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Episode 76 A New Slave

My pen ran on the paper as I was buried under a mountain of documents. I’m signing the documents that came from Rico and her crew.

Papers about army, taxes, farming, fishing, and people’s petitions……and so on and so forth, I briefly skimmed through the various documents before putting my signature on them. I’m finally doing a lord-like work.

The revival of agriculture with Mei in its center turned out to be unexpectedly successful. Daikon, cabbages, onions, and spinach that we sow during the autumn have been successfully harvested. Their taste was quite good too. That gave me the necessary confidence to increase the variety of vegetables grown on the fields. The people keep migrating to the territory, it’s not like everything proceeds smoothly but we manage to cope. At the moment, the rice grown on the paddy fields receives the bright rays of summer sunlight, I can’t wait for the autumn to harvest it.

「Well then, everyone, I have three suggestions to propose」

At dinner, I decided to tell everyone about the plan that I nurtured in my mind since a while ago.

「First, I’m thinking about opening another store in the capital」

「A store? What kind of store? 」

「A store that sells a variety of food ingredients」

There are stores selling food in the capital but they’re mostly specialized stores like rice stores, grocery stores, fish stores, and meat stores. Because they are scattered around the capital, common people need to spend quite a bit of effort to gather everything. I was longing for something like a supermarket since a while ago. And since there are none, I can just make one. The capital is short on vegetables and fish the most. If I can sell fresh vegetables and fish, the people will rejoice. Good fish and grocery stores are scarce but there are plenty of fishy stores that can’t reach the apex. [1] I didn’t like their attitude for quite a while.

The candidate for the store is already decided. There is a big warehouse on the west of the capital, about 200 meters away from my store. It seems to be a warehouse for a rice store but it’s not in use. However, it’s maintained well and stands in a place where a many people live, it bothered me for a long time. When I heard that the owner of the rice shop decided to sell this warehouse, I negotiated a much cheaper price than I expected.

Mediation from Akima of the red-light district’s Miraya helped me greatly. Apparently, she wants to establish a red-light district in the Kurumfar territory in the future. She provided me with this information in exchange for my help.

「I want to open it right after the autumn’s harvest. I have already decided on the name「Super Daquet」」

It’s not that sophisticated of a name, I can’t help but feel weird, though. Nevertheless, there is no particular problem. In that regard, it was approved without any objections.

「Second, I want to introduce a red-light district to the territory」

As expected, Rico wasn’t fond of this idea.

「You can consult with Akima from Miraya. I don’t plan to obstruct her. However, under the conditions of not hiring underage people, not using slaves, and respecting workers’ opinion. You can even say that I want for her place to be something like a salon for the people of culture. That’s why I plan to ask for an elegant external and internal appearance」

I was sure that Rico would object but she didn’t say anything and just agreed. Rather, it’s a great idea to make a place for cultured people like Ferris and Peris to gather! I was greatly surprised when I heard her saying that. Apparently, Rico was somehow convinced by turning it into a salon. [1]

「Third, I’d like to employ a slave for my new store, how is it?」

To be honest, I don’t have enough personnel to bring from the Kurumfar territory to here. I want my new store to succeed by all means. To do that, buying a slave is the best option, or so I concluded. Besides, Akima told me that the slave market would open on a day after tomorrow. I want to look at their slaves first.

「While I’m at it. I want to entrust the barrier stones store to a slave too」

「That’s reasonable. It’s better for Master to concentrate on the matters of the territory. Leaving the store to a slave is the best solution」

「What does everyone else think?」

「I think that would be for the best too. The slaves will work diligently」

「I think that Rinos-san’s method is good」

Since there were no objections, the visit to the slave market was decided on a day after tomorrow.

That night, Rico suddenly hugged me when I entered the room and pressed her face on my chest.

「…….Rico? 」

「What are you planning to do, buying a new slave?」

「I won’t really do anything. After they properly learn their duties, I don’t even mind releasing them, you know? 」


「What’s wrong?」

「……If you like them, won’t you make them into your concubines? 」

「I won’t, probably」

Rico raised her face and looked at me while breathing roughly.

「Probably? T-Then, does that mean that there is a possibility of you taking them as your concubines if you do like them? No, it’s not as if I’m going to say no, you know? I’m aware that men of high standing need to have concubines more so for Rinos who is an honorary Marquis a noble with only one concubine people may look down on you besides there is also a matter of my age it’s about time for me to step down and………[2]」

「Rico? Rico! Calm down! 」

I embraced Rico and rubbed her back.

「Afuu, haa, haa, fuu, but…..」

「I want to stay with Rico forever. Do you want to separate from me? 」

「…….Forever, forever, please stay with me forever」

I hugged Rico once again and carried her all the way to the bed in a princess carry.

Two days later, I was in the capital with Gon and Rico.

As I walked towards the slave market, I met an unexpected person. It was a slave dealer that sold Mei to me before.

「Well, well. I’m Maris from Yura firm. Thank you for your previous patronage. Are there any problems with a slave I sold to you? 」

「Forget about problems, it was a great bargain. She already became an essential person to me」

The slave dealer looked puzzled for a moment but swiftly regained his calmness.

「Are you here to participate in the slave market? In that case, my store is right there, in the back. There is still time until the slave market is opened, would you like to look at the slaves in my store? 」

Since I’m here, might as well look at them.

When we entered the store and arrived at the reception room, we were asked about our desired slave. With a good temperament, ability to judge, and preferable woman, I answered. We aimed for people with 「Education」skill. The ability to calculate is important for a store manager.

