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Chapter 846: An Unexpected Summoning

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

We ended up discussing the third generation of magitek knights for a good half an hour. By that time, I was starting to feel that perhaps I had stayed for too long, thus I gave an excuse to retire to my bedroom.

Andassis the Seventh was a little surprised, but upon checking a nearby clock, he nodded and gave me leave to retire.

As promised, Missiger offered to lead me back to my quarters. But upon further consideration, I rejected her offer.

I am a man with something to prove. That’s right. With my own strength, I will chart the unknown, and conquer my dismal sense of direction. I will show the world that I’m just a little bad with roads, not horribly so… And I can just call out for Doris for help -she’s still waiting for me to show her the movie, after all.

With that settled, I bade my farewell to a reluctant king, and left on my grand adventure back home… It’s not really that grand, but it is a trial for me…

Or so I thought…

“Little brother, brace yourself, we are about to be teleported.”

Just as I turned the corner, Ferti’nier somber voice chimed in my head.

Teleportation? Wait, what’s going on?

This was the palace of Andassis. And there was no one around me right now. To teleport me, there had to be some mana traces, traces which the court mages should have noticed. Not to mention the fact that the palace was a special zone where teleportation wasn’t allowed.

“It has to do with Ancarin and Regine… There’s no time to explain, hand over your body for now!”

Ancarin and Regine?

The mention of the girls immediately jolted me. I hurriedly asked her…

Ferti’nier, what do you mean this has to do with Ancarin and Regine?

“You will know when we get there, just hand over your body first. I’m about to cast a spell.”

There wasn’t any hint of her usual levity in her words -that was just how urgent the situation was right now.

I handed over control without any further questions. She immediately channeled the mana within me towards the Chaos Crystal, carving out a hasty dimensional array.

The characteristic six-point star burst to life beneath me, filling the air around me with the elements of Light, Darkness, Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. When the elements combined together, they acted as a dimensional key, or rather, a connection to the other end of the teleportation.

The surge of mana blasted through the teleportation restriction placed by the court mages, after which I disappeared in a flash…

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——-Change of Scene——-

The teleportation ended without a hitch. Upon landing in an unknown environment, my nose was immediately assaulted with the metallic stench of blood.

The area looked to be about a thousand sq ft, with a strikingly familiar fallen angel statue in the center. Buzzing about the hall was a bunch of soldiers clad in silver armor, hualing about corpses and tossing them into three different piles.

To be precise, there were a dozen or so soldiers hauling mostly low-level devil corpses about, and some human women from time to time… the demonesses who worshiped me…

This is… the Demoness Abode…

“Who are you?!” Startled by my sudden appearance, the soldiers immediately backed away, with one even pulling out a sword at me. “State your business, or else we will…”

“Hold on, the general wouldn’t let us touch those women just now, but this one is still alive… and so pretty…” Another soldier reached out and placed his hand on his companion’s sword hilt.

“She is stunning, but do you think an ordinary woman could ever be this beautiful?” As one would expect of a veteran soldier, the sword-wielding man wasn’t so easily fooled, especially not so soon after a bloody battle. “This woman appeared in this hall… meaning she can only be a demoness!”

“But she’s so pretty? Are we really going to kill her? That’s such a waste!”

I ignored the goons before me, staring intently at the pile of women, desperately searching for a certain pair…

Where are they? Where are Ancarin and Regine?

Oh… there they are… dead by my feet…

The two of them were grasping my feet with their blood hands, covered in slashes and still bleeding profusely. In all likelihood, they died from blood loss.

How cruel. How could they do such a thing to such adorable girls. They…must die.

My purple wings immediately folded outwards in a flourish, feathers spreading out in a fan of knives. A golden horn grew out of my head in an instant, and with a flap of my purple wings, a dozen feathers shot across the room like arrows, diving right at those soldiers.

One soldier, one feather – not a single feather too many.

There was no screaming, no yelling, just silence as the razor-sharp projectile pierced through each of their skulls.

Thud… thud… thud…

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The soldiers crumpled to the floor in perfect unison. Having completed their duty, the feathers dissipated into thin air.

That felt good… but just twelve of them isn’t enough…

That’s right, there’s still a number of them outside, and they don’t seem that strong.

“Little brother, I know you’re not in the best of moods right now, but I have to collect the souls first…”

“And done… Okay, we can go now.” Two seconds later, Ferti’nier expressed that she was done.

You greedy she-devil, I’m sure that little amount of souls isn’t even enough to satisfy you. Don’t worry, I will remedy that right away.

“Little brother, are you sure you are all right? You’re unusually bloodthirsty right now.”

I ignored her, unfurling my purple wings on purpose before stepping out of the building.

Right outside the Demoness Abode was a whole battalion of soldiers squaring off the villagers, of whom a few were familiar faces.

Most familiar amongst them was a brawny man, roughly thirty years of age, buzz cut, dressed in tattered leather armor and armed with a hunter’s bow and sword.

Is that Dioh? Bah, if they get in my way, they will die as well.

“Someone’s coming out!”

One of the villagers immediately spotted me from his vantage point and yelled.

A middle-aged, bearded man, who was obviously the leader of the soldiers- based on his golden armoring- turned towards me and was taken aback. However, he recovered seconds later and asked in a gruff voice, “A survivor… who are you? Why have you come out of that building?”


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