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Chapter 91 – Engraving, Halberd, Wheel, Trigrams, Dragons

In the end, the illusion of the other divine monoliths faded away, only the real “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” remained. It is currently subduing that “Demonic Well”.

Everyone couldn’t help but suspect whether there were other ancient monoliths similar to the eternal restrain on the dragon island out there? Other people have doubts, but Xiao Chen was sure there were other divine monoliths out there. After all, he had personally seen “Eternal Restrain: Yellow River” before.

The bottomless “Demonic Well” shook violently, it seemed to be connected to another world. It appears as if countless souls are struggling to get free. They rumbled restlessly as if they wanted to get out.

Just at this time, brilliant rays started to erupt from the real divine monolith. It suppressed the dazzling light that was about to burst out from the “Demonic Well”. The magnificent power was incomparably boundless, it spread all over the ghost town like a vast ocean.

The Demonic Well trembled unceasingly, but it never stood a chance against the divine monolith in the first place. The powerful light from the Demonic Well become dimmer over time. And finally, the light retreated back to the Demonic Well with a flash. The huge divine monolith was really bright, it trembled unceasingly, and the diagrams looked as if they had come to life at this moment.

Among the ear-splitting explosive sound, the diagrams from the divine monolith actually flew out from its surface. The dragons, deities, sea of blood, ghost town, and Pure Land interweaves together to form a light screen that covered the Demonic Well, and sealed it underneath.

On this day, the sea area around the dragon island covered the skies, the entire ocean was like a boiling water. The entire island was affected by slight earthquake. On the island, the forest trees danced hysterically, dead leaves swirled in the air, monsters rampaging everywhere, and vicious birds let out a long cry. The ghost town had it worst, a ******* light burst towards the heaven.

On the dragon island, a mountain that had remained silent for many years suddenly bubbled up with a torrent of black fog. The jet-black metal engraving from one side soared into the sky and flew towards the ghost town at high-speed. It left a behind streak of dazzling radiance in the sky.

This metal engraving was only fist sized at first, but when it arrived at the ghost town, it was already as big as a mountain. It lunged towards the divine monolith below. When the divine monolith flickered with brilliant rays, a light screen faced the sky. After the metal engraving rammed onto the light screen, a loud explosive sound was produced. The ten million tonnes of metal engraving was actually sent flying away.

Just at this time, from a mountain range that had collapsed for countless years on the dragon island, a divine halberd burst forth with dazzling radiance. It broke free from the historical remains and soared into the sky. Then it launched towards the ancient monolith in the ghost town.

But it was fended off by the divine monolith with the same method. The ten meter long divine halberd cuts across the void as it was flung towards the sky.

After that, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel on the city gate produced a loud sound similar to the yellow bell. The sound resonated across the heaven and earth. It emitted glaring rays of light and bumped into the ancient monolith at the depths of the ancient city. The ancient divine monolith shook violently, and Buddha’s Eternal Wheel was also sent flying away like a huge meteorite. It left behind a trail of light as it flew towards the distant sky.

Carrying on, another valley on dragon island burst open. A huge brass trigrams split the sky and headed towards the ghost town. It strikes the ancient monolith below with power worth tens of thousands of thunder claps. But… the terrifying power brought about by brass trigrams was unable to shake up the divine monolith. It was sent flying like the former three.

Soon after, the metal engraving, the divine halberd, the Eternal Wheel, and the brass trigrams bombarded the ancient monolith continuously. The explosive sound kept reverberating in the ears, the entire ghost town was shaking. But even so, the divine monolith was not damaged in the slightest. Soon after, two rays of light also came from where the dragons were besieging the ancient city. That came from a hundred meter long Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, it was glinting with multicolored light. The Ancestral Dragon’s Claw was as sharp as the divine blade, it was very dazzling as it tore the sky apart and attacked the divine monolith below.

Today, explosive sound kept reverberating at the ghost town that had remained silent for countless years. Even the sky was covered by the bizarre light. Although the rain of blood stopped a long time ago, it was even more terrifying now. The ancient city was pervaded by an invisible baleful aura.

Under the attack of the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn and divine tools like the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, the ancient monolith trembled violently. And just at this time, all the dragons flew over there. All of their magic spells were aimed at the divine monolith. It was very obvious that their final goal was that Demonic Well. It seemed like that place was connected to an exotic world. Only… It was sealed by the ancient monolith, which prevented the other forces from entering.

The countless amount of skeletons outside the ghost town all looked up at the sky. At this moment, it seemed like they had been embedded with souls. As far as the eyes could see, the sea of bones was enveloped by a layer of dim bluish-green radiance. This was the light of departed spirit. They fused together to form a pressure as great as the furious ocean, and surged up violently towards the dragons in the sky.

The dragons in the sky also didn’t dare to stay idle to look at the dim bluish-green light. One after another divine rays descended, and left many huge cracks on the deathly light screen. They penetrated the light screen and smashed the endless white bones below into pieces.

It was very obvious that these skeleton army was protecting the ghost town. Waves of mournful whistle that made one’s scalp feel numb resounded from the sea of bones every now and then. The sound of ancient battlefield seemed to cut through the time-space continuum and transmitted here. Just by hearing it would cause one’s hair to stand on end. The dragons had no other choice but to spare some of their energy to observe this ancient battlefield.

With the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, and so on bombarding the divine monolith unceasingly, the ghost town was already shaken up. Xiao Chen and the rest couldn’t stay in the vicinity of the plaza anymore. That place was truly the eye of a hurricane, all the attacks were concentrated over there.

The jet-black metal engraving, the resplendent divine halberd ⌈1⌋, and the ancient brass trigrams were clearly divine artifacts on the same level as Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. They once made an appearance in the legendary tales. There were divine artifacts of unmatched strength.

The Eternal Wheel belonged to Buddha, that was without a doubt. As for the owner of the other divine artifacts, they should be from the same era or at least on the same level. Only… it was unknown whether they were still alive or not. But one thing was certain, the Ancestral Dragon from the past generation was long dead. Otherwise the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn and Claw wouldn’t separate from its main body and showed up by itself.

“The legendary weapons, who was their previous wielder?” A lot of people had this kind of thoughts. Even though they’ve heard of a few divine artifacts, they didn’t really know as to who was their previous wielder.

The divine monolith was already nearing its limit. It seemed like it would fall at any given time. After all, it was bearing powerful attacks from all sides, and still had to seal the Demonic Well underneath, it seemed to be losing its strength to resist. However, just at this time, those fence that encompassed the plaza suddenly erupted with resplendent rays of light that seemed to harmonize with the divine monolith’s radiance. They began to work together to resist the power from the outside world.

“Could those really be tombstone of the ancients?!” Someone cried out in shock. After all, those stone tablet had too much resemblance, and it was in this ghost town and all.

It was just like the stone fence and divine monolith had become one, they formed a dazzling light screen that enveloped the entire plaza. Fortunately, Xiao Chen and the rest had already retreated from the plaza. Otherwise they would be trapped within.

The dragons and divine artifacts seemed like they didn’t want to give up the opportunity today, they kept attacking the divine monolith unceasingly. Xiao Chen and the rest were unable to stand straight at all in the vicinity of the plaza. They quickly retreated, they wanted to use this chance to escape from the ghost town. However, they were unable to find the exit. This ancient city was just like a maze, all the streets seemed so similar, they were tangled up and incomparably complicated. While on the run, they stepped into a hall unknowingly.

In front of the hall with imposing aura, there was a block of jet-black monolith. Three ancient characters were carved on the surface: Demon Execution Hall. This place gave people a distinctive pressure, those three huge characters seemed to have voiced out the purpose of this place.


A huge shadow flit by, everyone looked up in surprise. A twenty meter tall human-shaped figure stepped across at lightning speed. It disappeared in the gaps of the hall. That couldn’t be a human, he was too big, but his movement was as soundless as the wind. It was difficult to trace him.

A chilly wind brushed past. Among the ancient halls, the bloody doors swayed unceasingly while letting out a creaking sound. It was especially frightening.

Everyone did not pass through the halls, they took a detour and continue onward. However, they didn’t walk too far away from the ancient street. Another ancient and magnificent building appeared before their eyes. There was a similar black monolith standing in front of the hall. Three ancient characters were carved on the surface: Fallen Deity Hall.

This was clearly related to the Demon Extermination Hall. “Extermination” and “Fallen” explained everything.

The survivors felt a nip in the air, nobody dared to scout the area. Everyone took a detour and bypassed this place. After that they slowly forged ahead. They wanted to escape from this ancient city, the mood was very heavy. All of them didn’t know if they could leave this place alive.

The crowd gradually scattered, many people began to look for an exit by themselves. Not long later, a miserable shriek resounded. Xiao Chen and Lawrence rushed forward at high-speed, but they only saw a meat paste on the street gushing out bloody fog. There was a one meter long huge claw mark on the ground. Apparently, that person was flattened by a strange giant creature!

They cautiously probed their surroundings. Xiao Chen and Lawrence cast a glance at one another and retreated at lightning speed. They could feel a huge monster hiding in the dark. It seemed like it was about to assault them with the claws. Even though they didn’t see it clearly, that kind of feeling couldn’t be wrong.

They quickly ran away from that area. And soon after, a miserable shriek once more resounded from there. Obviously, someone rushed to the scene and met up with misfortune. The three skeletons followed closely at the side. Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng also followed closely behind. This was a really frightening ancient city, whether they could safely depart from this place was full of unknowns.

Passing through one after another streets, they saw many grand halls along the sides of the road. There were actually so many demonic shrines that were unheard of. Xiao Chen and the gang still couldn’t find the exit of the ghost town. They could feel the energy fluctuation emitted by the divine monolith at the heart of the town. But no matter how much they searched for the gate at the opposite side, they couldn’t find the real exit. The ancient streets kept diverging them from the main road, it seemed like their sense of direction had been affected by a bizarre power, they were unable to distinguish left from right.


It sounded like the gallops of ten thousand horses, the ancient buildings in the surrounding trembled violently. Xiao Chen and the gang hastily rushed into the depths of an alley. By relying on their intuition, it seemed like a group of huge monsters were surging forward on the main street. The baleful aura swept past with a rumbling sound.


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Chapter 90 – Eternal Restrain!

“The so-called Buddha, and the so-called life or death. They are nothing in front of me, absolute strength can crush everything!” The Solitary Sword Demon once killed Buddhist Yichi with three slash, he was indeed in possession of a preeminent ability. He left an afterimage in his original place, and appeared in front of Buddhist Yizhen while brandishing the double-edged sword in his hand. The sword produced waves of terrifying demonic whistle, the surrounding space was distorted immediately afterwards. This was the incarnation of absolute strength!

Buddhist Yizhen did not receive the attack head on. Rather, he flew up with a whirl, and went along the ancient street while defying gravity, he looked transcendental like a Buddha going for a walk under the moonlight.

“Solitary Sword Demon, let’s have a decisive battle between you and I after changing location.”

“I won’t die that easily. In front of absolute strength, every scheme will be wasted.” The Solitary Sword Demon’s confidence originated from his own strength. He didn’t stay for long, and chased after Buddhist Yizhen after shrouding himself in the black fog.

“The line is empty, sit empty, silent movement are all empty. It would go head to head. Like the cranial longitudinal sword cut spring……” ⌈1⌋ Buddhist Yizhen’s speech was faintly discernible as he gradually distanced himself. One could tell he had definitely advanced to a whole new level. Each and every speech of his contained the wisdom of Buddha. ⌈2

Not a single person from the plaza went after them. Even though that might be a rarely seen big battle, so much so that it could even be considered as biggest confrontation of the youth generation, none was willing to roam about randomly when they couldn’t even guarantee their own lives. Moreover, there were some ancient training diagram on the stone fences around this plaza. Although they were all badly damaged and difficult to comprehend, it was still a rare opportunity to them. Everyone carefully searched this place, hoping to find a diagram that was useful to them.

A sword-qi appeared suddenly, a streak of light went straight for the middle of Lawrence’s back. Even though Xiao Chen could feel it, it was already too late to help him. He was away from Lawrence by some distance, although he believed in Lawrence’s strength, the guy in question was already heavily injured after all. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.

However, green radiance rushed forth, and Lawrence’s body was enveloped by that hazy radiance. When the sword-qi that was launched towards Lawrence entered this bizarre space, it became slower and slower as if it fell into a swamp. A crystal clear throwing knife halted just behind Lawrence’s back! It was only a few inch behind him.

Lawrence turned his body around, and looked at the fence not far away, then he said, “I almost suffered an unfortunate event once, but the same attack will not work on me twice. Come on out, Wharton. I have already locked onto you, only one of us will come out of this alive today.”

Wharton, the successor of the Godly Flying Dagger Technique, turned around and ran away as soon as he stood up from the back of the stone fence. However, Lawrence soared into the sky and left a green trail in the sky as he chased after him.

Xiao Chen also didn’t tarry, his left hand was enveloped by the North Star Light Screen, and a resplendent star appeared on his right hand too. He emitted a threatening murderous aura. He didn’t want to let Wharton get away anymore. His figure swayed continuously as he left behind one after another afterimages during the chase.

“Xiao Chen, you don’t need to make a move. I have already locked onto him. This time I will let him taste his own medicine. I will make him understand Void Master is not to be trifled with!” Lawrence disregarded his injured body and was determined to kill the enemy. Nobody could change his killing intent.

They passed through the blood river. Lawrence and Xiao Chen were pursuing Wharton closely on the ancient street. In the end, they got back to the plaza. Being able to fly at an early stage was the Psychic and Spell Master’s biggest advantage, Wharton’s path was still cut off in the end.

Lawrence trapped Wharton in a green dimension. Unable to escape, Wharton could only choose to fight with Lawrence. Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger pierced the void and transformed into one after another dazzling rays of light. It was launched towards Lawrence.

However, when facing only one opponent, Lawrence possessed absolute control within the green dimension. He could respond to every single attack a single practitioner on the same level was capable of. The most terrifying Godly Flying Dagger Technique lost its merit today, all the Flying Daggers became so slow in this dimension, everything was clearly reflected in Lawrence’s pair of eyes. He unhurriedly evaded all the sword aura, and even halted a few Flying Daggers in midair.

At this moment, Lawrence showed everyone why the Void Masters were revered as kings, and utterly destroyed the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger! ⌈3


A metallic noise resounded, few of the Flying Daggers in the sky were broken into pieces simultaneously. The resplendent sword of rain condensed from void power took the form of Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. They emitted glaring rays of light and was shot towards Wharton.

Even if Wharton was powerful, he was powerless to do anything at the moment. He had the same feeling as Xiao Chen at that time. He felt his entire body was being bound in the space controlled by Lawrence, he was actually unable to budge an inch, as if he was caught up in the swamp.

“Plop! Plop! Plop……!”

More than ten glaring rays of light continuously ran through Wharton’s body, one after another bloody arrows came out from the other side. Blood flowed out like waterfall from the dozen of wounds on Wharton’s body. Lawrence defeated Wharton using the imitated Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger.

The green light screen gradually faded away. Wharton’s body swayed left and right. He coughed out blood unceasingly. He smiled bitterly and said, “At least I died in the hands of a living person. I am much luckier than the rest of you. All of you will die tragically……” Saying until here, he tore apart the front piece of his cloth. They could see a bloody big hole in his chest. Even though his heart was still throbbing, the mark of the claw was very clear. It seemed like his heart was almost scooped out. Furthermore, there were a few deep scars near his chest. ⌈4

It was very obvious that he was already seriously wounded, he wouldn’t be able to live more than a few days. And this suicide attack proved that he was prepared to die. As soon as he finished saying these words, Wharton fell on the pool of blood. Nobody knew what did he encounter, but that paw print didn’t seem like the doing of an ordinary human. Recalling what he said before, everyone felt a chill down their spine. This is a ghost town after all.


Thunderous roars transmitted from outside the ancient city wall. God knows how many dragons had already assembled at the moment, they finally began to go at it for real. Even if the survivors had made it to the center of the ghost town, they were still able to feel the unlimited fluctuation.

The dragons attacked in a frenzy, it seemed like they wanted to destroy this ghost town as quickly as possible. Even though the ******* light enveloped the ghost town, and the baleful aura was present everywhere, it seemed like it also wouldn’t be able to resist for long. Not long later, the entire ghost town was shaking, it seemed like it might collapse at any given time.

The rain of blood already ceased, the dark sky was illuminated brightly by the divine radiance of the dragon’s spell. It seemed like they wanted to split the hazy sky, and let the radiance of the sun destroy this ghost town.

In the middle of an ear-splitting thunderous noise, the dragons outside the dead city let out a roar simultaneously. Apparently, they were using a powerful dragon magic. The glaring rays of light were like the brilliance of ten suns, the rays of light ripped apart the dark sky and dispersed the demonic clouds above the sky. The sunlight shone down in an instant.

This is an astonishing change.

It was already noon at the moment. When the gleaming sunlight and the demonic light of the ghost town came together, rumbling noise resounded constantly. It was like the incompatibility between fire and water. It kept producing thunderous explosion noise.

Soon after, a deadly aura soared into the sky, a bloody screen covered the sun. Even though the demonic cloud was dispersed, the sunlight was still dyed in the color of blood by the ghost town!

The plaza produced a rumbling noise, the hundred meter tall divine monolith and few almost identical monolith illusions were moving around in a circle. They actually encircled the plaza, and trapped the black well that appeared in central-most plaza without anyone noticing.

Only until the bloody sunlight shone upon the world did that pitch black ancient well become especially apparent. Even though the sky was illuminated by the rays of light, it still appeared incomparably dark and bizarre. It possessed a magic power that causes one’s heart to race.

That ancient well was only three meter in diameter, an indistinct black aura was lingering on the well. It gave people an enigmatic feeling, it looked like an entrance to hell. The more one looked at it, the more puzzling they felt. It was incomparably bizarre, it felt like it would swallow up people’s mind.

The face of the huge divine monolith and the surrounding monolith illusions could finally be seen clearly under the radiance of the bloody sunlight. There were handwritings engraved on every monoliths, two identical characters were found on every monoliths: Eternal Restrain!

Xiao Chen was deeply attracted by the first monolith. It was actually Eternal Restrain: Yellow River! Isn’t this the divine monolith at his hometown, why did it appear here? He knew this divine monolith was an illusion, but it was actually related to the divine monolith on the dragon island. It really made him feel restless.

The only characters on the divine monolith was only not limited to “Eternal Restrain”. After the ancient character, there were different characters. Looking at the other ancient monoliths, he could see “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” on the second divine monolith. Other than that, he could only see “Eternal Restrain” on the other monoliths, the rest were fuzzy. Moreover, in a moment later, those characters flickered momentarily and faded away. In the next moment, one after another vivid diagrams appeared on each and every divine monoliths.

Even though a few huge divine monoliths were in front of their eyes, everyone could tell that only the second “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” was real. The rest were merely illusion that looked almost identical. What made everyone feel extremely shocked was that, all the divine monoliths were emitting a bizarre energy fluctuation, they seemed to be imbuing the real divine monolith with power.

Under the bloody sunlight, the diagram engraved on the divine monoliths did not only appear more vivid, it seemed like they had been imbued with souls as they passed straight through the wall.

The first divine monolith, that is “Eternal Restrain: Yellow River”, had a very peculiar diagram on its surface. High up in the sky, black clouds covered densely. Heavy rain poured, huge lightning ripped apart the void. On mother earth, the mountain collapsed, the surface splits, and magma rushed forth. The entire mother earth was trembling fiercely. In the middle of the sea, the raging waves beat against the shores, the stormy seas covered the skies, and engulfed the heaven and earth.

The second divine monolith, that is “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island”, had the portraits of dragons galloping in the skies. It seemed like they were wailing. Many people and deities were also struggling. Above them was an ocean of blood as far as the eyes could see, there were hundreds and thousand layers of raging waves. A dried up mountain of bones stood at the center of the bloody ocean, it was rammed by the torrents of bloody waves, and yet the majestic mountain of bones remained motionless.