「The preparations have been completed」

Maris led us to another room. There were big wide chairs and a curtain before it. Once we took our seats, the curtain opened and 8 women in dresses appeared before us. I appraised the one by one and, surprisingly, discovered 5 people with 「Education」skill.

I look at the faces of those five. There were 2 humans, 2 rabbit beastwomen, and 1 cat beastwoman. The humans didn’t look eager and stood there with their eyes dead. One of the rabbit beastwomen was still a kid. The cat beastwoman was quite erotic. If I ever need a sex slave, she would be the right choice. She released her pheromones in full force and looked at me with moist eyes.

「All of them are aware that they will become sex slaves in the future. Except for that little girl」

「That rabbit beastgirl?」

「Correct. By the way, those two rabbit beastwomen are mother and daughter」

Looking closely, they do resemble each other. Both have a certain intelligence to them.

「Can I ask how did they land themselves into slavery?」

「She was a concubine of a certain monkey noble and the little girl is her daughter. Because she committed adultery, she was sold into slavery together with her daughter.  It’s rare to see a mother-daughter pair as slaves. I will fetch a considerable price is they make it to the stage. Because you can enjoy them both」

He sure tries to push this pair onto me. Most likely, those two are the hardest to sell. I can see his desire to sell them to me. I took a deep breath and asked them.

「Numbers from 1 to 10. How many will it be if you add them? Try calculating」



The rabbit mother and daughter immediately answered. Another person answered at the same time but she wasn’t that enthusiastic about it and even made a mistake.

「How did you calculate?」

「From 1 to 10 has 5 in the middle. If you multiply 5 by 9 and add ten, it will be 55」

Answered the mother.

「Understood. I want to by this mother-daughter pair. How much? 」

「It’s 50000G」

「Quite expensive」

「Both of them are able to calculate」

「No, aren’t they doing some strange calculations? The answer was right but the method is all over the place. It was just a coincidence. Or can you prove that such a method is right? 」

「No, this is…..」

「Besides, the other one is still a kid and can’t do much. Considering that we will need to spend quite a bit of time and effort to train and educate her, it’s too expensive. If I’m going to buy them together…..」

「You’re correct. You have a point. Then…..How about 25000G? No, how about 20000 gold? 」

It suddenly dropped below fifty percent of the starting price. I wonder if he can lower it even more. Let’s try a more forceful approach.

「U~n, when thinking about their education costs…..」

「Then how about 10000G?」

I was halved again. Is it really all right? I looked at Gon and Rico next to me. Both seems to think that this price is reasonable.

「…..Well. This much should be fine」

「Thank you very much. Then let’s finalize the purchase right away」

The women left the room as I handed the money to Maris. After a while, the mother-daughter pair appeared again in different clothes.

「You luck is good. Starting from today this gentleman is your new master」

「Thank you very much. I’m in your care」

「…..In your care」

Then, Maris muttered some spell, asked me to give him my hand, and, when I did as I was told, my hand glowed. At the same time, the hands of the pair also lit up.

「With this, the mother-daughter pair became your possession. If they will become an inconvenience to you in the future, please do not hesitate to come here and we will buy them back from you」

After a round of pleasantries, we left the store.

「What are your names?」

「Master can call us however he wants to」

「No, you should have the names that you used before. I want to call you by them if you don’t mind」

「…….It’s Sonya」


The mother is Sonya, 28 years old, has「Education」at LV2. The daughter is Ange, 8 years old, has「Education」at LV1. The daughter, most likely, had a talent for education since birth.

「I’m thinking of letting you manage a store. Let’s discuss the details as we walk」

「…..Mother’s calculations aren’t wrong! 」

「Ange!……Please forgive her, Master」

「No, Ange is right. I said it to make him lower the price. Sonya’s method isn’t wrong, it’s right. It’s amazing that you know it. You must have studied a lot」

「No, I’m just……doing it because I like it」

「I want to make use of your talent. If you grow to the extent of being able to manage a store without any problems, I don’t mind releasing you from slavery. That’s why I want you to work hard」

「Are you going to release us?」

Ange’s eyes sparkled.

「Yeah, I will also pay you a salary. However, I want you to take care of the store for at least 3 years. After that, you can stay but you can also leave for another job. Until then, I’m going to count on you」

「「Yes, Master」」

The two managed to find a new hope for their future.

While we were talking about it, we arrived at the hotel, which hosted the slave market.


  1. Guess what I was reading just a while ago. 
  2. God bless a person, who invented commas. 

Episode 75 I Turned 18 Before I Noticed

I turned 18 before I noticed. I finally noticed it at winter, not just that, I was going to be next year soon.

Anyway, this autumn and winter we were very busy.

First about me, since there was nothing major for me to do, I became absorbed in the development of the barrier magic stones. The reason being that they became a big hit. When it were just the adventurers and a few other customers, it was enough to let Luara watch the store. The biggest problem was the number of orders from the army, royalty, and merchants. On some days, I was buried in orders. I spent a lot of my time to deal with it. I’m grateful for the harpies help in delivering the stones. Well, since it was unexpectedly profitable, let’s leave it at that.

That being said, most of the profits went into the Kurumfar territory.

As for the troublesome Kurumfar territory, Mei, Gon, and Peris were in charge of the agricultural development. I was worried at first but the seeds sprouted properly and their growth was acceptable. There were also plenty of paddy fields, the problem is whether it’s possible to grow rice on them, this matter is still being investigated.

The fishing industry, on the other hand, was faring quite splendidly. Since the port of the Kairiku city was opened, the city became much more lively. The esaraharu dishes became popular and you can see people coming all the way from the imperial capital just to taste them. The salt problem was solved and this side is also bustling.

