold in total」

Spiritedly said the shopkeeper.
However, Iris felt troubled.
Even if he said ten gold, she had no idea how much was that worth.

「Ten gold…….how long can I live by myself if I use this money frugally……..? And I have a place to stay, so you don’t need to count the rent」

「Un…….If you don’t include the rent, it should last for two to three months……no, if you spend it frugally it may even last half a year」

Said the shopkeeper as he thought.

「Half a year! Amazing! But I want some new clothes too……」

「Then half a year might be impossible. Well, three months should be fine. If it’s not enough…….you can bring it to a different town, they will give you more than twice a price. Are you still going to sell it to me? 」

「……I will! For now, I just need money! 」

In addition, going to a different town is troublesome and scary.

「Understood! You seem to have something going on, I won’t ask any further! Here, ten gold! And no『I’ve changed my mind』shall be accepted later! 」

「Yes, that’s what I wish for! I did sell ten elixir grasses for ten gold! 」

Iris received a bag with ten gold inside.
She felt great satisfaction at her ability to finish the negotiations.

「I did it!」

The shopkeeper too rejoiced with tears in his eyes.
After all, Iris sold her mysterious elixir grass for a price that was much less than its true value.
As a shopkeeper, he was quite satisfied with this.
However, since the shopkeeper didn’t hide that it was「unreasonable」Iris didn’t have any complaints either.
A wonderful win-win situation.

「Later I will bring more of this grass! Later! 」

「Really!? Until we meet again! I can profit greatly even with these ten」

The shopkeeper brought the elixir grass deep inside his shop as he danced in joy.
Iris also left the shop as she danced in joy on top of Punigami.


  1. Guards! 
  2. False alarm. 
  3. Complicated hard to translate wordplay in place. Don’t dwell on it. 
  4. He’s still MVP for me. 

04 His Name is Punigami

「Puni, puni」

Iris woke up with a cry of the slime.
It was still morning.

「Fuaa…..I’ve slept for so long yet the sun is…….eh? Did I sleep for three days? Sorry. Your body is just too comfortable….it must have been hard on you being my bed all this time」


Since it was troublesome to touch it every time she wanted to read its thoughts, she assembled a simple activation-type translation spell.
Like that, she was able to hear its speech already translated.

「Fumufumu… took a stroll with me still on top of you. I did well not to fall…..」


「Eh? Since I’ve slept for three days, I should take a bath? Even if you say that, I wonder if there is a bath in this church」

Since Iris was just sleeping all the time, forget about the surroundings, she didn’t even examine the church.
However, it seems that the slime investigated to a certain extent while she was sleeping.


「To do it without a bath? Don’t ask for impossible」


「 Will you become a bath yourself? What are you…..wa, waa! 」

Although Iris was deeply embedded in the slime in the first place, she suddenly sunk downwards.
Her whole body was enveloped in a cool and squishy feeling.
As of now, Iris had only her head sticking out with her whole body covered by the slime.

「Ah…… dangerous…….what is this, this feels so good……」


「A, ah………you can’t, if you massage me in such a way I will…….」


「I’m being washed, I’m being washed」

Inside of the slime’s body, Iris was diligently washed, touched, and caressed. [1] She felt as if she was washed to the extent of cleaning out all of her pores.
Then, she surfaced once again.

「Fuaaa…….it was so good that I almost fell asleep……..」

Muttered Iris with unfocused eyes.

「My whole body became so clean and smooth…….amazing. It feels as if I was born. No, I was born just a while ago…… short, it’s even better that being born! 」

Somehow, she could even see her skin shining.
There wasn’t even a single speck of dust.
As she traced her skin with her fingers, it felt good enough to become an addict.
Even though it was her own body!

「You aren’t only amazing as the bed but also as the bath. You are the God! 」


「From now on, I shall call you Punigami!」[2]


Apparently, Punigami liked that name as he jumped around in joy.

