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07 A Lake was Born

When the food runs out, I will gather some elixir grass and sell it in the town again.
By occasionally taking baths with Punigami, I can take care of my hygiene.
After living like that for a month, Iris realized that it was the most suitable lifestyle for her.

「Minimum human interaction…….no worries about food and clothing……I can sleep as much as I want……..the scenery is beautiful……what a wonderful NEET life! I’m going to live like that forever! 」


「Will it really go that well?」Punigami was rather skeptical.
However, Iris didn’t worry about anything.
The elixir grass not only didn’t diminish but propagated even more.
The grass spread all the way until the bottom of the hill.

Iris was able to turn the barren lands into a grassland by simply being present.
She made a great contribution to the environment.
No one should blame her for that.
On the contrary, she even deserves to be praised.

On a certain morning when Iris lived a life of degradation as usual.

「Puni! Puni! 」

She woke up with a loud sound of Punigami’s voice.
She was sleeping on the floor of the church before she knew it.
Most likely, she just rolled off during her sleep. Such things happen often.

「Un……..what’s wrong, Punigami? So loud in the morning. Waking me up in the morning……..are you wasting your efforts trying to make me live a normal life? 」


Apparently, he wasn’t particularly trying to make her lifestyle proper.
For now, just go outside the church, asked Punigami.

「Something bigger that wasteland turning into grassland? Let me say this, I won’t be surprised that easily」


「Yes, yes. I’m going since you are that insistent. Even though I didn’t sleep enough……mou」

Iris chased after Punigami as she rubbed her eyes.
And when she went outside the church.
She opened her eyes wide and forgot how to breathe because of her sheer surprise.
It wasn’t the time to be sleepy.
No, maybe she was asleep and saw a dream.

The grassland around the church was still present.
As of yesterday, it reached to the end of the hill and was about to encroach on the village.

However, the grass was in the end only grass.

The scenery in front of Iris couldn’t be described as such a small change.

The abandoned village has disappeared
In place of the abandoned village, there was a big lake now.
There wasn’t only the grass around it but also blooming flowers of different colors.
Beautiful butterflies flew above them.

「N? Nnn? How did that happen? 」

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I have no idea too, or so Punigami said.


「It’s because of my magical power anyway? Well…….I can’t think of anything else……..Still, all of these overnight」


「It wasn’t overnight? Ah, I’ve slept for three days in a row again. No, it’s too much of a change even for three days…….」


「Do you want to swim, Punigami? No wonder, you’re a slime, so you like it when it’s wet. I’m going to swim too! 」

Iris and Punigami ran down the hill.
Punigami didn’t slow down and plunged into the lake creating a big splash.
Iris jumped in only after she took off her clothes.

「Awawa, so cool and so pleasant」


The lake was incredibly clear, you could see all the way to the bottom.
The shore was shallow, only until Iris’ shoulders, but the rest of it was quite deep with the abandoned village on its bottom.
Since it was a new lake, there was no fish in it as of yet.

「Is this lake made of water from the underground source? Maybe it will overflow and turn into a river eventually」


「It this river connects to the sea, you can make a raft and have a fun time going downstream! Ah, but meeting humans on the way is undesirable…….let’s stay indoors……」


Apparently, Punigami wasn’t opposed to the idea of going down the river on the raft.
However, outside is full of danger.
No, it wasn’t that dangerous in reality but random human encounters can easily put Iris in a great pinch.

「Punigami. Let me back in the sun on top of you」

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Iris sprawled on Punigami as he floated in the lake.
The early summer sun shined its sunlight.
When the breeze blew, Punigami gently swayed.
She had a very comfortable time.
Iris gazed at the blue sky.

The, she heard a shrill roar「Gyaoon」 coming from somewhere in the sky.
When she looked in the direction of the roar, Iris saw the red dragon flying this way.