Below the dragons and those deities was a ghost town. The demonic aura was dense, the pitch-black gate to hell was half-opened. It was completely lifeless beyond the gate, it was a world of complete darkness. It emitted inexhaustible aura of death. What made people even more amazed was that, below the ghost town, there was an auspicious land. The castle was unoccupied, the resplendent divine trees and jade-like grasses were all over the place. However, not much was outlined. It was already at the bottom-most of the divine monolith, it was hard to observe more of the vast land.

The diagrams on the third divine monolith were made out of a few hardly related drawings. A farmer riding an old ox to plow the land. A shepherd guiding a group of oxen and horses at a prairie. A fisherman standing on a boat and casting his fishing rod into the river. A peddler standing in front of the store touting the wares. Few of these small diagrams were not related in the slightest, but when they were put together, it called to mind the simple life of humans. It made people couldn’t help but think of all kinds of lifestyle.

The diagram on the fourth divine monolith emitted an indistinct radiance. One after another imposing Temple in Heaven stood tall on the clouds. They were hidden behind the clouds, many bejeweled jade castles were faintly discernible.

The diagram on the fifth divine monolith depicted an inexhaustible purple fog covering up the heaven and earth. It seemed like there was a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses galloping within the fog, and yet it seemed like there was a bellow of countless creatures. This diagram was very fuzzy, but it made people’s heart race. Even though they couldn’t see the scene beyond the fog, the interior emitted a majestic aura similar to that of the boundless ocean.

It seemed like there was a sixth and seventh divine monolith, but they were barely visible. As for the diagrams on those monoliths, there wasn’t even a need to ask.

Under the radiance of the bloody sunlight, few of the visible stone inscriptions did not only seem more vivid, they were even transmitting a faintly discernible sound. These stone inscriptions seemed so real and so vivid. Each and every diagrams seemed like they had their own soul.

These doesn’t seem like stone inscriptions anymore, they seemed more like a few different worlds that were put together by someone.

Even though the diagrams on the huge divine monoliths were incomparably mystical, they still fell short to the black well that was encircled within. The more they look the more terrified they felt, it seemed like a bottomless hell that would swallow up their mind.

Under the sudden rampage of the dragons, the demonic well let out a faintly discernible heavenly music for a period of time, then it produced a mournful whistle that caused people’s scalp to go numb in the next moment. It caused every practitioners to fall back involuntarily. Even though the sound did not have an offensive nature, it caused people’s nether region to shrink.

The ghost town trembled violently, the huge divine monolith and the illusory monoliths also trembled violently. Even though Xiao Chen had guessed only one divine monolith was real, he was unable to find any faults in the other monoliths at the moment. It seemed like their souls had crossed time-space continuum to come here and provide power for the ancient monolith.


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Chapter 89 – Reappearance of the Divine Monolith

Without a doubt, these must be the pair of experts Buddhist Yizhen encountered before. It seemed like they were mortal enemy, even after entering the ancient city, they were still having their decisive battle. The black fog and colorful mist concealed their face, it made people unable to clearly distinguish their real appearance. They could only see hazy shadows.

“It is really the power of time, it is the genuine Divine Law!” Lawrence offered a word of praise, it was easy to tell that he was very excited. It seemed like he wanted to rush over there to learn something from the woman in question.

Without making any sound, a murderous aura suddenly closed in. Xiao Chen turned around immediately, his left hand was enveloped by North Star Light Screen, and grabbed an almost transparent knife blade in that instant. That resplendent knife blade was crystal clear, it was as beautiful as a work of art. With astonishment, it was actually Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger!

The big battle ahead also didn’t cause Xiao Chen loosen his guard, he stopped the killing move this time in the first moments. Just by raising his wrist lightly, sword aura ripped the void apart, it was launched high into the sky.


A lot of blood splashed downwards, the human figure in the sky flee in a hurry. Just when Lawrence was about to soar into the sky, Xiao Chen pulled him, and said, “No need to go after them, you are not in your best condition, we must not suffer any accidental loss.”

“Wharton was actually carried by Carlos into the sky, it seems like they wanted to escape immediately after getting rid of you. However, we can collect some interest in advance……” Speaking until here, Rowena smiled flirtatiously. After that, she lifted Yan Qing Cheng’s face by holding her chin, and said, “Treating this kind of peerless woman as interest is really too wonderful. I wonder how should we tame her in the future?” When they arrived at the central ancient city, the dragon’s magic attacks were already unable to affect this area. In other words, their lives were no longer in danger. Even though they were attacked from time to time, it was nothing compared to the dragon’s destructive attack. All of these could be stopped with ease.

However, Xiao Chen had a really bad feeling, his intuition was telling him something was watching outsiders like them in the dark. He suddenly turned his head around and saw a huge shadow quickly approaching from among the ancient building complex. They could vaguely tell it was a human figure, but the figure was really too big, it was at least twenty meter tall.


Lawrence used the void power to create a light rain, and launched it towards the dark zone ahead. The resplendent light illuminated that corner, a black cat about the size of a pony cried out in fear, and scampered with a whoosh. It disappeared in the darkness.

Such an enormous black cat really made one feel stupefied. Moreover, it was actually able to evade Lawrence’s light rain attack, which gave people an even more bizarre feeling. They could vaguely see a necklace made out of human skulls hanging around its neck. Words can’t even describe how eerie and mysterious it was.


On the ancient street, a few snow-white human skulls rolled over, they kept rolling until they reached under Xiao Chen’s foot. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang seemed to be very mindful of these human skulls. The three skeletons lifted the skull, and their jaws kept making a snapping sound.

Xiao Chen took one human skull from their hands, he discovered there was a lotus insignia on the forehead of the skull. It was similar to the insignia on Qinguang Wang and the other two’s forehead. But they already lost their splendor long ago, there was only a little bit of imprint.



The few human skulls mysteriously shattered, the white powdered bones fell gently like the dried up sand. These things were extremely strange, it seemed as if the skulls that had existed for countless years were giving them some kind of warning.

Lawrence looked at Lunhui Wang and the rest, then he faced Xiao Chen and said, “Those who have a lotus insignia on their forehead might evolve into the Undead Sovereign in the future. That is an existence that would cause even the deities to shrink back. Those few skulls just now seemed like the leftover of genuine Sovereign Kings.

“This ancient city is too mysterious and scary!” Xiao Chen exclaimed.

The unknown mystery seemed to possess an irresistible force on humans. After Xiao Chen and the gang entered the ancient city and arrived at this place, they could already stop advancing, but their strong desire to explore this place seemed to be pushing them forward. They wanted to get to the bottom of this deathly still ancient city.

After Lawrence probed the surroundings carefully, he said in a heavy tone, “The ancient city is very bizarre. There is an energy confining the space above the sky, even Psychic and Spell Master wouldn’t be able to leave from the sky. Perhaps only the dragons would be able to break through.

The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors they passed by occasionally did not block their path, but when their cold gaze swept past them, it seemed like they were looking at dead people.

From the front, the sound of surging river could be heard. At the same time, a baleful aura pervaded the entire area. Moreover, pungent smell of blood drifted in the air. Scarlet blood mist rushed forth as the bloody river was surging forward. The pungent smell that made people wants to throw up didn’t allow anyone to doubt whether or not the blood was real.

Until now, even Xiao Chen was somewhat convinced, this place really seemed like the residence of the Sovereign of Death.

Above the surging bloody river, there was a stone bridge every few distance away. The stone bridges were engraved with various demons and deities. The vicissitudes of time were clearly visible on the engravings, it seemed like they were explaining something.

There were some withered skeletons on each and every stone bridge. It might be due to the vicissitudes of time, but those white bones were almost eroded. Xiao Chen and the gang did not stop, they directly crossed the bloody river using one of the stone bridge. And it seemed like the heart of the ancient city was already in front of them, that place was a central plaza.

A huge monolith stood in the center of the plaza, it was at least hundred meter tall!

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. Isn’t this the divine monolith in the middle of the sea of bones? How did it appear in the ancient city, could it be that these two were interlinked and had a great connection? That must it be!

The plaza was very wide and spacious, except for that huge and eerie ancient monolith in the center, the plaza was surrounded by a very special fence. It was actually made out of rocks that looked similar tombstone.

“Those couldn’t be built by assembling ancient tombstones together right?” Lawrence looked at the surrounding fence doubtfully.

And just at this time, the survivors also arrived at this place one after another. Among them included the expert who was wrapped in black fog from head to foot, as well as the woman who was shrouded by colorful mist. However, they are no longer fighting, and distanced themselves from each other.

Altogether only thirty plus people who arrived at this place. They are the true elites among the practitioners. Several hundred people died in a disaster, only a few dozen people remained in the end. Far away, those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors still looked at everyone as if they were nothing. They didn’t have any reaction towards the few dozen practitioners.

In the distant sky, the dragons were bellowing in rage. They were still attacking this ghost town. Just at this time, the huge ancient monolith standing at the center of the plaza suddenly burst forth with a torrent of divine radiance. It tore apart the dusky sky, and prevented the rain of blood from falling, all of them were blocked high in the sky.

A fluctuation similar to that of the boundless ocean surged up violently from the plaza. Even though it didn’t possess any destructive force, it still possessed a huge pressure on the mind. It made the practitioners at this place unable to bear it anymore, that was a fear evolved from the soul.

Half of the people were unable to bear this kind of pressure, they actually couldn’t resist kowtowing on the ground. They were just like puny ants scared into submission by the ruler of all living things. That huge pressure, that ancient aura, it was really intimidating!

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, the mysterious man shrouded in black fog, as well as that woman shrouded in colorful mist were doing their utmost to resist. In the end, only the few of them didn’t crouch down.

The divine radiance emitted by the hundred meter tall ancient monolith was entirely drawn back. But in that split second, they transformed into one after another figures. A few more huge divine monolith suddenly appeared on the plaza, but with careful examination, they could only detect one genuine monolith. The others seemed to be almost identical illusions, they stood at the center of the plaza together with the real ancient monolith.

Everyone wanted to take a step forward to look at the mysterious ancient monolith. Even though the fog was bubbling up, everyone could still see the mysterious engravings on the ancient monolith!

Only… nobody was able to approach. It seemed like there was an invisible energy in the surroundings of the huge ancient monolith and the few layers of monolith illusions. One practitioner attempted to approach, nothing happened at the beginning, but once he entered a few meter deep, he actually transformed into a pile of blood paste and melted on the plaza.

Nobody else dared to attempt, everyone couldn’t help but fall back. They surrounded the huge ancient monolith and watched from the distant. In the end, god knows who was the first to discover the diagrams on the surrounding fence and cried out in surprise.

After that, everyone walked over to those pitch-black stone beams that looked like tombstone. Many ancient events seemed to be recorded on the stone fence, but they were too hard to decrypt. Nobody was able to understand what they were reading. None of the diagrams on the stone tablet remained in good condition. It seemed like the most crucial parts were deliberately erased.

However, it was still somewhat beneficial for everyone. They actually discovered some training methods carved on the stone monolith. Lawrence whispered to Xiao Chen; That he found a diagram left behind by a powerful Void Master. Even though the diagram was very fuzzy and difficult to comprehend, it still gave him a very important enlightenment.

At this time, the plaza was very quiet, everyone was searching in the vicinity of the stone fence, they wanted to find some even more valuable diagram.

Xiao Chen also searched around. However, he didn’t pay much attention to the secret techniques of the Martial Artist, because his intuition told him those training methods were far inferior to the Secret-Qi Training Method he specialized in. But he still received huge benefits from these, this place had many lost skills, as well as some of the legendary killing move; Such as the God Slayer Technique, Chaotic Three-Way Patterns, Eight Laws of Demon Suppression, etc.

“O the ultimate essence of things, a moment of enlightenment is all thee need. Once the scene can’t be concealed, here we meet face to face.” ⌈1⌋ Just at this time, a clear and sonorous chant transmitted to everyone’s ears. Buddhist Yizhen floated over here.

One couldn’t see his once mournful expression, he seemed really graceful and ethereal at the moment. He fixed his gaze at the mysterious man with black fog all over his body, and said, “Solitary Sword Demon, I will make you understand what is karma today.”

As he was saying this, Buddhist Yizhen was calm and indifferent. So much so that he even possessed some sort of charm similar to that of Gods and Buddhas smiling while fiddling with flower. Words couldn’t even describe how breathtaking it was. It was very obvious that the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel made this young buddhist accomplish the first Nirvana-like transformation. It seemed like he really had a flash of realization.

The black fog bubbled up, the Solitary Sword Demon’s tall figure became visible. This was a man with really grim expression, he was not that handsome, but he had this really threatening disposition. His entire person seemed like a sharp unsheathed sword.

“It was really you.” Yizhen was very calm.

“It seems like the legendary Buddha really possessed sky-shattering magic power. A single Buddhist Tool could actually let you undergo a complete transformation. I thought the Dharma faction was already abolished, I didn’t expect there was someone like you.” The Solitary Sword Demon’s voice was as grim as his expression.

“Few were born, few return to nirvana, such is the circle of life. Light and dark maintained an equilibrium, some seeds shan’t return to the roots or origin.” ⌈2⌋ Buddhist Yizhen quietly recited the chant, quoting the Buddhist scripture, it seemed like the insight was considerably deep.


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  2. Silva: I just can’t do it… with my lousy translating skills, I can’t translate these Buddhist chants… Just think of them as some gibberish magic words and be happy with it…
    Chanayh: Just f**k Chen Dong… 

Chapter 88 – The Terrifying Ghost Town

Even though they were very far away, it seemed like the dragons could hear what they were saying. The divine rays fell beside them unceasingly, as if they were intentionally driving them into the city.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Chen already got beside Lunhui Wang, and joined the three skeletons to look at the warriors in the ghost town. It was deathly silent, both sides seemed to find themselves in a very subtle situation.

The rain of blood swirled in the air, those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors were giving off an ancient aura. It seemed like they had already lived for countless years, they seemed like the reformation of the ancient figures in present age.

The glaring divine ray pierced through the bloody curtains, targeting the inner city gate. Xiao Chen didn’t have any other choice, and finally took the last step. The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors in the city already stopped their drill a long time ago. They stood there like one after another huge tombstone as they looked at Xiao Chen with their cold gaze.

One step, two steps, three steps……

Xiao Chen entered the ancient city!

The dragon’s attack could no longer do anything to him. Those ancient Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors did not attack him. Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen also entered along with him. Rowena’s facial expression was very pale, she detained Yan Qing Cheng and followed behind the rest. The three skeletons cautiously got beside Xiao Chen.

The eyes of the Yin Warriors were incomparably eerie, they lifted the ancient metal spear in their hands simultaneously. Rowena turned deathly pale immediately, but the Yin Warrior did not attack, and continued their drill under the rain of blood. This made the few people let out a long sigh immediately.

They did not dare to enter too deep into the ghost town. They only stood near the city gate quietly. If not for the bombardment of the dragons outside, they wouldn’t even think of hiding here.

At a distant place, those practitioners that were still alive saw a few people hiding in the safety of the ghost town. All those people began to rush over there. The dragons also didn’t make things difficult for them, they intentionally gave them a way to survive. They wanted to force everyone into the ancient city to find a path for them.

There were merely a hundred plus survivors in the ghost town, the rest had been completely annihilated by the dragon’s bombardment. And just at this time, the dragon’s berserk attack actually changed from the sea of bones to the ghost town. One after another divine rays rammed on the city wall, many light beams that were launched beyond the city wall spread out.

Everyone was caught up in the attack once more. Just at this time, the hundreds of Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors near the city gate lifted the ancient lance and metal spear in their hands. One after another, they faced the light beams that descended from the sky.

Those rusty looking and damaged ancient weapons actually resisted most of the divine rays. Those divine rays were unable to injure these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors, but these warriors also exhausted their strength. Their steps were unsteady, and their body swayed unceasingly.

Xiao Chen’s keen intuition detected the ancient city emitting a bewitching radiance, the bizarre black radiance blocked most of the dragon’ magic attack. Otherwise, even these Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors wouldn’t be able to truly block the dragon’s divine ability.

The ghost town is really mysterious and terrifying! That might explain why the dragons dare not approach this place.

“Fo……” ⌈1

A long drawn out “Fo” suddenly resounded, it gave people an unfathomable feeling. Above the city gate, Buddha’s Aureola soared into the sky. The splendid radiance sprinkled across the land as far as the eyes could see. The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors hastily retreated. The radiance was precisely emitted by Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.

That huge Eternal Wheel kept quivering on the ancient city wall unceasingly. The invisible sound wave was like a stormy sea surging up violently. It actually caused everyone to push on to the depths of the ancient city’s street. And except for Buddhist Yizhen, none were able to stay near the city gate. Even those several hundreds of Celestial Warriors and Yin Warrior had no choice but to brandish their ancient weapons, and head towards the rear.


Another “Fo” resounded. The Buddhist’s Aureole surrounded Buddhist Yizhen. Buddhist Yizhen whose monk cloth was dyed red by blood appeared very solemn at the moment. He sat cross-legged, and clapped both hands together. In contrast to the sorrowful looks before him, he is very calm and content right now, his gracefulness is out of the world.

Within the Buddhist’s Aureole, Buddhist Yizhen slowly floated up. He was actually sitting on empty air. One huge Buddhist image actually appeared at his surroundings, that unfathomable aura was precisely emitted by that faintly discernible Buddhist image.

Looking from a distant, Buddhist Yizhen was sitting on the huge palm of the old Buddha. Even though his monk cloth had already been stained by blood, his entire person seemed so ethereal as if Buddha had really been reborn. The auspicious and merciful aura spread over a large area.

“Amituofo……” Buddhist Yizhen chanted in a low voice. It seemed like he was enlightened with the perfect wisdom. His entire person seems to have changed, he could only be described as out-of-this-world at this moment. It seemed like he has forgotten the sadness he once felt, forgotten the death of his senior brother, he is very calm and undisturbed right now.

He quietly sat on the hollow of Buddha’s palm, and muttered difficult to understand ancient scriptures. He closed his eyes and sunk into some kind of special meditation zone. At the distant, everyone was envious of Buddhist Yizhen’s luck. Without a doubt, he was helped by Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.

Nobody knew how much benefits did Buddhist Yizhen get from this, but it was the legendary Buddha’s gift, even those people with immortality would be very excited to receive it!

Far away, those thunderous roar of the dragons momentarily calmed down due to the sacred light of Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. However, the thunderous roar shook the sky again after a short while, one after another dragon magic bombarded the inner ghost town from all direction.

Even though the black radiance had already enveloped the sky of the ghost town, many divine rays still passed through. All the Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors lifted their ancient weapons to resist.

Except the place where Buddhist Yizhen was, the other practitioners were painstakingly trying to dodge. They were actually forced into this kind of mysterious yet terrifying ancient city. They seriously had no room to advance or to retreat.

Xiao Chen was the first to go along the ancient streets, and headed towards the depths of the ancient city. Even his countenance would change in the face of the dragon’s divine spell. Even though the spell were weakened by the black radiance produced by the ancient city, it was still not something Xiao Chen and the rest could ward off.

Lawrence and rest followed Xiao Chen along the ancient street. Yan Qing Cheng was very cooperative at the moment, she did not resist at all, and followed the others along with Rowena.Their only hope for survival was to get away from the battlefield near the city gate.

The people at the back also ran towards the other end of the street after a slight hesitation. If they were one step slower, they would have fell under the spells of the dragons. Those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors also retreated, but they still didn’t attack the others, they were like stone statues without emotion.

Only, many practitioners gradually started to feel uneasy, because they saw a lot of white bones on the street! Could these people be the same as them, and died a mysterious death after bursting into the city? However, everyone has no way out, they could only wait quietly in the depths of the ancient city. Quietly wait for everything to calm down.

However, the situation did not turn for the better. On the contrary, it became even more severe. The dragon roars were gradually approaching, the roars caused the heaven to fall and the earth to rend. Many of the weaker practitioners couldn’t bear it anymore, their face were incomparably pale. They could see enormous figures of dragons in the sky over the sea of bones. They are currently outside of the ghost town, the intimidating pressure was like a furious ocean surging up. Some even penetrated the ancient city’s black radiance, causing everyone to be caught up in a perilous situation.