「All right, all right. Since I became clean again, how about a nap? 」


「Eh? Do you want to show me something? 」


Punigami carried Iris outside the church.
There should have been nothing but barren lands outside.

The church’s surroundings, the village and everything around it. Barren lands extended beyond the horizon.

However, during the three days when she didn’t leave the church plenty of grass grew around the church.

「A lawn!  Eh, why? I have no idea how this happened but let’s roll first!」

Iris jumped down from Punigami and started rolling around on the lush lawn in her naked beauty.


Punigami rolled together with her.

「Awawa, so fun. But how did the dry land grew grass on it in just three days? Is it because I revived the well nearby? 」


「It seems that everything below this hill is still barren. Will it become a grassland sometime in the future?…….Oh? 」

Iris discovered a strange grass, different from all the other.
All of the other grasses were only reaching her knees.
However, this particular grass was much higher and bigger.
It didn’t only look different, it also emitted a faint magical power.
Squinting her eyes, she could see a pale rainbow-colored light

「Is it’s rainbow-colored, eh, can it be my magical power? Did it suck my magical power? Did it appear because I was carelessly emitting my magical power as I slept? 」


Cried Punigami in a manner that expressed his lack of understanding.
However, that was the only explanation capable of explaining the rainbow-colored magical power she could come up with.
When she tried to concentrate, she was able to perceive faint traces of her magical power in all of the other grasses.
It seems that Iris magical power was the cause indeed.

「Un………So I turned a barren land into a grassland just by sleeping…….I can’t make careless actions. It seems that I have no choice but to become a shut-in! 」

Iris was in a pleasant mood upon discovering an excuse to stay indoors.

「That being said, this grass. If it has so much magical power, it should also have some special effect. Like a medicine. If I sell it for lots of money………」


She didn’t know for sure where to sell it and whether it had any value in the first place but she still plucked this grass.
When Iris made a round around the church, she discovered quite a few grasses of the same kind.
For now, she collected ten of those.

「I didn’t spend anything to grow it, I won’t lose a thing if it won’t sell. It was useless originally anyway. However, I need to visit a human city to confirm it……..」


「Punigami. Can you try selling this grass in my place? 」


Hearing Iris ask him for a favor, Punigami responded in a spirited manner.
Nevertheless, it was unrealistic however you look at it.
Since he couldn’t speak human tongue, he was doomed to fail at the first step.

「Uu……It seems that I have no choice but to do it myself…….But humans……..How should I start the conversation……….I’m scared」


「Y-you are right! I have Punigami with me! Even if it is impossible for me alone, it should work out if I’m with Punigami! I’m sure of it! 」

For Iris, who only talked with demons and monsters, a human is an unknown existence.
She struggled to have a prolonged conversation even with her fellow demons, to speak with a human……she became nervous just thinking about it.
However, having Punigami be her side was reassuring.
If it gets out of control, she can just hide inside Punigami and escape.

「A-All right! Let go to a human town! Those humans aren’t s-scary at all! I can do a proper greeting! I can even talk about the weather……..!」


「That’s the spirit」encouraged Punigami.
Iris tightly grasped the grass, jumped on Punigami, enveloped him in her magical power, and flew into the air.

She composed herself and headed towards a human city.
However, midway she noticed that she was naked, returned to the church in panic, and wore her clothes.


  1. I’m trying to change all this punipuni and munimuni into normal words but maybe I should stop. 
  2. Gami stands for god, just thought I should mention it. 

03 Obtaining a Slime Bed

「…….Huh. Is it already night? 」

When Iris woke up, it was already dark outside.
After applying the night vision magic, she went outside.
There, she saw a beautiful starry sky.

「Amazing……This is the first time I can see the starry sky without any clouds………」

The Kurifot continent, which is the home of the demon race, was always cloudy and she could only see the stars after slicing the clouds apart.
Everything is an act of harassment from the gods in heaven, or so everyone said.

