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Chapter 7 – Birth Festival (Part 1)

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1742 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1093 words

I, Kaoru, once the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— of ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, possessor of countless ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—. I would face the fanatical gazes and shriek of my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— everyday, but I remained steadfast. I have a heart of steel and is capable of performing the most graceful dance even while naked before their intense gaze.

No one can make me blush for even a moment.

However, I found that I was still too naive. Compared to my mother’s passionate gaze that’s as hot as the sun, their gaze might as well be a refreshing breeze.

Even my heart of steel would melt if exposed to her gaze for no longer than a second.

Those one hundred and eleven thousand clothes were synonymous to one hundred and eleven thousand igniters, causing her gaze to become more fervent with each passing second.

I could smell something sweet coming off my body…

I urgently realized at this moment; that I need to find a way to get out of this hell of shame, else I would be cooked sooner or later.

It is quite fortunate that the birth festival is about to begin soon. Otherwise mother wouldn’t stop her clothes-changing spree.

That gave me a chance for a breather. Tonight… I must definitely find a way to escape the shame hell tonight…

Otherwise… I can’t even begin to fathom my fate at that time.

“Alright, it is time, let us go,” mother said gently as she put her hand on my shoulder.

She didn’t do anything especially conspicuous, but the surrounding scenery changed again.

However, she didn’t teleport directly to the venue, but in front of a tunnel exit.

Mother lightly pushed me and said, “Go on now, that’s your party. Go and take a good look at them. Although they act a little recklessly, they are still your companions, your most reliable support.”

I nodded with uncertainty before walking out of the wide cave.

As I exit the cave, all that registered in my vision is darkness.

“Flash!” A lighting similar to those spotlights used in theater suddenly lit up on a scholarly figure. That figure belonged to Akarin who got scared-ⓢⓗⓘⓣⓛⓔⓢⓢ by mother just now.

He slowly lifted his head and used a rhythmic tone to speak, “Dragons, they are the race with the strongest individual power. Although our race has low population, we aren’t afraid of any other races. However, there is no such thing as perfection. Our strength comes at the cost of low fertility rate. As a result, the dragon race has the lowest population in this world.”

“That’s why, the birth of a new dragon is a grand occasion to us. We will hold a grand birth festival for them to celebrate their birth.”

“And tonight, the newborn dragon we are holding birth festival for is not just any ordinary dragon. She has incubated in the egg for twenty years, lightning descended during her shell break period, she took the form of human upon birth. And her dragon might is not to be treated lightly either, she is none other than…”

Flash! Another spotlight was directed at me.

“Her Highness the princess!”

“Roaaaaaaaaaar!” Countless dragon roar resounded in the darkness.

“Tonight, let us invite Her Highness the princess to join us with our warmest welcome! Salute!”

W- wow… they even have something as high level as a salute… heh-heh, no wonder they are dragons…

“Peeeeeeeeew!” Spheres of fire flew up from the surrounding hilltops. After the spheres reached certain heights, they exploded and the flames scattered like countless shooting stars.

So… pretty… but only fireworks as pretty as this can move me, Akatod (omitted the rest), isn’t that so?

With the light from the fireworks, I was finally able to see the surroundings. The mountain was filled with huge dragons all over the place. They numbered more than this morning, this could be the entire population of the dragons.

A warmth I’ve never before experienced welled-up in my heart.

“This is the first present we’ve prepared for the princess,” Akarin’s aged face looked much more dazzling under the spotlight.

Wait… what is that thing… behind the spotlight…

I wasn’t able to see anything due to the darkness a moment ago, but with the lighting from the fireworks, I only noticed the huge shadow hidden behind the spotlight.

I turned my head with mechanical motion and found a huge figure not too far away from me. The eyes at one side of his head fixedly stared at me, and those glint in his eyes almost caused my cheeks to be streaming with tears…

Upon noticing that I have spotted him, he grinned at me and showed his shining white fangs.

How did the spotlight come out of his eyes? Could this be what they call the flash of the eyes?

You really can do whatever you please with magic.