The dragons seemed like they wanted to destroy this ghost town, even if they were fearful of it. They didn’t dare to descend towards the ground, but the magic attack descended from every direction.

Just at this time, all the practitioners scattered like ants. Each of them ran towards the empty streets and alleys of the ghost town, they couldn’t care less anymore. Regardless of whether there was any dangers in the city, it is more important to avoid getting killed by the dragons right now.

The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors also couldn’t ward off the attacks anymore, they waved their rusty ancient weapons, and retreated towards the depths of the ancient city. The ghost town was brimming with baleful aura, the watery blood flowed unceasingly on the streets. In addition to those white bones on the ground, it was seriously like the hell on earth.


A miserable shriek resounded from the depths of an alley. It was a very sorrowful shriek, as if the person had received a great shock before he died. It was not very far from Xiao Chen and Lawrence’s party.

“What’s going on, that place was not attacked by the dragon’s magic attack right?” Rowena’s voice was trembling.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence did not say a single word, they went into the ancient alley together. The surrounding buildings were like the city wall, only god knows what kind of material they were made out of. Their colors resembled the dark red of dried up blood. And yet they were flickering with bizarre black radiance.

The alley became narrower as they move on. They quickly reached a dead-end. The miserable shriek just now came from within a normal-looking residence, there’s still some lingering sound. However, there was another more notable sound.

“Skeech! Skeech……!”

Relying on their intuition, they felt that was a gnawing sound. It seemed like the sound of tearing one’s flesh apart with the teeth. They didn’t know what kind of creature was it, nor do they want to know under this kind of circumstances. Rowena’s face was deathly pale, she exerted her strength to cover her mouth. Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at each other in dismay. In the end, they chose to fall back, and left this residence that caused one’s hair to stand on end.

The ghost town was indeed not a benevolent land, it was filled with unknown dangers!


The miserable shrieks once more resounded from not far away, and not only from a single location. When Xiao Chen and the gang arrived at the scene, they discovered it all came from those former residence. The former residences flickering with black radiance were densely packed on both sides of the street. Some are grand and magnificent, while others are in terrible condition. The arrangement is pretty similar to any ordinary city.

The miserable shrieks were transmitted from within the former residences. Clearly, many practitioners decided to hide in the former residences after seeing how the dragon’s magic spell couldn’t destroy the building. They never thought they’d actually die within the building. Up until now, no people knew how they died.

However, Xiao Chen and the rest had already heard the gnawing sound from a few former residences. Clearly, something terrifying was devouring the practitioners within the former residence. This was a very terrifying thing, all those who entered the ancient city could be regarded as some of the most well-known figures, and yet they ended up becoming other people’s food……

“Clank! Clank!”

“Clink! Clank!”

In the depths of the ancient street, the sound of clashing metal could be heard. Xiao Chen and the rest saw two Psychics controlling divine swords made out of spiritual energy in the sky, and killing each other mutually. Under this kind of circumstances, they were still fighting. One could see the enmity between them was not simple.

After a miserable shriek, one Psychic was cut in half, and fell from the sky. The other Psychic flew towards a different direction. That two section of corpse fell in front of a big residence. “Creak…!” That tall bloody red door opened slightly.

Xiao Chen clearly saw two specks of eerie green light in the darkness. That was a sinister yet frightening pair of pupils. As soon as a burst of chilly wind brushed past, the two section of corpse in front of the blood-red door disappeared. After that, the door close with a “Bang!”. From behind the door, the gnawing sound could be heard.

This was a terrifying scene Xiao Chen and the rest saw with their own eyes. Even though they didn’t see what kind of creature it was, it was enough to make them feel astonished. It seemed like there was a terrifying person, beast, or perhaps a ghost residing in each former residence.

“What was that?” The beauty queen Yan Qing Cheng also couldn’t help but feel a little fearful. She stared at the bloody red door without blinking her beautiful eyes.

Rowena was “responsible and diligent”, she reeducate Yan Qing Cheng by saying, “Why don’t you worry about yourself first.”

The dragons’ attack were getting wilder, some of them already flew overhead the ghost town, and shot down one after another divine rays unceasingly. Some Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors were already annihilated by them. However, it seemed like the dragons did not launch an all-out attack yet. Judging from their attacking style, it seemed like they were still probing around.

The practitioners were inevitably caught up in this disaster, some more people died an unnatural death.

Xiao Chen and the rest kept using the buildings on the street as shelters. Not long later, they saw two powerful experts mutually killing each other on the main road. One mysterious man with his entire body shrouded in black fog is currently engaging in a fierce battle with a girl shrouded by seven-colored radiance. Their battle is very extraordinary.

The divine sword in the man’s hand swept from all eight directions in a single breath. He possessed this disdainful look out of the corner of his eyes, and had an air of overbearing supremacy. The space was twisted due to a wave of his sword, it formed a special “domain” at his surrounding. He seemed like an overlord within that domain.

And the girl shrouded by seven-colored radiance was just as mystical. The hazy radiance that enveloped the space was so outstanding, even the mysterious man’s long sword would become incomparably slow, and lose its excelling power once it broke into the space. That space shrouded by the dense bright fog seemed like a tiny world in its own right.


  1. Silva: As in the “Fo” from Amituofo?
    Chanayh: Maybe… 

Chapter 87 – Dragon’s Magic Power Recovered!

Lawrence spoke to himself, “Legend says, Void Master was superior, they can overwhelm practitioners of the same level. However, there is one exception, that is as long as the practitioner that can control time does not appear. The Time Bender’s technique was known as Divine Law. Even practitioners one level higher than her couldn’t be her match.

Xiao Chen was still not very familiar with this world. But he came to understand everything from their exchange. The practitioners that could control time seemed to possess the potential of the sovereign.

Buddhist Yizhen could not seize the opportunity to watch the battle between that girl who possessed Divine Law and that terrifying guy shrouded in black fog until the end. Because when those two are battling, they kept shifting from one battlefield to another.

In the dark sky, one after another bloody lightning still kept falling non-stop. The rain of blood fell even harder, the blood on the ground was already one foot tall, fishy smell assailed the nostrils. No matter who see this kind of scene, their scalp will surely feel numb.

When Buddhist Yizhen saw the listless Yan Qing Cheng who was under Rowena’s watch not too far away, he was somewhat shocked.

“She is already my slave.” Xiao Chen ruthlessly gave this beautiful woman a crackdown.

“Hmph!” Yan Qing Cheng let out a cold snort. But she also had no other choice right now, it was impossible for her to get away with these serious injuries.

And just at this time, an uproar break out from not too far away. Under the bloody curtains, one after another white bones crawled up from the ground. Their eye sockets were completely empty.

“Goodness gracious. What is it now?”

“Could the Sovereign of Death really be descending to this world?”


Everyone turned pale with fright. Some people even started to tremble already.

This was originally a sea of bones. Due to the appearance of the ancient city, and the rain of blood, people gradually neglected the endless bones of the dead on the ground. But now, even this sea of bones was no longer calm.

Fortunately, not all the terrifying skeletal remains crawled up, only those that were still in good condition stood up. They were facing that ancient city within the curtains of blood. However, those hill-like remains of giant monsters also started to tremble, it seemed like they might wake up at any time.

“This place is not safe, we need to think of something.” Xiao Chen swept his eyes over this bizarre ominous land.

Only… the endless deathly still forest cuts off their escape route, and in front of them was that mysterious yet terrifying ancient city. They have nowhere to run.

“What are they doing?” The bewitching Rowena who was in charge of looking after Yan Qing Cheng, looked a little pale at the moment. She lifted her finger to point at the restless crowd in front.

When everyone was feeling terrified by these situation, there was actually a group of people who wanted to enter the ancient city. It seemed like they wanted to explore the ancient yet terrifying city.

“They are going after the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.” Lawrence coughed lightly, his pair of eyes emitted an unusual light. His handsome yet sickly face was a little flushed due to excitement.

“Buddha’s Eternal Wheel……” Buddhist Yizhen gazed at the ancient city afar. His sight had already been deeply attracted by that huge Buddhist Artifact. It seemed like his mind had already floated over there.

It seems like greedy desire is inherent in mankind. That group of practitioners already arrived in front of the ancient city, they faced the groups of ancient Yin warrior and Celestial Warrior beyond the city wall. They were scared witless, but they still couldn’t suppress their desire to retrieve the Buddha’s treasure.

Fortunately, the warriors in the city regarded them as nothing, they didn’t even cast a glance at them.

Nobody dared to enter the ancient city.

God knows why but the surface of the black city wall was flickering with a ******* ⌈1⌋ bewitching light. That group of practitioners are trying to climb up the city wall. The ancient city seemed to have been through the vicissitudes of untold times. The black wall had many scars and paw prints, so it was possible for these practitioners to pull themselves up.

Not long later, they climbed up the hundred meter tall ancient city wall. They were only ten meter below the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. That huge Eternal Wheel was as big as a house. It was embedded deeply into the wall, one after another huge cracks spread out very far.

Someone finally walked along with the huge crack and climbed up like this. He slowly approached the Eternal Wheel, but just at this time, many small cracks appeared around that huge crack, and suddenly one after another scarlet blood started to flow out.


The very first person to get to the top let out a miserable shriek and fell. Something terrifying happened to his body while in midair. He actually turned into a skeleton in an instant, all of his flesh disappeared in but a moment.

At the same time, the black ancient city wall flickered with a ******* light. The bewitching radiance swallowed up the other people, the miserable shrieks rose and fell in succession. They were more miserable than the first person who died. One could clearly see their body being torn into pieces through the curtains of rain. And then they were completely crushed. In the end, they transformed into specks of light and absorbed by the city wall. Everyone was completely annihilated.

Just at this time, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel produced a metallic sound. At the same time it was shaking constantly, dazzling rays of light were produced. An auspicious and peaceful aura resisted the ******* bewitching light, then the ancient city wall slowly returned to its original state.

Along with the emergence of Buddha’s Aureole, the skeletons that were crawling up in the vicinity of the ancient city gradually slumped onto the ground. And those huge monster skeletons also stopped trembling.

“Roar……!” Only that… a gloomy roar that caused people’s scalp to feel numb resounded from the depths of the ancient city. That roar changed everything, not only did all the skeletons stood up, even the huge monster skeletons were raring to go.

That gloomy roar that sent a chill down the spine faded away only after a fit. But it seemed like nothing could stop this disaster now.

From the ancient primitive forest very far away from here, waves after waves of thunderous roars resounded. Even the earth started to tremble. It seemed like an endless waves of monsters are coming at this direction.

At the same time, the skeletons on the ground appeared from under many practitioner’s foot, beside them, or even behind them. The countless skeleton army sent a chill down everyone’s spine. Those small skeletons were still fine, but those hill-like monster skeletons were practically like a huge milestone rolling around. If the practitioners were to be trampled by them, they will inevitably turn into meat paste.

It was obvious at a glance, these skeletons were not undead creature. They were enveloped by a genuine negative fiendish aura. None of them had any soul fluctuation. They were genuine dead creatures, and yet they could move. This gave people an inexhaustible feeling of fear.

When the skeleton army attacked like this, many casualties were brought about immediately. Some practitioners were directly crushed by those ten meter tall huge skeletal monsters.

This sea of bones was filled with an unending fearful scream. Everyone could barely maintain their calm, fear welled up in everyone’s heart. Moreover, the roars of the beasts from a distant place were quickly approaching this place.

Not long later, those thunderous roars already got within the vicinity. They could vaguely see twenty plus huge dragons. They were floating above the deathly still forest. They shot one after another glaring light beams towards this place from beyond the bloody curtains.

One after another thunderous noise caused everyone’s ears to buzz. Those terrifying magic technique of the dragons completely annihilated a large amount of skeletons within the sea of bones.

All the practitioners were incomparably terrified, they could clearly see the Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, Saber Dragon, and other dragons just as powerful. All of them were actually floating in the sky!

Weren’t the dragons sealed? Why can they use their divine ability, and why are they attacking this area? While everyone was feeling terrified, these questions rose in their hearts.

The dragons had unparalleled strength under the heaven, their magic technique were just as matchless!

Those divine rays that streaked across the sky were unstoppable, nothing could bar its path. Large amount of skeleton army were annihilated one after another. Many practitioners didn’t even had the chance to make any sound before they were caught up in the extermination.

“Roar……!” The heavenly dragons were roaring. The rain of blood poured down like flood, the terrifying divine rays constantly exploded, one after another skeletal remains were crushed, even the ******* bewitching light of the ancient city became more extensive. Combine all of these together, it was seriously too scary.

Today, the dragons’ divine ability was actually recovered. The swamp of dragons in the distant sky already increased from twenty plus to thirty dragons, and the numbers kept increasing by the seconds.

So many dragons capable of downing the gods gathered together, the fiendish aura at present was unparalleled. But it seemed like they had a fear in their hearts, they didn’t dare to get close to the ancient city. All they did was bombarding this place from the distant sky.

In regards to all the practitioners here, it was practically like the end of the world!

All the upheaval today was not something the schemers would have expected. If they knew about this disaster, they would definitely not carry out the big confrontation. They definitely won’t kill until here, but it is too late now. This place has practically become hell on earth, the casualties among the practitioners are disastrous.

Xiao Chen was shocked to discover the three undead creatures; Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang actually rushed towards him and made a few comical gestures. Then they approached the ancient city gate.

It was impossible to retreat, the deathly still forest cuts off their path. Xiao Chen slightly hesitated, then he made a bold decision. He told Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen, “We have no way to retreat, our only choice is to enter the ancient city. There might be a slight hope of survival there!”

“Good. I agree.” Lawrence nodded his head to approve. The area that they were located haven’t received the destructive attack of the dragons yet. But the terrifying divine rays also landed nearby from time to time, it was only a matter of time before it hit them.

“That is the only way!” Buddhist Yizhen also expressed his approval.

“How can that be? That is a shady place! It is the ghost town that the Sovereign of Death resides. If we go there, we are only following the path to our own doom.” Rowena’s flowery face had already lose her color a long time ago. She was extremely terrified.

“We didn’t force you to come along.” Xiao Chen was the first to rush towards the ghost town after saying these. Lawrence followed closely behind him, Buddhist Yizhen also followed closely.

“Madman. You guys are madman!” Rowena puffed up and stamped the ground, but one terrifying divine ray fell not far in front of her. A huge bottomless hole appeared in place of the light, she was immediately scared witless. She detained Yan Qing Cheng and immediately chased after them.

“Xiao Chen, you cannot abandon me! I have already given myself to you as present.”

Xiao Chen turned around to look at her, and said, “The so-called land of death may have a slight hope of survival. I will not follow the path to my demise. If you want to survive, you can follow us. But why are you bringing her along?” Saying until here, Xiao Chen glanced at Yan Qing Cheng. This is not the right time to hold onto a captive like this, it is best to kill her immediately.

The exceptionally beautiful Rowena revealed an enchanting smile and said, “Isn’t this supposed to be your slave? I want to carefully train her, and present her to you in the future.”


Another glaring divine ray descended, and left a huge pit not so far away. Rowena was frightened and let out a screech right away.

Xiao Chen let out a cold snort, he didn’t want to say much courteous words with this alluring woman. His pair of eyes flickered with divine radiance, and said, “I give you to authority to kill her if she tried to make any funny moves!”

Rowena untied a portion of Yan Qing Cheng’s restrain. Freeing both of her legs so that she had enough strength to catch up with everyone’s speed. The few of them dashed towards the ghost town and got through the daunting experience without mishap. It was also strange that all the divine rays landed in the vicinity, and didn’t hit them directly. It was like they were intentionally driving them into the ancient city. ⌈2

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, and Yizhen looked at each other for an instant. They suddenly called to mind.

“At the same time the dragons recovered their magic power, their divinity had also awakened and suppressed their monstrosity.”

“That’s right. They had regained their wisdom, it seemed like they were forcing us to enter the city. They are taking us to be guideposts.”

Even if they became aware of these, they also had no choice but to dash towards the ghost town. Because if they want to live, that might be their only haven. All the more when the dragons were intentionally driving them into the city.

They were more scared than hurt all the way. They quickly dashed in front of the ghost town. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang had already entered the city gate a long time ago. They are currently standing face to face with the Celestial Warrior and Yin Warrior.

“Are we…… Really going to enter?” Rowena speaks with a trembling voice. However, the divine ray that fell from the sky immediately interrupted her speech, and made her let out a screech.


  1. Silva: Yep, that’s what it says, I did not add words into the author’s mouth. He wrote “bird”, which could mean p***s or damned. 

Chapter 86 – Rain of Blood

Yan Qing Cheng, her beauty could even captivate the birds and beasts, her appearance could hide the moon and shame the flowers, her charisma could even ruin and overturn the states. She was a genuine beauty unmatched in her generation. Right now, her pair of eyes were burning in fury, she was an overbearing woman, she’d rather die than becoming a slave. She stared at Xiao Chen wrathfully.

“A captive needs to understand their own position!” Xiao Chen ignored her after he stopped talking. He began to inspect Lawrence’s condition.

The exceptionally beautiful Rowena smiled gently, and said, “Xiao Chen, if you are fine with it, you can leave her to me. I assure you I will turn her into a qualified slave.”

“Good, I will leave her to you.”

At present, the chaotic massacre had persisted for one night, it already started to gradually settle down. It seemed like they had determined the victory or defeat between the few big factions. Even though some practitioners saw Xiao Chen and Lawrence, they didn’t dare to start a fight with them. They already saw the terrifying strength of Xiao Chen and Lawrence.

Of course, if the leaders of the big factions are here, it’s hard to say whether Xiao Chen and Lawrence would be able to escape.

It is already early morning at the moment, but the sun had not risen yet. A chilly wind mysteriously blew across the earth, the originally sizzling hot island is indescribably cold at the moment!

“Whoosh! Whoosh……!”

It was like the screech of the ghosts, the chilly wind produced an ear-piercing screech. It appeared even more mind-boggling and frightening, especially at this sea of bones. Soon after, a yellow wind suddenly blew across the earth. The aura was still as cold as before, and the world had actually turned pale yellow.

Yellow wind was a sign of great misfortune, it was the sign of a demon rising from hell!

Of course, that was just a rumor. But it is indeed very mind-boggling at the moment! All the practitioners raised their heads to look at the sky.


Just at this time, yellow clouds shrouded the sky, and dropped a black lightning towards the ground. It made this place even more bizarre and eerie.

And finally, heavy rain started to pour, it was actually yellow rain!

Water screen was formed from the water droplets. The yellow heavy rain seemed so bizarre. It practically looked like a yellow dead water. ⌈1

This bizarre situation caused everyone to feel somewhat nervous.

Lawrence suddenly opened his mouth and said, “If I didn’t remember wrongly. Today seems to be Ghost Festival!”

After entering the world of immortals, Xiao Chen had long forgotten what date was it today. He didn’t even know the months and year of this world.

“That…… That’s right!” The extraordinary beautiful Rowena’s voice was a little shaky.

“Ghost Festival…… How can it be?!” Xiao Chen was not very convinced.

Lawrence nodded and said, “Yes, of course it is not trustworthy. I only suddenly recalled it after seeing this bizarre situation and the surrounding sea of bones.”

Only… immediately after they stopped talking, something incomparably bizarre took place in between the deafening thunder and water screen. One immeasurably tall and ancient city emerged from among the sea of bones! ⌈2

Not only did Xiao Chen and the gang saw it, the other practitioners also did. In that instant, everyone present held their breath. They simply couldn’t believe their eyes.

This ancient city within the rain was too imposing, it was emitting a majestic aura. The city wall was about hundred meter tall, it was higher and bigger than any big city in the mainland. And yet it was brimming with the vicissitudes of time, who knows just how long ago this ancient city wall had been built. It seemed like it had traversed the space-time continuum and came from the ancient era.

That hundred meter tall city gate opened widely, it was directly facing a number of practitioners. Even if the rain was pouring heavily, it was also difficult for the water screen to conceal the scene inside the city gate.