Iris wished to never leave her comfortable capsule but, upon laying her eyes upon this starry sky, she changed her thinking.
As long as there is such a beautiful scenery, being outside of the capsule is not that bad.
For the sake of this starry sky, let’s stay in this church.

「Even so, I’m thirsty……I wonder if there is a well nearby」

Iris walked around the church.
When she was flying in the sky, she was afraid of human auras but, since there were no humans around here, she could stroll with confidence.

Like that, she discovered a well behind the church.

「It’s dried up……..」

That made sense.
The village, as well as the church, have been abandoned for more than a hundred years.
The surrounding area is a wilderness in the first place.
From the existence of the well, one can make a conjecture that the environment wasn’t always that harsh.
For some reason, the surrounding and the well dried up and the residents left this place.
Such a sad development. However, for Iris, it was very convenient.
As far as the well goes, it’s fine to revive it with Iris’ magical power.

「…..There are no signs of water below the ground….only a big cavity. Then, if I enchant this cavity to produce water using my magical power…………done」

The water was swiftly being produced below the ground.
Only to erupt with an amazing momentum.

「Wa, wa. Too much momentum! Need to tune it down a notch……」

She adjusted her spell to decrease the rate of water production.
Following that, the geyser calmed down and the water stabilized at a level that was just enough.
Iris used the bucket to gather some water and drank her fill.

「Puha……such a tasty water. That being said, I’m soaked……and there is no change of clothes………」

For the moment, let’s dry the clothes with a warm wind created from my magical power.
However, the lack of clothes does indeed pose a problem.
In the first place, the clothes I have now aren’t the best to sleep in.
I want to somehow get high-quality pajamas.

「I would have brought it from the Demon King Castle if I knew…….」

For a moment, she thought about going back to the Kurifot continent to fetch some but going back without killing even a single human would be quite awkward.

「I will by the pajamas here……don’t have any human money…….you need to find a job to earn money………don’t want to work…….」

Before leaving the Kurifot continent, Iris learned about the human common sense to a certain extent.
You need money to live and you need to work to earn them.
Working means encountering humans.

「Instead of working, it’s better to sleep naked!」

After she arrived to that conclusion, Iris took off her clothes, threw them on the floor, and slayed down.

Next morning.

「Aa~~ I’ve slept well. It feels completely different without any clothes. I want some pajamas to be honest…….not like anyone is watching me」

Iris woke up in a pleasant mood.
Yesterday, she took an afternoon nap as well as wasted her time sleeping during the night, however, for Iris, nothing brings more joy that a sound sleep.
If the Great Demon King saw her now, he would have cried and gave up on her.

「First, one cup to celebrate my awakening」

Iris, still naked, walked towards the well.
However, she was met with an unexpected sight.
Some jelly-like mass blocked the well with its blue body.

「Slime…….? Why is it in this place? 」


The blue slime jumped out of the well and approached Iris.
It was quite big.
It was impossible for Iris to embrace it even using both of her arms.

「Puni! Punipunipuni」

「I don’t know what you are talking about……I’m going to read it, so wait for a bit」

Iris touched the slime’s surface.
It was cool springy and extremely pleasant to touch.
Like that, she read its thoughts directly.

「Fumu. So you were drying out on the bottom of this well」


「So you want to swear loyalty as a sign of your gratitude? Even if you say swear…….Well, you are quite pleasant to touch, having you around will be a lifesaver. With your size, you can even be a bed」


「I can use you as a bed immediately? Then let me accept your offer……..」

Iris entrusted her body to the round slime and fell down.
Because she was naked, the cool springy feeling of its surface was directly transmitted to her skin.
It was much more pleasant than she expected.
Since she slept on the couch before, that pleasant feeling especially stood out.

「Y-You are the best! I don’t want your loyalty but I can use a friend! 」


The slime nodded using his whole body and went inside the church with Iris on top of it.
And Iris fell asleep in a bliss on top of her supreme slime bed.


