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Chapter 121 – The Healer and The Alchemist

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1113 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“You’re telling me to go back after coming all this way?! Don’t mess with me! I need to know! How are Denemis and Yama? How is my family?!”
“I see. So you are Ms. Denemis’ husband, Mr. Edin. I’m sorry, but I’m unable to reveal any information on the residents.”
“What? But they’re my family! Is my family okay?!” Concerned for his family’s safety, Edin kept pleading with Bazar.
“Even if they are, I still cannot tell you anything…”

Bazar said, holding his ground.

“Mr. Ned. Please tell me! How are my wife and child?”

Edin, a sharp gaze hiding in his eyes, turned to look at Ned, who was standing directly next to Bazar, feeling that questioning Bazar would be pointless.

As the two stood and stared at one another, Ned, who appeared to be accustomed to Edin’s gaze, did little more than blink back at him.

“Well, I can see why you would worry about your family…”

Ned spoke in a manner that suggested he was conceding defeat.

“Edin, you might want to take a seat…”
“Mr. Ned!”

Bazar shouted, attempting to stop Ned, but Ned stopped him with a stern look. For a time, the two only exchanged silent glances before Bazar finally backed out.

“Edin, listen. Your wife, Denemis, is in a critical state. Yama’s symptoms are still mild, but Dr. Bazar says she certainly has the disease. It’ll only grow worse if she’s not treated.” With an agonized tone, Ned explained.
“That can’t be…”

Edin gasped in shock.
He started glancing about as though asking for help from others nearby, but eventually he looked down as though drowning in hopelessness.

“N-No… That can’t be… My family…”
“Edin. I know how you feel. It’s not only your family. Almost all of the people in the village are sick. My wife, son, and even my grandson are not an exception… It’s gotten to everyone…”

Ned spoke as he put his hand on Edin’s shoulder to try to comfort him.

So that’s how it is… Edin wasn’t wrong to think something was going on.

Merc thought, while listening to Edin and Ned’s conversation.

The reason the retired Ned had been plowing the fields was that the rest of the village was severely ill.

This also clarified why Ned’s son’s field and all the other fields were barren.

“Will my family be okay? Can they be saved?”
“I cannot say. However, I can guarantee you that I’ll do my best.”
“Do your best? I don’t give two cents about that! Let me meet them! Let me see my family!”
“I cannot. This is why I didn’t want to tell you. Even if you meet them, there is nothing you can do. I’ll only have one more patient to deal with… So please, go back.”
“May I ask something?”

Merc skillfully inserted herself into the conversation while Bazar mercilessly cut Edin off.

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“What is it?”
“What is the name of the disease that is ravaging the village? Just how did it get into Kirel Village in the first place?”
“What’s the point in telling that to an adventurer? I’m not obliged to answer. Just go back.”

With a contemptuous expression, Bazar remarked. Merc could tell by how Bazar was acting and speaking that he had something against her young age and her being an adventurer.

Merc, on the other hand, who was emotionally an old man, calmly giggled to herself and kept a poker face. 

“Dr. Bazar. While I may be an adventurer, I am also a Healer. As such, would you please let me meet the patients? I’m confident I can treat the majority of diseases.”
“A Healer? You?”

Bazar, surprised to the core, enquired.

Most likely, he had trouble believing it.

“Oh my! So, Missy, ya can also use Heal? Dat’s amazing!”

Svemir, who had been listening silently, exclaimed in astonishment.

Foldia, on the other hand, simply stood with his arms crossed, as he was already aware of this.

“M-Merc! A-Are you, really, a Healer? Can you, really, help my family? I beg of you! P-Please try and help them!” Edin, who was on the verge of tears, said, grabbing Merc’s shoulders and began to shake her.
“H-Hey! Alright! Alright! I’ll try, so please just let me go!”

Merc exclaimed, trying to shake Edin off.

“Even if you are a Healer, I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do. The disease cannot be treated with Lesser Heal.”

After Merc had shaken off Edin, Bazar, whose face was still motionless, spoke to her.

“Furthermore, when I arrived at Kirel Village, the disease had already spread widely, so I do not know what caused it. Armpit and groin swelling are the first signs of the condition, and as it worsens, black internal bleeding marks spread across the body.”
“Black marks from internal bleeding? The Zelronan Illness, which leaves blue marks, is treatable and not contagious, but this… This is the first time I’m hearing of such a disease.”

“I had a similar experience.” Bazar remarked, “I’m guessing it’s some kind of new disease. Emsnan Disease (Black Marking Disease) is the name I gave it. The problem is that there is no known treatment and I still do not know how it is spread. By giving out medicine, I’ve been able to delay the disease from worsening, however, this is no more than a temporary fix. The sick are growing weaker by the day and won’t last long unless they’re given immediate treatment.”

“Emsnan Disease… I can’t say without seeing it, however, if it really is an unprecedented disease, I might not be able to treat it.”
“T-That can’t be…”

Edin’s face contorted, as if he couldn’t conceal his shock, but Merc then smiled, seemingly reassuring him.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do all I can. Even though it’s not business, there are countless patients over there. I cannot overlook them. And if I did my Master would bring hell upon me.”
“Miss Merc…”

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Edin replied, a hope burning in his eyes.
His response was a clear indication of how much he cared about his family.
Seeing Edin like that just made one want to help him.

“Well then, with this out of the way, could you please guide me to Mr. Edin’s family, Dr. Bazar? I’m also skilled in alchemy, so I might be of some assistance.”
“Fine. However, I have one condition. You must promise me that you will take full responsibility for your actions.” said Bazar.

Merc, in turn, agreed with a slight nod. She had no cause to decline given that she was a Healer.

When Bazar saw her response, all he could do was sigh.


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