02 Sudden Territorial Dispute with a Dragon

Iris was currently flying above this land called the Barei continent.
The Great Demon Kings said「rich lands with plenty of humans」and the scenery below her was exactly like that.

Landing near a big city is out of the question.
To come in contact with multiple humans, too scary.

She thought that the depths of the forest would be fine and decided to examine it closer, however, it seems that there are plenty of humans hunting the monsters and animals. Looking closely, there were even settlements inside the forest.
This is out of the question too.

Having given up, Iris left the forest and flew above the grasslands.
However, there was a village even there.
Also, there was a developed transportation network including a lot of carriages and people.
No matter where she went, there was always a possibility of meeting a human.

What a frightening place.
As I thought, killing so many humans would definitely bring unending troubles.
However, I can’t find a place to shut myself in.
At this rate, I will have no choice but to make circles in the air for the rest of my life–or so Iris concluded.

However, when she finally left the grasslands and arrived in the wilderness, the presence of humans finally disappeared.

(The air is dry here…….)

Apparently, it was a relatively rainless region.
Neither plants nor animals can exist without any water.
The absence of humans is a matter of course.

On the other hand, Iris, being a demon, can survive using the magical power in the atmosphere.
The magical power wasn’t particularly dense around this area but if it’s Iris, the strongest biological weapon, she had no problem living for a week without drinking or eating.
For now, I’m going to look for a place here.
As for the rest, I can think it through after a nap.

(There is a building in such a place……..but there are no human presences…….)

Iris, who developed an allergic reaction to humans over the course of her travels above the Barei continent, was especially sensitive in regards to their aura.
She didn’t only use her sight and hearing but also perceived their magical power, and, once found, took evasive maneuvers.

This wilderness was so dry that making it even dryer will turn it into a desert.
There shouldn’t be any people here.
Despite that, she still discovered several buildings in this place.
Most likely, it was a village in the past.
It was abandoned later and now is in a state of decay.

「The roofs and walls are full of holes…….they won’t be able to shield me from winds and rains like that」

Iris muttered to herself as she landed and strolled through the ruins.
However, there was a sole building on a nearby hill that still retained its shape.
Once she approached it, she discovered that it was a church.
Same as with the village, there was no human aura.
The stained glass on the walls is mostly in pieces.
However, since it was made out of stone the ceiling and the walls were still there.
This should be enough for a temporary inn.

As soon as she thought that and tried entering the church, something huge flew above her making a shadow on the ground.
At the same time, a very powerful aura reached her.

Being greatly surprised, Iris looked at the sky and saw a red dragon flying above her. With a deep roar, the dragon landed in front of Iris creating a strong gust of wind.

Anyway, it’s big, was Iris’ first impression.
There were dragons on the demons’ island, the Kurifot continent, too.
Even though she was already used to seeing them, with her short stature she always felt them being big.
It’s head reached above the church and it could cast a shadow on everything around just by spreading its wings.
Such a dragon looked at Iris with hostile eyes and bellowed.

「Who on earth are you? You have guts to intrude into my territory. If you are to immediately leave, I’m willing to forgive your offense. However, if you are going to defy me, I will crush you! 」

Unexpectedly, the dragon had a female–or more like a young girl’s voice.
However, the content of its words was quite dangerous.
It didn’t try to conceal its hostility and even displayed its intention to take a life.

Iris decided to let it know that she didn’t have any hostile intentions.

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「I apologize for stepping into your territory. But I didn’t know. I just wanted to find a place to take a nap tonight. If you can lend me this church, I won’t ask for anything else」

Since Iris didn’t talk with humans, she had no confidence in speaking fluently but, because she thought of monsters being the same as her in some regards, she didn’t get nervous yet.

「I refuse! This church is also my sleeping place! I don’t want to share it with you! 」

Screaming, the dragon lifted its forefoot and dropped it on Iris.
Any human will be met with instant death.
Even an average demon will be injured after being stepped on by a dragon.
However, Iris Crisis was far from ordinary.
She is a biological weapon created to exceed the Great Demon King and eradicate the humans.
Common sense doesn’t work against her.

Iris accepted the dragon’s foot with one hand and pushed it back.
The dragon couldn’t possibly expect something like that. The dragon’s balance crumbled and it fell down creating a tremendous sound in the process.

「A-Are you okay…….?」

Iris, who didn’t intend to go that far, rushed over in a hurry.
However, the dragon got up by itself and glared at her with a sharp glint in its eyes.

「Y-You……! You sure are daring! I won’t be lenient any longer. Turn into ashes! 」

A red magical reaction occurred inside of the dragon’s mouth.
After that, crimson flames gushed out with great vigor.
Converting a gigantic amount of magical power into offensive magic, the Dragon Breath.

Apparently, it didn’t joke when it said about turning her into ashes.
In that case, Iris had no choice but to come up with a suitable counterattack.

「–Reflection Barrier」

Iris released her rainbow-colored magical power and created a wall in front of herself.
When the Dragon Breath collided with the barrier, forget about breaching it, it was reflected back as if light reflected by a mirror.
In other words, the dragon ended up roasting itself with its own flame.

「Uoooooooo, hot, hot, hoooooot!」

The dragon rolled around the hill.
It looked rather pathetic but it was enough to create a small earthquake.
Weak demons may even die after being caught up in this.

「D-Damn, make sure to remember me! I will definitely reclaim my territory! 」

Once the flames were extinguished, the dragon flew away leaving behind some parting words.
There were tears in its eyes.
Somehow, it’s cute, thought Iris.

「All right then. I’m sorry for that dragon but with this, my bedding is secured. It’s still noon…..let’s go to sleep right away! 」

Iris opened the door of the church as she hummed a song.
The insides of the church were much tidier than she thought, there was even some furniture left.
Iris used a couch as her bed and napped in happiness without being disturbed by anyone.

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