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02 Sudden Territorial Dispute with a Dragon

Iris was currently flying above this land called the Barei continent.
The Great Demon Kings said「rich lands with plenty of humans」and the scenery below her was exactly like that.

Landing near a big city is out of the question.
To come in contact with multiple humans, too scary.

She thought that the depths of the forest would be fine and decided to examine it closer, however, it seems that there are plenty of humans hunting the monsters and animals. Looking closely, there were even settlements inside the forest.
This is out of the question too.

Having given up, Iris left the forest and flew above the grasslands.
However, there was a village even there.
Also, there was a developed transportation network including a lot of carriages and people.
No matter where she went, there was always a possibility of meeting a human.

What a frightening place.
As I thought, killing so many humans would definitely bring unending troubles.
However, I can’t find a place to shut myself in.
At this rate, I will have no choice but to make circles in the air for the rest of my life–or so Iris concluded.

However, when she finally left the grasslands and arrived in the wilderness, the presence of humans finally disappeared.

(The air is dry here…….)

Apparently, it was a relatively rainless region.
Neither plants nor animals can exist without any water.
The absence of humans is a matter of course.

On the other hand, Iris, being a demon, can survive using the magical power in the atmosphere.
The magical power wasn’t particularly dense around this area but if it’s Iris, the strongest biological weapon, she had no problem living for a week without drinking or eating.
For now, I’m going to look for a place here.
As for the rest, I can think it through after a nap.

(There is a building in such a place……..but there are no human presences…….)

Iris, who developed an allergic reaction to humans over the course of her travels above the Barei continent, was especially sensitive in regards to their aura.
She didn’t only use her sight and hearing but also perceived their magical power, and, once found, took evasive maneuvers.

This wilderness was so dry that making it even dryer will turn it into a desert.
There shouldn’t be any people here.
Despite that, she still discovered several buildings in this place.
Most likely, it was a village in the past.
It was abandoned later and now is in a state of decay.

「The roofs and walls are full of holes…….they won’t be able to shield me from winds and rains like that」

Iris muttered to herself as she landed and strolled through the ruins.
However, there was a sole building on a nearby hill that still retained its shape.
Once she approached it, she discovered that it was a church.
Same as with the village, there was no human aura.
The stained glass on the walls is mostly in pieces.
However, since it was made out of stone the ceiling and the walls were still there.
This should be enough for a temporary inn.

As soon as she thought that and tried entering the church, something huge flew above her making a shadow on the ground.
At the same time, a very powerful aura reached her.

Being greatly surprised, Iris looked at the sky and saw a red dragon flying above her. With a deep roar, the dragon landed in front of Iris creating a strong gust of wind.

Anyway, it’s big, was Iris’ first impression.
There were dragons on the demons’ island, the Kurifot continent, too.
Even though she was already used to seeing them, with her short stature she always felt them being big.
It’s head reached above the church and it could cast a shadow on everything around just by spreading its wings.
Such a dragon looked at Iris with hostile eyes and bellowed.

「Who on earth are you? You have guts to intrude into my territory. If you are to immediately leave, I’m willing to forgive your offense. However, if you are going to defy me, I will crush you! 」

Unexpectedly, the dragon had a female–or more like a young girl’s voice.
However, the content of its words was quite dangerous.
It didn’t try to conceal its hostility and even displayed its intention to take a life.

Iris decided to let it know that she didn’t have any hostile intentions.

「I apologize for stepping into your territory. But I didn’t know. I just wanted to find a place to take a nap tonight. If you can lend me this church, I won’t ask for anything else」

Since Iris didn’t talk with humans, she had no confidence in speaking fluently but, because she thought of monsters being the same as her in some regards, she didn’t get nervous yet.

「I refuse! This church is also my sleeping place! I don’t want to share it with you! 」

Screaming, the dragon lifted its forefoot and dropped it on Iris.
Any human will be met with instant death.
Even an average demon will be injured after being stepped on by a dragon.
However, Iris Crisis was far from ordinary.
She is a biological weapon created to exceed the Great Demon King and eradicate the humans.
Common sense doesn’t work against her.