The tax revenue from the fishing industry was somehow able to make up for the agriculture deficit.

Speaking of the happy occasion, it seems that the visitors, who tried the new dishes, spread the word and the population of the Kairiku town increased little by little. Since there were people interested in developing new lands, I went to the Kurumfar territory on my day off, fixed the land with earth magic, and had Mei spread her fertilizer around.

As for the other happy occasion, it’s possible to get「Nigari」together with the salt. Previously, I used to buy it in a drugstore but there is no need to do this anymore. I can make as much tofu as I want.

I approached the matter of the hotel very thoroughly, I have a great confidence in its success. After all, there are Rico’s servants working there with Kuena being in charge of them. Their refined movements and, of course, their bed making, cleaning, and caring skills are exceptional. They can provide services that can’t be compared to even the first-class hotels. You won’t be able to stay in another hotel once you went through their services.

Of course, there are baths and flushable toilets with warm seats in this hotel. They were used by those, who were trained by me in earth magic, it became something like a luxury treatment. [1]

I spend quite a bit of effort dealing with the sewage by digging a big hole in the ground, hardening its walls, gathering it in one place. Digging that hole took a lot from me and I collapsed midway but thanks to the magical effect of Mei’s lap pillow, I managed to somehow complete it. There, my teacher’s Falco teaching 「magic is an image」became a great hint. In essence, I was able to confirm that you can activate a spell if you have a clear image in your head. I had a great teacher and I’m truly grateful to him.

The gathered wastes turn into fertilizer thanks to Gon’s efforts. Since the sewage line was is complete, next time, I plan to connect the other building to it. To eliminate all the scooping type toilets from the territory is my hidden goal.

The hotel’s menu was a masterpiece of Peris’ making. I chose some of Rico’s servants, who were interested in cooking, and some of the people I brought from the capital and had Peris teach them the recipes. I have absolute confidence in the taste. In the future, I plan to introduce the vegetables, meat, and fish from the Kurumfar territory to the hotel.

As for the hotel itself. I hired workers to repair and remodel the building inside out. Since it was previously used as the Lord’s mansion, there were plenty of rooms but because I put an emphasis on baths and toilets there was a need to completely reform the building. Since there is magic in this world, the work took only 1 month to complete and the interior of the building changed significantly. The late Count Kurumfar would have become weak in the knees if he saw that.

The hotel is going to open its door on the second month of the year.

In addition to the projects above, Rico and her aides dealt with the matters of taxation, finances, army, police, security, firefighting, and trial. Pius and Aga were in charge of the army, Poltan and Popia were in charge of police and security, Pario used his outstanding calculating abilities to settle the taxes, Nokyu dealt with finances, Nokita with firefighting, Jokun with trials and lawsuits. Nizu and Thujin used their abilities to deal with general affairs and everyone had a job to make them occupied. The people brought from the capital worked under them. Everyone put their hopes into their work making their motivation and working efficiency quite high. There were nobles, commoners, and beastmen amongst them, Rico, who made them work together, is quite something.

When it comes to cooking in the mansion, Ferris often substituted for Peris, who was busy recently. Her cooking didn’t lose to Peris’. She wakes up early in the morning to prepare breakfast, goes shopping at noon, and welcomes the tattered us with dinner. We promised to each other that no matter how busy we are, we would always have breakfast and dinner together. Like that, we used our mealtime to confirm our plans and schedules.

At that time, there were a lot of days when Mei shut herself in the laboratory. She said that she was researching better farming tools. They were quite durable and easy to use on top of being provided for free, the farmers’ gratitude was out of bounds. Besides that, you know, big-breasted beauty and all. Her popularity amongst men isn’t to be underestimated. But what was unexpected is that she became popular with women too. Her humble and enthusiastic attitude captured people’s hearts.

In that way, the times I spent my night with Rico increased. Rico being Rico couldn’t get enough of it. Those times, despite being busy, she was always submissive. That being said, when she wasn’t able to be with me, Mei made sure to definitely appear in her place. Contrary to Rico, she released her pent-up stress without reserve and was much more aggressive. As a result, Rico, Mei, and I created a nice balance with each other.

While I was doing all of that, the year came to an end. After we used this time to take a long vacation and restore our spirits, we proceeded with the preparations to open the hotel.

With the port operating and trade expanding, the number of adventurers and tourists increased and the matter of their accommodation became urgent. For the time being, we dealt with it by creating a barrier for residential use, but, in essence, it was just a camp. There was a great number of demands for a proper inn, so I made an urgent project to construct an inn. This world doesn’t particularly celebrate the New Year. The biggest events of the country are the birthday of the emperor, birth of marriage in the royal family, or something like a coronation ceremony. Only the Daquet Company went out of the way to take a break on the New Year. Daquet Company is striving to become the greatest white company in the empire. [2]

Due to its urgency, the inn was completed around the end of the holidays. The rooms numbered around 40. There, the sea tribe and some of the women, who weren’t involved in farming, took care of its management. I don’t plan to meddle with their arrangement as long as they properly pay the taxes.

And finally, the time to open the hotel came. The honored customer number one was, unexpectedly, His Majesty the Emperor himself. Since he came here to rest in peace and quiet, he brought only the smallest number of people with him but they still took whole 16 rooms.

His Majesty brought a rather obedient and more adorable that beautiful girl with him. Most likely, she was his most loved person. According to the rumors, she seems to be a commoner. His Majesty was attracted to her simple unsophisticated nature and she fell in love with him.