There were groups of soldier within the city wall, they seemed like Yin Warriors with murky deathly aura. They were practicing uniformly under the rain. It was hard to judge which dynasty they used to serve from the ancient armor they were wearing.

Afterwards, someone cried out in alarm, because those people already recognized those armor. They looked completely identical to the written records in the ancient book. Some of them were wearing the ancient armor of Celestial Warrior, and there were also some wearing the ancient armor of Yin Warrior!

Within the ancient city, it seemed like a few huge figures were swaying. It looked almost like a Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon. However, they were really too far away, and due to the cover of the rain, they were unable to see it clearly.

The yellow dead water-like rain poured down heavily, the weather was brimming with a negative aura. The ancient city within the rain curtain was like an underworld ghost town that reappeared in the human world. The bulky black lightning ripped the space apart, it kept falling from the heaven unceasingly. The ear-splitting sound resembled the screech of malicious spirits, this was an incomparably scary scenario.

The yellow sky gradually became darker, the pale yellow clouds completely turned into black clouds. Even though it was already early morning, this place was even darker than midnight. Layers upon layers of black fog looked like lingering ghost aura. And the color of the lightning actually changed into crimson red!

The crimson red was especially unpleasant to the eyes, one after another terrifying crimson light continuously cut across the sky from that rumbling demonic cloud. It resembled multitudes of bloody rivers surging toward the ground. It made this dark world appears mind-boggling and terrifying in contrast.

The negative aura from the sea of bones was heavy, but it was still not comparable to that of the bizarre ancient city located in the center of the sea of bones. The divine monolith in the center of the sea of bones was already nowhere to be seen. Perhaps it was due to the appearance of the ancient city that this flat land seemed to have significantly been enlarged.

Just at this time, the stench of blood suddenly assailed everyone’s nose. Someone finally cried out in alarm, “Blood…… It’s watery blood!” ⌈3

Within the dark sky, that intense yet glaring lightning brandished wildly. They could clearly see the raindrop within the intervals of the electric light. The raindrop actually turned scarlet red! The stench of blood assailed the nostrils, the world was actually covered by a layer of bloody curtain. The rainwater had transformed into watery blood! ⌈4

This was seriously too terrifying and scary, this made everyone in place unable to suck in a cold breath. Everyone could feel their scalp go numb, their back breaking out in cold sweat, and the hair all over their body standing on end. It gave rise to a bone chilling fear.

Not only did the ancient city’s hundred meter tall city wall emits an ancient aura, it also appears incomparably mind-boggling after being bathed in the rain of blood. It seemed like a huge monsters which broke the bounds of time and came from the ancient era. The fiendish aura it emitted could break anyone’s willpower.

Someone said in terror, “Those things embedded on the city gate are……”

All of them couldn’t help but raise their heads to see. They could only see a huge Eternal Wheel of Life. Many people couldn’t refrain from shouting, “That looked exactly like Buddha’s Eternal Wheel of Life in legends!”

“Buddha, Laozi, and all the experts on their level already disappeared countless years ago, why would his Eternal Wheel be embedded here?”

“It seemed to be smashed onto the wall!”

“It seemed like he wanted to destroy the city gate!” And the mysterious city seemed extremely bizarre under the rain of blood! It seemed like the legendary artifact of Buddha had been viciously smashed onto the wall. Many huge cracks appeared on the ancient wall near the Eternal Wheel. The right side of the city gate had suffered serious damage.

Clearly, someone tried to use the Eternal Wheel to attack these wall before. However, the Eternal Wheel had been confined by these bizarre black wall.

If their guess was correct, then this thing was more terrifying than they originally thought! To make the merciful Buddha became like this, it was obvious that he must had been really furious. But he even lost his Buddhist Artifact in the end, one could imagine just how bizarre this ancient city was.

After all, the legendary Buddha was a figure as powerful as Laozi, his magic power and ability surpassed the ancients and dazzling contemporaries. He didn’t have much worthy adversary during that time period.

Buddha and Laozi had already disappeared for countless years, could it be related to this ancient city? Everyone thought of this terrifying question.

The scarlet rain of blood still poured down as heavily as before. Through that wide open city gate; They could clearly see those soldiers adorned with Celestial Warrior and Yin Warrior’s ancient armor. They were dyed in the color of blood, there were abundant of bloody figures, it was exceptionally terrifying.

“Too scary…… We can stay here no longer……” Some practitioners’ voice were already trembling. They quickly retreated, and left the sea of bones. They entered the deathly still forest, but as soon as these people entered the deathly still forest, their miserable shrieks resounded. ⌈5


The dark sky. The intense lightning, the scarlet rain of blood, and the miserable shriek. When all of these interweaves together, it was so extremely scary and terrifying.

“Tree demon, evil spirit!” Those people screamed in fear, “All the ancient trees have come to life, they have transformed into evil spirits!”

That incomparably exuberant ancient woods at the rear turned extremely eerie at the moment. All the ancient trees were fluttering about under the rain of blood. A human face had appeared on the trunks of every ancient trees. It truly seemed like they had been possessed by malicious spirits. All the branches were like demonic hands that firmly bound the practitioners. Their bodies were slowly corroded, and absorbed into the tree.

Only a few with enough strength were able to make it back. Dozens of people lost their life in the ancient forest.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence casted a quick glance at each other. They felt somewhat shaken up, everything that happened today was really too bizarre. Nobody was able to understand what was going on.

The extraordinary beautiful Rowena who could turn all living things upside down with her cute act, is no longer acting in a seductive manner. Her voice trembled as she said, “Today is the Ghost Festival, the legend is true. The gate to the underworld shall open, the aura of life will weaken, and the Sovereign of Death will descend upon the world!”

“Nonsense, whence had you ever seen this kind of situation in the world of immortals?” Lawrence coughed moderately, his face was somewhat pale. His body really doesn’t seem that good.

The scarlet rain of blood poured down continuously, but not a single drop was able to make contact with Xiao Chen’s body. The invisible aura around his body blocked every drops of rain, he calmly gazed at the ancient city, and said, “For all the dragons as powerful as deities to be sealed back then, I suspect it had something to do with this ancient city.”

“I also thought so.” Lawrence nodded his head in agreement.

The mutual killing between the numerous practitioners had already come to an end a long time ago. They divided into a few big factions and stood at opposite side. As for Xiao Chen’s party and other “lone wolf”, they did not join up with those big power.

The appearance of the ancient city and rain of blood gave those schemers no other choice but to form a truce. At last, everyone who was scattered at the sea of bones came together, those key figures seemed to have reached a compromise, and no longer continue to fight.

There were plenty of human figures, the fight between the schemers this time led to a battle royal, which resulted in the death of two hundred plus people. There are presently four hundred plus people remaining on dragon island. And among these numbers, three hundred plus were gathered in this sea of bones.

Nobody dared to act blindly without thinking. Facing the unknowns, everyone could feel a great sense of danger. They could only gather together and watch the ancient city attentively.

At a distant place, one lonesome figure passed through the curtains of blood, and walked towards Xiao Chen’s direction. He walked unsteadily, and staggered left and right. It was actually Buddhist Yizhen. His white shirt had long been dyed red by the blood. Abundance of faint radiance covered his entire body. The blood all over his body was clearly not drenched by the curtains of blood. His monk cloth was worn out, it was obvious that he had went through an intense battle. “Yizhen……” Xiao Chen immediately rushed to his side.

Yizhen had a really sorrowful expression, he said with a trembling voice, “My senior brother is dead, he died very miserably, he was cut into eighteen pieces by three slash.” As soon as he finished these sentence, he couldn’t bear it anymore, and fell head first onto the ground.

Xiao Chen hastily lend an arm to support him, his pair of eyes emitted two streaks of divine light. Buddhist Yichi actually died like this, Xiao Chen mourned in silence.

“Don’t feel sad, it’s good that you’re alive.” He tried to console Buddhist Yizhen like this.

Buddhist Yichi had reached Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer at the very least. He might had even broken through to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, but he was actually killed by three slash. That person’s ability couldn’t be taken lightly.

The big confrontation between the schemers this time caused many experts to fall. Except for Buddhist Yizhen from the Dharma Alliance, everyone else perished.

“Is that guy Solitary Sword Demon?” Xiao Chen asked.

“I only saw a person covered by black fog from head to toes, he killed my senior brother, destroyed my Dharma Alliance, and injured me with a sword slash. Yet I was unable to see his true identity.” Speaking until here, Buddhist Yizhen had an expression worlds apart from his transcendental self in the past. He was incomparably sorrowful, and emitted waves of murderous aura.

The North Star light screen emerged from Xiao Chen’s left hand, one after another divine radiance flowed into Buddhist Yizhen’s body, and stabilized the condition of his injury.

“The only reason I was able to survive, was because someone came to save me.” Speaking until here, Buddhist Yizhen recalled the scenario at that time. His face was a little excited as he said, “A woman surrounded by hazy bright mist, she…… actually used the Divine Law!”

“What?” Lawrence who was at the back cried out in surprise, he quickly walked forward to ask, “Is what you said the truth? She used the power of time?!”

“I saw it with my own eyes, she utilized the legendary Divine Law, and made that terrifying person in black fog become as slow as snail. It was as if he was caught in a swamp.” ⌈6

“Space was highly regarded, but time is above all else!” Void Master Lawrence had a feverish look in his eyes.


  1. 尸水: Literally means corpse and water. I believe it is the liquid that is used to submerge the corpse. I don’t have a better word for this so I’m just calling it dead water >.< 
  2. Silva: I swear…. this island is getting more and more mysterious by the seconds. 
  3. Silva: Gasp…! You kidding me? The lightning was actually made out of blood?!?! 
  4. Silva: oh god, so scary… 
  5. Silva: The blood… it was the blood! 
  6. Silva: Is this… what I think it is? The “God Realm” from Coiling Dragon?! 

Chapter 85 – Throwing Yourself in Somebody’s Arm

There was no trace of Chaos, the young expert from Barbarian Tribe, but Xiao Chen and the gang found Yaluo De who was on the verge of death. It doesn’t seem like he has much hope to live by the time they found him.

“I never thought……” He smiled bitterly as he looked at Xiao Chen, and said, “I’d actually die on the hands of Solitary Sword Demon……” As soon as he finished speaking, Yaluo De stopped breathing.

This was a bloody night, they killed because of fear, they killed for survival, this was a very chaotic night!

Even until the daybreak next morning, the massacre was still ongoing. Apart from the games between the main forces of a few big factions, all the other alliances in this region had also been drawn into the maelstrom. Kill or be killed. Everyone was caught up in a crazy situation.

The pungent smell of blood pervaded the entire mountainous region, the blood almost dyed the entire mountain woods red. And just at the crack of dawn, something even more terrifying occurred. Hundreds of giant wasps flew out from a valley nearby, each and every one of them was as big as a goat. They were attracted by the smell of blood, and crazily launched an attack on numerous practitioners. Everyone was caught unprepared by this sudden outbreak.

As the huge wasps kept increasing in numbers, everyone was forced to run towards the deathly still forest. That was because the wasps had covered the entire sky, it was practically like a black cloud falling unto them. All those deceased on the ground were quickly devoured by the huge wasps, only white bones were left behind.

Everyone had escaped into the deathly still forest. However, it was also strange that not a single one of those infinite wasps dared to charge into the deathly still forest. The massacre began anew, the final outcome of the battle between the few big factions was still not decided. But just at this time, something incomparably terrifying happened. As soon as the blood splashed on the ancient trees of this forest, it was as if those millennium old ancient trees had demonized, those huge branches bend down and firmly bound everyone in the vicinity. The sight of people rotting away was incomparably terrifying, the flesh and bones was slowly assimilated by the branches and tree trunks!

This was really too frightening! Nobody understood why something as terrifying as this could happen. Although the powerful experts could shake off the ancient trees at the critical moment, some who were heavily injured still ended up dead in the demonized ancient trees.

And finally, the practitioners no longer dare to let the blood splash onto the ancient trees. Everyone could feel their hair standing on end in this deathly still forest. These ancient trees seemed like evil spirits with souls. Now, everyone finally understood, why those wild beasts do not dare to approach this place. This place was really too dangerous.

The massacre was still ongoing, everyone gradually approached the deathly sea of bones. When they were almost at the exit of the deathly still forest, the battle immediately became more intense. They don’t have to worry about the blood splashing everywhere anymore.

“Xiao Chen……” It was Rowena, the beauty that could turn all living things upside down. Although she was fleeing, her postures was still as lovely as before. After she called Xiao Chen’s name in a gentle voice, she flew over here like a cloud that’s as light as feather. She pulled Xiao Chen, her eyes were twinkling, and she said with a flirtatious voice, “Xiao Chen, I will give myself to you as a present.”

There were close to ten practitioners chasing after her, without a doubt it was a misfortune brought about by her charm.

“You want to use us as shield?!” Seeing how those ten people already rushed before their eyes, Xiao Chen couldn’t help but well up with killing intent.

“No, I promise if you can help me get over this calamity, I will definitely gift myself as a present to you.”

Right now, Xiao Chen also didn’t have the chance to say anything else, because those ten people already got here. They didn’t even give him or Rowena the chance to talk. They attacked with their full power. However, these people obviously ran into an iron wall. These two are Sixth Celestial Layer experts, they were not opponents these people could handle.

After a dazzling sword-qi flashed, Xiao Chen had killed two people with a single slice. And Lawrence was even more straightforward, he trapped everyone in the space he controlled, including Xiao Chen.

The green radiance stopped everyone’s movement except for Xiao Chen, then he shouted, “Xiao Chen, do it quick. I cannot hold on much longer!”

Within this bizarre sealed space, the Spell Master, Psychic, and even the Martial Artist found it hard to budge an inch. Xiao Chen was practically chopping vegetables, after the dazzling sword-qi flashed, everyone was chopped in half at the waist, the blood splashed about everywhere.

The green radiance had faded, all the corpse fell onto the real ground, and the soil was dyed by the color of the blood.

This was a perfect combination move, Xiao Chen praised earnestly, “Void Masters really live up to their name!”

Rowena was clearly in shock, ten experts were actually wiped out in an instant. These two man in front of her were so strong that she felt a bit apprehensive. In the end, she got closer to Xiao Chen with graceful steps, and said with a flirtatious smile, “What I said was true, I am all yours!”

This extraordinarily beautiful woman was incomparably lovely, her innate foxy charm could easily sway a man’s heart. Her breasts were standing erect, they were incomparably plump. Her thin and curvy waist was soft and flexible like the willow in the wind. Her perfectly round buttocks was ample, her pair of slender jade legs were perfectly straight and sexy. Her body moved up and down when she was catching her breath, it was extremely rousing. Even a clayman would be tempted by her breathtaking appearance.

Since her silky dress had been soaked by the sweat, it was hard to cover up the fabulous curved line of her sexy body. It was seriously full of unlimited enticement, it aroused infinite wild and fanciful thoughts.

However, Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at her as if she was nothing. In this incomparably dangerous turmoil, their hearts were as firm as steel, they would not be swayed by anything.

Rowena saw how Xiao Chen was not affected by her charm, so she could only stop pretending to be cute. However, she followed behind Xiao Chen closely, she was afraid that the two would abandon her.

The slaughterfest was still ongoing!

After entering the deathly sea of bones, Xiao Chen and Lawrence finally encountered Yan Qing Cheng and the rest.

Yan Qing Cheng who had a pair purple divine wings behind her back, the genius Illusion Master Carlos, and the successor of Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger, Wharton. All of them clearly did not suffer too much damage. After all, they were expert at the level of Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer. Not many people was capable of injuring them. The instant they noticed Xiao Chen, the three immediately rushed over here. When enemy encountered each other, there was no need for any superfluous words, there was only a life and death confrontation.

Very few people could reach up to Yan Qing Cheng’s level of beauty, ⌈1⌋ a pair of resplendent purple divine wings made her appear even more out of the world. She practically looked like a purple winged Angel that had descended to the mundane world. She streaked across the sky and formed an elegant circle, it transformed into a streak of purple light and shoot towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen happily received the attack, the Sealed God light screen enveloped his body, the radiance of the North Star Constellation sparkled. It looked like he was adorned with an ancient divine armor. The long sword in his hand was taking in and sending out searing rays of light, it was like a huge lightning as it flew towards Yan Qing Cheng in the sky.

The dazzling purple light and that searing sword-qi clashed fiercely and exploded with dazzling rays of colorful light. Yan Qing Cheng flew higher into the sky, and stood on the empty sky. And Xiao Chen also raised his head to gaze at her coldly.

On the other side, Lawrence was very crazy, he actually trapped Carlos and Wharton at the same time, and launched a terrifying void power attack! Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate to rush over there. Within Lawrence’s space, Carlos’ illusions were clearly not working properly. And Wharton’s movements also slowed down, he was not willing to release his throwing knife!

Xiao Chen was not affected in the slightest, last time he was almost killed by these two people, so he wanted to get even with them. ⌈2⌋ But just at this time, Yan Qing Cheng also rushed over here. Lawrence’s confinement finally lost its effect. After all, no matter how powerful Lawrence was, it was impossible for him to confine three powerful experts at the same time.

An intense battle finally broke out, Xiao Chen and Lawrence versus these three powerful experts! The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena knew she wouldn’t be able to help, so she stayed out this battle.

During the battle, Xiao Chen finally saw the real face of Wharton clearly. During the battle last time, due to Carlos’ illusions, he was unable to see the real face of the guy who almost killed him.

Wharton had an average look, but he had an outstanding demeanor. His entire person was like the sharp edge of a sword. He gave people an incomparably penetrating feeling. The battle had been ongoing for half an hour already, but Wharton never sent out the throwing knives. He merely fought in close combat style. It was obvious that he was looking for a certain kill opportunity.

Under the restrain of the Void Master, Carlos was clearly unable to bring out the full potential of his illusion technique. However, those real spiritual attacks were hardly affected, they formed one after another meteor shower and wreaking havoc everywhere.

And Yan Qing Cheng was like a streak of purple lightning, she zapped left and right as she descended towards the ground. She shot down so many purple rays of light that almost submerged Xiao Chen and Lawrence within.

After the intense battle continued for another quarter of an hour, from among the layers of illusion lay out by Carlos, and under the rays of purple light shot down by Yan Qing Cheng, Wharton finally made his move!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. It completely broke free of Lawrence’s space lock, it launched perfectly straight for his heart. Lawrence and Xiao Chen were dealing with Yan Qing Cheng and Carlos’ wild attacks. Wharton had grasped the most perfect opportunity, it was already too late for Lawrence to use his void power to stop it.


Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that was reputed to be unstoppable fell onto the ground, but Lawrence was also sent flying. He spit out two big mouthful of blood, and his face was very pale. Although Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger was blocked by the colorful jade shell, the sword-qi contained on top of it rushed into his body. Lawrence was a Void Master, it was only natural that his physical body was not as strong as Xiao Chen. As a result, he was injured by the sword-qi.

Lawrence!” Xiao Chen transformed into a streak of light and rushed over there.

And just at this time, Wharton executed his second attack, it was similarly impressive as the first attack!

It aimed straight for the middle of Xiao Chen’s back!

Although Xiao Chen was worried about Lawrence, but the more desperate the situation, the keener his body and spiritual sense become. Sensing the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger approaching, he made an incomparably bold action. He quickly pulled back the Sealed God light screen, and gathered all of them in his left hand. The North Star Constellation made his palm brightly lit in contrast to other parts of his body. Xiao Chen didn’t even turn around and used his hand to grab the crystal clear throwing knife!


The legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that never missed a target was actually grabbed by Xiao Chen! Rowena, Carlos, Yan Qing Cheng, and the rest were completely stupefied. The North Star Constellation flickered with a glorious divine radiance in Xiao Chen’s palm, he exerted his strength and snapped the throwing knife in an instant!