Iris accepted the dragon’s foot with one hand and pushed it back.
The dragon couldn’t possibly expect something like that. The dragon’s balance crumbled and it fell down creating a tremendous sound in the process.

「A-Are you okay…….?」

Iris, who didn’t intend to go that far, rushed over in a hurry.
However, the dragon got up by itself and glared at her with a sharp glint in its eyes.

「Y-You……! You sure are daring! I won’t be lenient any longer. Turn into ashes! 」

A red magical reaction occurred inside of the dragon’s mouth.
After that, crimson flames gushed out with great vigor.
Converting a gigantic amount of magical power into offensive magic, the Dragon Breath.

Apparently, it didn’t joke when it said about turning her into ashes.
In that case, Iris had no choice but to come up with a suitable counterattack.

「–Reflection Barrier」

Iris released her rainbow-colored magical power and created a wall in front of herself.
When the Dragon Breath collided with the barrier, forget about breaching it, it was reflected back as if light reflected by a mirror.
In other words, the dragon ended up roasting itself with its own flame.

「Uoooooooo, hot, hot, hoooooot!」

The dragon rolled around the hill.
It looked rather pathetic but it was enough to create a small earthquake.
Weak demons may even die after being caught up in this.

「D-Damn, make sure to remember me! I will definitely reclaim my territory! 」

Once the flames were extinguished, the dragon flew away leaving behind some parting words.
There were tears in its eyes.
Somehow, it’s cute, thought Iris.

「All right then. I’m sorry for that dragon but with this, my bedding is secured. It’s still noon…..let’s go to sleep right away! 」

Iris opened the door of the church as she hummed a song.
The insides of the church were much tidier than she thought, there was even some furniture left.
Iris used a couch as her bed and napped in happiness without being disturbed by anyone.


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01 Suddenly Searching for a Place to Shut Herself In

In a dimly lit room without any windows stood a capsule. The capsule was filled with liquid and a girl was suspended inside.

Long silver hair. A delicate body that was in the middle of its growth phase.
She was beautiful enough to mesmerize any observer, however, because she was too perfect and beautiful, she seemed somewhat artificial.

And more than anything else, a pale rainbow-colored light emitted from her white skin gave her an air of mystery.

The girl’s name was Iris.
The daughter of the Great Demon King.
However, she didn’t grow up in the womb.

She was grown inside of this capsule based on the Great Demon King’s genes.

Iris’ ego developed about a month ago.
Apparently, the process of growth itself began about a year ago.
In front of the capsule, the Great Demon King and his subordinates were discussing something.

Iris didn’t ever leave this capsule, however, she could understand their words.
She learned that she was a biological weapon made from the genes of the Great Demon King.
Her mission was to eliminate the humans.

「Magnificent…….please look, Great Demon King-sama. All numbers are above the expected ones. Iris is much more powerful than we expected. Even I, the one who developed her, can’t explain why this is happening. To be honest, I won’t be able to replicate it even if you tell me to」

「Kukuku…… expected of my daughter, who inherited my own genes. With this power, the humans are doomed to be destroyed, this world will belong to the demon race. No, it won’t be just that, with this power, we may be even able to invade the heavens and topple the gods」

In front of the capsule, there stood the director of Iris development project and the Great Demon King.

Iris didn’t see a human yet but she knew that they looked exactly like the demons.
The only difference is their lifespan.
The Great Demon King is three hundred years old. The head researcher is above six hundred.
However, it seems that the humans don’t even last a hundred years.
Regarding the magical power, the demons are stronger too.
But even like that, the demon race was defeated in the ancient war and forced to live in a corner of the world.

The reason is simple.
There are overwhelmingly more humans.
In exchange for its long lifespan, the demon race has low fertility.
Even while living for a thousand years, a demon won’t be able to produce more than two or three children.
On the other hand, the humans can produce more than ten if they are really into it.

