06 Came Across a Cuttlefish

Go around the town to buy pajamas, dried meat, smoked fish, cheese and all kinds of other food. Should also buy a rucksack while I’m at it.

Iris, who developed confidence in her communication abilities, completed one purchase after another.

In addition, she bought a crepe-like tasty looking thing to try it out.
Even when she bought so much, she was still under one gold coin.

Elixir grass, amazing.
There are still plenty growing around the church though.

「As long as I have this elixir grass……..I can live without working for the rest of my life! 」


Iris was shivering in excitement at her splendid future but, apparently, Punigami still couldn’t understand its splendor.

「Fufufu, you are still too green, Punigami. Here, I will give you a candy that I received from the granny」


She plunged the candy ball in Punigami’s body.
Then, the candy ball floated inside his body and was gradually digested.


It seems that Punigami liked the candy ball.
Iris too licked a candy ball. Delicious.
There were candies on the Kurifot continent too, which were just lumps of sugar with a rough taste. The human candies were much tastier.
Even more so for the crepes.
If the humans disappear, all this tasty food will disappear with them.
Let’s put the extermination on hold.

Having decided on her future policy, Iris went into a dark unpopulated alley.
She wanted to take off and fly to the church but, since she was bound to create a commotion, she decided to fly away stealthily.

However, before she was able to, she was called from the back.

「Oi, young lady over there」

「Hiyaa, please forgive me!」

Iris reflexively apologized.
Even though she acquired the communication skills to be able to smoothly purchase things, it didn’t mean having an ability to cope with surprises.

「…….What are you apologizing for? 」

Said the man, who called out to her, in a wondering voice.

「N-Nothing in particular………just felt like it! 」

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She truly felt like it, she didn’t know how to explain it otherwise.
She wanted to run away with a dash but she planned to sell the elixir grass in this town in the future.
She didn’t want weird rumors to be spread.
This is going to be difficult, Iris fired herself up and looked towards the source of the voice.

There were two men in that place.
The lined up in a way that blocked the road leading to the main street.

One was a muscle-man with a ferocious appearance. He appeared to be full of ill intentions towards Iris.
The other one was a slim guy with a nervous face. It was the other customer she saw in the shop back then.

「Oi. You didn’t make a mistake, right? 」

The big man asked the slender man.
The slender man nodded and grinned.

「Yeah, that’s her, bro. This little girl sold the elixir grass to the tool shop and earned ten gold coins」

「I see. Then I am going to say it straight, young lady. Give all of your money to us. Also, you are going to tell us where you found the elixir grass. If you won’t, I will show you the meaning of pain」

「That’s how it is. Let me tell you, little girl. Even if you have such a big slime, you should not try anything funny. Bro here is the first-class adventurer capable of defeating a minotaur with his bare hands. No matter how many slimes there are, they won’t be able to do a thing」

In short, they seemed to be cuttlefishes. [1] Most likely, the slender guy coincidentally met Iris in the tool shop, thought she was a nice catch, a reported everything to his big bro.

「I-I won’t…….why do I need to hand over my money to you!? Besides, if I tell you where I got the elixir grass…….I will be left with nothing! 」

Encountering a robbery attempt, Iris’ voice trembled because of her nervousness.
The two men laughed in glee.
Seeing her frightened, they thought that she would obediently hand over the money and information.
However, Iris wasn’t especially afraid of the two. She was afraid of strangers in general.

「Eee, trembling voice and shoulders, aren’t you cute. Are the money inside your backpack? Hand them over」

Having said so, the big man approached Iris.


Looking closely, she noticed grease on his face. And he was ugly.
No, don’t come close. Scary.


Iris punched the big man in the face without any hesitation. [2]


The big man flew away scattering his teeth and landed all the way back near the slender man.

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「B-Big bro!?」

The slender man reached out to the big man. However, since he was completely knocked out, he didn’t respond.
Maybe because his bro was knocked out in one hit, there was panic on the slender man’s face.
Face with this pitiful man, Iris mercilessly landed the final blow.

「Nooooooo, a stranger, noooooooo! Stay away from meeeeee! 」

The slender men didn’t really try to approach her. He was even trying to create a distance. A splendid straight punch collided with his cheek.
After losing all his teeth and bleeding from his nose, the slender man lost his consciousness too.

After that, Iris finally came to herself.

「Hiyaa! I hit them! F-Forgive me…..but you guys were at fault! I’m not going to apologize………! 」


「Eh, did I apologize already? Ah, it’s true! What should I do……anyway, farewell! 」

Iris left the unconscious two as they were and escaped with Punigami towards the church at an impressive speed.

To forget her fear, she gorged herself with recently bought food, changed into new pajamas and went to sleep.

When she woke up, she completely forgot about the two she rendered unconscious.


  1. Apparently, it’s a slang for robbers. According to Google-sensei. 
  2. Loli punch! 

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