The sound of space tearing apart resounded once more, the flying daggers ripped the space apart. Three consecutive icy aura were launched toward Xiao Chen.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

All three resplendent sword-qi was grabbed by Xiao Chen. This was a very big blow to Wharton. His face was incomparably pale, when he released those three attacks just now, it seemed like his three energies ⌈3⌋ were also discharged. He spit out a mouthful of blood and collapsed.

Xiao Chen was concerned about Lawrence’s safety. He dropped the snapped off throwing knives, and hastily supported Lawrence with his hand.

“Lawrence, how do you feel?”

“No harm, one mouthful of blood was supposed to be thrown up, the other mouthful was forced out by myself!” ⌈4⌋ Speaking until here, Lawrence shouted loudly, “Space Confinement! Xiao Chen, do it now!”

The movements of Carlos and Yan Qing Cheng who were launching spiritual attacks instantly became sluggish at that moment. Xiao Chen didn’t hesitate to strike with his sword, the resplendent sword-qi caused the long sword to disintegrate. The incomparably brilliant rays of light swept across the front.

Carlos staked all of his strength to break free from the space confinement, then he soared into the sky, but he was still hit by that glaring sword-qi, a huge amount of blood was left behind. Despite all that, he kept going without even looking back.

The purple light shot down by Yan Qing Cheng were also destroyed, the unstoppable sword-qi even made her sustain a serious damage. She also staked all her strength to fly into the sky. However, just at this time, Xiao Chen utilized his secret technique to the pinnacle. Other than the North Star in his left hand, his right hand actually shone with a resplendent star. It was just as magnificent as the Royal Amethyst Star.

Xiao Chen waved his right hand, the star at the hollow of his palm actually transformed into a resplendent divine sword. He didn’t hesitate to hack it towards the sky. The searing rays of light had more coverage than even the Spell Master’s magic attack. The sword-qi that soared into the sky actually cut off Yan Qing Cheng’s purple divine wing, and caused her to fall.

Yan Qing Cheng was seriously hurt and fell towards the ground. The resplendent purple wing on her back was destroyed by Xiao Chen’s sword-qi like a delicate porcelain! She revealed a pained expression, continuously spit out a few mouthful of blood, and then fell onto the ground.

Left hand with North Star, right hand with Royal Star, Xiao Chen felt both of his hands were brimming with inexhaustible power!

Lawrence coughed as he stood up.

“Lawrence, are you sure you are fine?”
“It’s nothing, it will recover in two or three days.”

In a distant place, Rowena was very amazed, she absolutely never thought Xiao Chen was this strong. She walked over with light steps.

Xiao Chen turned his head around to look at the pale, yet incomparably beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, then he exclaimed, “I declare you are my slave from now on!” ⌈5


  1. Silva: Yea right… you were ranked last on the Beauty Pageant XD  
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  3.  Referring to Essence, Qi, and Spirit. 
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  5. Silva: Whoa… that escalated quickly! 

Chapter 84 – Beauty

“Xiao Chen, you’re not thinking of a mass slaughter are you?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, and said, “I don’t like to be passive, why should I wait for them to come and kill me? I will take the initiative to wipe them all out.”

It seemed like Lawrence’s body was really not that healthy, when he was in a fit of coughing, his slightly pale complexion turned red. Only until a long time later did it calm down, then he said, “You are seriously a dangerous person!”

“I have no other choice, they were the one who forced me into this situation. I only wanted to survive. Rather than passively waiting for dangers to approach, I’d rather take the initiate to attack!”

Lawrence gradually started to understand Xiao Chen’s personality. He was a very decisive person, he would never hesitate or be swayed for any reason.

“Do you need my help?”

“You…… want to help me?” This made Xiao Chen very surprised, his enemies right now were not some easy target. To offer his help in this kind of situation, it was equivalent to putting his life on the line.

“Let’s look out for each other. Maybe not long later I will need you to save my life.”

Even though Lawrence looked somewhat sickly, his real potential was extremely terrifying. He was even reputed as the king among practitioners of the same level, who could possibly threaten his life? Xiao Chen looked at him in puzzlement, and asked, “Could it be that on this dragon island, you also have some nemesis?”

“I don’t know. I just had a feeling. A pair of cold and gloomy eyes seemed to be locking on to me. It was not a good feeling, I was unable to pinpoint his exact location.” Lawrence was speaking very slowly, it seemed like this matter was shrouded in mystery.

“Very well, let’s look out for each other then.”

Lawrence didn’t explain in detail, Xiao Chen also didn’t try to dig too deeply. When both of them had already decided to help each other out, Lawrence laughed, but was somewhat callous when he said, “I haven’t killed anyone for quite a while, how about I help you get rid of all your misfortune tonight?”

Xiao Chen also laughed out loud, he could finally see what kind of person Lawrence was. He was not just all talk, this somewhat sickly, but extremely handsome Void Master was those passive type. However, he could be incomparably cold-hearted once he make a move.

They did not start the operation hastily, while maintaining their own condition in the past few days, they also paid close attention to the situation on the island.

The third day. Lawrence returned after understanding the situation and said, “I saw the Solitary Sword Demon!” Lawrence was clearly very thrilled to see this person.

“The Solitary Sword Demon?” Xiao Chen’s heart was stirred, he paid a visit to Buddhist Yizhen two days ago, and asked about the terrifying experts on the island. Buddhist Yizhen mentioned the Solitary Sword Demon was certainly one of them. He practiced the most powerful swordplay under the heaven.

According to rumor, the Solitary Sword Demon’s bloodline was out of ordinary. He was the descendant of the illusory Dugu Qiubai. This clan only had a single descendant in every era. ⌈1⌋ He named himself the Sword Demon as an encouragement to surpass his ancestor. He learned swordplay at the beach since childhood. When he was fifteen years old, he was capable of splitting nine huge waves. After twenty years old, he rarely had any adversary among his peers. He was an extremely terrifying person.

Buddhist Yizhen suspected the Sword Demon as the main driving force behind the big purge.

“Let me calculate if the time fit in!” Lawrence recalled his memory and pondered for a while, then he said, “The Solitary Sword Demon entered the heart of the dragon island a long time ago, but he only trained in front of the divine monolith for a while before he returned to practice his sword at the beach. It seems like the big purge occurred just around that time, perhaps…… your friend’s suspicion is correct.”

The both of them had already realized, if their speculation was correct, then the Solitary Sword Demon might cause a huge storm with his reappearance in the depths of the dragon island.

When Xiao Chen and Lawrence were in the middle of a discussion, an alluring and lovely woman arrived at this place. It was actually a member of the Red Powder Alliance, her beauty was only second to Rowena. Her name was Lianna, she was extremely sexy and charming.

Her beautiful face was brimming with a foxy charm. The pupils of her eyes resembled water ripples. ⌈2⌋ Her beauty lured the soul in, snatching it from the body before one even noticed. Even though her lips were not smeared with lipstick, they still appeared incomparably bright and rosy. Her neck was as white as the swan’s, her towering twin peaks were standing erect. Her curvy waist was not lacking in any way. Her beautiful buttocks were ample and perfectly round. Along with her leisure steps, and slight movements, words can’t even describe how alluring it was. That pair of slender jade legs were fair and tender. They appeared faintly discernible under the skirt as they swayed back and forth, it was incomparably captivating. ⌈3

The silky skirt was brushed by the wind, she was elegant and graceful. It clearly outlined her indistinct curvy body, making her appear even more alluring. She was practically an evil spirit, one that specifically came for your soul.

The Red Powder Alliance was really well-informed. They actually found Xiao Chen at this place. Lawrence immediately concealed himself in the first moments and retreated. The Red Powder Alliance wanted to take one step further in regards to their alliance with Xiao Chen. Lianna wished to stay beside Xiao Chen and help him. Even though Lianna was indirect, the meaning was very clear, this was practically delivering a beauty to him.

Sending this kind of enchanting vixen to his door, one can see that the Red Powder Alliance really had an eye on Xiao Chen. They obviously wanted to use a beauty to acquire his trust and favorable impression.

Lianna was sweet and charming; After indirectly stating her purpose, like a flexible willow in the wind, she got beside Xiao Chen gracefully. Her smile was extremely flirtatious, her sexy red lips were flickering with an enticing luster, she lightly blew into Xiao Chen’s ear. Then she sat beside him naturally.

“How would you be able to help me?” Xiao Chen sat at the lakeside calmly. He didn’t move an inch.

“Although I cannot help you kill the enemy with my current ability……” Clearly, Lianna didn’t want to put herself in a dangerous situation. She smiled impishly, and said with a titter, “However, I can make you loosen up to the greatest extend possible……”

This kind of words could even be said to be extremely ambiguous. She got behind Xiao Chen as she said these, then she stretched out her jade-like fingers and started to knead his back. Then she exposed a lovely smile and said, “Don’t misunderstand oh. ⌈4⌋ I was saying to help you relax by massaging like this, to allow your tense muscles to loosen up……” This was clearly a trap, the more she told others not to misunderstand, the more ambiguous her movements and speech became. She lightly expelled a breath beside Xiao Chen’s ear, and the movements on Xiao Chen’s back became even bolder.

Xiao Chen seemed to be enjoying this kind of massage very much. He comfortably stretched his body, and said very seriously, “It was pretty good.”

Lianna cast a flirtatious glance at Xiao Chen, and sat beside him. Her soft body was practically leaning against Xiao Chen’s body. Then she said, “I expended a great deal of effort, yet you are only using a few words of praise?”

“Then how do you want me to reward you?” The corners of Xiao Chen’s mouth lifted up as he looked into her eyes.

“I haven’t thought about it yet. But at the very least, you must help me get stronger. The situation on the dragon island is very complicated now, everyone’s life is on the line. Confidence only come with strength.”

“The development of one’s ability, how could other people help with that, you can only rely on your own bitter training.”

Lianna leaned against Xiao Chen, her delicate body was almost entirely reclined on Xiao Chen’s body. Waves of body fragrance transmitted over here, she said in a soft voice, “I know you definitely have a special training method. Otherwise how could you keep making a breakthrough, I know it is impossible for you to teach me all your secret techniques, but a few tricks is still fine right?”

Xiao Chen immediately understood. The Red Powder Alliance not only had an eye for his strength. They were also interested in his training method.

Lianna’s tender waist was like a snake’s, her arms were as gentle as the willow, she made Xiao Chen’s right hand wrap around her slender waist, both her arms were hanging on to Xiao Chen’s neck. She was extremely gentle and lovely. It was as if her cheeks had been dyed red by the sun. Her tender and rosy skin were so soft that it felt like a drop of water. ⌈5

Waves of female specific fragrance directly transfused into Xiao Chen’s nose. And Lianna even twisted her body, grazing the tip of her hair on Xiao Chen’s cheeks unceasingly. Her sexy and alluring body stuck onto Xiao Chen like a glue, she was as hot as fire, and as soft as water. This kind of ambiguous provocation seriously caught people’s heartstrings.

Just at this time, Xiao Chen lightly pushed her away, he stood up and said with a smile, “It is already time for lunch, please go roast some wild animals for Keke and me first. Oh, while you’re at it, also roast some lake fishes. One more thing, Keke is fond of eating fruits after meal, please also prepare some.”

Lianna was dumbstruck, could this man be a blockhead? If he remains unmoved, then so be it. But he actually made this kind of enchanting woman go gather firewood and cook outdoor?

“Xiao Chen, you…… When will you teach me some secret technique?”

“My technique is a little hard to learn. It is not fit for a girl to practice.”

“How hard could it be? You are definitely making fun of me.”

“It’s true. In regards to a girl. In order to learn this divine technique, one has to first castrate himself.” ⌈6⌋ Xiao Chen lifted Keke who was sleeping soundly on the ground and left with large strides.

“That…… is nonsense! How can a woman castrate?!”

“Infinitely close to man.”

Lianna was fuming, she stood at the same place and was stamping her feet while grinding her teeth.

“She lost her temper that quickly?” Lawrence was watching Xiao Chen while sitting on top of an ancient tree.

Xiao Chen laughed innocently, he half joked without the slightest care in the world, “This woman was really a seductive evil spirit. I am an ordinary man, it was only natural if something were to happen. However, she was still too foxy in the end. Moreover, she came with an impure goal. This kind of bait can be eaten up, but one needs to carefully take off the fishhook.”

Lawrence said, “From what I find out these past few days. Except for the extraordinary beautiful Lord Rowena, everyone else from the Red Powder Alliance had once come into contact with experts from various big alliances. Apparently, this Lianna had even followed the Solitary Sword Demon once.”

“If that is true, then I better remain at a respectful distance.”

The two were going to start their secret operation soon.

Lawrence eventually concealed himself again. Xiao Chen called Lianna over here, then he smiled and said, “May I request Lady Lianna’s help now?”

Lianna was pretending to be shy, her pair of eyes could hook one’s soul, she was incomparably foxy. She smiled flirtatiously and said, “How can I be of help?”

“Please go back to the assembly point of the practitioners and tell everyone; I will definitely destroy the Nature Alliance founded by Yaluo De within ten days.”

“You don’t believe us Red Powder Alliance?”

“No, I truly believe you.”

“This kind of news should be kept confidential. And why must you spread the words via us?”

“Some people must be intimidated with absolute strength, I want to let them know I am not someone to be taken lightly!”

“With this kind of move, I bet you want to kill the chicken to make an example of the monkeys?

“I suppose…”

After a short discussion, Lianna left gracefully.

The news spread like wildfire, this was undoubtedly one kind of forceful declaration of war. Recently, Xiao Chen stirred up some storm. The big battle at the snowy mountain; He showed off an undeniably powerful battle aura. Even those who were reputed to be the strongest among the young practitioners couldn’t help but pay close attention to him now.

The assembly point of the practitioners turned into a turmoil. Many people were looking forward to this battle. Even more were looking forward to Xiao Chen’s big battle with Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton after this battle, because that’s a battle that could not be avoided.

Needless to wait for ten days, just as the curtain of the first night draws near, Xiao Chen and Lawrence were already getting ready to move.

“Lawrence, put this near your chest and the middle of the back.” Xiao Chen gave a few pieces of Keke’s colorful jade shell to Lawrence.

After Lawrence received it, he could feel the rock-hard surface of the colorful jade shell. Then he asked, “Are you afraid that I can’t block Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger?”

“If we’re fighting face to face, I believe you will be able to block it. But if he attacked in the dark, it was seriously impossible to defend effectively. If it was not for the colorful jade shell last time, I might not be standing here and talking to you now.”

“Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger is really as terrifying as the legend says?”

“Although it was already not the same ‘Xiao Li’ back in those days, anyone who could exhibit the full potential of this divine technique is still very terrifying.”

Lawrence was not some arrogant guy who was unable to recognize other’s good intentions. He listened to Xiao Chen’s suggestion, and used a few colorful jade shell to protect his vital parts.

Xiao Chen woke Keke who was in a deep sleep by shaking it a few times, then he said, “Don’t run all over the place after you wake up, wait for us here.”

Keke half consciously blinked its big eyes, and intuitively nodded its head. After that, it re-entered the land of dreams.

Xiao Chen faced the three skeletons and said, “You guys don’t need to make a move tonight, but you must follow us at a good distant. Just in case we exhausted our strength, you must carry us back.”

The three skeletons nodded their head to express their understanding.

Xiao Chen and Lawrence decided to let loose and wage a war, everything had already been set up properly.

The starlight was pretty dim tonight, darkness shrouded the mountain woods. It appeared especially eerie.

Xiao Chen was like a wisp of smoke, he quickly rushed towards the practitioner’s assembly point. Lawrence was capable of flight, and left behind a streak of light in the sky. The three skeletons followed them from a distant away.

Their first raiding target tonight was the Treant’s Valley. Xiao Chen decided to pull up Zhao Lin Er’s strength first, and then followed by the Nature Alliance established by Yaluo De and Chaos. The rumor they spread out previously was in order to create a diversion. After he get rid of these side threat, it will be the best time to challenge experts on the level of Yan Qing Cheng and Carlos.

This is going to be a bloody night……

Two ultimate experts such as Xiao Chen and Lawrence made an appearance in the Treant’s Valley Alliance. The two of them executed a thunderous massacre. The miserable shriek pierced the calm of the night. In the darkness, a piece of green-colored light screen appeared in front of Lawrence, several hundred meter square of space was enveloped by that light screen. He was in absolute control of the space! Everywhere he passed through, all the resistance will be crushed.

Once a few practitioners from the Treant’s Valley were confined in this space, their life or death were already completely in control of Lawrence. The meteor shower created by the power of the void was as beautiful as the gorgeous fireworks, but they were very deadly! The few practitioners didn’t have any ability to retaliate, they were all penetrated without resistance.

For this battle, Xiao Chen didn’t even need to make a move, and Lawrence had already wiped the battlefield clean. Void Master really lived up to their name as the most renowned practitioners. He was reaping everyone’s life like a Death God.

In the end, Xiao Chen didn’t find any traces of Zhao Lin Er. They found out from a member of the Treant’s Valley; It seemed like Zhao Lin Er could feel dangers approaching, so she already left by herself immediately after returning from the snowy mountain.

The miserable shriek alarmed the surrounding alliances, a huge commotion immediately broke out in this region.

Lawrence’s cloth was stained by a few traces of blood, he had a really bloodthirsty smile at the moment as he said, “I presume Yan Qing Cheng and the rest should be at the Nature Alliance. God knows if they will come here after learning about the situation.” This Void Master looked somewhat weak and ghastly on quiet days, but he can be really fierce and ruthless once he make a move.

Just at this time, a huge commotion suddenly break out in the dark of the night. Miserable shriek was transmitted from a distant place unceasingly. Soon after, the sound of massacre pierced through the skies. On this dark gloomy night, a huge turmoil actually took place at the practitioner’s assembly point!

Xiao Chen and Lawrence looked at each other in dismay. They thought of the Solitary Sword Demon at the same time.

Right now, the big showdown between various alliances are taking place! This was a game between the schemers, they actually chose tonight to be their day of operation! The sound of massacre shook the heaven, it was very obvious that many alliances had been drawn into the turmoil. This was a battle royal between different factions, this was a premeditated massacre, the big purge was happening again.

All those rules that restrict the alliances totally lost their effects a long time ago. After each schemers got in touch with sufficient power, they began a new round of big purge. Their goal was definitely to get rid of their respective enemy, this was a confrontation between the schemers. Some ambitious schemers might succeed, and expand their influence one step further, while others might be completely annihilated.

“Xiao Chen, this is a good opportunity.”

“I know!” Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes glinted with a chilly ray of light.

On this chaotic night, they relied on their powerful ability to clear their path to the Nature Alliance. They inevitably ran into many battles between various alliances on the way, the two of them kill as they go.

Xiao Chen seized a long sword, and the sword aura streaked across the night sky smoothly. Everyone who dared to rush towards him was now among the pool of blood. Lawrence was just as terrifying, it was as if all the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky ran into their worst adversary. Nobody was able to stop him.

They slaughtered their way to the Nature Alliance. This place had also turned into a battlefield, the Nature Alliance was actually wiped out by others a long time ago.

“The corpse of Yaluo De and Chaos cannot be found.” After Xiao Chen searched around carefully, he followed after the bloodstain.

This was indeed a chaotic night. Almost all the alliances in this area had participated in the war. This was a desperate confrontation, the bellow of rage was ear-splitting, the practitioners everywhere were fighting at the risk of their life, the weak could only be slaughtered. The glaring sword aura, the berserking spiritual attack, the terrifying spell, and the resplendent rays of light illuminated the dark night.


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Chapter 83 – Encounter

There were also some blackish bloodstain in the other two wrinkled skins, one glance and people could tell they should have a few centuries of history. They had eroded due to the vicissitudes of time, but of course, even Xiao Chen was unable to pinpoint the exact age of these skins.

As for the human skin in the third ice coffin, the bloodstain in the ice coffin still carry a hint of color, it was easy for an expert on the level of Xiao Chen to speculate. It definitely haven’t been more than half a month when this skin was shed!

This immediately made Xiao Chen felt a nip in the air, the hair on his entire body was standing on end. He carefully observed the interior of this human skin, and sure enough, he discovered the bloodstain also carried a hint of color, this only happened moments ago.

