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Chapter 559 – It’s Really A Medical Treatment

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

Splash! Hot water cascaded down, spilling over the edges and filling the air with steam. Yaeger eased herself into the bath. The soothingly warm water caressed her collarbones, enveloping her in comfort.

“Do I really have to take everything off?” Allie clutched her towel closer, her cheeks flushing with nervousness.

Yaeger glanced over, her voice flat, “It’s necessary for the treatment.”

“Alright… Fine.” With a moment’s hesitation, Allie’s hands trembled as she let the towel drop, exposing her pale skin beneath.

‘I’m so embarrassed!’ Allie hurriedly covered herself and approached the bath, her body and cheeks tinted with a shy blush.

Swoosh! She dipped her toe into the water, gauging the temperature, before fully submerging herself. Water rippled and overflowed slightly.

“We’re both women here. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Yaeger said soothingly.

At that, Allie’s eyes darted around, her voice tinged with panic. “I—I’m not embarrassed!”

“Alright, we’re short on time. Let’s proceed,” Yaeger urged, her pupils glowing a vivid green.

With a soft whimper, Allie hesitated but eventually lowered her hands, exposing herself completely. A wave of embarrassment washed over her, reaching a peak before breaking into a sense of liberation. Freed from her self-imposed restraints, it brought her an unexpected joy.

In that moment, a boldness awakened within Allie. ‘Behold… take in my beauty as you will!’ She met Yaeger’s gaze with a newfound confidence.

Yaeger’s examination, however, bore no hint of admiration; her gaze was clinical, detached—more akin to a scientist studying a specimen. This professional detachment reassured Allie initially, but soon a wave of embarrassment flooded over her, deepening the color in her cheeks. ‘What was I even thinking? This is merely a medical procedure, nothing more!’

“Stay still, we’re beginning,” Yaeger declared, materializing a green needle in her hand.

Allie nodded emphatically, steeling herself for the procedure. As soon as she composed herself, sitting upright, Yaeger swiftly administered the needle, piercing Allie’s chest.

Quickly, a tingling sensation, edged with a slight pain, spread through her brain. ‘Exciting… How thrilling!’ Overcome by the sensation, Allie trembled and took deep, heavy breaths.

Yaeger withdrew her hand, and multiple green needles materialized, swiftly embedding themselves across Allie’s body. This elicited even stronger tingling sensations, like waves crashing relentlessly in her mind.

‘I feel like I’m ascending~’ Gripping her fists tightly, Allie struggled to maintain her posture, her mind going blank under the overwhelming sensations.

Meanwhile, Yaeger completed the acupuncture session and exhaled softly, her face pale and bearing signs of fatigue.

‘The next step is critical.’ Yaeger methodically placed 108 needles at strategic points on Allie’s body to purge the unique virus.

“Allie, how are you feeling?”

“Good—very good… Ecstatic…” Allie responded, her expression one of blissful intoxication.

Yaeger was left speechless. She hadn’t anticipated that the acupuncture could induce such intense pleasure.

“Next, I’ll begin extracting the virus from your body. This part might be painful. You’ll need to endure it,” Yaeger cautioned.

“Mm—I’ll do my best—” Allie murmured, her voice dreamy and distant as if lost in a trance.

“Beginning now.” As Yaeger spoke, vivid green flames enveloped her. The flames spread throughout the bathing pool, yet miraculously, the water’s temperature remained unchanged, and the flames were harmless to the human body.

Slowly, the initially warm water transformed into a vivid green hue, pulsating with potent life energy that filled the entire bathroom.

Suddenly, a bizarre spectacle unfolded. The 108 green needles embedded in Allie’s body began emitting thin wisps of ominous black aura. The black auras mingled with the green water, becoming exceedingly animated, swirling about as if they were fish frolicking in a stream.

Simultaneously, Yaeger’s gaze intensified as she clasped her hands over her chest, conjuring a melon-sized green sphere. Following that, an even more peculiar event occurred. The black auras darted towards Yaeger with astonishing velocity.

However, their true target was the green sphere cradled between her hands. In an instant, these black auras penetrated the sphere of light, becoming intensely energetic.

‘Perfect, very cooperative,’ Yaeger murmured, a faint smile gracing her lips.

“Mm~” As more black aura continued to seep out of Allie, each wisp departing her body elicited a slight pleasure, causing her to emit soft, involuntary sounds. With time, the soft moans persisted within the steamy confines of the bathroom.

Outside, two young, attractive receptionists leaned against the stone door, their legs weak and their expressions filled with delight.

“Master Allie’s voice is so alluring~”
“To think the always formidable Master Allie would make such sounds—I can’t take it anymore~”

The two exchanged glances, their faces drawing nearer as a cloyingly sweet aroma filled the air. Yet, within the bathing pool, the reality was far from the scandalous scenarios they imagined.

Yaeger diligently controlled the green sphere of light, ensuring none of the trapped black aura could escape. Opposite her, Allie had succumbed to unconsciousness, overwhelmed by successive waves of pleasure.

Had Yaeger not steadied her with a tentacle, Allie might have inadvertently swallowed a mouthful of water by now.

At that moment, every trace of black aura had been extracted from Allie and consolidated into Yaeger’s glowing sphere.

“I hope this can be purified,” she murmured, her eyes alight with anticipation as she compressed the sphere.

Yaeger anticipated gaining similar benefits from Allie as she had previously obtained from Aurora. As she compressed the sphere, the contained black aura began to thrash wildly.

Regrettably for the auras, they were trapped, rendering their resistance futile. After three minutes, an exhausted yet excited Yaeger examined the diminutive green sphere cradled in her palm.

“I did it!” she exclaimed, having purified the sphere until the black energy within was completely pure.

Seizing the ping-pong ball-sized sphere, Yaeger began to absorb the purified energy.

Simultaneously, within a lavish residence, Viscount Yelu, lounging on a plush sofa, thanked the individual seated across from him, “Thank you for your hard work.”

“Absolutely, it’s an honor to serve you, Your Highness!” The speaker, a portly man in his forties, was dressed in opulent attire.

“Yes,” Viscount Yelu nodded, his expression satisfied. “You took longer than expected. Was there an issue?”

“My Lord, here’s the situation…” The obese middle-aged man began, spinning a web of half-truths and exaggerations.

“Given its value, their cautious approach is understandable,” Viscount Yelu reasoned. “Even with suspicions, the opportunity is too advantageous. They won’t easily dismiss it.”

In fact, a rejection might even be preferable. A refusal to auction the [Black Magic Crystals] would signal the auction house’s weakness and incompetence. Publicizing such incompetence would have devastating consequences for them.

“Your wisdom is unparalleled, Your Highness!” the obese man complimented with a bow.

With a chuckle, Viscount Yelu gestured dismissively. “You may leave now.”

The man nodded, bowed his head, and promptly exited the room. Unbeknownst to Viscount Yelu, a fleeting green glint flashed in his eyes as he turned to leave.


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