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Chapter 556 – It Is My Pleasure To Be Princess’ Dog, Not!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

Outside Jade City, a luxurious Beast Carriage was stationed.

“Focus on leveling up nearby for now and strengthen yourselves,” Yaeger instructed Yunuen and Little Fairy, who had just logged in.

“Yes!” the two responded enthusiastically in unison, nodding vigorously.

With Jade City brimming with hidden dangers, it was unsafe for them to stay. Furthermore, with Layna absent and her medicinal business on hold, they had no pressing tasks, making it an ideal time to focus on leveling up swiftly.

Having directed Yunuen and Little Fairy, Yaeger made her way back into the city. Kastina had provided her with the location of Viscount Yelu’s residence.

“You’ve been interfering for too long. Now it’s time for a lesson.”

Meanwhile, within Viscount Yelu’s residence, in the grand living room, a man in his thirties, standing 185 centimeters tall, dressed in opulent attire, circled a table. He had an average face, narrow eyes, and a noticeable hairy mole beneath his right eye.

This was Viscount Yelu, who appeared somewhat anxious, casting occasional glances at a box on the table. Inside the box were ten black crystals of varying sizes, some as large as eggs and others as small as fingernails.

Upon closer inspection, these crystals closely resembled the [Black Magic Crystals] sent to the auction house. Moreover, their Magic Essence was exceedingly pure, clearly superior to those presented at the auction house.

Undoubtedly, these were the authentic items!

“I didn’t anticipate such a rapid reopening; we weren’t fully prepared. The counterfeit crystals haven’t absorbed sufficient pure Magic Essence,” he sighed, hoping for no complications.

Originally, the plan was for the counterfeit [Black Magic Crystals] to be placed alongside the genuine ones for two days, absorbing enough pure Magic Essence through a magical formation to convincingly masquerade as real.

Only the most seasoned appraisers, with decades of experience, could distinguish those counterfeit magic crystals. Given the subtle imperfections still present in the counterfeit crystals, there was a risk they might be detected.

Fortunately, they had already secured the cooperation of the most skilled appraiser through bribery. If he complied, their chances of pulling off the scam successfully were high.

“There’s still a chance this could fail,” Viscount Yelu murmured, shaking his head as he gazed at the [Black Magic Crystals]. “It’s risky to keep such valuable items here.”

His group had meticulously crafted each counterfeit crystal to closely resemble the real ones, achieving an almost flawless similarity in appearance. While the fakes had been sent to deceive Kastina and Black-hearted Princess, he still retained possession of the genuine crystals.

The genuine crystals, sourced from Grand Duke Keene, were of such significance that any mishap would spell serious trouble for him.

“Perhaps I should store it in the treasure vault,” Viscount Yelu mused aloud.

He then reconsidered, shaking his head.

“No, that won’t do. Retrieving them from the vault is too cumbersome, and the Grand Duke may come for them tonight. I’ll secure them in the secret chamber instead,” he decided.

Having made his decision, Viscount Yelu closed the box and carried it out of the main living room.

Meanwhile, just outside the inner-city district.

“Zamas, come out right now!” Yaeger called out, already having shed her black robes and mask, shouting at the entrance.

After waiting three seconds with no response, “I will count to three. If you don’t appear, I will burn down your house,” she threatened.

As soon as she finished speaking, the heavy city gates began to open with a rumble.

Within moments, a tall man clad in red armor, his blond hair marked by nasty scars, emerged. Yet, his expression was pitiful. Particularly when his gaze met Yaeger’s, it was vacant, and he seemed unable to meet her eyes directly.

It was hard to imagine that such a formidable man could be terrified of the stunning woman before him. Indeed, Zamas was profoundly frightened by her, so much so that he considered fleeing.

Yet, he had too much at stake, with his home in the outer-city district—a place she threatened to set aflame should he dare to escape. Thus, he could neither deny his presence nor could he afford to flee.

Consequently, his only option was to present himself humbly before her.

“Princess… How may I assist you today?”

Since receiving a severe rebuke from Yaeger previously, his usual arrogance had vanished entirely. He was a picture of pitifulness.

“I need to conduct some business in the inner-city district. Open the side gate for me,” Yaeger stated directly.

Ordinarily, accessing the inner-city district involved numerous bureaucratic procedures, which Yaeger found too cumbersome and time-consuming.

“Is that all?” Zamas asked, taken aback. He had assumed she summoned him for a matter of great importance. To his surprise, it was merely a minor request. Inwardly, he sighed in relief.

“What else would I want from you? To socialize?” Yaeger asked indifferently.

“Absolutely not! I’ll take care of it immediately,” Zamas responded hastily.

Despite his deep-seated resentment towards Yaeger, his lack of strength prevented him from even considering revenge, let alone speaking out against her.

“Very well. Proceed.”

“Yes, heading there now!” Zamas bowed, his heart filled with resentment.

As he turned to leave, Yaeger suddenly recalled something and remarked, “I’ve heard you possess a rather fine sword. I’ll borrow it for a time.”

At her words, Zamas stumbled, nearly falling over. It was clear to him: this was sheer extortion. What did she even mean by ‘borrowing’? Given her nature, was it likely she would ever return it? He might as well dream on!

knew it! She wanted something from me all along!’ Internally, Zamas was in despair.

“You’re hesitating?” Yaeger probed, noting his silence.

“Not at all! Absolutely, if you wish to see it, I’m more than happy to lend it to you,” Zamas replied, his voice tinged with apprehension.

“Excellent. You may leave now,” Yaeger said, nodding in approval.

The sword was a reward from his exclusive quest line, available only to swordsmen. Under normal conditions, she wouldn’t have access to it. But the situation changed when Zamas ‘lent’ it to her.

‘This sword will be a highlight in today’s auction,’ she thought.

As Zamas had anticipated, there was little chance Yaeger would ever return what she borrowed.

After a ten-minute wait, Zamas returned, sprinting back. He had dashed home to fetch his sword and hurried back, arriving drenched in sweat and visibly reluctant as he handed over the weapon.

“Princess, this is my cherished weapon, [Windslash].”

Yaeger accepted the sword and stowed it in her spatial ring without further inspection.

“Thank you. I’ll take good care of it,” Yaeger assured him.

She made no mention of when it might be returned. Given that the weapon was a quest reward, it was bound to change hands eventually; it might as well be with her. The weapon was now securely in her possession.

“Princess, will you be entering now?” Zamas inquired, masking his distress.

Right then, his only wish was to be rid of her presence—out of sight, out of mind.

“Absolutely,” Yaeger responded with a nod. “Additionally, Zamas, consider working for me going forward; the benefits are substantial.”

She was in need of capable fighters to ensure order within her auction house.

“I’m grateful for the offer, Princess, but as a dedicated soldier, my perpetual mission is to defend my homeland. Thus, I must decline.” Internally, however, Zamas was seething, having mentally berated her repeatedly.

‘You wish to make me your lackey! It’s an utter disgrace! Once I gain strength, your end will come!’

“No worries, I won’t compel you,” Yaeger remarked nonchalantly.

With a strained smile, Zamas turned back towards the city walls. After a brief wait, a small gate creaked open. Without hesitation, Yaeger swiftly entered through the gate.


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