His Majesty was satisfied with our services and enjoyed his three days stay quite a bit. We also called out to his servants and brought out the dishes prepared by our chef. The imperial chef cook was impressed and wanted to visit the hotel again to train himself.

In the morning of the day when His Majesty needed to return to the capital, he said

「I shall come again in the next year around the same time. The next time will be even longer. Furniture, view from the window, food. I like all of them. To the extent that I want to move the imperial palace here. No, if I move the palace, it will lose its meaning, isn’t it. Hahaha」

He said and returned to the capital in great satisfaction.

As a result, the emperor’s vacation could be considered a success. Since it was able to satisfy the emperor, the hotel has been full ever since, to the extent of people making complaints. However, there were no complaints about the dishes or services. At that time, the staff even doubted the need to listen to the complaints. That customer screamed in anger during the checkout.

「I have to go back but it’s too comfortable here to leave. How are you going to solve this!?」


  1. Not so sure about this one, to be honest. 
  2. Have no idea what white company means and too lazy to google. Something about finances maybe. 

Episode 74 Mud Games

「All right then, what should we do about them?」

I was in the middle of deciding the geryon’s treatment. As of now, the geryon king stays in the Kurumfar mansion as a hostage. The rest of them are staying in the forest nearby, hunting, and delivering a part of the hunted animals as a tribute.  Of course, if they ever cause harm to someone, I’ll kill them. Most likely, it won’t escalate to such an extent.

Since not many amongst the geryons are able to talk, I told Rico to stay behind and listen to their reports. After that, as you might have guessed, the geryons cooperated with the harpies in hunting, foraging, and information gathering forming a good scout party.

As for the baby geryon, it managed to find his enemy. However, in the simple world of geryons, the strong is right and the weak has no say. That’s why the baby geryon had no choice but to strive to get stronger.

「By the way, what is your name?」

「A name? What is that? 」

「I see, it’s something unique to you which I can use to call you. Should I come up with one? 」

I thought about the geryon king’s name for a while…….This is getting troublesome.

「All right, you name is Geki. I shall call you Geki」


He accepted it without any objections. He doesn’t seem to mind his name too much.

「Right, you need a name too. You are……」

「By the way, this baby geryon is female」[1]

「Eh? Female? Emm…..your name is Itora」


Baby geryon seemed happy. When I asked Gon later, it seems that she was happy because she received the same treatment as the king. I ended up bringing Itora to my mansion and making her my pet. Her body would probably become bigger with time but let’s think about it when it actually happens.

Sometime after the showdown with the geryons, I brought Mei with me to the Kurumfar territory. The fall was closing in and, normally, you should hear the noise of farmers harvesting the crops. However, a layer of salt on the fields made this impossible.

Why is the situation this dire in the Kurumfar territory? I was able to hear the story of the old farmers living nearby.

Approximately three years ago, the sea water changed its course and started flowing towards the river. Such a phenomenon shouldn’t appear for no reason. At first, they were happy at being able to catch the sea fish in the river, but the river water was also used for watering the fields. Like that, the fields turned white before everyone noticed.

The already small yield decreased even further. Feeling despair, the farmers were able to somehow survive thanks to the support from Count Kurumfar. However, because of the rebellion the supply was cut off, the soldiers were routed, and the succubus appeared.

The succubus gathered the rest of the soldiers and some villagers, occupied the headquarters of the army in the mansion in the forest [2], and begun plundering everything in sight.

「The men left the villages leaving behind mostly women and elderly」

Powerlessly said the village head of the village north of us.

「The north of the mansion is a big grassland, you should be able to develop this land easily……」

「Imade village, Kurfeta village, Taipan village……Our own fields suffer from the salt damage, the men left us, it’s tough on us」

On our way back to the mansion, I discussed the measures to counteract it with Mei. According to Mei, it wasn’t enough to just remove the salt from the fields, the salt has also accumulated in the soil. Apparently, it happened because the villagers judged that nothing would grow there anymore and gave up the land.

「I prepared a lot of fertilizer but I don’t know whether it works against the salt….」

「No, it’s still too early for this. Let’s test my plan first」

From the next day, I dedicated my efforts towards the revival of the land.

First, I gathered what was left of the men and had them remove the salt from the fields and destroy the irrigation channels that drew water from the river.

While they were at it, I used earth magic to dig trenches. At the same time, I created a deep hole at the end of the trenches. Once the salt was removed, I cast a barrier on the fields. The work was finished in two weeks, and, upon seeing its completion, I made it rain inside the barrier.

The rain seeped into the earth and the water followed the trenches to flow into the huge hole. That continued for three days. Meanwhile, I created a huge rectangle that was harder than concrete and dropped it into the water to make a breakwater.

When the hole was filled up and became something like a lake, I dispelled the barriers and ordered Mei to scatter the fertilizer in the fields. After that, I dug out another trench to guide the water from the hole back into the sea.

I headed upstream and dug up a hole. There were multiple underground currents there, which I thought to use for irrigation. After digging for a while, a large amount of water gushed out of the hole. I dug around that place and searched for the source. A lot of water spilled out and became a lake. While being drenched, I dug out a trench to connect it to the other trench. Like that, another river has been created.

「You lot. From now on, you should use the water from the new river to irrigate the fields」

Everyone emotionally drew the water for the river. It seems that Mei also finished scattering the fertilizer, the fields were covered in black.

「This….is a good soil. With this, we can now grow crops」

「Say that after you grow something」

「However, with our numbers…..」

「We will help you out, uncle」

「….Then we shall welcome your help. You can use any vacant house to stay in」

Like that, the village walked on the path of revitalization.

