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Chapter 558 – My Purity Is As White As Lily

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library

“What’s your take, S.K.Y.?” Taurus asked, his hands trembling as he clutched the brochure, his voice tinged with unmistakable excitement.

Upon hearing this, S.K.Y. took a quick look at the brochure, his pupils constricting in shock as he spotted the Epic Equipment listed for auction, and he couldn’t help but exclaim excitedly.

“Young Master Zhang, the gods are truly favoring us!”

“Indeed, the gods favor me!” Taurus chuckled in agreement.

Securing this Epic Equipment would give their guild possession of three such items, a significant boon for their upcoming endeavors.

“Soon, very soon, the [Death of Love] Guild and my name will echo across the globe,” Taurus envisioned with burgeoning anticipation. He was already basking in the visions of his future influence, filled with sheer joy.

However, he failed to notice the grim expression creeping across S.K.Y.’s face.

“Only you, Taurus Zhang, not I, S.K.Y.…,” he thought bitterly.

This was not the first instance; Taurus had expressed a similar sentiment before. By this point, it was clear to S.K.Y. that Taurus saw him merely as a tool. A disposable tool, destined to be discarded once his usefulness expired.

“I can’t accept this; it’s unacceptable!” Clenching his fists tightly, his body trembled slightly, his heart seething with anger and defiance.

As if responding to his mood, his shadow’s eyes turned bloodshot once more. A faint red glint then flashed across his eyes. This time, a subtle hint of red lingered in his pupils, unlike before.

Like Taurus, the patrons in other VIP lounges were equally elated, immediately fantasizing about the splendid futures they envisioned.

Meanwhile, Yaeger returned the obese middle-aged man after concluding her adjustments on her temporary puppets. The appraisers, though bewildered, dared not voice their confusion.

“You all seem idle, don’t you?” As their leader, Yaeger disliked seeing her subordinates lounging about. Even if there was no work, they should at least feign busyness. Otherwise, their high salaries would be unjustified.

As the saying goes: life is a stage, and acting is paramount.

Frequently, the workplace demanded a level of performance that went beyond mere professional skills; it required adept acting to survive.

“No…” began an appraiser, only to be swiftly cut off by Yaeger.

“Fine. I know you’re unoccupied,” Yaeger stated as she tapped her ring. Instantly, a myriad of items materialized, forming a sizable heap.

“Catalogue these materials by name, grade, and usage before noon, and organize them into a list,” instructed Yaeger. The appraisers’ faces twitched at the daunting task.

The sheer volume of materials to be identified and categorized within mere hours seemed impossible. ‘This can’t be done!’ they thought despairingly.

“Don’t even say you can’t do it. You’re not paid well to relax,” Yaeger remarked coldly. “If you’re unwilling to work, then pay ten times your salary for breaching the contract and leave.”

Kastina had recruited these appraisers for a substantial fee despite their mediocre performance, knowing they were unlikely to secure such lucrative employment elsewhere. Yaeger, undisturbed by the prospect of their departure, was prepared to dismiss any who didn’t seize this chance. After all, the world was not short of capable individuals.

After exiting the appraisal room and briefing Kastina on the third floor, Yaeger vanished as stealthily as she had appeared. Outside, the sky was clear, and a vibrant, youthful energy filled the air of the Imperial Magic College, a breeding ground for the empire’s future elites. At that moment, a striking figure approached the college, her beauty eclipsing the moon above. Known for her unmatched elegance, she made her way toward the college gates.

Who else could stride through the gates with such grace but Yaeger, hailed as the fairest in all of Saint Demon World? This visit, she forewent any forceful entry or summons. Quietly, she produced a medallion, channeling its power to seamlessly pass through the college’s barriers.

Her presence wasn’t for sightseeing. “The faster Allie recovers, the better our chances of succeeding,” Yaeger mused. Her true purpose was to heal Allie.

Unconcerned with discretion, Yaeger moved openly through the college grounds, her presence drawing curious glances from many.

“As expected, I draw eyes wherever I go,” she thought, running her fingers through her hair. Almost immediately, she recoiled at her own thoughts. “Get over yourself! Why am I boasting?”

Yaeger shook her head, dispelling the unwelcome arrogance. “Focus on healing Allie and getting to the auction at noon. That’s all that matters right now.”

Unable to halt her evolving thoughts and physical sensations, she realized that fretting over them was futile. Best to set them aside.

Yaeger ascended the Sage Tower and approached Allie’s research room. With a rumble, the door swung open as though anticipating her arrival.

“Princess, why are you here again?” Allie asked, her voice tinged with uncertainty as she beheld the striking figure before her.

“I’m here to heal you, what else?” replied Yaeger, a hint of exasperation in her tone.

At Yaeger’s words, Allie’s cheeks flushed, her nerves fluttering. ‘Does this mean what I think it means?’ Memories of being laid upon the bed under Yaeger’s intent gaze—no, her earnest attempts to heal—sent her heart racing as if it might burst.

“Is there a bathroom here? Preferably one with a pool or bathtub?” Yaeger asked abruptly, oblivious to Allie’s internal turmoil and uninterested in dwelling on it.

“Bath… Bathroom?!” Allie blurted out, startled. Her imagination swiftly conjured up a vivid image of them clashing spiritedly in the water, completely exposed. ‘It’s… it’s too overwhelming!’

“No bathroom? That complicates things,” Yaeger mused aloud. The treatment required submersion in water to combat the unique viruses afflicting Allie. Without access to a bath or pool, the process would become significantly more challenging.

“I do have one… but, isn’t that approach too intense?” Allie stammered, her face flushing to the shade of a ripe tomato.

“Intense? Yes, it should be somewhat intense,” Yaeger agreed, nodding thoughtfully. Her idea of ‘intensity’ differed markedly from what Allie had imagined.

“You really think we should proceed that way?” Allie asked, biting her lip and looking away nervously. Allie often boasted as though she were highly experienced, yet in reality, she faltered like a fledgling when it came time to act.

“This is the most effective treatment,” Yaeger stated, her voice steady and assured.

Allie, observing Yaeger’s composed demeanor, thought, ‘Her calmness must mean she’s highly skilled. I shouldn’t underestimate her… Wait, what am I even contemplating?’

“Do you have it or not? I’m pressed for time,” Yaeger pressed, gesturing impatiently with her hand.

“Absolutely, I’ll get it ready immediately!” Allie responded hurriedly. Since it was essential for her treatment, she resigned herself to the necessity. ‘Well, a bit of thrill isn’t too bad, and becoming a stronger woman sooner rather than later is definitely a plus. Farewell, innocence!’


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