Chapter 125 – Medical Exams

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Author: Tsunose Bun Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3024 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1174 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

After being given an injection of Bazar’s most effective vaccine, Merc strode out without delay.

Bazar escorted her to a number of houses where she saw a variety of patients who had been isolated and grouped in accordance with their symptoms.

Foldia and Svemir, in turn, had chosen to stay behind after Merc warned them, repeatedly, not to follow her this time. They were currently enjoying supper at Bazar’s place.

“Hello Dr. Bazar. Who is that with you?”

Bazar escorted Merc to a secluded house that was apparently a gathering place for girls who were experiencing only mild symptoms. The girl who appeared to be the oldest welcomed Merc and Bazar with a suspicious look on her face as she looked at Merc.

“This lady is Miss Merc. She too is an Alchemist.”
“What? An Alchemist at this age. You’re amazing.”

The young woman replied admiringly. Merc, on the other hand, couldn’t help but smile.

She was accustomed to being perceived as older. When told that Merc was about her age, the girl who had referred to her as young would probably be shocked.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Yama.” The girl spoke, exhibiting a smile that in no way suggested that she was ill.
“Yama? Where have I heard that… Oh!”

With that name coming to mind, Merc murmured.

The girl in front of her was the daughter of Edin and Denemis, assuming her memory wasn’t playing tricks on her. But Merc reasoned that this was irrelevant right now.

She gave Bazar a casual glance, and he too shook his head in opposition.

Merc agreed with a light nod and chose to pretend she didn’t know Edin.

“So Yama, do you know why you girls are here?” Merc asked.
“Of course. It’s because we’re sick. And it’s not just us, either. The majority of the village is sick. And in order to prevent us from spreading the disease to the healthy, we have been imprisoned here.”
“Yama. Imprisoned is a bad way to say it. You’re playing an important part by staying here.”

Bazar responded angrily at Yama’s honesty, appearing to be offended. In response, Merc gave him a cold stare before asking Yama to take a seat on a bed.

“Yama, I’m sorry, but do you mind if I take a peek at your body?”
“Be my guest.”

Yama, most likely used to this, undressed and revealed her upper body while sitting.

Merc hadn’t sunk so low as to have perverted thoughts for a patient despite having a man’s mind.

Besides, Merc had seen countless slender bodies like Yama’s in the elf village when conducting exams, so she didn’t think anything of it.

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“Hm. Compared to the patients I just saw, it’s way better.”
“That’s correct. The medications I’ve given have most likely improved the symptoms. I just hope it stays this way till they’re cured.”

Merc then examined Yama’s entire body, finding no black spots. She also checked Yama’s neck and armpit areas to make sure there was no swelling.

“Lungs sound fine and there’s no problems with the internal organs. The only thing I found was a slight fever, but that’s it.”

Merc examined all of the remaining girls after finishing with Yama, but none of them displayed any severe symptoms or indicators that their condition was getting worse.

After visiting each room, performing the exams, and bidding farewell to the girls, Merc and Bazar proceeded to Bazar’s residence.

As they were walking, Merc turned to look at Bazar, who was holding a lamp because the village had already fallen into darkness.

“From what I’ve gathered, the symptoms develop more quickly in teens and middle-aged adults. Children, on the other hand, appear to have very mild symptoms. Do you agree with this, Dr. Bazar?”
“That’s correct. Perhaps because they are younger, children have a stronger resistance.”

In agreement, Bazar remarked. In contrast, Merc gave him a chilly stare while narrowing her eyes.

“Dr. Bazar, are you testing me? You have been conducting exams for quite some time. It’s impossible that you were unaware of this. Why did you not inform me?”
“I wasn’t trying to test you. It is not unusual for older people to experience harsher symptoms than youths. I found no need to inform you.” Bazar said indifferently.
“Let’s leave it at that then.”

Although Merc was a little annoyed by his reply, she decided not to press the matter further because there were other, more pressing issues.

“Don’t you find it strange?”
“Find what strange?”
“This whole situation. No matter how resilient a child may be, I find it strange that none of them exhibit any signs of weakening despite the fact that the sickness has extended to four and five-year-olds. The symptoms are simply far too mild. Those in or close to their twenties with a strong resistance, on the other hand, have worsened symptoms.”
“Miss Merc… Since you’re also familiar with Healing and Alchemy, you should be aware that every sickness varies from person to person. Such examples are not anything new.”
“That would be the case if it was one or two, but the whole village?”

With a bitter expression on her face, Merc stated while turning to face Bazar.

“To begin with, you keep talking about resistance, but what about the elderly? Similar to the children, Mr. Ned and all the other elderly people experience mild symptoms. It’s as though this disease is targeting a specific generation.”
“The disease is choosing the people?”
“That’s right. Perhaps children and the elderly possess an immunity that teenagers and middle-aged people lack. This would be far more logical than simply assuming that the severity of the illnesses in the village is coincidental.”

After hearing Merc’s words, Bazar gasped, appearing to be in utter disbelief.

“I see… I see! The children and the elderly have a specific immunity! I never thought of that! We should immediately collect blood to identify the source!”
“Let’s hold off until tomorrow. Right now, we’d be bothering the patients. On a side note, where will we be staying? Are you taking us in?”
“No. I’d rather not.” Bazar answered, his face dead serious.

Merc asked, completely taken aback by Bazar’s response.

Bazar’s house was by no means small and had several rooms. It would be rather simple to accommodate Merc and the others, which is why Merc was so shocked by Bazar’s reply.

“Ah, no, I didn’t mean it like that.”

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Realizing he had rejected Merc too brutally, Bazar said.

“It’s just that the lab might be filled with the Emsnan Disease’s bacteria. I’ll ask Mr. Ned to prepare a place for you to stay. Please wait here for moment.”

As soon as they got to Bazar’s house, Bazar hastily made his way through the pitch-black darkness while holding the lamp in front of him. One would assume he was going to find Ned to get Merc and the group a place to stay.

Merc, who had excellent night vision, simply looked in confusion as Bazar moved further away.


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