Chapter 851: A Trap

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Like swatting a fly, the stone giant continued swinging at the three human eight-stars. At the same time, the female mage’s prepared spell ended up fizzling against the might of my stone giant.

For the time being, we were at a stalemate. However, the villagers seemed to be getting rowdy.

The soldiers were thrown into disarray by the stone giant’s attacks. That was until one of their officers rallied them together; said officer seemed to be even trying to communicate with the villagers.

However, the villagers took the unusual but decisive step of firing at the soldiers. Every villager was basically a skilled hunter in their own right. They lived off the land, and every man worth his salt could wield a bow.

Thanks to that, the soldiers could barely lift their heads amongst the withering arrow storm. But there was still the matter of the higher-starred soldiers, each able to slaughter the villagers many times over.

I wonder what’s going on over there? Weren’t those villagers busy being spectators? And that person who shot first… Green hair, a face that says he has been cheated on multiple times… is that Moranthal? Is he finally going to be a man?

Now that’s a spectacle to witness.

I was considering whether or not to destroy that village after killing off these soldiers, but it seems like it’s no longer necessary to decide. Fine. I will spare your lives, but you will spend those lives repaying your debts to the Demoness Abode…

“O Emissary of the Inferno, I command thee, burn all that stands before me to nothingness!”

Mana quickly coalesced into three distinctly humanoid shaped fire elementals.

“Go, burn them all to a crisp.”

Being my summons, they naturally did not need much more instructions to understand my will. Swerving around the three eight-stars in an S-shaped pattern, they immediately dove towards the soldiers.

“Sorrowind, you hold off those three elementals!”

The golden-armored general immediately realized what I was up to. While the greatsword-wielding warrior could technically hold his own against my summons, his attacks were all fire and would be weakened against these elementals. Thus he directed his companion, Sorrowind, the fastest amongst them, to prevent the elementals from wreaking havoc. After all, it wasn’t like Sorrowind’s attacks were able to harm the stone giant anyway. The immensely sturdy stone giant could be said to be the antithesis of a speed warrior like him.

“Got it.”

Sorrowind did not waste a second more, pulling out of the fray and rushing towards the elementals.

Hah. Aren’t you guys being a little too carefree? Perhaps I haven’t been putting enough pressure on you lot.

In that case, I will hasten your transformations into meat pancakes!

The bracelet on my left hand began to glow bright once more. Still standing tall on the stone giant, I threw a bottle of fire mana behind me, eyes smiling coldly as I chanted, “O Lion’s Majesty… By my command, bless thy emissary with new life… Come forth… burn all that stands before me to nothingness!”

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A gate of pure fire burst to life, and from the heavens above came a fiery lioness, landing right in the path of Sorrowind.

Even if this was just the ordinary eight-star version of an inferno lion, it was enough to handle an eight-star warrior.

Distracted, the three elementals were able to easily circumvent his blockade and dash right into the ranks of those soldiers. Each of these elementals were at the level of a seven-star; this was only to be expected, given that my mana pool had long exceeded my star-level to reach that of an eight-star’s. Furthermore, I was a fallen angel. With a powerful bloodline such as mine, my mana pool was incomparable to a mere human eight-star mage’s. Thus at my level, I was able to summon a seven-star, perhaps even an eight-star. With the help of some mana potions, of course.

With no hope of any eight-stars helping those soldiers, my elementals began slaughtering the soldiers. The villagers quickly got around to providing fire support for the elementals. Sandwiched between two foes, and their strongest warrior being just six-stars, the villagers’ victory was sealed.

If there was someone that remained to be dealt with, it was that annoying mage who was still throwing spells my way.


Seemingly in the midst of another spell, the ground beneath her suddenly exploded.

A second later, she emerged from the smoke unharmed and wrapped in a protective bubble. However, the instant she left the smoke, a black shadow flashed across the battlefield. Still in the middle of a jump, a strange silhouette appeared behind her back…

Time seemed to stop there and then. The black shadow’s hand could be seen transforming slowly into a deadly sword aimed directly at the helpless mage. It cut through the protective bubble like butter, stabbing her right through the heart.


At that instant, time resumed, and the sole flower in this desolate wasteland withered…

Having witnessed the death of that female mage, Sorrowind immediately lost his cool. Amidst his hoarse shouting, he ran towards her with the fastest speed he had ever mustered.

“Ahhh! Die! You monster!”

Pushed to his limits, Sorrowind actually managed to reach my Shadow Demon and swing at it before the female mage’s corpse even hit the ground.

The shadow demon lost an arm, but it swiftly melted into the shadows, disappearing without a trace.

The bottle of fire mana that I threw away just now was secretly caught by my shadow demon. While I was diverting all of their attention, it snuck a toss at the female mage.

An explosion would definitely set off a dust cloud in the vicinity of that female mage, and her spells would have needed eyesight to connect…

Thus the trap was set for a kill…

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