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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 3

And today, we bring to you yet another chapter of Transcendent! Much thanks to FrozenFirez for completing the commission in a timely fashion~ The next two chapters will be available shortly, after I finish proofing them. Whenever that may be.

In this chapter, the protagonist is getting ready to delve into the world of the VR, I’m so excited to see what’s the VR world is like. And more importantly, the Gender BENDERRRRRR!!

Anyway, don’t forget to read How can the Saintess be a Boy!? too, we will be holding a voting session on which of these teaser novels to continue translating in due time. And you shall be the ones to decide.

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[New Teaser] Reborn as a Transcendent

Happy Valentine everyone! Hope you’re having a great time with your loved ones on this blessed day.

Today, we bring to you a new teaser project brought to you by FrozenFirez, our newly hired Chinese Translator on probation. This is the novel recommended to us by the Wild Lurker when we just started our Project Gender Bender six to seven months ago. It is to our greatest joy that we have finally reached the stage where we’re able to bring the translation of this web novel to the world.

Same with “How can the Saintess be a Boy!?,” this will be another teaser project for now. In due date, we will put up a vote and let the readers choose which of the teaser novels should we continue to translate. For now, enjoy the read.

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