“Down there is the most outstanding musician of the dragon race, Atlas Beldo. He will present us with a graceful ensemble!”

There are musicians among the dragons? That’s really unexpected.

A man with formal attire was spotlighted in the next moment. The funny thing was that the attire was on the verge of bursting due to all the muscles.

He behaved like a real conductor as he first faced me and offered a bow. Then he turned around and lightly flung the baton in his hand. A few more spotlights lit up and illuminated a dozen or more juvenile dragons. The juvenile dragons lined up neatly like in real orchestra.

The conductor lightly waved his baton and brought out beautiful sounds that’s suspected to be caused by sonic boom.

The juvenile dragon looked up and moving music poured down in torrents…




“Ro- ro- ro- roar!”

I don’t know what to say, nor do I know how to retort…

But there’s still something I have to say…

Why is the conductor’s baton a few meters long?! Why are there sonic booms when he’s conducting?! Why is there only a single word in their chorus?!

Furthermore, these juveniles are obviously assembled at the last moment! They couldn’t even sing in synchrony! Why did they choose juvenile dragons in the first place? They are obviously disorganized and infighting has already begun…. Look, those two in the center are already fighting, oi!

Pow! Pow! The conductor calmly used the baton to knock out the two dragons. Then a huge claw extended from the darkness to drag them off the stage…

Alright… I know why he’s using such a long baton now… you don’t need to demonstrate to me anymore…


Dragon Princess Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – My Insurmountable Cabinet

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1577 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1041 words

I, Kaoru, once known as ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— of the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—. Possessor of a vast ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— and inexhaustible ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—. However, those things have no ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ use right now.

I recalled those days when I was thirteen years old.

That was a rainy day; the old gentleman was jumping and spinning continuously under the rain. He shouted in joy while taking off the only two clothing he was wearing. He was acting just like a fifty years old child.

I was still in exile at the time. Without any place to stay, I could only hide under the park’s sliding board to take shelter from the rain.

I asked the old gentleman why he didn’t come in to take shelter, why was he so happy despite being drenched in the rain.

The old gentleman said, “Life is just like getting ⓡⓐⓟⓔⓓ. Since we cannot resist it, we might as well enjoy it.”

I was still young at that time and couldn’t understand the despair under his cover.

But now, I have finally understood how one could lose their will to resist in the face of true terror.

Even so, I still couldn’t bring myself to enjoy this from having reached such a realization.

That’s because… this is really too embarrassing…

Why… just why did the evil human create something as embarrassing as a bandage costume! Isn’t this just a rag? How could this be counted as clothes?!

“Heh-heh-heh… so beautiful.”

Don’t deceive me! Your face doesn’t look like one that’s appreciating a beautiful thing!

“Heh-heh, good daughter, don’t move randomly… Let me record this beautiful moment with the spectrum stone,” mother retrieved a blue crystal from somewhere.

Wait a minute! I got a bad feeling from the sound of this spectrum stone. It sounded just like some kind of video recording equipment.

“As long as I record with this, I will be able to appreciate my daughter’s beauty at any time.”

So… it’s true!!! Wait-wait-wait! Did you know this is against the law? Doesn’t it hurt your conscience to do something this cruel to your newborn daughter? Did you know what kind of harmful influence it will bring about to my still immature heart?

“Mnya! Nghh Nh-nh-nh-nhhh!” I started to struggle, but I couldn’t take off the bandage costume. It was wrapping my body in circles. The more I struggle, the more I got tangled up and turned into some kind of bondage play.

“Heh-heh-heh… no wonder you’re my daughter, even your taste is the same as mommy… Lookie here~ Ahn~ That rebellious yet inviting expression is so irresistible.”

Who’s rebellious yet inviting? My face is showing naught but resistance okay? If you keep this up, I’m really going to report this to the police… uh… it seems like even the police won’t be able to handle this case…

Damn it! Is there no one who can save me?

Perhaps even the Heaven couldn’t bear to watch my sufferings any longer, the spectrum stone in mother’s hands suddenly started to ring.

