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Chapter 5-155: Movements of All Parties

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Drip-drop, drip-drop.

In the dimly lit underground space, only the sound of occasional water droplets could be heard. After Lilith and her companions’ rampage, hardly any living thing survived, leaving silence as the eternal theme of this place.

And this silence was broken.

“Damn it, to think that cracking a mere demigod artifact would take so much effort!”

Space twisted, forming a passage, from which two figures emerged.

Both figures were cloaked in wide black robes, obscuring their forms to the point where even their genders were indistinguishable. However, one cloak bore a large “Three” on the back, and the other “Four.”

“It’s because these bodies are too weak,” said Number Three indifferently.

“Our power is too restrained. The fact that we could break the artifact’s divine barrier is only thanks to its sufficient degradation.”

“Humph, if it weren’t for that mad old hag, we wouldn’t have been reduced to seizing these foul-smelling humans.”

Number Four lifted a hand to sniff, feeling as if the body’s pungent stench could make them faint.

“Silence! Be careful not to let her sense us!” Number Three glared at Number Four. “At such a critical moment, stop complaining. Do you know how much effort it took for them to send us here? If we fail the mission, or if she detects us, neither of us will end well.”

“Hmph.” Number Four flicked their robe sleeve without replying.

“Also, remember our current names. Don’t slip up, Number Four…” Number Three added.

“Got it, got it, you’re Number Three and I’m Number Four. Such childish names, wonder which idiot came up with them.”

“That one.” Three pointed skyward without expression.
“Which one?”
“The one above all.”

Number Four’s face turned ashen, lips trembling, “No… it can’t be.”

Number Three shook their head helplessly, “Who else would be so bored but that one.”

“What do I do now? Speaking ill of that one directly, I’m sure to be sensed.” Number Four’s body shook like a leaf.

“What else can we do but make amends through good deeds?” Number Three patted Number Four on the shoulder, sighing, “That one is very vindictive.”

Number Four stood still, looking worse than if they’d eaten a fly.

“Let’s get to work.”

Shaking their head, Number Three focused on the task at hand.

The purpose of their mission wasn’t overly complicated, so they quickly achieved a result.

“Found it.”

Holding a crimson organ in their hand, Number Three sneered, “To think they’d carelessly lose something as important as a heart. Truly careless.”

Number Four, who pinned their hopes on making amends, hurried over to ask:

“How is it? Can you sense that one’s aura?”

Number Three brought out a clear, crystalline stone, waving it over the heart.

Seeing no change in the stone, Number Three’s expression turned slightly disappointed, “It seems that even if it derived from that one’s powers, it is but a real object. What I hold in my hand is merely an ordinary young dragon race heart.”

“Is that so? What about this one then?”

Number Four handed over another heart, clearly not as well-preserved as the dragon heart, already coagulated and turned black.

Number Three glanced at it without even the desire to use the stone, “A human heart, of no value.”

“Does that mean we’ve come here for nothing?” Number Four frowned, discontented, about to reduce the foul-smelling, disgusting heart in their hand to ashes.

“Wait a moment.”

Number Three suddenly interrupted, staring at the human heart with mysterious patterns flashing in their eyes: “The ability of this heart’s owner… is somewhat interesting.”

“How so?”
“Worth utilizing.”
Number Four grinned: “So you’re saying…”
“We didn’t come here for nothing.” Number Three responded,
“At least I’ve already figured out our next move.”


That night, in the brightly lit Imperial Palace of the Holy Dragon Empire,

Princess Estelle knelt on the cold ground, her eyelids drooping as if she had already fallen asleep. In front of her, the pink curtains danced with the breeze from outside, accompanied by the flickering candlelight, sketching a seductive silhouette.


The woman behind the curtains stretched lazily like a cat just waking up, her curves twisting and forming a breathtaking view.

“So you’re saying… you lost?” The woman spoke languidly.
“And you lost miserably?”
“Losing to anyone but your talented sister, that wench’s daughter?”

Princess Estelle’s fingertips dug deep into the ground, as the humiliating scenes from before re-emerged in her mind.

“Estelle, oh Estelle, what am I to do with you?”

The curtains were lifted, revealing a face that bore some resemblance to Princess Estelle but was more mature and dignified. The woman was draped in a thin robe, her fair skin under the moonlight seeming coated in fresh milk.

The woman bent down, tenderly lifting Princess Estelle’s face, softly saying:

“You should know, my position today is all thanks to what?”

“It’s because you, Estelle, were outstanding enough. Being the disciple of Lord Taylor and the emperor’s most beloved daughter, and more importantly, for having trampled the former royal family’s top genius under your feet.

It’s because of this, your mother, that I now hold the most significant influence in the harem. And it won’t be long before I can replace that wench and completely surpass her status.

But at this crucial moment, how could you tell your mother that you lost to that wench’s daughter?”

Princess Estelle seemed unable to look directly at the face before her, closing her eyes, biting her lip, and softly saying:

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Estelle. You must understand your status is different now. In the past, a loss was just a loss, and you could always try again. But now, with the entire royal family’s resources at your disposal and being Lord Taylor’s disciple, if you lose, what do you think others will say?”


Princess Estelle wanted to say she wouldn’t lose next time, but thinking of Luna’s excited and manic face, she couldn’t bring herself to say it.


Perhaps sensing the fear on Princess Estelle’s face, the woman sighed, stood up, and asked:

“Does Lord Taylor know about your loss?”
“I haven’t told Master yet… I can’t bring myself to say it.”
“I thought as much. But this is for the best…”

The woman turned away, no longer facing her daughter, her tone returning to its usual coolness.

“Rest assured and participate in the competition. Your mother will remove the obstacles in your path.”

Sensing the hint of malice in the woman’s words, Princess Estelle asked somewhat frantically, “What are you planning to do…”

“Did I hear that the First Elder’s grandson… has taken a fancy to you?”

The woman glanced over Princess Estelle’s ring: “I heard he recently crossed the threshold of the Mid-Saint Realm.”

“Mother, surely you aren’t…” Princess Estelle suddenly widened her eyes, “No, if this is discovered…”

“It won’t be discovered.” The woman said calmly: “As long as you remain Lord Taylor’s disciple for a day, someone will erase these unclean traces for you, and might even quietly lend us a hand.”

“How… could…”

“Hehe, you’ve been with Lord Taylor for so long. Do you think the real Lord Taylor matches the noble and mighty image spread among the common folk?”


Princess Estelle wanted to argue, but she had to admit, to some extent, Lord Taylor was a bit too unrestrained.

“Exactly, and that’s because Lord Taylor is the face of the Holy Dragon Empire, in some respects, an even more crucial figure than the emperor himself. Therefore, in the eyes of outsiders, he cannot afford to have any blemish.”


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