He carefully examined, and found that the third skin was relatively softer than the others. Moreover, it was full of shiny grease. It seemed like the skin was shed not too long ago.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen finally found the most important clue, there were some cracks on the middle finger of the third skin. Apart from some bloodstain, there was also a piece of new tender skin about the size of fingernail.

This was seriously too bizarre and terrifying! Xiao Chen’s random guess before actually came true! He couldn’t help but picture a cicada breaking out of the shell. If he was to guess, it seemed like an old ghost had constantly undergo a few cycles of metamorphosis here!

Xiao Chen subconsciously scanned all four directions, he couldn’t find a single trace of human on the chilly snow mountain, but he could feel an extremely cold gaze observing him in the dark.

Imagination, it must be his imagination. Xiao Chen allowed himself to calm down, and then he spread his spiritual power to probe the surrounding. The entire snowy mountain was very quiet, not a single sound could be heard, there was only the chilling cold aura circulating around the big snowy mountain.

Xiao Chen felt this place was not any benevolent land, he buried the three ice coffins back to their original place, and erased all the traces. After that, he ordered Keke who was rolling around near the run-down castle hall and the three skeletons to get away from here as soon as possible.

After training at this big snowy mountain for five days, Xiao Chen didn’t find any other bizarre situation. He buried the dragon eggs on top of a snowy hill before he decided to leave this place. For a snowy mountain to appear on a hot and humid dragon island was already an abnormality in itself. And he found something bizarre at this place again, he felt that this place might not be much safer compared to the mountain woods with monsters running amuck.

Pushing their way through the ice and snow world, on their way towards the exit of the snowy mountain, Xiao Chen suddenly heard a faintly discernible “rumbling” sound from a distant snowy peak. It seemed like an avalanche had occurred. Following that, he saw a streak of purple radiance soaring into the sky.

Although they were a distance apart, Xiao Chen could still recognize that figure in a glance, that seemed to be…… Yan Qing Cheng! ⌈1

That snowy mountain was precisely the place where they fought five days ago. That day, it was unclear whether Yan Qing Cheng was alive or dead after receiving Xiao Chen’s attack. She was then buried under big avalanche stirred up by the Snow Jade Dragon, he originally thought she would be long dead after being buried under thousand layers of snow slide. But he never thought after five days, she would actually emerge from the deep snow.

Even though she was very far away, the purple light wings on Yan Qing Cheng’s back was very dazzling. It no longer looked almost transparent as it was before. Now, it practically looked like a pair of purple wings carved by divine jade. Words can’t even begin to describe how mystical it was. ⌈2

Not only did she not die, she had clearly made a breakthrough. This made Xiao Chen feel deeply shocked, he recalled the Martial Art practiced by Yan Qing Cheng — the Undying Demon Technique. The legend was really true, those who practiced this technique would inevitably make a huge breakthrough if they could cheat death.

Yan Qing Cheng actually made a breakthrough from the brink of death. After playing dead for five days under the deep snow, she finally made a comeback! This made Xiao Chen trembled with fear, the Undying Technique was really worthy of its name as one of the most glorious and world-shattering Martial Arts.

Yan Qing Cheng who just broke through to Sixth Celestial Layer will definitely be a formidable opponent. But Xiao Chen does not fear anyone on the same level as him, that was because he had once defeated a Void Master who was reputed to be the “King” among practitioners of the same level.

Xiao Chen was as fast as the flickering light and passing shadows, he left behind one after another afterimages at the snowy peak, and chased after Yan Qing Cheng, he wanted to keep her here. But after Yan Qing Cheng emerged from the deep snow, she unfolded her fairy-like divine wing, and directly flew towards the exit of this snowy mountain as fast as lightning. She didn’t stay in this area for long, nor did she notice Xiao Chen who was approaching.

After he finally left the snowy mountain, Xiao Chen looked back at the vast expanse of ice and snow world. Feeling the warm breeze in front of him, Xiao Chen felt this was very unreal. There was almost no buffer zone between the cold and hot territory, the exuberant mountain woods and the pure white snow were so close to one another, it was completely outrageous.

Xiao Chen and the gang entered the zone full of vitality. The melodious birdsong, the refreshing fragrance of flowers, as well as the roar of the beasts. When compared to the deathly still forest behind him, as well as that snowy mountain much further away, this place was very lively.

They were still twenty miles away from the habitat of numerous practitioners. A beautiful mountain enshrouded by mist appeared in front of them. It seemed like monsters rarely roamed around that place. Words can’t begin to describe how auspicious and peaceful it seems. They could already see it from a distance, the waterfall tumbled down the mountain, and the rays of light refracted by the mist formed a rainbow in the air.

Xiao Chen arrived at the foot of the mountain. He found this was indeed a good place. The exotic flowers were in full bloom, the jade-like grasses spread over the entire area, the vines folded over in many layers, the beautiful trees were flourishing. This was an ideal place to train. And he ran into an acquaintance at this place.

Between the flowers and trees, there was a sapphire-like tranquil little lake. There was no ripples on the surface of the lake at all, words can’t even begin to describe how extraordinary beautiful and how serene it was. Void Master Lawrence still looked as sickly as before, his handsome face was somewhat pale. He was just sitting at the side of the lake and fishing calmly.

When Xiao Chen entered this area, he immediately felt the abnormality in the space. It seemed as if a shapeless liquid was circulating, it gave him some difficulty in walking. The space was actually folding up layer upon layer, the scenery before his eyes was interweaving.

It seemed like this place had multiple traps, it was like falling into the swamp, the more you struggle, the harder to break out. Like a sharp sword bursting with divine radiance, Xiao Chen used his full power to rip apart layer upon layer of binding ropes. He destroyed all the traps in this area, and returned to the originally tranquil and beautiful field.

At the lakeside, Lawrence turned his head around, and said, “It seems like the rumor regarding how you massacred dozens of people at the snowy mountain from a few days ago was true, I can feel the bloody aura on you even now.”

Xiao Chen laughed, and calmly sat not far away from Lawrence, then he said, “It was all for self-defense, I want to keep on living. But some people just keep forcing my hands, I also had no choice but to kill.”

“You made a breakthrough to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer?” Lawrence’s pale face gradually regained some colors, then he said, “How about one more match?” His gaze was somewhat intense, it seemed like he was really looking forward to this match.

“You also made it to Sixth Celestial Layer?” After knowing this, Xiao Chen was a little amazed. But then he shook his head, and said, “Void Master was reputed to be the King among practitioners of the same level. I really wanted to break this legend one more time, but I cannot duel with you now.”


“Some people always wanted to force me to death’s door, before I can remove all the dangers, I must stay in top condition at all time. You and I already delved into Sixth Celestial Layer, if we really fight for real, it won’t end up as simple as the last time even if I defeat you.”

The somewhat sickly Lawrence laughed, and said, “You are truly conceited, you are that sure you can beat me? Void Masters are kings among practitioners of the same level, those are not empty words!”

Xiao Chen used his hand and lightly poked the surface of the lake, the small lake immediately surged up violently. The water surface seemed like boiling water. More than thousands of fishes jolted out from the water surface. He said with much confidence, “Since I could break the legend last time, I can still do it this time.”

Suddenly, all the fishes that leapt over the water surface were stopped in the air, completely motionless. All of them were confined by Lawrence’s void power. He turned around to face Xiao Chen, and said, “You are indeed very strong, but I am also very confident. I really wanted to fight with you one more time. However, since you are in a dangerous situation, I also won’t make things difficult for you.”

Just at this time, Keke who was not far away was attracted by those fishes hanging in the air. It seemed to think it was very fascinating. When it saw the thousand plus fishes were set free by Lawrence, it extended one snow-white little paw, and waved it in the air randomly. For a moment, the fishes leapt out of the water surface one more time, beginning to fill the sky. Only after three to four seconds later did they fall back into the water with a “plop”.

This made Lawrence incomparably astonished, for the first time ever, ⌈3⌋ he started to size up the snow-white little critter who was following Xiao Chen, and asked, “This is……”

Xiao Chen spread out his hands and laughed, “I also don’t understand much about it, it doesn’t seem to have any attack power, but it has sufficient self-defense.”

Keke was very dissatisfied by this evaluation, it waved its little paws furiously, and then it skipped towards the three skeletons joyfully.

“How did you breakthrough the Sixth Celestial Layer? For your information, I spent a lot of effort in order to breakthrough this time.” Lawrence asked.

Xiao Chen didn’t conceal anything, he told Lawrence about the insight he gained while welcoming the morning sun, and explained the feeling he had at that time.

Lawrence pondered for a moment, then he heaved a sigh, and said, “It seems like we went through the same thing. That very day I lost to you, I trained even harder in front of the divine monolith, but I was almost possessed by the Devil. After I retreated to this quiet place to train, allowing myself to find inner peace, but I never thought I’d make a breakthrough right at that moment.”

He also explained what he had learned in details. Even though they practiced different techniques, this kind of spiritual realization was completely the same. Both of them felt this information exchange was very beneficial.

From the current states of the dragon island, to the classification of the Psychic and Spell Master, the two talked about many things.

“The exotic ability of us Psychic is inherent, there are many kinds of exotic abilities. The Spell Master merely had powerful spiritual power, they do not possess any psychic ability by themselves. However, by chanting an ancient incantation, they can somehow display similar power. I never believed their spells were actually granted to them by the deities, but we really could not find any energy flow within their body. All the energy were gathered from the outside the moment they attacked. All of these signs indicate that their source might really come from the esteemed god they worship.” ⌈4

Finally, the two once again talked about the current situation on the dragon island, they had a fuzzy desire to act together.


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Chapter 82 – Snowy Mountain’s Ice Coffin

Most of the practitioners escaped to the exuberant mountain woods, but their mood was not the same as before. If not because they were one mountain away from the Snow Jade Dragon, and had some leisure period to flee, then it wouldn’t be only as much as twenty people buried under the sea of snow.

Xiao Chen was searching this snowy region for a good while, but he didn’t find anything particularly special. After that, he set out for the depths of the snowy mountain to look for Keke and the three skeletons.

Two hours later, Xiao Chen found their tracks.

After he climbed up a snowy summit, Xiao Chen was dumbstruck. Other than the three skeletons who were meditating in the icy cave, he found there was a snow lotus about the size of a house, and Keke was currently sleeping soundly on top of it!

The entire snow lotus was emitting a glorious light, the ripple-like radiance circulated slowly, words can’t even begin to describe how magical it was. It made the spiritual influence around here very dense, multicolored radiance lingered around the snow lotus that seemed to be carved out of divine jade. It was so dazzling under the radiance of the sun.

And that Keke was just sleeping at the heart of the snow lotus, people couldn’t help but admit that this little critter was really miraculous. Every time it was able to find this kind of spiritual item, this was definitely not a stroke of luck, it must have something to do with its spiritual nature.

This little critter was really too carefree, it wasn’t even worried if a wild beast will swallow it whole, it was sleeping too soundly. God knows how does this little critter survive on this dragon island with so many monsters roaming around. Xiao Chen walked over there with light steps, and touched it with his hand. Something amazing happened as a result, a ball of gentle radiance was actually overflowing on the surface of Keke’s body, and protected it within. “Squeak……” The snow-white little critter was actually talking in its sleep, it flipped around after getting touched by Xiao Chen, and then it started to snore again, it didn’t even wake up at all.

This…… Seriously made Xiao Chen speechless.

Xiao Chen didn’t try to disturb it again. He sat on top of the snowy peak and began to adjust his breathing. Although he was cold-hearted to his enemy, Xiao Chen was very caring in regards to the people around him. He favored this little critter very much, this time it was thanks to Keke’s colorful jade shell, otherwise he might have died in the hand of that flying dagger.

Lunhui Wang and the other two discovered that Xiao Chen had returned. The spiritual light in their eye sockets were flickering, then it died out again as they continued to meditate.

Xiao Chen stayed like this until the latter half of the night, only then did he starts to feel refreshed. He had thoroughly recovered to the peak stage, thanks to him absorbing the essence of a few dragon eggs before, his life energy is now far more vigorous than ordinary people, otherwise his vital energy would have suffered greatly after the intense battle this time.

The rich and powerful life essence make Xiao Chen feel like he has two lives. If he was to run into an enemy close to his level, he could definitely fight until both sides suffered. He had abundant of life energy anyway, he could definitely make his opponent spent!

~The starlight flickered, the dim light of night resembled water~

Only until the latter half of the night did Keke get up lazily. After seeing Xiao Chen, it half consciously blinked its big eyes a few times. After that it suddenly recalled something, and painfully pointed its tiny paw at its round and bulging little belly. After that, it resentfully pointed at Xiao Chen, seemingly trying to accuse him wordlessly. Xiao Chen was tempted to smile all of a sudden, he was positive that this little critter must have wanted to eat this snow lotus, it was keeping watch on this spiritual item, yet it wasn’t able to eat it. It must have been really bored.

“I guess I need not call you a little monster anymore, I can totally call you a treasure hunting beast. Only you would be able to find this kind of snow lotus, you really are the bane of spiritual item.”

Keke seemed somewhat dissatisfied, it furiously waved its little paw at Xiao Chen. After that, it turned around and opened up a few crystal clear lotus petals found at the heart of the lotus, it scooped out a fist-sized jade-like object from within. The divine splendor was really dazzling, it was like a speck of star, this was the genuine snow lotus heart, it made Xiao Chen feel emotionally moved.

Keke was drooling continuously, it wanted to eat yet it doesn’t dare to eat.

“Haha……!” Xiao Chen couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud, and then he said, “Let me keep them for you first, you can enjoy it after your little belly shrank.”

Keke looked at Xiao Chen doubtfully. In the end, it hanged its head dejectedly and nodded its head. It break off the lotus heart into two halves, one half is for Xiao Chen to keep it on its behalf, the other half was given directly to Xiao Chen as a present. At the same time, it was waving its little paw to warn Xiao Chen not to take advantage of the situation.

Xiao Chen was unable to restrain a smile, and said, “You little monster, so you still have some conscience and didn’t forget about me. Rest assured, I will keep them for you, I also don’t need the other half.”

After going to Keke’s old home, Xiao Chen felt the relationship between them had strengthened, he should be able to keep it by his side soon.

“Keke, I will tell you now how to shrink your plump little belly.”

Keke’s big eyes lit up instantly.

“To accomplish that, we need your treasured tree. Last time you saw how I merged with the treasured tree right? From today onward, you need to try and assimilate the divine sproutling into your little belly, and allow it to absorb the excess Sweet Dew of Life. Otherwise who knows how long it will take for you to completely digest those Sweet Dew.”

Keke’s pair of glittering big eyes were perfectly round, then it covered its plump little belly with both hands and shook its head vigorously. That means it will not do it even if you beat it to death. “Squeak! Squeak……!” It seemed to be saying it will definitely not plant the tree on its belly.

“It’s also fine if you’re not willing to do it. All the Sweet Dew of Life will be absorbed by yourself, it will be very beneficial. However, from now on until a certain period in the future, you must resist your desire to eat delicious food.”

Keke immediately became listless, it furiously climbed up the snow lotus, and continued to sleep.

“Keke, don’t just sleep all day, it’s about time to supplement your treasured tree, let your treasured tree take root on the snow lotus.”

Xiao Chen carried Keke into the icy cave, and planted the treasured tree on the snow lotus. An intense light lingered on the snowy peak under the dim light of night. On the palm-sized divine sproutling’s dragonet-like “tree trunk”, the inky jade leaf, the milky jade leaf, and also the jasper leaf immediately glowed with dazzling luster.

Early morning, Xiao Chen and the gang left this place, because when they surveyed the scene from an elevated position, they found a run-down ancient castle on a distant snowy peak.

When they arrived at this place, they found that it really wasn’t an illusion. There was really a remnant here, the run-down castle hall almost collapsed, only two of the originally grandeur halls remain standing to this day, but they could collapse at any given time. They didn’t find anything special here, it seemed to be nothing more than the remnant of an ancient castle, it wasn’t as bizarre and terrifying as those castle on the sacred mountain.

“Let’s use this ancient castle hall as a mark, and temporarily bury the dragon eggs here. It will also be easier to look for it later.” Xiao Chen wanted to stop absorbing the dragon egg’s essence. When he welcomed the morning sun yesterday, he had a flash of enlightenment, it gave him an all new understanding regarding the path of training. He wanted to begin his journey anew. It’s not like the dragon egg will run away anyway, he can come back to take it any time. Meanwhile, he was kind of expectant in his heart, perhaps he could really nurture one or two young Dragon King.

Xiao Chen absolutely never thought, after digging the ice and snow, they would actually find an ice coffin!

This is a big discovery! Could this be where an ancient deity was buried? When he thought of this, he fastened his pace and thawed the frozen earth in the surroundings, allowing the ice coffin to surface.

Under the glory of the sunlight, they could see what was within the transparent ice coffin clearly, it had a full body of wrinkled skin. One glance and people could tell it was the remains of an exceptionally old man.

This is seriously too bizarre!

There was only a layer of wrinkled skin, not even a body remains! This sent a chill down Xiao Chen’s spine. However, he could not be frightened by just this much. He lightly pushed the cover of the ice coffin, and exposed the human skin inside. He picked it up and discovered there was a breach from the head until the abdomen. Other than that, the rest are in good condition. There was no damage at all, even the almost nonexistent white hair, and the grizzled eyelashes were kept in good condition.

Who knows why, Xiao Chen suddenly felt this place was really eerie. Even though the morning sun shone upon this area, it seemed to have lost its warm, the sunlight seemed deathly pale. Instinctively, he suddenly thought of the cicada shell. This layer of wrinkled skin somehow resembled the insects shedding their shell, it seemed to share the same characteristic. ⌈1

Xiao Chen didn’t stop here, he once again dig up the frozen ground in the vicinity. Beyond his expectation, he really did found another ice coffin. It was only two meter apart from the first coffin. Xiao Chen sucked in a mouthful of fresh air, could this place really be a bizarre burial ground? If that is the case, then wouldn’t that make this run-down castle an underworld?!

The second ice coffin was unearthed, inside the coffin was another incomparably wrinkled skin. This time it made Xiao Chen break out in cold sweat, that was because he discovered the two wrinkled skins looked almost the same. As a result of putting them side by side, he discovered they actually had the same appearance! ⌈2

Same appearance! Moreover, after a careful comparison, Xiao Chen felt his scalp go numb. That was because he discovered there was no discrepancy with any of the birthmarks on both of the wrinkled skins, all of them looked exactly the same.

“How could this be, even if they are twins, there shouldn’t be this much resemblance……”

Xiao Chen felt this place was getting increasingly bizarre. This was a burial ground that sent a chill down people’s spine! He could not stop because of this, he continued to excavate the frozen ground. As a result, the third ice coffin was unearthed. He sucked in a mouthful of breath, he didn’t go see the third ice coffin, but rather continue to thaw the icy floor, and excavate the frozen earth.

However, after digging up the ground in the vicinity of the ancient castle hall, he didn’t find the fourth ice coffin. And these three ice coffins were only two meter apart, they were arranged very neatly. Judging from this, it seemed like there were only three ice coffins here.

Xiao Chen lift open the cover of the ice coffin, he was completely astonished. The wrinkled skin in the coffin was exactly the same as the former two. Those three birthmarks were also accurate to perfection.

How did it become like this? Xiao Chen felt this place was extremely eerie, why would there be three exact same copy of human skin here, and not a dead body to be found? Could it be that something had consumed the thing that was inside?

He started to look around after calming down, then his expression suddenly lit up, that was because he found an important clue! On the third coffin, he found a few drops of blood, it seemed to have dried up just recently! ⌈3


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Chapter 81 – Absolutely Brilliant Surprise

Wharton finally made his move!

Just at this time, the duration of the Sealed God light screen was over. This was a flawless trap.

All of them was for this single blade attack!

An almost transparent jade-like knife seemed to have pierced through the space and time. It was only as big as a thumb, and as long as a finger. The nip in the air gave rise to a bone-chilling fear. The prickling murderous aura actually assaulted Xiao Chen’s entire body from every direction. The tiny yet resplendent blade was about to make contact with his chest, unless he was a god, it was already impossible to avoid it!