“Tsk, that ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ,” mother tapped the spectrum stone with a very irritated face.

A projection manifested atop the spectrum stone. What appeared on the screen was a refined-looking old man with a grizzled beard.

The old man slightly bowed before mother, “My queen.”

“Akarin huh, what’s the matter?” So that old man is the gray-colored dragon from earlier huh.

“The preparation for the party is completed. It is time for Your Majesty to enter with the princess.”

“Tsk, why are they so fast… Alright alright, we’ll be there soon,” mother wanted to switch off the spectrum stone as soon as she finished speaking.

At this time, I realized; this is my chance! Even for my mother who possessed the highest authority among the dragons, she definitely wouldn’t want her subordinate to know she was this kind of person in private.

And once her image has been busted, she will be admonished by many loyal subjects. Then she will have no choice but to give up on ravaging me due to the sheer pressure from her peers.

Hah! I, Mordred (omitted the rest), am indeed a genius.

“Ga ga goo goo!” I started to cry out desperately.

“Hm? How can I hear the princess’ voice? Is she around?”

Akarin was about to turn his head towards the sound reflexively.

All of a sudden, a terrifying aura shrouded the entire room. Even Akarin, who was on the other side of the screen, also turned pale.

“If you dare to turn your head, I will snap your neck!”

The frightened Akarin immediately turned off the projection.

Y- you coward! Aren’t you a dragon? Why are you so spineless! You peed yourself just from a little fright, do you still have the face to call yourself a dragon?!

Damn it! I was too naive, to my mother who could crush every obstacle with brute force, there’s no such thing as constrain…

Mother put away the spectrum stone and said with a dejected look, “Sigh~ Why does good time always end so quickly? The party is about to begin.”

She continued with a sigh, “I still have a few sets I wanted to try. There are some that looked even better than this…”

T- there’s still something that looks even better (more embarrassing)? Don’t tell me you spent the entirety of the last twenty years just to buy clothes? That’s too scary! Way too scary! Is mother really such a terrifying creature?

Mother picked up a Western-style dress that’s been prepared long ago, “Alright, just put this on first. We will try the other 109,861 clothes some other time.”

That’s right, that’s right! As long as you don’t make me wear those shameful clothes again, I am willing to wear as much as… wait, h- how many did you say again? One… hundred nine thousand, and eight hundred……

Just how did you gather one hundred nine thousand and eight… no, including the one hundred thirty one sets earlier, there are one hundred ten thousand sets of clothes here. I will just kneel down before you alright? Just accept my bow of servitude.

At this very moment, I felt that instead of getting ⓡⓐⓟⓔⓓ, I have been ⓖⓐⓝⓖⓑⓐⓝⓖⓔⓓ one hundred ten thousand times.


Chapter 5 – I am Cute and Charming

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1229 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 837 words

I, Kaoru, in my countless years of ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, I have finally encountered an enemy I can’t defeat. She is so powerful I don’t even stand a chance to resist.

That’s right, she’s my current mother. The queen of the dragons, and one of the only three demigods in this world.

One of the other two demigods is wounded, and the other one doesn’t care about worldly affairs. Moreover, my mother has one ultimate weapon of destruction that the other two do not have.

That’s right, her E… no, F-cup breasts are the most powerful weapon in the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that my mother is unparalleled in this world.

As for me, after being pushed around for the whole day, I finally found the method to rise to the top. That’s right, that secret lies in this body of mine.

Looking at myself in the mirror, my height measured roughly 1.3 to 1.4 meters tall. I have long golden hair, a face as delicate as the doll’s, and a pair of sky blue eyes. Moreover, these pair of eyes changed into gold color occasionally. Although my chest is still as flat as a board, but there’s a saying that every loli has unprecedented potential for growth. Besides, I was just born. One day, I will come to possess the strongest weapon in the world, and maybe even surpass my mother!

I will regain my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— and launch an all-out attack against those two retarded goddesses!

I can already feel the flame of vengeance lit up in my eyes!

