01 Suddenly Searching for a Place to Shut Herself In

In a dimly lit room without any windows stood a capsule. The capsule was filled with liquid and a girl was suspended inside.

Long silver hair. A delicate body that was in the middle of its growth phase.
She was beautiful enough to mesmerize any observer, however, because she was too perfect and beautiful, she seemed somewhat artificial.

And more than anything else, a pale rainbow-colored light emitted from her white skin gave her an air of mystery.

The girl’s name was Iris.
The daughter of the Great Demon King.
However, she didn’t grow up in the womb.

She was grown inside of this capsule based on the Great Demon King’s genes.

Iris’ ego developed about a month ago.
Apparently, the process of growth itself began about a year ago.
In front of the capsule, the Great Demon King and his subordinates were discussing something.

Iris didn’t ever leave this capsule, however, she could understand their words.
She learned that she was a biological weapon made from the genes of the Great Demon King.
Her mission was to eliminate the humans.

「Magnificent…….please look, Great Demon King-sama. All numbers are above the expected ones. Iris is much more powerful than we expected. Even I, the one who developed her, can’t explain why this is happening. To be honest, I won’t be able to replicate it even if you tell me to」

「Kukuku……..as expected of my daughter, who inherited my own genes. With this power, the humans are doomed to be destroyed, this world will belong to the demon race. No, it won’t be just that, with this power, we may be even able to invade the heavens and topple the gods」

In front of the capsule, there stood the director of Iris development project and the Great Demon King.

Iris didn’t see a human yet but she knew that they looked exactly like the demons.
The only difference is their lifespan.
The Great Demon King is three hundred years old. The head researcher is above six hundred.
However, it seems that the humans don’t even last a hundred years.
Regarding the magical power, the demons are stronger too.
But even like that, the demon race was defeated in the ancient war and forced to live in a corner of the world.

The reason is simple.
There are overwhelmingly more humans.
In exchange for its long lifespan, the demon race has low fertility.
Even while living for a thousand years, a demon won’t be able to produce more than two or three children.
On the other hand, the humans can produce more than ten if they are really into it.

The war that lasted for decades greatly reduced the number of demons.
Of course, the human side lost a lot too but more and more warriors kept popping up.
The demon race seemed to be dominating at first but, before everyone noticed, the human made a great comeback.

More than a thousand years passed since that war.
The number of demons didn’t increase much, however, the humans multiplied tremendously and conquered all the lands around them.

Trying to solve the problem of『numbers』, the demons heavily invested into improving『quality』even further.

To make children between two exceptionally strong demons, giving the children a thorough education — at first, it was among those lines. However, they couldn’t predict how many ages that would take, leaving aside the low success rate.
For increased success rate, it’s much better to mass-produce the『strong』.

That’s where the biological weapon comes from.
To cultivate it inside of the capsule using the genes of the demon’s strongest, Great Demon King Berberus.
Of course, no one believed in its success at first.
They finally managed to develop a stable technology after endless failures. That’s a natural process in developing a new technology.

However, the first run of this technology turned out to be a great success.
No, since her specs were much higher than expected, it can be considered a failure.
Nevertheless, they made one step towards the creation of a powerful fighting force to oppose the humans.
It may be even possible to eliminate the humans with just the first one.

「That being said…….the color of her magical power is so beautiful. Almost like a rainbow……..」

Said the Great Demon King as he gazed at the capsule.
The magical power surging from Iris’ body. It shone with rainbow colors and was leaking outside of the capsule.

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The color depends on an individual’s magical power.
Whether it’s red or blue, it changes depending on a person emitting it.
It’s not formally established which color is superior but the people with red magical power tend to be talented in magic of the fire system while those with blue magical power in magic of the water system.
With her magical power being rainbow-colored, there was a possibility of her being talented in all kinds of magic.

「Iris. The time is coming. When your body is completed, you will be released upon the world and make the world belong to us, the demon race! 」

Shouted the Great Demon King.

「Yes. Father…..」

Iris gave a short answer.
However, she didn’t feel herself being powerful.
They said that she was strong but, in reality, she didn’t rampage even once.
The device examined her magical power and body deeming it strong. In the first place, Iris never saw the humans that she should destroy.
She didn’t know how wide the world is.
She only knew this capsule and this dim room.
Being told to do it, she could only nod in agreement, failing to understand anything.

Three days later.
After finally leaving the capsule, Iris saw the ancient Demon King’s Castle for the first time.
And the only place where demon race is allowed to exist, the Kurifot continent, which is one big wilderness.
Only the demons and a few monsters inhabit these lands.

The Great Demon Kings all said that the Kurifot continent is located at the farthest end of the world.
Her goal was to make her escape from this place one day.
However, the sheer size of this place made Iris, who didn’t know the world outside her room, dizzy.

As per the order of the Great Demon King, she launched an explosive spell on the coast of the Kurifot continent making a big crater.

Seeing a gigantic mushroom cloud, the great Demon Kings cheered out loud.
With this, we will definitely be able to take over the world, they raised a commotion.

Like that, the biological weapon, Rainbow Disaster (Iris Crisis), answered the demons’ expectation and flew towards the land of humans on her black wings.

However, Iris was tormented by suspicions and doubts as she flew over the wide ocean. Eventually, as she reached her destination, seeing the world spreading beyond the horizon as well as multiple towns and villages, she was convinced.

「To destroy all of this……uwaa, how troublesome………tsk! 」

Contrary to the other demons, Iris didn’t resent the humans.
Even though it’s said that they pushed the demon race all the way to the Kurifot continent, she was quite comfortable even in her capsule.
Rather, seeing this wide world made her lose all of her motivation.

There are definitely many humans living here.
Don’t wanna.
I was nervous even with my fellow demons, meeting with strangers is scary.
I want to be a shut-in!

「I don’t want wide places……need to find a narrow place somewhere…….I want to sleep all day」

Thus, Iris Crisis, a biological weapon made using the pinnacle demon technology, abandoned her mission and started her search for a place to shut herself in.


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