After that, I went through the same process in Kurfeta and Taipan village and restored the land. In the process, I almost fell unconscious two times due to the lack of mana. Each time, Mei used a lap pillow to nurse me back to health. This isn’t something I need to hide but I’m not going to tell this to Rico.「I will do it too! 」she would probably say, and become my permanent lap pillow.  No, it’s not like I did something erotic to Mei. It’s just, you know, tickles my manly heart. It won’t work if Rico forces me into it. The lap pillow is a complicated matter!

By the way, it was decided to use the succubus’ mansion as a new lord’s mansion. Although the forest isn’t safe, the geryons can take care of security. The harpies too moved to the forest because it is easier for them to live there.

Originally, the journey to the forest mansion is supposed to take one day but if you use the same route and the geryons, you can arrive in 30 minutes. For that reason, I worked hard to make a road with earth magic.

As for the other mansion, I have an idea about it.

It shall function as a hotel.


  1. Of course it is, Gon. I can count important males on one hand. 
  2. Why did they build their HQ in the forest anyway? 

Episode 73 The Fall of the Throne

「Both Kairiku and Tohotsu didn’t suffer any casualties as of yet thanks to Rinos-dono’s barriers. However, they are filled with cracks, the situation became increasingly dangerous after the last attack」

For them to be able to put a crack on my moderately sturdy barrier is quite impressive. Well, the barriers should be able to protect everyone at least 2-3 times.

「What about the numbers? What kind of monsters is attacking? 」

「It’s geryon. About 200 of them」

「When did they attack?」

「It was Tohotsu the day before yesterday and Kairiku yesterday. Judging by their route…..」

「The next is the Kurumfar mansion」

「Yes, I think that they should attack today」

I left 50 harpies in the Kurumfar mansion but having them face 200 champions of the forest, geryons, isn’t wise.

「All right, I understand. I’ll go. I wanted to visit today anyway」

Leaving Peris and Mei behind, we teleported to the Kurumfar mansion.

Upon arrival, I immediately made my way to Tohotsu. I heard the circumstances directly from the man responsible for this town, Kars.

「The day before yesterday, in the afternoon, I received a report from the soldiers stationed on the wall about the monster attack. I ordered to close the gate and had the women stay in their homes. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties thanks to the Rinos-dono’s barrier but the sight of roughly 100 geryons launching wind magic was quite a shock」

Looking closely at the barrier, I could see some minor cracks but there weren’t any critical problems. I mended the cracks and headed to the next town, Kairiku.

I listened to the report of the sea tribe member and mayor of this town, Marcel.

「We were attacked yesterday afternoon. Since I was told about it by Kars from Tohotsu I wanted to prepare a countermeasure, but as expected, 200 geryons are too many. There was no choice but to close the gates and persevere」

When I examined the barrier, I found a big crack. That was a close call. I immediately recast the barrier making it even stronger in the process.

「Why did they attack?」

「Because of the fish’s smell, most likely. We captured a lot of esaraharu the other day and were in the process of dismantling and drying them. The sea breeze might have carried the smell of the way to the forest」

「So you mean that they will come again」

「Most likely they intend to gather their forces and attack once more」

I looked at the「Map」. Looking closely I found a mass of mana deep in the forest. Seeing their red color, they must be the geryons. They didn’t stay too far from the Kairiku town. Apparently, their next target is Kairiku.

「If they come attacking once again we will fight back」

「However, there are too many of them. With just our forces……」

「It’s all right, I have a plan」

After a while, the group of geryons began to move. They head straight here. Kairiku is the target.

「Geryons! Geryons came out! 」

Hearing the screams of the gatekeeper, we moved towards the wall. Looking from the top of the wall, the geryons marched towards the city in orderly lines. Not just that, a lot of geryons were stationed in the sky. There was also an abnormally big geryon amongst them.

「This is the geryon king. As expected of the king of the forest. The strongest individual is participating on the frontlines」

I equipped the katana and went out of the gate. I slowly walked towards the geryon king. Then I pointed at it with my finger and waved it in the air provocatively. [1]

With its pride hurt, the geryon king dashed towards me. I pulled out 「Kurogatana」and aimed between its eyes. However, it jumped to the side and dodged it. Then it swung its foreleg with sharp nails in my direction. I dodged its strike by bending my body.

The geryon king moved its wings as it roared. Green mist rose from its body. After a while, multiple「Wind Blade」came flying my way. I released wind blades of my own and canceled its.

I made a thrust at it again. It dodged the strike to its face. However, I changed my target to its left foreleg.


The strike connected.


An impressive roar. Looking closely, its left foreleg seems to be broken. While it was at it, I swung towards its head.


It body collapsed with a bang. Moving naturally, I swung towards its remaining foreleg and its hind legs.  With its legs crushed, it could only crawl on the ground.

「Shall we continue?」

Breathing roughly, it stared at me with eyes filled with killing intent. Apparently, it didn’t give up yet. I applied recovery magic and restored its wounds. [2]

「All right then, let’s proceed to the second round」

Maybe because it thought that I will attack it again, it slowly retreated while glaring at me. The other geryons watched holding their breath. Just when I thought that it would run away, it suddenly stopped and its figure disappeared.

When I came to myself, I noticed its face above my head. With its mouth wide, it tried to crush me with its teeth. I tried to avoid it on reflex but it still bit my left shoulder.

「Gakin! Baribari!!」




I heard the screams of Rico and others. Yet, I didn’t move. After a while, geryon king’s head relaxed and slid down my shoulder.