But before that, let me plant a seed first…


Gasp~ No way, this is so moe1… why am I so cute~

“Pfff—” I can hear the sound of liquid squirting out behind me. Turning my head around, I saw my mother holding a cloth in one hand and the other hand was covering her nose. She has a flushed face, heavy breathing, and her golden eyes are bloodshot.

“Too… too cute… Ah~ Ahhh~ why is my daughter so cute~”

It seems like… I have found a way to confront mother?

“Mu-nya~” One more time.

“Oomph!” The cloth in mother’s hand fell to the ground as she clenched her chest. Her breathing was becoming rougher and the gold color in her eyes had become so dense it looked like they almost popped out.

“I- I can’t bear it anymore,” With a flash of light, mother disappeared from my sight.

After a moment, mother reappeared with fragments of ice sticking to her body. The temperature of the room lowered considerably in an instant.

“Phew… I have finally cooled my head. I almost go out of control. Good thing I left a coordinate in the Land of Eternal Frost before,” said mother with misgivings.

This is it! Hahaha, even the strongest existence in the world has a weakness…

Now I just need to strike while the iron is hot and take down mother in one go! Then I will be able to escape from this humiliating hell.

I just need to speak out my true feelings and add my moe-moe attack on top of that, it will be totally impossible for mother to hold out against this attack.

Hahaha! I, Cornelian ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, am really a genius. Just who will inhibit me now in this world…

What? You say that I am abandoning my honor and pride as a ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— of the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—? You are too naive. Looks like you have never experienced the darkness of societies before. In life, one must make a compromise if they want to grow. Just like how I am reassuring myself right now, that’s also a very important experience.

A man can’t live in just their fantasies.


Gosh! I forgot I still can’t talk right now…

“Does my daughter also like these clothes? Uwa… mommy is so happy.”

Just which eyes did you use to see that I am fond of the clothes? Did you see it? I am shaking my head, just look… I am shaking my head right now…

“You even acted cute on purpose after putting on the clothes for mommy, oooh~ you are such a cute little angel~ Come, let us continue.”

Mother approached me again with a new set of clothes.

You are completely wrong, I am not a filial daughter at all. If you keep this up, I won’t give you rice to eat once you grow old yo.

I will even admit you to a nursing home and not pay a visit for years.

Do- don’t come over here… I will scream for help… I really will…


“So cute~ Come, quickly put on these clothes. Don’t resist anymore. Mommy will do anything for you, if only you put on these clothes…”

Did you say resist just now? You definitely said it right? Don’t… Even if I have to change my clothes, at least a different set… the one in your hand didn’t even cover the important parts…

Don’t do it…



Dragon Princess Chapter 5

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Chapter 4 – Invincible Mother

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1520 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1022 words

T- ten thousand years? Is that the life expectancy of a dragon?

No… That’s not right, now’s not the time to fret about those kind of things.

“Ga ga goo goo!” Are you really that bored these twenty past years?

“Hm? My daughter, what are you saying? Mommy cannot understand. You must be thanking mommy right? After all, there’s no girl who doesn’t like beautiful clothes.”

I’m really sorry that I’m a man, but are you sure you bought these clothes just because they are beautiful and not due to some ulterior motives?

“Eh~ it’s also quite troublesome when there’s too much clothes, which one should I choose I wonder?”

C- Can you not put down the maid costume and nurse costume in your hands first before you speak? Then again, isn’t this a parallel world with magic? Why is a costume as embarrassing as the nurse costume exist? Could the points of appreciation (fetishes) of the gentlemen (perverts) in all worlds be the same?

Th- this is too scary! Can I go back to hide in my egg?

Mother, who had a maid and nurse costume in both hands, suddenly slapped her forehead and said, “Alas~ Just look at me, I’ve forgotten to let you take a bath first.

Right, of course I need to take a bath first. Just look at me, I just crawled out from the egg and is covered in sticky mucus all over.

The surrounding scenery changed again. We were still in a cave, but in the middle of the cave was a steaming pool.

C- Could this really be the legendary… hot spring?!

