03 Obtaining a Slime Bed

「…….Huh. Is it already night? 」

When Iris woke up, it was already dark outside.
After applying the night vision magic, she went outside.
There, she saw a beautiful starry sky.

「Amazing……This is the first time I can see the starry sky without any clouds………」

The Kurifot continent, which is the home of the demon race, was always cloudy and she could only see the stars after slicing the clouds apart.
Everything is an act of harassment from the gods in heaven, or so everyone said.

Iris wished to never leave her comfortable capsule but, upon laying her eyes upon this starry sky, she changed her thinking.
As long as there is such a beautiful scenery, being outside of the capsule is not that bad.
For the sake of this starry sky, let’s stay in this church.

「Even so, I’m thirsty……I wonder if there is a well nearby」

Iris walked around the church.
When she was flying in the sky, she was afraid of human auras but, since there were no humans around here, she could stroll with confidence.

Like that, she discovered a well behind the church.

「It’s dried up……..」

That made sense.
The village, as well as the church, have been abandoned for more than a hundred years.
The surrounding area is a wilderness in the first place.
From the existence of the well, one can make a conjecture that the environment wasn’t always that harsh.
For some reason, the surrounding and the well dried up and the residents left this place.
Such a sad development. However, for Iris, it was very convenient.
As far as the well goes, it’s fine to revive it with Iris’ magical power.

「…..There are no signs of water below the ground….only a big cavity. Then, if I enchant this cavity to produce water using my magical power…………done」

The water was swiftly being produced below the ground.
Only to erupt with an amazing momentum.

「Wa, wa. Too much momentum! Need to tune it down a notch……」

She adjusted her spell to decrease the rate of water production.
Following that, the geyser calmed down and the water stabilized at a level that was just enough.
Iris used the bucket to gather some water and drank her fill.

「Puha……such a tasty water. That being said, I’m soaked……and there is no change of clothes………」

For the moment, let’s dry the clothes with a warm wind created from my magical power.
However, the lack of clothes does indeed pose a problem.
In the first place, the clothes I have now aren’t the best to sleep in.
I want to somehow get high-quality pajamas.

「I would have brought it from the Demon King Castle if I knew…….」

For a moment, she thought about going back to the Kurifot continent to fetch some but going back without killing even a single human would be quite awkward.

「I will by the pajamas here……don’t have any human money…….you need to find a job to earn money…..no……don’t want to work…….」

Before leaving the Kurifot continent, Iris learned about the human common sense to a certain extent.
You need money to live and you need to work to earn them.
Working means encountering humans.

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「Instead of working, it’s better to sleep naked!」

After she arrived to that conclusion, Iris took off her clothes, threw them on the floor, and slayed down.

Next morning.

「Aa~~ I’ve slept well. It feels completely different without any clothes. I want some pajamas to be honest…….not like anyone is watching me」

Iris woke up in a pleasant mood.
Yesterday, she took an afternoon nap as well as wasted her time sleeping during the night, however, for Iris, nothing brings more joy that a sound sleep.
If the Great Demon King saw her now, he would have cried and gave up on her.

「First, one cup to celebrate my awakening」

Iris, still naked, walked towards the well.
However, she was met with an unexpected sight.
Some jelly-like mass blocked the well with its blue body.

「Slime…….? Why is it in this place? 」


The blue slime jumped out of the well and approached Iris.
It was quite big.
It was impossible for Iris to embrace it even using both of her arms.

「Puni! Punipunipuni」

「I don’t know what you are talking about……I’m going to read it, so wait for a bit」

Iris touched the slime’s surface.
It was cool springy and extremely pleasant to touch.
Like that, she read its thoughts directly.

「Fumu. So you were drying out on the bottom of this well」


「So you want to swear loyalty as a sign of your gratitude? Even if you say swear…….Well, you are quite pleasant to touch, having you around will be a lifesaver. With your size, you can even be a bed」


「I can use you as a bed immediately? Then let me accept your offer……..」

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Iris entrusted her body to the round slime and fell down.
Because she was naked, the cool springy feeling of its surface was directly transmitted to her skin.
It was much more pleasant than she expected.
Since she slept on the couch before, that pleasant feeling especially stood out.

「Y-You are the best! I don’t want your loyalty but I can use a friend! 」


The slime nodded using his whole body and went inside the church with Iris on top of it.
And Iris fell asleep in a bliss on top of her supreme slime bed.


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