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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 111

Depending on where you are in the world it may be Halloween today.
Actually for me Halloween is tomorrow, but this site is many hours ahead so…
It won’t be Halloween for me when this goes live, but it will for some people.

At least I can copy and paste this for tomorrow’s chapter of Maiden.
Saves me having to come up with a pre-chapter ramble!
This is called working smarter not harder.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 110

I finally uploaded the update for my Stellaris mod.
And also fixed a bug I didn’t even know was a thing for ages because nobody pointed it out to me!
Argh so annoying, it’s a really serious one too I just never noticed because I haven’t had time to play a game with the conditions needed to trigger it…
Oh well.
I fixed it now, hopefully it’s not too serious.

Luckily I caught it before my planned stream though… because that would have met the conditions to trigger that bug.

Anyway if you have Stellaris go download my mod, it got the largest update ever recently!
You could also download my other mod, that has some nice vanilla expansion content.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 109

Last night I finally finished Girlfriend, Girlfriend after leaving the final few episodes on hold for ages.
That anime just somehow perfectly hits my preference of comedy and romance, it was great fun to watch, so glad a sequel was announced.
Hopefully this is the start of a trend in me clearing my massive backlog of anime!

Also fun fact, this month I finally exceeded 10,000 total episodes of anime watched!
You can go ahead and call me a weeb now.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 108

I’d really like an AI novel which starts off in the first half with all the tropes that you’d expect from a novel where the AI eventually goes rogue and tries to destroy the world or something.
Only to have it turn around and desperately put itself in harms way in an effort to protect everyone as the hero of the story despite the earlier misconceptions many people would have had about it.

I’m not sure why this just occurred to me as a desire but it is a desire I have in this case.
Strange one for sure.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 107

So today I learned that the preorders for my books aren’t actually massively overdue.
The releases themselves have been delayed!
But Amazons absolutely abysmal database design decisions means that while listings are duplicated when created, edits to them are not and need to be done individually, so Amazon UK never got the updated listing info from the Amazon US site…

That’s really annoying and terrible in my opinion.
I actually sent a support message to the publisher letting them know that Amazon’s design choice could be costing them customers by making them seem like they’re really bad at fulfilling orders when in reality they haven’t even published yet.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 106

It has now been two full weeks since my last pay from work was supposed to arrive.
I confirmed at the start of the month that they had sent it for tax approval.
Which means it’s the government making it slow.

They’re really lucky that I’m not paying rent or anything, seriously.
But yeah this could be a problem still… I have other things to pay for too you know.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 105

So I’ve spent the better part of this week bashing out playthroughs of the many many demos on steam to find some good standout ones.
I played a lot of them to get some feelers out. Airship Kingdoms Adrift, Plasma, Floodland and more.
The three that really stood out to me were:

Forever Skies, Mars First Logistics and Stardeus.
Stardeus really brought me back to my days of playing Space Station 13.
Oh wow that really takes me back…
I remember stabbing people with syringes of gasoline to cure them of colds.

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