S- So… awesome…… Wait a minute, I always bathed in ice-cold water in order to temper my will ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— power, there’s no way I’d want to soak in a hot spring.

But then why am I unable to control my body and resist the temptation of the hot spring? No matter how much I tried to resist, my body keeps getting closer to the spring. Ah~ this… feels so good. Why does it feel so good to soak in the hot spring~ This… must be due to my instinct, the instinct of a dragon! Just like how all the dragons couldn’t resist shiny things, they must be fond of the hot spring too. That’s right, that must be it!

“I actually prefer the chilly lake water more, but for my newborn daughter, I will just have to bear with it. Hm? Oh my… you already can’t wait and jumped into the spring by yourself? That’s quite a contented look you have there.”

Lalala I can’t hear it~ I am actually partially hearing-impaired. I couldn’t hear what mother was saying just now, perhaps she was saying how comfortable the hot spring felt.

Wait, something is bothering me… what does she mean by bear with it?

I turned my head mechanically and saw my mother taking off her clothes bit by bit through the thick fog.

Pure white skin, slim waist, slender thighs… and… b- b- breasts……

Doc… doc… doc- doctor! Quick! Get a doctor!

We… ugh… I’m at my limit…

“Eh~? What’s wrong, daughter? Your face is so red, is the water too hot?” Though it was faint, I suddenly felt myself being wrapped up by two soft and lovely ⓑⓔⓔⓟ———— (in transmission)


“Kya! Why is the blood spurting out from your nose, my daughter?!”

Thump-thump! Thump-thump!

“My my, why are you losing control of your Dragon Might again? Whoa! Even the Golden Pupil has been activated… what’s going on…”

So it is true… breasts… are indeed the strongest in the world. As the former ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— of the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, I actually feel so powerless in front of her… Th- this is… too terrifying…

I will be going first… I have no more regrets in this world…

“Eh? Wait a minute! Why are you passing out, my daughter? Don’t tell me you are unable to soak in the hot spring?


I, Kaoru, former ruler of the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, the most ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— man of this world. Because of two retarded goddesses, I cannot ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, but I am still very ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—.

I have just fainted in the hot spring, but surprisingly, I didn’t have any regrets That is because I have been defeated by the most powerful thing in the world. I don’t feel ashamed at all.

And after this minor setback, I just recalled something very important— I am also a girl now.

That’s right! After I have understood the greatness of a woman, I slowly came to accept my new body.

However, why does my heart feel so heavy?

I stood in front of the mirror, wearing the one hundred and thirtieth clothes my mother has forcefully made me wear.

That’s right, even after I fainted in the hot spring, I still couldn’t escape the fate of becoming my mother’s dress-up doll. For the entire afternoon, my exhilarated mother would change me into one beautiful (shameful) clothes after another. What little bit of grievance left in my heart has gradually become numb after that ordeal.

What? Why didn’t I resist?

Did you think I didn’t try to resist? Who do you think I am? I am Akatod (omitted the rest)! As the most ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— of the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—, how can I not resist?


“What… do you not love mommy anymore? Are you already getting fed up with mommy? Boo hoo… mommy has waited for you for twenty whole year, but you already started to dislike mommy after two hours. M- mommy is so sad… Boo hoo hoo… is there any reason left for mommy to continue living? Is there still any meaning left in this world? Why not come with mommy to destroy this meaningless world? That old Demon King is still recuperating anyway, and that guy in the Sea of Origin never cared about what’s going on in the outside world. There’s no one who can stop mommy even if I plan to destroy the world…”


You guys tell me, how am I supposed to resist a mother who will destroy the world if one wrong word is said!


Dragon Princess Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Wisdom

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2031 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1316 words

My name is Kaoru, but naturally, that was the name I used before becoming the emperor. My true name is Carlos (omitted the rest). Do not misunderstand, it is not because I am stingy and do not want to let the world know of my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—— name, it’s because I’ve been stabbed in the back by two retarded goddesses. Not only did I lose my little brother, I have also been deprived of all my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ——.

