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Chapter 5-147: What Is That?

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“I’m sorry, but Myre has to do this for Big Brother,” Myre said apologetically, though her eyes betrayed a fierce determination that belied her youthful appearance.

“Goodbye,” she whispered softly before giving her heart a hard squeeze.

“UNFF!” A sharp pain coursed through Lilith’s heart, then the sensation made it difficult for her to even draw breath.

Ba-bump. Ba-bump.

Her heart continued its relentless rhythm, as it resisted the invisible force with the might of a dragon. However, the invisible force stemming directly from the power of law was impossible to resist.

Lilith felt her heart racing faster and faster, but pumping less blood with each beat. Her complexion turned pale as she began to lose blood. Her vision began blurring and her body was losing heat.

Finally, with Myre’s pained gasp, Lilith sensed her own heart, once strong enough to sustain the body of a dragon, reaching its limit and beginning to rupture. Blood gushed from the tears, flooding her chest cavity.

Lilith coughed up blood, accompanied by fragments of flesh that were still wriggling.

“The Immaculate Tree Domain… still hasn’t thrown you out yet, despite this? You’re really a tough one.”

The excruciating pain caused Myre’s beautiful face to contort. Despite Lilith’s ruptured heart, the Immaculate Tree Domain had not thrown her out of this match. This indicated that Lilith’s injuries, severe as they were, were not fatal yet.

“In that case…” Myre’s expression hardened as strange patterns appeared on her arm.

With a forceful tug, she ripped something out of her chest. It was a beating heart that was still dripping blood.


Lilith heaved violently as a huge foreign object was expelled by an unseen force.

Amidst the agonizing nausea, she vomited a heart out—equally fresh and still faintly pulsating.

“This is… my heart?” Lilith stared in disbelief at the crimson organ before her. The light in her eyes quickly dimmed, and her body slumped into a pool of blood

In the now silent underground space, the only sounds were the subdued breaths of the two occupants, each weaker than the other’s.

Calvin, finally able to move, approached tremblingly, nudging Lilith with his toe. A sigh of relief escaped him when he realized she did not respond, and he plopped onto the ground, gasping for air.

“It’s… finally over…”

“Yeah… It’s finally… over,” Myre echoed softly, staring at the heart on her palm. Pain and sorrow filled her eyes, for it was a crucial part of her being, and the loss cut deep.

Yet, amidst the agony, Myre harbored no regret. She had achieved her goal. She had defeated a formidable enemy, paving the way for her older brother. That was what she intended to do the moment her big brother moved to protect her.

“For now, we’ll just have to wait for Princess Estelle to return.” Myre’s brow creased with concern. “But on Her Highness’ side…”

“Her Highness will be fine!” Calvin asserted firmly.

“Why are you so sure?” Myre frowned.

Calvin’s gaze took on a reverent hue. “Because she’s Princess Estelle, the invincible Princess Estelle.”

A year ago, an encounter with a saint-level demon beast in the border forest left Calvin on the brink of death. That was when he saw a silhouette that was etched into his memory forever.

She was ethereally beautiful, yet not delicate. She was fierce, yet not savage. She was petite, yet not weak. She was the sunshine in a storm, the beacon of hope in his darkest hour.

“Stand up, now is not the time to die.”

Her words echoed in his mind like a bell’s toll, serving as a constant reminder for him.

“Her Highness will not lose!”

Calvin’s conviction was unwavering. How could someone who had single-handedly vanquished a saint-level demon beast a year ago falter now?

“Ah, it seems I didn’t arrive too late.”

A frivolous, unfamiliar voice suddenly appeared, startling Calvin. He had not sensed anyone’s approach.

“You’re… Princess Luna?”

Calvin’s disbelief was palpable as he beheld the figure before him. As the son of the imperial knight’s leader, Calvin had frequented the palace and interacted with many imperial princesses. Thus, he recognized Princess Luna instantly.

However, Calvin never expected to encounter her here. He had heard that after losing a duel with Princess Estelle and falling out of favor with the Emperor, Princess Luna had run off to St. Caroline Academy, effectively vanishing from public view.

Recalling the names on the participant list he had seen before the match, Calvin tried to match them to the individuals present.

Blonde Princess…

He threw a glance at Lilith’s body. There was no doubt that was her name. As for the others… None of them seemed to fit the image of the proud Princess Luna.

Haha… She can’t possibly be “Dog”, the last name on the list, right? That’d be so funny. Calvin quickly dismissed the absurd thought .

“Princess Luna, were you one of those who ganged up on Princess Estelle? Where is Her Highness right now? Is she safe?” Calvin asked anxiously.

“Heh, you can’t even refer to me as Your Highness even though you seem to have no issue with addressing my elder sister that way. With a master like yours, I guess even a dog can afford to look down at others now.” Luna chuckled softly, her laughter carrying a hint of mockery.

Calvin felt a flush of humiliation, but in a broadcast watched by countless, he dared not be disrespectful in the presence of an imperial princess. He could only bow his head and apologize.

“Forgive my impudence, Your Highness Princess Luna.”

“It’s good that you recognize your error. Such humility is commendable,” Luna replied, patting Calvin’s head as if he were a puppy. “I have high hopes for you.”

Gritting his teeth, Calvin forced himself to remain composed. “I am grateful for Your Highness’ favor.”

“Mhm. In recognition of your newfound humility, I shall reward you with the answer you seek.”

“What?” Calvin snapped his head up.

Luna merely gestured to her side.

It was only at this moment, Calvin noticed the large, peculiar object wrapped in rags that Luna was holding. It looked like a stick, but irregular branches protruded from the cloth, and crimson liquid seeped through, staining the ground.

The entire thing kind of looked like… a person.

For some reason, his heart was suddenly pounding.

“W-What… is that?”

“This? This is what you’ve been longing for.” Luna smiled as she released her grip on the object.


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