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Chapter 5-146: Two Hearts

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“So, your innate ability is to adjust my heart rate to match yours?” Lilith sneered.

To be honest, Lilith failed to see anything from Myre that could pose a threat to her, even with her one-in-a-billion gifted innate ability.

Innate abilities were not all-powerful. They could not simply cause death at will. Besides, specific conditions were required to activate them. Obtaining her blood must have fulfilled that condition.

However, even if the conditions were met, Lilith remained unconvinced of her potential defeat.

In the face of her absolute strength, an innate ability was merely a breeze brushing against her scales. It might make the scales sway, but it was the weights placed upon them that determined who would prevail.

“There can’t be such a foolish ability in this world,” Lilith continued.

Myre’s expression remained stoic, unfazed by Lilith’s mockery.

She reached toward her left breast, which, surprisingly, yielded like water upon her touch. Ripples spread as her hand sank effortlessly into her chest. A sudden jolt coursed through Lilith’s heart, as if someone were gently holding it in their grasp. The sensation was unnerving, even nauseating.

Observing Myre sticking her own hand into her chest, Lilith began to piece together her ability.

“Myre’s ability is to use your blood as a conduit to forcibly synchronize our heart states. This means that not only are our heart rates synchronized, but our senses, vitality, injuries—everything—is also aligned,” Myre explained softly.

Suddenly, Lilith felt a firm pressure grip her heart, squeezing it with a force that halted its beat for a split second. A sharp pain, akin to a heart attack, pierced her chest, prompting a slight furrow of her brow.

Simultaneously, Myre paled, collapsing to the ground, drenched in cold sweat. Her pale lips were slightly parted as she gasped for breath.

“So… if Myre exerts pressure here, you’ll suffer the same pain and damage, no matter how resilient or strong your heart is. That’s because Myre’s heart is incredibly fragile.”

Understanding Myre’s implication, Lilith narrowed her eyes. A dangerous glint flashed across them.

“Even if you attempt to end Myre before she reacts, you won’t succeed. The ability lasts ten minutes, during which, if I perish, your heart will cease beating along with mine.”

Sensing Lilith’s murderous intent, Myre managed a smile, despite her pale complexion.

“So… you plan to perish alongside me?”

“No, I’m going to end you.”

It was not a plan, but a determination.

“End me?”

Lilith scrutinized Myre carefully. Despite Myre’s smile, her eyes conveyed a profound seriousness when she uttered those words.

“But with your ability, the most you can achieve is to perish alongside me.”

As Lilith contemplated the situation, she realized that while Myre’s ability sounded imposing, its effect would likely result in both parties dying together.

Of course, with the protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain, they were not going to die together. Instead, it meant being incapacitated together, with the possibility of meeting again in the next match.

This was certainly not a pleasant prospect for Myre.

“Or are you saying…” Lilith glanced at Calvin, who was struggling to even move. “You intend to exit the match with me and then rely on your teammate to win?”

“No.” Myre shook her head. “Myre no longer seeks victory, as it no longer holds any significance.”

“Why? Scores determine whether you’ll be advancing to the next round.”

“Is it truly challenging for us to advance to the next round? Not really. But what awaits us after advancing? Another encounter with you, only to be defeated once more without mercy. For those of us whose sole aim is the championship, this is unacceptable.”

Myre lowered her gaze, her expression inscrutable.

“So whether we win or lose this match is inconsequential. What matters is… you.”

Myre lifted her head, locking her gaze onto Lilith. Her gentle eyes were now shining with determination.

“For Princess Estelle, for Myre, and for Big Brother’s wish, Myre must solve this problem. Therefore…”

Myre paused, reinforcing her resolve, before stating softly, “I must kill you.”

“Not merely in the tournament, under the protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain, but permanently, off the field. Only then… we will win in the end,” she said.

After hearing her speech, Lilith was still filled with doubt. “But with your self-destructive ability, can you bypass the protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain to truly kill me?”

It seemed unlikely. If it were so easy to circumvent the Immaculate Tree Domain, its status as a demigod artifact would have been called into question long ago.

“If it were an ordinary person, of course, it would be impossible with Myre’s ability. But Myre is different.”


Lilith scrutinized Myre. “Do you have four eyes and two mouths, or perhaps four legs and eight arms?”

“Neither, but Myre…” Myre stuck her hand into her chest once again and continued, “has two hearts.”

“What…?” Lilith’s eyes widened in shock.

“This is a miracle bestowed upon Myre by the heavens… As a child, Myre resented being different. Although Myre had two hearts, they were merely two abnormally small hearts fused together in the center of Myre’s chest. This innate peculiarity hindered my ability to cultivate my body and become a martial warrior, as well as to chant lengthy incantations and become a mage. It wasn’t until Myre awakened my innate ability at the age of twelve that I realized that my extra heart was a second chance granted by the heavens.”

“So you’re saying that you want to sacrifice one of your lives to bring me down?”

Lilith counted on her fingers and commented doubtfully, “But even if you exchanged one life with me and retained one of your own, with the protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain, I would at most be considered incapacitated. How do you plan to kill me?”

“Yes, due to the protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain, you effectively possess an additional life, granting you two lives. But you’re not the only one under its protection.”

“That means…”

Realization dawned upon Lilith. A look of dismay appeared on her face as if she had thought of something.

“That’s right. Myre has three lives and she’ll sacrifice two lives. By that time, Myre will still be within protection of the Immaculate Tree Domain. And you, you have already been incapacitated, so…”


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