「……..Is this the dragon that I drove out a while before? 」

When speaking about driving out, Iris might seem as a bad guy.
However, Iris only asked for an opportunity to stay in the church, the other party started the fight first.
Then it tried to stomp on her only to be pushed back.
Legitimate self-defense.
However, it was true that the dragon had a painful time, perhaps it’s better to apologize.

「Oi, Dragon-san, sorry for that time!」

Iris raised her upper body, waved her hands, and shouted.
Then, the dragon descended and landed on the side of the lake with another「Gyaoon」.

「………What, what’s happened here!? Why is there a grassland?  Even such a big lake! What did you do to my lair!?」

The dragon impatiently asked Iris.
It wasn’t surprising.
The change was just that big.

「Un…….I was lazing about in the church and this happened before I noticed………..」

「As if there could be such a thing!」

Nevertheless, there was such a thing.
This world is full of mysteries.

「Believe me」


「Like hell I’ll believe it……also, what is this slime? 」

「He was drying on the bottom of the well. When I fiddled and revived the underground water line, he sucked the water and came back to life. His name is Punigami」


「Fiddled with the underground water line…….? As I thought, you didn’t just laze around all the time! 」

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「It may be true when you think about it……….」

「Stop it! Enough of messing with other’s lair! 」

The dragon stomped on the ground with tears in its voice.
Kinda cute, ended up thinking Iris.
It must be a girl.
It’s difficult to judge based on her appearance.
With her big body, even such a childish act caused the ground to shake.
A wave formed on the lake washing Punigami away. Of course, Iris, who was on top of Punigami, was swept away too.

「Hey, don’t run!」

「No one is running. We are just being swept by the waves you are causing」

「Damn………you are making a fool of me……I won’t forgive you. I’m different from me of the past! I trained myself in the mountains! Take this, Dragon Breath! 」

Red magical power gathered in the dragon’s throat and transformed into intense flame spewing out towards Iris and Punigami.
The flame was indeed stronger than before.
However, the fact that it doesn’t work against Iris didn’t change.

「Etto…….freeze! 」

Iris froze a part of the lake and erected an ice wall.
Close to the absolute zero, super low temperature.
It blocked the breath of Dragon-san even after all the training.

「Wh-What!? What does it not melt!? I have flames here! Ice is something that should be melt by fire! 」

「Even if you say that……..It not hot enough」

「Don’t joke with me! Your ice surpasses common sense! Now I’m angry! I will smash your ice wall! 」

「Take it easy, you don’t need to get so red in the face」

「It’s red in the first place!」

Screamed the dragon and collided with the wall.
She tried to bash through the wall and reach Iris.
But that was a wall capable of withstanding even the dragon breath.
It didn’t even flinch after multiple strikes.

「C-Cold! This wall is too cold! Ah, it even stuck to my scale…..I can’t take it off! Adadadada, my scale is going to come off! 」

The dragon was attached to ice wall and couldn’t move.
How pitiful.
She started to gradually freeze.

「I don’t mind removing it but………are you going to accept me living here? 」

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「I accept! I accept so remove it already! 」

「All right. Ei」

When Iris clicked her finger, the wall turned into the water and fell into the lake with a splash.
Because of its sudden disappearance, the dragon too fell into the lake.
Both, Iris and Punigami, were showered in a rain of lake water.

「Awawa, it’s fun」


Due to the dragon razing a giant wave, Iris and Punigami were swept all the way to the shore.
I didn’t know that gliding on the waves was so fun.
Let’s try making waves by myself next time.

「Damn it…..I lost again! Next time I will definitely win! 」

The dragon, who showed her head above the lake surface, let out a deafening cry.

「Next time……..didn’t you accept me living here? 」

「You can live here if you want to! But our fight in a different matter! Dragons are much stronger than something like humans! Idiot, idiot. Nudist! 」

The dragon soared leaving behind some parting words.

「No no, I’m not a human……..and aren’t dragons don’t wear clothes too. Aren’t you a nudist too!? Hey, how about we just live together? 」

Tried to retort Iris but the dragon was already far away.


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