Death was only a few inch apart from Xiao Chen, although he felt unwilling, he already didn’t have the strength to reverse the situation. He was unable to change the end result at this moment, he could only wait for his impending death. ⌈1

A sharp ringing sound echoed at the top of the summit, Xiao Chen was sent flying by an incredible amount of power. The sparkling clear throwing knife actually dropped towards the ground, it didn’t penetrates him. However, the powerful impact sent Xiao Chen flying for six to seven meter.

In that instant, everyone present held their breath, the two snowy peaks were dominated by absolute silence.

The legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger that never missed the target actually fell onto the ground after making contact with the enemy. It didn’t penetrates the enemy’s body, this was simply inconceivable!

Xiao Chen stood straight, his lofty body was bursting with searing divine flame. He actually came out unscathed. His furious desire to battle was aroused. Xiao Chen coldly fixed his attention on Wharton in between the gap of the illusion. His pair of eyes were burning with undisguised fury. This carefully prepared attack nearly took his life.

He gently caressed the hole on his cloth, he could touch a few fragments as smooth as jade. That was the colored egg shells left behind by Keke after it was born. He never thought in the juncture of life and death, it actually blocked the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger.

When he gathered these multicolored egg-shell at the time, it wasn’t because he thought it was gorgeous. Xiao Chen wanted to keep this for Keke was because of two reasons. One, this was the only thing that was left behind by Keke’s parent. Two, Xiao Chen wanted to let someone with extensive knowledge see it in the future, perhaps they would be able to figure out Keke’s origin.

Never in his wildest dream had Xiao Chen ever thought the multicolored jade shell would be so hard. It actually blocked the unstoppable Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. God knows how did Keke break out from these shells back then. This shell was comparably harder than adamantium by who knows how many fold!

Only now did people woke up from their daze, they started to make a clamor at the snowy peak on the opposite side. All of these was just too unbelievable.

Divine flame was throbbing outside of Xiao Chen’s body, the murderous aura soared to the sky. He closed in one step at a time, the snowy peak under his foot trembled with each steps he took. One after another huge cracks spread to all directions under his foot. The edge of the snowy peak produced a few cracking noises, countless icicles fell from the peak.

Although there were several hundred illusions, Xiao Chen had firmly locked onto Wharton and Carlos. One searing blade aura that seemed to have linked up with the heaven and earth slashed forward, sweeping away all the illusions ahead, even all the real spiritual attacks were intercepted.

Meanwhile, the three experts finally launched the real combined assault, in hope of eliminating Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng swooped down from the sky with glaring purple light, her target was undoubtedly Xiao Chen. The genius Illusion Master Carlos moved simultaneously with several hundreds illusion, one after another phantom besieged Xiao Chen. And the present day Flying Dagger’s successor, Wharton, executed the second resplendent blade attack. A speck of starlight illuminated the summit, it became the most dazzling point in the heaven and earth.

The more dangerous the situation was, the calmer Xiao Chen become. All of his actions were simple and direct, it’s time to get serious! With his right hand serving as a blade, he jumped up at once. A light beam soared towards the sky, and directly sent Yan Qing Cheng flying away. Then the North Star light screen trembled violently, it separated from his body, and swept across all directions. It destroyed the rain of light made out of spiritual energy, and then heavily hacked on that dazzling speck of sword radiance.


The legendary flying dagger was hit!

Within the dazzling multicolored radiance, the tip of the crystal clear knife sunk into the icy ground. After that, the North Star light screen also disintegrated, and faded away.

If Xiao Chen only survived due to mere luck last time, then this time he relied on his sharp intuition. He actually stopped the legendary flying dagger in midair!

The people on the other snowy peak couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

The godly flying dagger skill had been passed down for many generations, the power will not be the same if used by different people. However, it was hard to say…… whether Xiao Chen could block the third or fourth attack.

After the fierce confrontation, the entire area entered a period of silence for a moment. The following battle will inevitably be a confrontation between dragon and tiger, this will be a life and death showdown between experts of Sixth Celestial Layer!

Xiao Chen’s situation doesn’t seem very hopeful, unless he find an opportunity to retreat, or else he will have to pay a huge price in this battle. However, sensing the murderous aura coming from him, nobody knows if he will fight or retreat.

“Roar……!” Just at this time, a loud roar could be heard from the back of the summit. As if the heaven and earth were shaking, the entire snowy mountain shook violently. A huge monster climbed up from the rear of the snowy mountain, it was as long as fifty meter, it looked as if it was carved out of glacial ice. Its entire body was as white as jade, yet it seemed very terrifying. It had a dragon head with one horn, a dark-blue wolf-like body, a huge crocodile-like tail, and it was covered with white scales that glittered like frost and snow from head to toe.

This was a Snow Jade Dragon! Most of the people recognized this legendary dragon. It lived in ice-cold area, and was fond of sleeping, it spent most of its time of the year sleeping. Legend says that even deities wouldn’t dare to disturb its sleep, otherwise it will freeze over a thousand miles of land in its rage. Everything in its path will be ripped apart, even deities would be considered lucky if they were able to escape.

The battle at the summit disturbed the dragon who were fast asleep in the icy cave below, it seemed incomparably furious now.


The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar was ear-splitting, a ten meter long huge claw that was flickering with cold and threatening rays of light slammed onto the ground viciously. Carlos, Wharton, Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen all dodged at lightning speed.


Along with the earth-shattering sound, the apex of the snowy peak was actually destroyed by that terrifying dragon claw in one fell swoop. This was seriously too shocking!


The Snow Jade Dragon faced upwards and let out a roar, it almost caused people’s eardrum to rupture. Many people blocked their ears in pain, if they were one step slower, they might have fainted and died on the spot.


It launched another fierce attack, the sharp gigantic claw viciously swoop down, the snowy summit was unable to bear it, another section of the mountain was destroyed. At the same time, endless amount of ice and snow in the entire area was roused up, it seemed as if a torrent of ice tsunami had been welled up in the vicinity of the snowy summit. This was way too terrifying, when this huge monster flaunted its strength, it was practically unstoppable.

Everyone at the other snowy peak immediately began to flee, they were extremely noisy. All of them wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. The genius Illusion Master Carlos, the Flying Dagger’s Successor Carlos, the exceptionally beautiful Yan Qing Cheng, and Xiao Chen ⌈2⌋ didn’t have the leisure to care about their life and death battle, they were just right beside the Snow Jade Dragon, they were exposed to the most danger. Each and every one of them raised their speed to the limit, and wanted to get far away from the exceptionally reckless dragon.

Carlos soared into the sky, Wharton directly jumped down the snowy peak, Yan Qing Cheng also soared into the sky, but the light wing at her back doesn’t allow her to take flight for a long time, she was swept by the torrent of ice tsunami stirred up by the Jade Dragon, and fell directly towards the direction of Xiao Chen.

Yan Qing Cheng’s finger was like a blade, one resplendent purple light was launched downwards in hope of penetrating Xiao Chen’s back. Those who had reached Xiao Chen’s level would be able to sense the dangers in their surrounding even in the middle of a chaotic situation. He reacted in almost an instant.

His body was like a flickering light and passing shadows, he left behind an afterimage in his original position, and avoided that approaching attack. After that, without giving Yan Qing Cheng the chance to balance her body, Xiao Chen coldly executed his most powerful attack, this was definitely a killing move with nothing held back!

The glaring light made people unable to look at it directly, seven dazzling energy waves rolled up thousand piles of snow, it was like the raging waves beating against the shore. One layer after another rushed towards Yan Qing Cheng, this was the power of Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, Yan Qing Cheng did not have the capability to dodge, and was sent flying by the searing energy wave. She coughed out blood from her mouth unceasingly, her beautiful face was extremely pale.

Without taking any pity on her, Xiao Chen jumped down from the snowy peak, and disappeared on the scene. So what if she was the number one beauty under the heaven? Xiao Chen will not be lenient just because of this, an enemy will always be an enemy, he will not be swayed by any reason!

The Snow Jade Dragon’s roar shook the heavens, and caused the snowy summit to chip. The inexhaustible ice tsunami was like tens of thousands of horses stampeding down the mountain. The vast expanse of snow slide buried Yan Qing Cheng at the base of the mountain. ⌈3

The snow-white dragon let out a roar as it dashed towards the snowy peak in front. It chased after those practitioners that were escaping, this was a huge change of event, no one would have imagined there was such a terrifying dragon here.

The roar caused an avalanche to break out on the other snowy peak, it happened in an instant. But luckily those practitioners responded fast enough, and had already escaped from that area. Only seven to eight people were not so lucky and were buried alive.

Xiao Chen didn’t follow the masses, he selected a flat area, transformed into a light beam and buried himself deep in the snow. Rather than running away, it was better off to just hide quietly.

On the outside, the dragon roar pierced the skies, and the rumble of the avalanche resounded non-stop……

Only until the panicky yell gradually got further away did the dragon roar slowly calm down, and completely faded away soon after. The world slowly regained its former tranquility, the Snow Jade Dragon seemed to have returned to the icy cave.

Xiao Chen only came out from the deep snow after an hour later, and silently looked at the snowy peak that was rended by the Snow Jade Dragon. One could imagine just how furious was the Snow Jade Dragon just now, the dragons were truly a race that could cause even the deities to shrink back. Even after losing their magic power, their powerful physical body was still unparalleled.

The path of cultivation is endless, he still have a very long path to walk, just when will he attain enough strength to fight with this kind of race?


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Chapter 80 – Cross Swords with Sixth Celestial Layer

God knows who was the very first to fall apart, and ran towards the bottom of the snowy hill in fear. Soon after, everyone started to flee in disorder, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were also trying to escape in a hurry.

Xiao Chen was too scary, he was practically a demon incarnate. With so many people besieging him, he actually managed to kill more than ten experts! He was as heartless as Asura from the underworld, completely blood-soaked and violent, he massacred without blinking an eye.

The bloody smell from the snowy peak assailed the nostrils, the blood had completely dyed this snowy world with its color. The bloody mist lingered on the summit, broken limbs and body were everywhere, this was the scene of a terrifying slaughterfest.

Xiao Chen leaned on the divine sword, the sealed god light screen already dissipated a long time ago. He was stained by blood from head to toe, but he still looked as imposing as an unsheathed divine sword!

Not a single voice could be heard from the two snowy peaks. It became extremely quiet for a moment, Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability caused many to feel fearful.

The majority of the people came to watch the battle, the people who wanted to conspire against him also turned somewhat taciturn. Even those who could cross swords with Xiao Chen have no choice but to reassess the situation.

Suddenly, a dazzling rain of light fell from the whole sky like the stars just at this moment. The target was Xiao Chen, even though the energy fluctuation was very far away, numerous audiences could still feel it, those energy-converted knife blades possessed power not inferior to Xiao Chen!

The divine swords were as dazzling as rainbow, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages at the snowy summit, and the longsword in his hand emitted one after another blazing rays of light that clashed with the rain of swords. Just by relying on his instinct, he could tell that this is a powerful enemy! Presently, he still haven’t discover any traces of the opponent.

All of a sudden, it seemed like the divine sword in Xiao Chen’s hand had lose its power, the rain of swords were becoming much more concentrated, but those seemed like a mirage, those rain of swords were not really conjured by spiritual power.

“The genius Illusion Master, Carlos!” Xiao Chen immediately guessed who it was, even though he knew those were illusions, Xiao Chen didn’t dare to lower his guard, because the real rain of swords might be hidden within!

At the same time, Yan Qing Cheng rose from within the ice and snow, her devastatingly beautiful complexion was unreal, her purple dress fluttered along with the wind, she seemed much more spectacular on this snowy summit.

In that instant, the snowy summit was illuminated by a purple radiance. Yan Qing Cheng was like a fairy dancing in the breeze, she was flying at low altitude. Purple aura lingered on her entire body, and formed a pair of almost transparent purple wings which allowed her to fly for a short period of time. At this moment, she seemed really out-of-this-world.

The beautiful ⌈1⌋ Yan Qing Cheng transformed into a streak of purple light in the sky. She finally executed the legendary Undying Demon Technique, one after another purple radiance were launched from her two hands, they were launching towards Xiao Chen like purple lightnings.

Yan Qing Cheng was at Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer!

This made Xiao Chen’s heart shivered with cold, no wonder she dares to challenge him to a “Hide and Seek” game. If he didn’t make a breakthrough to Sixth Celestial Layer, it is hard to say who will win.

And right now, his opponent was not only Yan Qing Cheng, the genius Illusion Master who was hiding in the illusion seemed to have reached Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer already! There’s not much he could do about that illusory spiritual attack. Moreover, the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger did not show his face yet.

Xiao Chen decided to retreat temporarily, and take care of them one by one later! After all, one of them was a Sixth Celestial Layer Illusion Master, if they really crossed their swords, it will definitely be a fight between dragon and tiger. In addition to Yan Qing Cheng, and Wharton who hasn’t shown his face yet, this situation was anything but reassuring for Xiao Chen.

However, the genius Illusion Master Carlos finally began for real just at this time! Several hundred exact copy of a golden-haired youth appeared all around Xiao Chen. Without a doubt, those were all illusions, only one of them was the real Carlos among them.

Carlos’ appearance could not be considered handsome, but his temperament was outstanding. This kind of people was the so-called promising young talent, one could tell from a single glance that he will inevitably become very powerful, and soar the sky sooner or later. His blue pupils were as deep as the ocean, it made people dare not to meet him head on.

The illusion made by Carlos enveloped the entire snowy summit. Sharp swords, long swords, lightning, heavenly flame, et cetera, attacks of every substances and energies were wrecking havoc on the summit. It seemed like several hundred people using all kinds of bizarre attack at the same time! The thunderous roar was ear-splitting, resplendent divine blade streak across the void, inexhaustible heavenly flame turned the sky scorching red, a wide expanse of brilliant light energy rained down like shooting stars.

Countless illusions surfaced in this ice and snow world, it was an extremely grand scene, it seemed like a big war was taking place, and not a battle between two individuals. This made everyone shake in their boots.

Such a formidable Illusion Master!

Xiao Chen was in deep trouble, he didn’t dare to neglect any of these attacks on the summit, because he was unable to tell which were real and which were illusory.

Genius Illusion Master Carlos lives up to his name!

The terrifying energy surged forward like a torrential river, it was rolling over and over like the vast ocean. The summit turned into a frenzy, it was extremely mind-blowing, it was already impossible to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Xiao Chen’s disheveled hair rose to the sky, his pupils were as bright as the stars, and his lofty body remained as still as a pine on the snowy summit. However, the divine sword in his hand already changed into hundreds and thousands of overlapping images. The resplendent sword aura already formed into a concentrated light net, and blocked off all the terrifying attack. Moreover, the Sealed God light screen emerged once more, it enveloped his body and stopped the endless barrage of energy.

If he could not find Carlos’ real body, then this battle will never come to a conclusion. His pair of eyes emitted a light essence, and tried to search for Carlos’ real body among the thousands of concentrated light screen. At the same time, he had to confront Yan Qing Cheng who was flying with a pair of light wing.

Only… even after consuming his power unceasingly, he was still unable to find Carlos’ real body. It was only because Xiao Chen’s life energy was far more vigorous than ordinary people, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to last this long. Endless divine radiance emitted from his body unceasingly, not only did he had to support the God of the North Star light screen, but first things first — he had to fend off layers upon layers of illusory attacks.

And finally, Xiao Chen discovered a loophole, a completely negligible loophole! With his sharp intuition, he caught winds of the indistinguishable heartbeat sound, and found the location of Carlos’ real body.

Xiao Chen sent Yan Qing Cheng, who was swooping down, flying with a single sword blow, his entire person transformed into a streak of light beam and dashed forward. His target was Carlos’ real body. Dozens of interweaving lightning charged towards Xiao Chen, even more raging inferno plunged towards him from all directions. He wanted to stop Xiao Chen from advancing, several waves of terrifying sword rain down one after another.

All of these spiritual attacks were real, none of them were illusions. Xiao Chen laughed grimly, he was even more certain that was Carlos’ real body. Xiao Chen swept the divine sword in an arc, dozens of light screen and the inexhaustible raging inferno were destroyed. His lofty figure was like a God of Death as he broke through the obstacle.

However, just at this moment, Xiao Chen felt the hair on his entire body was standing on end. An ominous premonition arose in his mind, he felt great dangers enveloping himself!

Even though he destroyed the rain of swords in front of him, one of them was especially bright. It was like a comet which had streaked across the vast sky from long distance. The brilliance caused him unable to open his two eyes, the long sword in his hand was shattered by that glaring light!

It was Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger!

The legendary certain kill throwing knife!


  1.  I feel like my translation do the Chinese counterpart no justice. In Chinese, this sentence says: Beauty capable of captivating even the birds and beasts. 

Chapter 79 – A Battle That Make One Cringe

The instigators were still hooting, but Xiao Chen quickly understood, the majority of the people also quickly come to realize; This kind of instigation won’t have much effect. Those who can enter the dragon island were not stupid either, who would willingly let others use them as tools?

It was obvious that those instigators were deliberately acting like this, they belong to a certain alliances, the head of those alliances wanted to take this opportunity to make their move. They wanted to incite people they could trust and test Xiao Chen’s strength, then they will kill Xiao Chen in the confusion. After that, the real experts will make their move and snatch the dragon eggs.

No matter where, there will always be a strive as long as people exist. The dragon island is the prime example, even in an unknown land, they will fight and scheme against each other, killing each other mutually, that is something that cannot be avoided. People’s heart and nature are very complicated, nobody can perfectly describe them.

The Spell Master and Psychic were scared of the avalanche, so they flew high up in the sky, and took the lead.

However, a miserable scream followed soon after, “AHHH!”

Xiao Chen actually soared into the sky, he jumped more than ten meter high, his entire body was throbbing with divine flame, he swept his right leg across, and actually sliced one Spell Master across the middle! The rain of blood swirled in the air, two halves of the body fell down from the sky.

That was too sudden, nobody ever thought Xiao Chen could actually be that fast, it almost seemed like he was flying. In an instant, he actually killed an Exuvia Third Celestial Layer Spell Master.

To actually get killed by a Martial Artist high up in the sky, this was an absolute disgrace for any Spell Master capable of flying. However, the deceased could not feel the shame anymore, he had consequently lost his life for eternity.

“Everyone together, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“No matter how strong is he, there’s no way he can take on our numbers.”


Xiao Chen’s gaze was ice-cold, he already locked on to the few who were yelling. Even though he knew without them yelling, those who ought to come up will still come up. Nevertheless, he wanted to get rid of these few people first to show his determination.

And just at this time, more than ten Spell Master and Psychic already flew overhead of Xiao Chen. Even more practitioners that cannot fly climbed to the snowy summit, they surrounded Xiao Chen in the middle.

Divine radiance flickered in Xiao Chen’s pair of eyes, he was not fearful. Among these people, those who reached Exuvia Third Celestial Layer could already be considered an expert, there were only a few who reached Exuvia Fourth Celestial Layer. If he wants to get away, he can do so without a hitch.

Thunderous roars burst out from within Xiao Chen’s body, the “North Star Constellation” light screen actually appeared in front of him. This light screen was dubbed as the “Sealed God” by Xiao Chen.

When those Spell Master and Psychic in the sky shoot one after another divine radiance downwards, Xiao Chen left behind multitudes of afterimages like the shooting star. He easily dodged all the berserk energy storm. At the same time, the “Sealed God” light screen radiated with an incomparably dazzling radiance. It blocked a portion of the spells that were raining down on his, and he quickly rushed towards the practitioners who were besieging him on the ground.

Xiao Chen already rushed into the crowds, his target was those people who lit the fire. Using his palm like a blade, he chopped Yaluo De’s underling from the waist. The palm blade shone with glorious divine radiance, it was not stained by the blood at all.