Its magnificent fangs were blocked by my barrier and completely crumbled apart. It started whining as it bled from its mouth. I pulled out the Holy Sword and slashed its eyes taking away its sight. After that, I cut off its wings, forelegs, and hind legs making it unable to stand once again. [3]

「You’re quite fast. I shall compliment you for being able to escape my sight even if only for a moment. All right then, in the third round, I’ll be serious. Try it again with your speed and attacking power. Well, people say that what happens twice can happen thrice, so you need to try harder」

I applied recovery magic once again and healed the geryon king.

It wasn’t as intimidating this time. With its tail between its legs, it slowly retreated and, once it created enough distance, run away like a frightened rabbit.

「Don’t you run away, moron」

I released「Scorching Bullet」and destroyed its right hind leg. Having its leg suddenly blown away, it stumbled and fell on the ground. Immediately after, its wound ignited at the same time with the explosion ahead of it. [4] The blast wave blew him towards me. Its body had severe burns and it was in danger of dying.

I healed it for the third time.

The geryon king didn’t move. I sheathed the Holy Sword, pulled out the「Onigiri」, and stood before it.

「Shall we do it once again? This time I’ll show you the true hell」


It closed its eyes and assumed a submissive pose. I spoke to it while it was maintaining the pose.

「What, you don’t want to?」

「I plead. Do not kill me」

「You were attacking our villages and now you are prostrating? Aren’t you a bit too shameless? 」

「….Perhaps it is so. Then kill me in one strike」

While we were talking, 10 geryons approached us. Apparently, they intend to bite me. Didn’t they see the previous fight? Or so I thought as I slashed them with the「Onigiri」one after another.

「Guogyaaaaaaa!!!! Gugyaa!!」

10 geryons writhed around me. Looking at this sight, the other geryons seemed to lose their will to fight.

「You are the geryon king. Make them surrender. If you are able to do it, I don’t mind saving them. If you aren’t, I’ll slaughter every single one of you. I will even let you choose between dismembering or hellish suffering」

The geryon king stood up, turned towards its comrades and roared. After that, the geryons in the sky and the geryons in the forest gathered before my and lowered their heads in submission.

Once I confirmed it, I healed the twitching ones. Once healed, they stopped twitching and turned submissive. Let’s leave them at that.

「You’ve lost to me, therefore, you are now under me. My orders are absolute. Disobedience means death」


Answered the geryon king as the representative.

「I shall protect those who are under me. You can get the explanation from the harpies. But first, can you tell me why did you attack the town? 」

「To secure provision. The tasty smell of the fish reaches us every day. There is no way to endure it. The group that I dispatched to gather food was easily repelled. After that, I launched a full-scale attack in the name of the king only to end up like this」

「I see, you do look like cats. Do you like fish this much? If you are willing to serve me, I don’t mind splitting some fish with you. How about it? 」

「Since we have surrendered, we shall follow Master’s orders」

「Understood. Marcel! Please divide some esaraharu. Give them some of the processed ones too」


A great number of esaraharu was given to the geryons. They devoured the fish as if it was the center of their worlds.

After that, we returned to the mansion where I had the harpies meet the geryons and explain them the meaning of being my subordinates.

After a while, 200 geryons lined up in front of the mansion. For some reason, the showed me their bellies and assumed a submissive pose. It must be very surreal to witness 200 champions of the forest showing their bellies. I wonder, what exactly did the harpies explain to them?

At that day, the title of the「Ruler of the Forest」was passed to the human from the beasts.


  1. Beat the king to become the king? 
  2. Something reminds me of a certain dragon. 
  3. It’s been a while since that last relentless abuse. 
  4. My guess is that it pierced through its leg, flew forward, and collided with the ground ahead of it thus creating the explosion. 

Episode 72 Everyday Life and the Kurumfar From Now On

When I awoke in the morning, I was all alone again. There was no one in Mei’s and Rico’s room. When I was trying to guess whether they went to the Kurumfar territory and went down the stairs, I found everyone gathered in the dining room. It made me breathe out in relief, but for some reason, everyone had a serious look on their faces. I quietly sat on my seat.

「Good morning. Will you have breakfast? 」

「Yeah. I will」

Peris headed to the kitchen. The other women contemplated with their brows furrowed.

「Everyone…..what happened? 」

The silence continued for a while.

「It seems that we have no other choice but to have Rinos decide」

「I agree. Kurumfar is Rinos-san’s territory after all」

「What are you talking about, Rico?」

「It’s about the future of the Kurumfar territory.  The fishing industry would rise again, that is for sure. However, this alone is not enough to feed the residents and the teleported people. The time for the harvest in near but the chance to get something out of this territory is close to zero. We can support the people for this year by ourselves but it’s not a long-term solution. I was thinking of a way to solve this」

「I made the fertilizer for the fields but the chemical to melt the salt is still incomplete. I’m terribly sorry」

「Mei doesn’t need to apologize. I’m also concerned about this problem. I’m going to explain so wait for a while. Let’s eat breakfast first. There is also a need to resume the operation of the store in the capital」

「About that, my husband. I made this stone」

Mei took out big, medium, and small green stones.

「If you put your mana into it, the user will be able to cast a barrier by himself」

Ho, I put my mana into the small one and watched. After that, the stone turned red. Apparently, with this, it was completed. As a test, I had Luara wear it as I lightly hit her…..Oh, the barrier was properly deployed. Let’s see~, Ferris said and joined me. The barrier was splendidly broken apart and Luara’s face received a right straight. She flew away like a doll and lost her consciousness. [1] When I approached to apply recover magic, I saw something leaking out from the area of her crotch. I silently applied recovery magic, prepared a bath and let Rico and Peris handle the rest.