Ever since that day, I have lost almost all my life’s joy, unable to ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— my ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— and ⓑⓔⓔⓟ—1. It really makes my heart ache.

I originally thought that nothing else could’ve cheered me up.

However, I found that I was wrong.

Right now, it feels like I have returned to the day when I was thirteen years old. The me at the time was in an extremely arduous situation. During that period, the one who always accompanied me was an old gentleman.

He had once imparted me with meaningful life experiences, “Child, you should know that, the strongest thing in the world are not the swords nor the supernatural beings, is it our desire! It can cause a man to degenerate, make them go crazy, countless heroes to smack the ground in frustration, and many gentlemen to wear unusual hat.”

I have vividly remembered those words, but I didn’t understand what they meant at the time.

But now, at this very moment, I have finally understood.

This wonderful sensation that make men want to stop but can’t. This stifling feeling that can make a man die happy. This… This has already transcended the boundaries of life and death and has reached the highest order of existence.

“Ah… sorry, I was too excited,” mother loosened slightly and liberated me from her breasts.

“Hm? Why is your face so red? Are you sick somewhere? You must tell mommy if you are feeling unwell.”


No, I’ve never had such a great time before. Never have I ever come across such a beautiful object in all my life. However, I am unable to express this delightful feeling into words.

Mother’s face flushed again when she heard my childish sound.

“So cute, she’s really too cute! Why is my daughter such a cutie~ Makes me want to hug her again. No… nonononono… I need to help her suppress the Dragon Might first.”

Mother used both hands to lift up my face, “Here, good girl, look into mommy’s eyes.”

Mother eyes was like the azure sky, creating a distinct contrast with her fiery hair.

She was looking straight into my eyes. Gold hue began to spread from the center of her pupils and turned her originally azure eyes into golden. It was as though a golden flame was ignited in her eyes.

The golden flame seemed to possess magic power and sucked all my attention towards it.

“Relax your mind and feel your pulse,” mother’s voice resounded in my ears like a distant clock bell.

Thump-thump! Thump-thump! I heard my pulse very clearly. Meanwhile, I could also hear countless pulses from the surrounding.

And the pulse that’s closest to me was oh so familiar yet distinct. It topped over all the other pulses by far. The pulse was reminiscent to the pulse of the world itself.

“Suppress it.”

That powerful voice echoed in my mind, guiding my pulse and returned it to the normal state.

The gold-color in mother’s eyes began to subside, and my awareness slowly returned.

By the time mother’s eyes changed back to sky blue color, I still remained in a daze for a good few seconds. Mother gently caressed my face with a smile and said, “Remember that feeling just now and learn how to control it.”

I nodded my head in a daze.

“Congratulations my queen, the princess has finally been born!”

“Rooooar! This calls for a celebration.”

“My thoughts exactly!”

I was startled by the sudden clamor. It was as though some kind of switch had been flipped, all those dragons who were crouching on the ground earlier began to roar, to shout, and flap their wings. To put it briefly, they feel more excited than me who had just narrowed escaped death.

“Quiet!” Mother commanded.

As expected of mother! Just one word from her and all the huge dragons quietened down. Not even a single noise remained.

“Today marks the birth of my daughter! As such, I shall hold a birth festival for tonight! The altar will be opened and it is there shall we acquire a true name for my daughter!”

“Rooooooar—— Shrieeeeeeek——”

“I shall leave the arrangement to Akarin.”

“Yes!” answered the gray dragon nearby.

True name? Is my true name not Austrian (omitted the rest)?

Does that mean the dragons also have a so-called true name? This is seriously— so cool! No wonder they are the man’s romance! I already can’t wait to find out my draconic true name.

Mother rubbed my head and pampered me, “Just you wait, I will definitely hold the grandest birth festival for you. Before that… hehehe, let me dress you up~”

For some reason, I have a bad premonition. Do not doubt, we… I have sharpened my intuition to the utmost in countless ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— battles. That’s why, I am sure something bad will definitely happen in a short while.

