Chapter 848: The Power of Gaia

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Despite breaking through the dome, I did not descend immediately. With my free hand, I pulled out a quick mana recovery potion from my dimensional ring and chugged it. Having done that, I channeled some Fire mana into the bottle, capped it, then casually threw it downwards after a good shake,

I gazed wistfully at the spinning bottle of doom, face placid as I coldly asked, “A drink for you gentlemen?”

The bottle smashed into an unsuspecting soldier. A second later, a blinding crimson light engulfed the poor man, followed swiftly by a deafening explosion that consumed him and a few others around him.

The situation down below was chaotic thanks to the ensuing dust cloud that blinded the soldiers. However, I had already located the location of those mages beforehand, and in one powerful flap of my wings, I dove at their location like an arrow.

“Hammer of Justice!”

“Windbreak Sword!”

“Dragonslaying Flame Slash!”

A holy hammer, a whirling maelstrom of sword energy, and a gigantic serpent of flame flanked me from both sides and the front, cutting all options of advance. I either faced their attacks head-on, or retreated. But there was no way I was retreating now!

A tetrahedral plate large enough to cover half a man materialized before me. It was golden from tip to tip, lustrous like the finest gems. In the center was an emerald the size of a fist. Just like the shield, the emerald was tetrahedral, and it gave off an unmistakable earth aura.

Shield of Gaia!

The instant I summoned the epic-grade shield, it immediately erected a blue dome around me. With the shield protecting me from the front, and the dome covering every angle, I confidently descended towards my target, smashing through the combined attacks of three eight-stars.

With its furious winds, the maelstrom of greenish sword energy was the first to crash into the shield. Yet despite its sharpness that could cut through metal like butter, it failed to penetrate the Shield of Gaia.

Soon after, the flame serpent blasted into the shield with a tidal wave of flames, but even that wasn’t enough.

Still the resulting blast was able to push the shield back a little, just enough to enter the blue dome’s radius.

Last was the holy hammer which smacked hard into the blue dome, creating a spider web of cracks. In the end, the dome held, but just barely.

“He’s coming! Sorrowind!”

Seeing me unfazed by those three attacks, the bearded battalion leader yelled a reminder at his companion while he himself backed off.


Like a shooting star, I held the Shield of Gaia before me as I dove unerringly at the mages.

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Rubble and rock covered the area as the earth itself made its rumbling protestations. Even Plateau village wasn’t spared from the powerful shockwaves, with a few of its houses crumbling as a result…

When all was said and done, there was a pit measuring over ten meters in diameter where I landed.

“My thanks, Sorrowind. You can put me down now.”

The speaker was a woman who looked to be roughly thirty years of age. She was dressed in a red mage robe, wielding a black staff that was the height of a human.

Tonight we were blessed with a bountiful moon; the visibility was only barely lower than daytime. Coupled with my inborn night vision from being a devil, I could clearly see the blue, long-haired beauty.

My nosedive from the heavens had killed a hundred or so troops, and wiped out the entire mage division except for that beautiful lady who was saved by that eight-star warrior.


Twenty meters away from the giant pit was a green haired slender youth. He wore a light set of armor, and looked to be about twenty eight. Still carrying the woman in a princess hug, he cut a dashing figure, like a roguish thief saving the princess. Based on how tender he was handling her, and the obvious reluctance in his eyes, I could tell their relationship wasn’t that of just normal colleagues. But hell if I cared!

“Hey, rather than flirting, how about you two focus on the mission at hand!”

The speaker this time was a heavily-armored warrior, red from head to toe. His stature easily dwarfed the other two, and based on his familiar attitude, they should be quite close. This was the eight-star who threw out that flame serpent.

So the last of the hidden bastards are here, in that case, it’s time for them to pay for what they did to my demonesses.

Shield of Gaia: Guardian of Earth!

The Shield of Gaia automatically pressed into the ground. Countless Earth elements started swarming beneath us as my body soared into the air on the back of a giant rock.

A few seconds later, the giant rock I rode up first formed a humanoid head, followed by a neck, then shoulders…

When both arms were properly formed, the stone giant started pulling itself out of the ground like it was uprooting a carrot.

Standing tall on the ten meter tall giant, I coldly gazed at the enemies below. Without revealing too much of my hatred, I declared with deathly calmness. “You all… deserve to die!”

The Guardian of Earth was a skill of the Shield of Gaia, which I attained when I killed that overlord in the fort. That overlord was actually stuck at eight-stars for a long time. It was only when he received this shield and started learning the Guardian of Earth that he received the inspiration needed to breakthrough.

After subjugating the shield, I gained this skill as well, but the lack of a Territory meant the giant I summoned wasn’t at the power of a nine-star.

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This skill was also meant to be used with the summoner as its core. However, my Consciousness Impartment meant that I did not have to manually control the giant from its core.

The moment the stone giant was fully formed, its massive legs sprang into the air, leaping towards the fleeing soldiers. The ground quaked painfully with each stomp it landed on a scattered group. At the same time, it would slam its stony palms down on a distant group, flattening them like meat pancakes…

“Spread out!” The golden figure yelled to his troops before charging at me. “Devil, die!”

Looking at the man flying towards me, I was barely able to raise an eyebrow before the stone giant lifted its arm to swat at the golden silhouette.

However, the golden figure suddenly dove, avoiding the fate of being captured.

It was a short diversion, but enough for the surrounding troops to scatter.

Seems like catching those flies won’t be easy unless I take care of this bigger pest…


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