「Are~? Even though I properly held back」

「As expected a normal barrier would be broken after a dragon strikes it」

After that, I proceeded to test the barrier stone and only after I swung my「Kurogatana」with full power did it crack. This should sell well. Another noteworthy quality of theirs is that the people with evil intentions won’t be able to use them. Therefore, it would be impossible for the bandits to use them. By the way, the big magic stone can stay active for 5 days, medium for 3 days, and small for 1 day.

I headed to the store with Mei’s barrier stones. Right after the opening, the adventurers and merchants flooded the store, it turned out to be a busy day. I left Mei attending to the customers while I filled the stones with my mana at the back of the store. Thanks to her, I was able to fill the warehouse with them. It seems that I won’t need to come to the store for a while.

While I was away, Rico went to the Kurumfar territory to receive a report on the current situation. It seems that there weren’t any big problems for the moment. For the first time in a while, the fishermen ventured into the sea capturing fresh octopi and fish filling the tables with food.

At night, I had a leisurely dinner with everyone and discussed my ideas about the development of the Kurumfar territory.

「Regarding the Kurumfar territory, I’m going to share my thought right now. Nothing is set in stone yet so don’t be shy to correct me. First, about the agriculture, we have to remove the salt from the fields. I decided to attempt it myself. And another thing, I’m thinking about building a hotel near the Kairiku town」

「Hotel, you mean, a facility like in the capital where you can stay?」

「Right. The fish there is delicious. The scenery is beautiful too. We shall invite the guests from the capital to stay there. A hotel for the adventurers and travelers to stay would do fine too. Also, we need to expand the port. This place is an important trade route. If the ship and its crew would be able to stay in the city, that should make town prosperous」

「Is it even possible to achieve?」

「I don’t know if I would be able to pull it off, but there is worth in trying」

「Sounds interesting!」

「I also agree with my husband’s opinion」

「If Rinos-san says so then I shall assist!」

Everyone was mostly in favor. That being said, it was settled with my opinion alone, thus, deciding to discuss it again with the people of the Kurumfar territory, I was about to go to bed earlier.

Rico, Mei, and I headed to the bath far away from everyone.

「Mei, what’s wrong?」

「Ah, just want to try some things…..」

「……While we are at it, how about bathing together? 」

「…..Is this all right? 」

「Mei, let’s get in together!」


That night, we bathed together first time in a while and went to the bed together too.

The next morning, the three of us headed towards the dining room. As I sweated a lot in the morning, we entered the bath. Rico and Mei had their faces flushed and looked pretty erotic. I left behind my sleepiness as I took my seat. Peris and Ferris were in charge of preparing breakfast as usual. Recently, Luara, for some reason, joined their team. Although I added her as my follower, she naturally acts together with us without any permission to live in this mansion. She is just a freeloader in Ferris’ room, I can’t guarantee that she has a comfortable life.

After that, Mei and I headed to the store while Rico to the Kurumfar territory. After a while, I went to the royal palace to make a report about the Kurumfar territory to the emperor and prime minister.

「…..As I mentioned, we managed to save the fishing industry but the fields are still untouched and it’s unlikely to receive a harvest from the fields this year」

「Hm. So it’s escalated this far…..I received similar reports from my subordinates. So that’s how it was. Well, that territory was never able to feed itself in the first place. Thus, the empire collected the tax in salt. Won’t salt do? 」

「No, I heard that the salt facilities are about to start operating again, there is no problem with that. The point is, the territory would have a shortage of food. Well, this time we can solve this with our own power but if something happens I shall ask Your Majesty and Your Excellency to assist」

「Well, at that time the empire would handle it one way or another」

「That being said, Rinos-dono, your hotel plan sounds interesting. I also want to try such fish someday. Besides, I didn’t see a sea in a long while」

「The emperor can’t casually leave the capital」

「No, I still want to relax away from the politics once in a while. Besides, I can distance myself from the noisy women here and spend a good time with the girls I like」

「If Your Majesty wishes for it I won’t get in your way, but……….」

「It’s inappropriate to neglect political affairs, Your Majesty」

「What are your saying, prime minister. Creating an inheritor is an important business 」

「Your Majesty!」

「I’m not speaking about right now. However, when Rinos-dono finishes the hotel, you’ll have to let me go. That’s how it should be. It’s something that is going to be built by my sister’s husband. Why can’t I honor his achievements? Isn’t that something the ruler should do? 」

The prime minister silently lowered his head.

When I got dismissed by His Majesty, our usual lifestyle came back from the next week. In the morning, during the day when my shop was closed, I received a visitor.

When everyone was having breakfast, a voice came from the back of the mansion.

「It’s Pius! I’m here with an urgent report! 」

Rico and I face each other at the name of this sudden visitor. Since it was an urgent report, I invited him in and guided him to the dining room where everyone gathered. Pius briefly apologized for using the teleportation barrier without permission and got immediately to the deal.

「It’s an emergency. Kairiku and Tohotsu have been attacked by the monsters! 」


  1. Casual domestic abuse. 

Episode 71 The Second Coming

It seems that the fish names created some confusion, let me explain everything here.

Esaraharu is skipjack tuna
Orlein is normal tuna
Naiban is kelp

Such is the setting. [1]

When I opened my eyes, I found myself on top of the bed in the mansion. How much did I drink? I can’t recall how I even got here. My head is filled with lead. A hangover. There was no one around me. Usually, I can find Mei’s and Rico’s beautiful faces next to me but not today.

I applied recovery magic to ease my headache. Although wobbling, I managed to stand up. I got up from the bed, changed my clothes, and went outside.