As sudden as it happened, the surrounding scenery abruptly changed. By the time I realized what was going on, I found myself inside a huge cave.

“Don’t be scared, it’s just teleportation magic.”

So that was magic, it was awesome indeed! However, it still felt somewhat lacking compared to the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— I had mounted before.

When I turned to look towards one side of the cave, my eyes suffered a great blow.

When I broke out from the eggshell just recently, my eyes experienced the change of lighting from dark to light. I didn’t feel any discomfort at that time, but now… my eyes had been blinded by all the dazzle.

Gold! Diamonds! Gems! Crystals! All that are shinies, they have it here. Moreover, you don’t count them one by one, but mountain by mountains! This is literally mountains of treasures! I… cough, cough… this still doesn’t compare to the ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— I once possessed…

However… why do I have the urge to roll and sleep on top of them? Don’t tell me… these things have been enchanted by magic? …That’s right, that must be it! Otherwise, why would I be attracted by these things…

When mother saw my spellbound expression, her lips formed a smile and said, “All of these belong to you from now on. Dragons are creatures who likes shiny things to begin with, so there’s no need for you to suppress your desires.”

So that’s it. Told you I wouldn’t be attracted to these material things with my strong will. It’s all because of my instinct!

“But what I wanted you to see aren’t those things,” mother gently turned my head to the other side.

Once I saw the stuff on the other side of the cave, my originally overheated brain cooled down in an instant. Moreover, I could feel a chill running up from the soles of my feet up to my head.

Those are clothes, lots and lots of clothes, ranging from baby wear to child wear, western dresses to formal attires. I can even see maid clothing among them… Almost half of the entire cave was stuffed full of clothes.

“I bought all these clothes for you ever since twenty years ago. These are all your clothes ranging from birth until ten thousand years old~ How is it? Are you surprised? It’s just a pity that you are already so big immediately after birth, so many clothes cannot be worn anymore… Mhm, you know what? Just forget about it! I can’t wait to personally change you into these clothes one by one… hehehe…”


Chapter 2 – Birth

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1601 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1087 words


In the wake of the thunder, I was assaulted by intense pain as every fiber of my being was being pricked by the electric shock constantly.

Incapable of doing anything else, I could only pray that I didn’t get killed by the lightning. Otherwise, I, Akabel— (omitted the rest)1, will need to go see those two retarded goddesses again.

Perhaps surprised by the lightning, noises began to surface from the outside again.

“What…? Why did the lightning…”

“The barrier is destroyed…”

“My child!”

So… noisy… I was hit by sudden drowsiness.

The pain and numbness caused by the lightning gradually faded away, but the egg was still in one piece.

“Huu…” My lungs began to work and supplied me with all the oxygen I needed to stay awake.

However, the air in the egg was obviously very thin.2

Could it be that, I, Washington— (omitted the rest), will really die in my eggshell?

Looks like I still need to go see those retarded goddesses after all. I wonder if they will give me another chance at rebirth.

“My child… a- are you okay?”

“My queen, please refrain yourself. He must rely on himself at this time.”

“Why did the lightning strike? Is there an enemy?!”

“Go investigate quickly!”

So noisy! I am dying okay? Do you guys really need to make so much noise? Will you not just let me die in peace?

They’re really… so bothersome!

Thump-thump, thump-thump… as abruptly as my pulse quickened… my whole body began to feel hot.

“Huu… huu…” My lungs desperately squeezed out the last of the oxygen present in the shell.

The blood in my body began to boil. I could even hear the flow of blood as they coursed through the veins.

“No, I’m going to break the eggshell.”

“Think about it trice my queen! If you break the eggshell now, it will affect his fu—”

“There’s no future if he dies now?! Out of my way!” There was yet another uproar coming from the outside.

I say… you guys… are too noisy!

I suddenly stretched my hands outward.

“Crack,” I became dumbfounded.

The noisy bunch also quietened down.

The sound of my heartbeat became clearer. At the same time, I felt like I could hear countless heartbeat sounds resonating with mine.

