04 His Name is Punigami

「Puni, puni」

Iris woke up with a cry of the slime.
It was still morning.

「Fuaa…..I’ve slept for so long yet the sun is…….eh? Did I sleep for three days? Sorry. Your body is just too comfortable….it must have been hard on you being my bed all this time」


Since it was troublesome to touch it every time she wanted to read its thoughts, she assembled a simple activation-type translation spell.
Like that, she was able to hear its speech already translated.

「Fumufumu…..you took a stroll with me still on top of you. I did well not to fall…..」


「Eh? Since I’ve slept for three days, I should take a bath? Even if you say that, I wonder if there is a bath in this church」

Since Iris was just sleeping all the time, forget about the surroundings, she didn’t even examine the church.
However, it seems that the slime investigated to a certain extent while she was sleeping.


「To do it without a bath? Don’t ask for impossible」


「 Will you become a bath yourself? What are you…..wa, waa! 」

Although Iris was deeply embedded in the slime in the first place, she suddenly sunk downwards.
Her whole body was enveloped in a cool and squishy feeling.
As of now, Iris had only her head sticking out with her whole body covered by the slime.

「Ah……..how dangerous…….what is this, this feels so good……」


「A, ah………you can’t, if you massage me in such a way I will…….」


「I’m being washed, I’m being washed」

Inside of the slime’s body, Iris was diligently washed, touched, and caressed. [1] She felt as if she was washed to the extent of cleaning out all of her pores.
Then, she surfaced once again.

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「Fuaaa…….it was so good that I almost fell asleep……..」

Muttered Iris with unfocused eyes.

「My whole body became so clean and smooth…….amazing. It feels as if I was born. No, I was born just a while ago……..in short, it’s even better that being born! 」

Somehow, she could even see her skin shining.
There wasn’t even a single speck of dust.
As she traced her skin with her fingers, it felt good enough to become an addict.
Even though it was her own body!

「You aren’t only amazing as the bed but also as the bath. You are the God! 」


「From now on, I shall call you Punigami!」[2]


Apparently, Punigami liked that name as he jumped around in joy.

「All right, all right. Since I became clean again, how about a nap? 」


「Eh? Do you want to show me something? 」


Punigami carried Iris outside the church.
There should have been nothing but barren lands outside.

The church’s surroundings, the village and everything around it. Barren lands extended beyond the horizon.

However, during the three days when she didn’t leave the church plenty of grass grew around the church.

「A lawn!  Eh, why? I have no idea how this happened but let’s roll first!」

Iris jumped down from Punigami and started rolling around on the lush lawn in her naked beauty.


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Punigami rolled together with her.

「Awawa, so fun. But how did the dry land grew grass on it in just three days? Is it because I revived the well nearby? 」


「It seems that everything below this hill is still barren. Will it become a grassland sometime in the future?…….Oh? 」

Iris discovered a strange grass, different from all the other.
All of the other grasses were only reaching her knees.
However, this particular grass was much higher and bigger.
It didn’t only look different, it also emitted a faint magical power.
Squinting her eyes, she could see a pale rainbow-colored light

「Is it’s rainbow-colored, eh, can it be my magical power? Did it suck my magical power? Did it appear because I was carelessly emitting my magical power as I slept? 」


Cried Punigami in a manner that expressed his lack of understanding.
However, that was the only explanation capable of explaining the rainbow-colored magical power she could come up with.
When she tried to concentrate, she was able to perceive faint traces of her magical power in all of the other grasses.
It seems that Iris magical power was the cause indeed.

「Un………So I turned a barren land into a grassland just by sleeping…….I can’t make careless actions. It seems that I have no choice but to become a shut-in! 」

Iris was in a pleasant mood upon discovering an excuse to stay indoors.

「That being said, this grass. If it has so much magical power, it should also have some special effect. Like a medicine. If I sell it for lots of money………」


She didn’t know for sure where to sell it and whether it had any value in the first place but she still plucked this grass.
When Iris made a round around the church, she discovered quite a few grasses of the same kind.
For now, she collected ten of those.

「I didn’t spend anything to grow it, I won’t lose a thing if it won’t sell. It was useless originally anyway. However, I need to visit a human city to confirm it……..」


「Punigami. Can you try selling this grass in my place? 」


Hearing Iris ask him for a favor, Punigami responded in a spirited manner.
Nevertheless, it was unrealistic however you look at it.
Since he couldn’t speak human tongue, he was doomed to fail at the first step.

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「Uu……It seems that I have no choice but to do it myself…….But humans……..How should I start the conversation……….I’m scared」


「Y-you are right! I have Punigami with me! Even if it is impossible for me alone, it should work out if I’m with Punigami! I’m sure of it! 」

For Iris, who only talked with demons and monsters, a human is an unknown existence.
She struggled to have a prolonged conversation even with her fellow demons, to speak with a human……she became nervous just thinking about it.
However, having Punigami be her side was reassuring.
If it gets out of control, she can just hide inside Punigami and escape.

「A-All right! Let go to a human town! Those humans aren’t s-scary at all! I can do a proper greeting! I can even talk about the weather……..!」


「That’s the spirit」encouraged Punigami.
Iris tightly grasped the grass, jumped on Punigami, enveloped him in her magical power, and flew into the air.

She composed herself and headed towards a human city.
However, midway she noticed that she was naked, returned to the church in panic, and wore her clothes.


  1. I’m trying to change all this punipuni and munimuni into normal words but maybe I should stop. 
  2. Gami stands for god, just thought I should mention it. 

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