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Dragon Princess – Chapter 42

Alright everyone, diz be Silva. Long time no see? Anyone miss me? No? Ok… I’ll just go cry in the corner.
But anyways, since Teacher Dex is busy giving finals to his student, he won’t be able to publish today’s chapter, so I’ll do it on his behalf. And good luck to his students!

On a side note, next week is Christmas already! And New Year is also fast approaching! Kyaaa~ another year is about to end, it’s the dawn of 2020 soon! Have you made your New Year resolution yet?

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Dragon Princess – Chapter 41

🎵 Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for joy, and time for cheer 🎵

I’ve been thinking of modifying the heroine’s journey structure a bit. The idea probably has been done in some form before, but I think it could be fairly interesting.
Instead of doing the descent of the goddess and the coming to accept her femininity aspect, what if the setting were an RPG type world, where their roles are assigned/unchangeable (doesn’t really matter). You could then go through the heroine’s journey circle and get someone who rejects their role for whatever reason then comes to accept it through certain events.
Those types of stories have been done before, yes, but I don’t recall one set with the specific structure. Could be a fun read/write.

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