I exerted a little strength into my fingers and the seemingly indestructible eggshell from a moment ago shattered like a piece of paper. Light began to penetrate into the egg from the small crack.

Usually, when one stayed in the dark for too long, they wouldn’t be able to look straight at the light at once. However, my eyes adapted to the dazzling light very quickly.

“Crack! Crack!”

The eggshell cracked every time I exerted a bit of strength. When the entirety of my hand finally stretched out of the egg, I found that they were long and slender, completely unlike that of a newborn baby.

In other words, I’ve skipped the whole infant phase and reincarnated as a little loli? Isn’t that too big of a jump? We… I haven’t mentally prepared myself for this!

It was at this time I suddenly thought of a problem; I am currently naked, and there are unknown numbers of dragons out there fixing their eyes on me. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I am an infant, but with my current body… that would be a little… too much…

A warm hand suddenly grabbed me as I contemplated whether to go out like this or not. Her originally dignified voice now carried incomparable affection as she said, “Don’t be scared, my child. I’ll be here for you.”

The voice dispelled all my doubts. I stretched my other hand outside and pulled apart the eggshell separating us bit by bit.

Every time an eggshell dropped off, I heard a sound reminiscent of my heartbeat.

“Thump-thump, thump-thump.”

And then what appeared before me was a beautiful madam looking at me with affectionate eyes. The slight smile at the corner of her mouth refused to go away.

Her fiery hair looked as though they were burning and outshone the dazzle of the sun.

She slowly lifted me from within the eggshell and used a gorgeous cloth to wrap me up.

“It’s alright, don’t be scared. You may restrain the Dragon Might now. Otherwise, some of the little fellas wouldn’t be able to endure it.”

Only now did I realize the surrounding was a huge valley, and figures of huge life forms could be seen everywhere around the valley.

Huge body, fierce-looking head, the scales that reflected light under the sunlight, and those huge pair of wings… so cool… are those the legendary dragons? They are every bit as cool as my imagination!

The strange thing was that all the dragons were crouching down for some reason. Some of the smaller-sized dragons were even trembling a little.

The gray dragon that’s closest to me said with a trembling voice, “All hail the royal princess. Shortly after she was born, her Dragon Might was already strong enough to overpower all of the dragons here. Only the queen who’s a half-god remains unaffected… Th- this might be comparable to the power of the first generation dragons with the purest bloodline… It looks like Her Highness incubated for twenty years for a reason. Maybe someday in the future, Her Highness may be able to launch an attack at the illusory Heavenly Realm.”

Heavenly Realm? I suddenly thought of those two retarded goddesses. In other words, I have a chance for revenge in the future? Wahaha, just wait for me you two idiots, I will definitely make my way towards that whatever world and then press my little brother against your ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— to let you two experience my agony!

The madam… no, my mother gently stroked my head and said proudly, “Of course, this is but my baby girl. Good girl, quickly retract your Dragon Might or someone might really not be able to stand it anymore.”

What? How am I to know how to retract it when I don’t even know how to release this thing.

Maybe because this body had never once spoken before, my voice wouldn’t come out when they reached the mouth. Only after spiraling in my mouth for a long time did a word finally made its way out.

“Iya?” That was the only sound I managed to make.

“Ss——3” Mother’s face suddenly flushed, then she suddenly buried me into her E, no… at least F-cup breasts.

“So… so cute!!!”


Dragon Princess Chapter 2

There’s nothing much for me to say here. Most of everything I wanted to say has already been said yesterday. There is one thing though, all the chapters I’ve translated so far aside from Chapter 1 all have a length of 1,500 characters on average. Meaning, all of them are short chapters. I don’t know how long this status quo will last and if the chapter length will increase in the future, but short chapter works for me! 🙂

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Just a fair warning, this novel has a lot of Chinese slangs, informal tones, archaic dialect, and first-person context. It’s my first time translating a novel like this so I’m not sure how well I do. There might be inconsistencies with the tenses due to my lack of experience, so if anyone wishes to apply for editorship for Dragon Princess, I’m more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

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