The war that lasted for decades greatly reduced the number of demons.
Of course, the human side lost a lot too but more and more warriors kept popping up.
The demon race seemed to be dominating at first but, before everyone noticed, the human made a great comeback.

More than a thousand years passed since that war.
The number of demons didn’t increase much, however, the humans multiplied tremendously and conquered all the lands around them.

Trying to solve the problem of『numbers』, the demons heavily invested into improving『quality』even further.

To make children between two exceptionally strong demons, giving the children a thorough education — at first, it was among those lines. However, they couldn’t predict how many ages that would take, leaving aside the low success rate.
For increased success rate, it’s much better to mass-produce the『strong』.

That’s where the biological weapon comes from.
To cultivate it inside of the capsule using the genes of the demon’s strongest, Great Demon King Berberus.
Of course, no one believed in its success at first.
They finally managed to develop a stable technology after endless failures. That’s a natural process in developing a new technology.

However, the first run of this technology turned out to be a great success.
No, since her specs were much higher than expected, it can be considered a failure.
Nevertheless, they made one step towards the creation of a powerful fighting force to oppose the humans.
It may be even possible to eliminate the humans with just the first one.

「That being said…….the color of her magical power is so beautiful. Almost like a rainbow……..」

Said the Great Demon King as he gazed at the capsule.
The magical power surging from Iris’ body. It shone with rainbow colors and was leaking outside of the capsule.

The color depends on an individual’s magical power.
Whether it’s red or blue, it changes depending on a person emitting it.
It’s not formally established which color is superior but the people with red magical power tend to be talented in magic of the fire system while those with blue magical power in magic of the water system.
With her magical power being rainbow-colored, there was a possibility of her being talented in all kinds of magic.

「Iris. The time is coming. When your body is completed, you will be released upon the world and make the world belong to us, the demon race! 」

Shouted the Great Demon King.

「Yes. Father…..」

Iris gave a short answer.
However, she didn’t feel herself being powerful.
They said that she was strong but, in reality, she didn’t rampage even once.
The device examined her magical power and body deeming it strong. In the first place, Iris never saw the humans that she should destroy.
She didn’t know how wide the world is.
She only knew this capsule and this dim room.
Being told to do it, she could only nod in agreement, failing to understand anything.

Three days later.
After finally leaving the capsule, Iris saw the ancient Demon King’s Castle for the first time.
And the only place where demon race is allowed to exist, the Kurifot continent, which is one big wilderness.
Only the demons and a few monsters inhabit these lands.

The Great Demon Kings all said that the Kurifot continent is located at the farthest end of the world.
Her goal was to make her escape from this place one day.
However, the sheer size of this place made Iris, who didn’t know the world outside her room, dizzy.

As per the order of the Great Demon King, she launched an explosive spell on the coast of the Kurifot continent making a big crater.

Seeing a gigantic mushroom cloud, the great Demon Kings cheered out loud.
With this, we will definitely be able to take over the world, they raised a commotion.

Like that, the biological weapon, Rainbow Disaster (Iris Crisis), answered the demons’ expectation and flew towards the land of humans on her black wings.

However, Iris was tormented by suspicions and doubts as she flew over the wide ocean. Eventually, as she reached her destination, seeing the world spreading beyond the horizon as well as multiple towns and villages, she was convinced.

「To destroy all of this……uwaa, how troublesome………tsk! 」

Contrary to the other demons, Iris didn’t resent the humans.
Even though it’s said that they pushed the demon race all the way to the Kurifot continent, she was quite comfortable even in her capsule.
Rather, seeing this wide world made her lose all of her motivation.

There are definitely many humans living here.
Don’t wanna.
I was nervous even with my fellow demons, meeting with strangers is scary.
I want to be a shut-in!

「I don’t want wide places……need to find a narrow place somewhere…….I want to sleep all day」

Thus, Iris Crisis, a biological weapon made using the pinnacle demon technology, abandoned her mission and started her search for a place to shut herself in.


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