Continuing on, Xiao Chen left behind an afterimage in the original place, and evaded everyone’s combined attack. He appeared in front of a member from Treant’s Valley. His left palm lightly streaked across, and a head with terrified expression flew sideways. It gave rise to a rain of blood, the dead body only fell towards the ground after Xiao Chen left.

A divine light flashed by with a “swish”, Xiao Chen break away from the mob, and appeared close to another member of the Nature Alliance. The North Star light screen in front of him blocked the glaring sword radiance from view. Xiao Chen swished past like a lightning, and that person’s body was actually divided into half. Xiao Chen bore through right between the two halves of the body.

Watery blood splashed everywhere! In just a brief moment, the snowy summit was filled with miserable shriek from time to time. The blood already dyed the snowy ground red.

The Spell Master’s magic attack, and the Psychic’s bizarre attack transformed into one after another terrifying light beam. The attack landed on the snowy summit hysterically, the divine splendor made this snowy summit appear incomparably dazzling.

The “Sealed God” light screen followed Xiao Chen closely, it kept rotating around with Xiao Chen as the center, and helped him block the infinite energy attack. Most of the attack from the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky were successfully disintegrated.

Xiao Chen’s strength caused everyone to feel shocked! They originally thought they could have suppressed him with numbers, but who would have thought they would suffer casualties as soon as it started. The Spell Master and Psychic would swoop down from the sky unceasingly, the terrifying spells were like a meteor shower, the bizarre attacks were more like a tide. The glaring lightning, flame, wind blade, and ice lance were wreaking havoc everywhere!

However, even all of these were unable to stop Xiao Chen. After reaching Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, he can already completely bring the God of the North Star under control. He didn’t have to rely on luck like that time with Lawrence.

The North Star Constellation flickered and lit up the sky, the resplendent rays of light almost enveloped Xiao Chen’s entire body. After the spells and bizarre energies were assimilated by the sealed god light screen, the North Star Constellation became much brighter. In the end, blazing rays of light rose into the sky like a volcanic eruption. It swallowed up four Spell Master and Psychic who were swooping down.

That was a really shocking scene, there was a raging conflagration in midair, but that was not a flame, it was a resplendent ray of light. The sealed god light screen enclosed above Xiao Chen’s head, it crushed a few Spell Master and Psychic who rushed over here in an instant.

This made everyone once again realize Xiao Chen’s strength and formidability!

However, it is impossible for everyone to back out now. Since the situation was already like this, the Spell Master and Psychic in the sky, as well as the practitioners on the ground had no other choice but to let out a rallying cry and gang-up Xiao Chen.



The battle on the snowy summit was incomparably intense, the cry even shook the heaven. More than thirty practitioners were attacking Xiao Chen from all sides.

The audiences on the other snowy peak were very astonished, just what kind of realm had Xiao Chen reached? He was actually waging a war with all the outstanding heroes all by himself, his strength was really too astonishing.

The light screen formed from seven energy-converted stars was like a divine armor adorned on Xiao Chen’s body. The rays of light it emitted caused even the sun in the sky to lose its splendor! Xiao Chen’s hair was disheveled, he used the divine sword he seized by force to massacre the crowds.

The sword aura soared forth, weaving about in rage!

When Xiao Chen swept it around, nobody could stop it, everywhere the divine sword swept past, blood gushed out unceasingly. The light screen on his external body had already transformed into a bloody screen. A bloody mist lingered on the snowy summit, the pungent smell of blood was carried by the wind.


The divine sword was like a rainbow as it beheaded one fierce practitioner, plenty of blood splashed on the summit.


The iron sword was merciless, it cut off the body of one practitioner from shoulder to waist, the eerie white bones, and the scarlet blood were especially unpleasant to the eyes. It caused people to be terrified.


The blood-stained divine sword directly split open half of one practitioner’s skull. The white matter flowed out, and fresh blood rushed forth accordingly. The dead body collapsed on the ground, words can’t even describe how bloody and despairing the situation was.

Soon after, the blazing sword aura was raised to the sky, the dazzling light beam penetrated three Spell Master and Psychic’s body in that instant. A lot of blood gushed out from the bloody hole, and dyed the sky red.

This was an extremely desperate battle!

The heavens paled in fear at the blood-stained sword, when the North Star Constellation soared towards the heavens, even the clouds were blasted apart. Xiao Chen had absolute supremacy in this battle. After the North Star light screen dissipated, his long hair was also stained red by the blood. Blood were dripping from the tip of the divine sword, his hair danced hysterically with the wind, his sharp gaze and lofty figure, all of these were carved deeply into everyone’s heart. Even after many years later, this image will not be easy to erase.

Translator’s Note:

Rawr! Let the blood-fest commence!

Chapter 78 – Anything Could Happen

The bitter cold wind blew past Xiao Chen’s clothes, generating a flapping sound. His long black hair danced hysterically with the wind, his handsome face was very stern, his pupils emitted rays of light as sharp as the sword. At this moment, Xiao Chen’s lofty and unfaltering figure was deeply carved into everyone’s mind, he was like a monster, more like a demon!

“Goodness gracious, what did I just see?!”

“Too scary!”

“Divine Dragon Protection, unbelievable!”


The practitioners at the other snowy peak began to clamor.

Among the practitioners that were trapped on the dragon island, not only Xiao Chen was training diligently to improve his own ability. The other people also advanced by leaps and bounds, this was due to the huge pressure on every one of them. If they don’t make any progression, it signifies their death, because everyone knows only with enough strength would they be able to survive on this dragon island.

Recently, almost every practitioners have improved, Xiao Chen was not the only one that’s been getting stronger. Everyone had painstakingly worked hard to improve themselves.

When people saw Xiao Chen’s body was surrounded by the dragon shadows, they were shocked, but still somewhat dejected. This miraculous scene makes them realize just how big Xiao Chen’s improvement was.

However, it seemed like they were thinking too much, because even Xiao Chen himself did not know how it happened. The dragon shadows that were revolving around Xiao Chen already disappeared. He didn’t know why something like that happened just now, because when he attempted to summon them again, the dragons converted from light energy did not make another appearance.

Xiao Chen pondered silently, he felt that it must be due to the total discharge of the powerful energy he gathered after breaking through to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer. After breaking through, he kept maintaining the ethereal state until those people infuriated him. The dragon power hidden within those divinized acupoints must have been aroused by his state of mind, which brought about that miraculous scene just now as a result.

He always knew the divinized acupoints would unleash a formidable power sooner or later. This might be the manifestation of his divine ability in advance.

Xiao Chen and numerous practitioners were standing on two separate snowy peaks, they looked at one another at a distance. God knows when the world had suddenly become silent, the morning sun gleamed on the snowy peak, the worldly essence lingered around unhurriedly, the intense clamor from a moment ago gradually calmed down.

“Xiao Chen, hand over the dragon eggs!” A yell suddenly resounded, this person was obviously a “spear” incited by others. Following that, the same speech resounded from other direction among the crowds. There were seven to eight people shouting altogether.

Xiao Chen’s gaze was like a torch, the two snowy peaks were very close to each other, he could see a few face clearly. Three from Yaluo De’s Nature Alliance, three from the Imperial Angel Zhao Lin Er’s Treant’s Valley Alliance.

Evidently, their goal was not the dragon eggs, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er wanted to incite people to take care of Xiao Chen. People were often blinded by greed, even if the majority of them seemed rational, some still got agitated, and started to hoot along with the rest.

“Hand over the dragon eggs!”

“The dragon eggs belong to everyone!”

“Don’t attempt to secretly take one for yourself!”


As Xiao Chen waved his right hand, a huge palm completely made out of divine radiance rushed towards the icy cave behind him. It grabbed the broken pieces of the Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg, and then tossed it towards the peak on the opposite side with all its might.

After the golden eggshell were injected with enough energy, it burst forth with resplendent rays of light, and produced a dazzling golden radiance. It flew towards the snowy peak on the other side like a meteor shower.

“This is the dragon egg that you guys want, I already treated it as my breakfast and consumed it. If you guys want a dragon egg, you could find one at the dragon’s nest, why must you all reap without sowing?” ⌈1

The crystal clear eggshell was like a fine jade, even though it was already not as dazzling as it was when it was still in a good condition, there was still a brilliance lingering about. Words couldn’t even begin to describe how miraculous it was, one could tell from a glance that it was a rare item.

Everyone was clearly stupefied by Xiao Chen’s words, does this person know how to use things sparingly?! He actually…… ate a dragon egg! This…… really made people speechless! This means that he had consumed a future dragon! ⌈2

Very soon, everyone believed that Xiao Chen was not lying. The dragon egg did not shatter due to the birth of the little dragon; Rather, it was broken by a human, because the crystal clear eggshell had some frozen egg whites sticking on it. ⌈3

Everyone had the urge to throw up blood, this Xiao Chen was really driving everyone mad. He actually treated dragon eggs as food, even deity wouldn’t have that much luxury!

“Xiao Chen, you *******!”

“Xiao Chen, this is taking it too far!”


Someone even called him a “good-for-nothing”, they loathed him to the extreme. It was a dragon egg for god’s sake! He actually treated it as a breakfast?!

“I risked my life to fetch the dragon eggs, it was only natural that I get to decide what to do with them. If you guys want to eat it, go get it yourself.”

Veins were practically popping out on everyone’s forehead, even those who were not interested in the dragon eggs also wanted to throw up blood. Who in their right mind would want to eat a dragon egg? This guy actually thought everyone came here because they wanted to eat the dragon egg, they believed Xiao Chen must be doing this on purpose, he was intentionally provoking everyone!

“Xiao Chen, you really are a *******!”

“Xiao Chen, you…… Do you think you’re a deity?! How dare you treat the dragon egg as nothing more but food?!”


The practitioners on the other side started to make a clamor. And this time, Yaluo De and Zhao Lin Er’s people began to incite everyone again.

“Yesterday, someone discovered Xiao Chen obtains more than one dragon egg, there must be more in the icy cave behind him.”

“Hand over the remaining dragon eggs!”

“Hand over the dragon eggs, you can’t hog them all to yourself, they belong to everyone!”


Xiao Chen turned around to order the three skeletons, “The three of you, take the dragon eggs and get away from here. Set out towards the depths of the snowy mountain!” Even if he didn’t have the “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” before, being forced by so many people now, he couldn’t help but give rise to that kind of intention.

The three skeletons didn’t move, they stood in their original position and looked at him silently. Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need for you guys here, nobody can stop me if I want to retreat. More importantly, we cannot let them steal the dragon eggs we obtained through many trials and tribulations.”

The three skeletons no longer hesitated, their body glowed with the spiritual light, making their white bones sparkling clear in contrast. They looked like precious jade flowing with luster, they quickly rushed into the icy cave, then grabbed the resplendent dragon egg, smashed the icy wall on the other side, and ran towards the back of the snowy peak.

“Keke, you also leave this place.” Xiao Chen shouted at Keke who was rolling here and there on the snowy ground.

Keke didn’t seem to feel the tense atmosphere of the approaching war, it was playing around like a naive child. It shook its head like a plump little snowman, blinked its glittering big eyes, and looked at Xiao Chen.

“Keke, don’t you want to eat delicious food anymore? Don’t you want to get rid of your plump little belly anymore?

“Squeak……” Keke hanged its head down furiously, after that it curled up its plump little body into a ball, which looked exactly like a snowball. And it actually rolled down the mountain peak while chasing after the three skeletons like this. ⌈4

The people on the other snowy peak only saw three skeletons enter the icy cave, they didn’t know the three skeletons already escaped from the other side.

“Everyone go together, what is there to hesitate?!” The ones in the dark tried to incite the others again. However, no one dare to take the first step. After all, the avalanche just now was too shocking, if it happened again, they will die an unworthy death.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, the avalanche just now already caused the snow to slide down, let’s go together.” Someone finally took the first step. If someone took the first step, someone else will follow, dozens of people quickly rushed towards where Xiao Chen was located.

Regarding this group of people, Xiao Chen knew it was useless no matter what he said to them, everyone clearly understood what was going on, this can only be settled with one word, that is — kill! He coldly swept his glance at the practitioners rushing at him. His sharp gaze swept past everyone, but he did not find Yan Qing Cheng and the others. ⌈5


  1.  This proverb is the opposite of the English proverb ‘Reap what you sow’, which means the hard effort you put in will be rewarded. This proverb is about something unearned. To reap without sowing or to have the rewards without having put the effort in. 
  2.  Silva: Future Dragon sounds… kind of awkward?
    Selutu: I think its okay 
  3. Silva: uh…. what kind of reasoning is that? The egg white will still be there even if it was a natural birth… 
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Chapter 77 – Realization

Right now, Xiao Chen felt as if his body was indestructible. With his every movement filled with power, he felt unstoppable. His body was also even more agile and nimble than before, any casual movements he made were as fast as lightning, he left behind one after another afterimages in the icy cave.

However, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh instead, he had reached the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, but it seemed like he was at the bottleneck. It was very difficult to step over this barrier, the most visible gain this time was the increase in strength and speed.

Xiao Chen had come to realize, in order to make a breakthrough, he had to train hard by himself, everything else could only be considered as assistance.

Xiao Chen walked out of the icy cave, he stood on top of the snowy summit to welcome the morning sun. The tranquil world of ice and snow made Xiao Chen feels extremely at peace. Ten million rays of multicolored sunlight shone on the snowy field, vivid colors circulated on the summit, and just at this moment, Xiao Chen suddenly had an epiphany.

Sunrise and sunset, the cycle of yin and yang, the dazzling morning sun, thriving with life force, burning fiercely, and extremely flourishing. Past its prime time, everything starts to decline, this is a cycle.

But after sunset, it didn’t completely come to an end yet, the sun will rise again after the darkness, and a new cycle will begin. Xiao Chen received a never-ending enlightenment, the flourish and decline of life force is an everlasting cycle.

Lately, Xiao Chen’s heartstring was tied very tightly, he always demanded himself to make a breakthrough, giving himself an immense pressure. This is already no longer the driving force that can push him forward, it is just like entering the declining phase after the golden age. The pressure has already become a shackle that’s preventing him from growing.

All living things under the heavens are composite of yin and yang, one cannot flourish for eternity. He had put a shackle on himself, this was obviously the reason why he was unable to make a breakthrough from the peak of Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer. He must completely relax himself, let the darkness past as quickly as possible, and begin a new cycle full of vitality. He should not be resisting the darkness.

Just at this time, it seemed as if Xiao Chen had achieved supreme enlightenment. He completely relaxed, and freed himself from all worries. He lets his mind wandered in the void, passing through the four ocean and five sacred mountains, soaring to the Ninth Heaven and arrived in front of a castle. He discarded all train of thoughts in regards to training, his complicated mind had turned very simple. The dense fog gradually dispersed, allowing the tower of wisdom to let off brilliant rays…… At this moment, Xiao Chen’s entire person seemed very ethereal. He stood at the summit of the snowy mountain to welcome to morning sun, he had already blended with the nature.

The worldly essence entered from the crown of his head, and exited from the body. Endless amount of spiritual energy blended with Xiao Chen’s relaxed body, he found himself submerged in a fantastic state. Soon after, his body shook violently, it actually produced rumbling sounds, and burst forth with a dazzling radiance.

Even though Xiao Chen’s mind was wandering in the void, he could still clearly felt the transformation of his body. He actually made a breakthrough under this kind of circumstances!

He trained strenuously, yet he was unable to make any progress. However, as he was turning back leisurely, he actually made a breakthrough and entered a new domain.

He successfully advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer!

The radiance on his body gradually vanished.

Xiao Chen’s heart was at peace, like a well without a ripple. He still maintained that kind of ethereal state, but he could already comprehend to some extend. The dazzling morning sun is burning fiercely, but will decline once past its prime time, the flourish and decline of life force were not only limited to the changes of nature and meditation, it was applicable for everything…… One’s life is like a dream, joys and sorrows come hand-in-hand, who could live on happily in their whole life? The transformation of the world, the changes of time, who could ever hope to stop them?

A flash of insight is better than several years of bitter training. The transformation this time has a really big meaning for Xiao Chen. This was an understanding of the spirit, he has gained an all new understanding in the path of training.

Many alliances gathered in front of the snowy mountain, there were actually more than four hundred people here. The majority of them came to witness the battle, but there were also quite a few who came for the dragon eggs. Everyone entered the snowy mountain, and finally discovered the traces of Xiao Chen. Raising their heads to look at Xiao Chen who was on the summit of the snowy mountain, their face colors changed due to amazement.

Under the morning sun, Xiao Chen’s entire person was surrounded by a faint radiance. It made him look incomparably holy and auspicious in contrast. He practically looked like a deity who was about to split the dimension!

Some people were unable to remain calm, they shouted as soon as they saw Xiao Chen’s back.

“Xiao Chen, where are the dragon eggs you stole secretly?”

“The dragon eggs on this island belong to everyone!”


This kind of clumsy excuse made many of the audiences feel embarrassed for them, but the few dozen people in front did not feel as such. Many of them were already running towards the snowy peak.

Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton haven’t make their move, yet these people were already making their move. They feared to be outdone by others, they feared other people would get their hands on the dragon egg first. Dozen of practitioners shouted at the same time, they ran halfway up the snowy mountain very quickly.

Hundreds of people far behind the front line felt these people who are ******* for the dragon eggs were too shameless, they started discussing spiritedly at the back.

“How can people be so shameless!”

“Alas, this is the true nature of human!”

“This is nothing, they might do something even more excessive in the future!”

“No matter how powerful Xiao Chen is, fighting against this many is impossible!”


The yell coming from below made Xiao Chen awoke from the ethereal state. After understanding what was going on, he felt very angry, he just advanced to Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer, what was there to be afraid of? If they want to die, then come and get it!

Suddenly, Xiao Chen’s body emitted five dazzling rays of light that seemed to form a linkage with the morning sun at the East.

A few enormous dragon shadows emerged from his divinized acupoints. They were completely made out of resplendent divine radiance. The rays of light were incomparably glaring, the silver-colored Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, the dark green Elephans Draco, the jasper-like Saber Dragon, and the golden Monarch Lion Dragon. With Xiao Chen as the center, the dragon shadows revolved around him, and let out an ear-splitting dragon roar! ⌈1

They are incomparably huge, they are dragons made out of light energy!

Everyone below was completely dumbfounded, they simply couldn’t believe their own eyes! Even Xiao Chen himself was bewildered, he didn’t know how it happened either.

The three skeletons rushed out from the icy cave, they were so shocked that their jaws kept opening and closing unceasingly. Keke was also filled with curiosity, it blinked its glittering big eyes and rolled around Xiao Chen repeatedly. ⌈2

The dragon roar pierced the skies, the enormous shadows continuously float in the sky, they made Xiao Chen looks like a demon god in contrast.


An ear-splitting noise broke out from the snowy mountain, a terrifying avalanche had taken place from the mountain peak Xiao Chen was standing at. It was like the galloping of ten thousand horses, it was like the thunderous roar of the angry waves, a wide expanse of snow rolled down the mountain like a thunderous wave.

The summit was the same as ever, the dragon shadows were floating around Xiao Chen, his entire body was throbbing with searing light flame, he watched everything unfolding before him calmly.

This was a huge disaster, it was completely caused by the dragon roar, Xiao Chen looked almost like a “demon” right now!

The practitioners at the rear immediately increased their speed to the limit, and rushed towards the snowy peak at the other side. They watched the avalanche below them in awe. Those who lusted after the dragon eggs, those who wanted to rush to the summit, and those who wanted to take the dragon eggs by force were all buried under the thick snow. Even if there were Spell Master and Psychic among them who could fly, they didn’t have enough time to get away. The big avalanche was too sudden, they were already halfway up the mountain, and it happened right in their surroundings, they didn’t even had time to respond!

The vast expanse of snow slide almost filled up the valley at the bottom. Everyone was completely dumbstruck, this was simply too terrifying! Xiao Chen actually buried dozens of practitioners under the sea of snow alive.


  1. Silva: This confirmed my suspicion, Xiao Chen must be the Ancestral Dragon!! 
  2. Silva: Dangit, this little critter is too cute. All the tension built up thus far was lost xD