Rico wasn’t present in her room. Mei wasn’t in her room either. I went down the stairs and headed for the dining room. No one was present there too.

「Gon~. Ferris~. Peris~. Luara~. Where are you~? 」

There was never a time when no one was present in the mansion. A sense of unease quietly forced its way into my heart. What happened with everyone? Where did they go?

Come to think of it, Irimo and Jeneha should be outside. I hurriedly made my way to the stables. There, I saw Irimo.

「Irimo. I’m glad. You are here. Where is Jeneha? Where is everyone? 」

However, Irimo just quietly averted her face from me. [2]


She doesn’t look me in the eyes. I stood up and teleported to the Kairiku town to avoid the awkwardness. I heard a noisy voice from the beach. I made my way in the direction of the voice at full speed.

There was a crowd there. In the center of the crowd, there was…..Rico!


I approached Rico while waving my hand. Ah, this dignified face, pure white skin, and flat chest. It’s Rico, it’s my Rico.

「Rico~ I became worried when I didn’t find you upon waking up. I’m glad」

「What are you, smelly! It stinks! Do something about your foul breath! 」

I ended up being rejected by Rico in front of me. Amongst the laughing crowd, I quietly applied purification magic to my mouth and body. Come to think, I spent my time drinking and eating the esaraharu together with garlic. No wonder it smells.

Looking closely, there was also Peris, Ferris, and Luara. Everyone came here to deliver breakfast to the people. Since I was sleeping like a log, they completely ditched me. And Mei went to check the drying barrier, condition, and taste of the dried esaraharu.

「There shouldn’t be any problems with this method」

Then she proceeded to explain the method to operate this barrier to the women of the sea tribe.

For now, I gathered everyone after the breakfast. Although we managed to exterminate the esaraharu here, another town, Tohotsu, is facing the same problem. There are also salt-producing facilities there, we shouldn’t delay too much. As such, I decided to move leaving behind only a bare minimum of people.

After two hours of walking, we reached the Tohotsu city. We began planning as I distributed the boxed lunches. In essence, the plan is the same as before. After a short strategy meeting, we proceeded with the plan.

Everyone performed with a great sense of familiarity in their movements. The plan proceeded at a greater pace than a day before. And as we dealt with the esaraharu, an even bigger fish showed itself.

「……Naiban! Naiban came out! 」

The sea tribe people caused a commotion. I heard that it’s an elusive fish that you can’t easily find. It was a few meters in size. It kept swallowing the esaraharu in great numbers. Since I had an opportunity, I decided to capture about 10 of them. As expected, even the sea tribe had a hard time with them, the task was finally completed near the evening.

While they were at it, I made another drying barrier and a new, experimental one. That was the barrier with a function to remove the microbes.

I spent a lot of MP to make it and put the esaraharu inside. I brought them out in the evening and tried eating them. To be honest, it was tasty. I made this barrier using the idea of canned good, but it seems to be a success. I decided to store this time’s sashimi there. I also stored the esaraharu that is yet to be dismantled in it.

Today’s dinner was made out of the esaraharu and naiban. Naiban sashimi were exquisite. Same as the day before, there was a loud party, but I don’t intend to repeat the same mistake again. Rico and rest teleported back to the mansion while I spent my time drinking until morning. As for me facing the sea and trying to imitate ma*ion?  This would be my little secret.

In the morning, I somehow recovered from my hangover and stood up. When I went to confirm whether Mei’s lectures about dried esaraharu bore fruit when everyone teleported over. After everyone had breakfast, I invited willing people amongst the soldiers and adventurers to stay in this territory. Unexpectedly, several dozen of them raised their hands. It seems that they bonded with the sea tribe through the night of drinking.

After the talk with the head of the Tohotsu city, I decided to station 15 humans here. The sea tribe will take care of their housing. Don’t mistake it for a gratitude, but I also erected a barrier around the city to prevent people with malicious intentions from entering.

Then, I returned to the Kairiku town and cast a 「fish won’t rot」barrier here too, I also left the esaraharu from the other town here. Afterwards, I took the rest of the people with me to the Kurumfar mansion and constructed the living quarters nearby.

Even if I call it living quarters, it’s just a barrier. I made it impossible to see inside of it from the outside akin to a magic mirror. It’s not that spacious, but I spent a lot of MP to adjust the temperature and its defensive qualities. This should be enough for 150 people. When it was finally completed, I became unsteady on my feet.

Meanwhile, the men created a simple toilet while women made it suitable to live in, the living environment was established surprisingly fast. Squeezing what was left of my power, I dug a well using earth magic and hardened the surroundings making it usable. Some people expressed their desire to construct the houses themselves, perhaps it’s better to leave it to them.

I handed the lunch boxes for today, together with clothing and daily necessities. I thought that it would bring some disorder but Pius and Aga distributed the good in an organized fashion. From that perspective, the fact that the new arrivals didn’t file any complaints demonstrated their leading capabilities. As expected from the ones who have been brought up by Rico.

The women approached Rico to express their gratitude for the vast amount of daily necessities.

「Do not thank me」

「But Ricolette-sama……」

「You should thank my husband, Rinos. If you want to thank someone, thank him」

「Rinos-sama, thank you very much. We have found a place to live」

「I’m glad for you. It would be nice to make it into a nice city! No, let’s make it a nice city! 」


A full radiant smile. Rico seems to be satisfied.

Being sent off by that smile we returned to the mansion. I, who wasted almost all of my MP, fell asleep immediately without eating dinner.

And once again, I greeted the next day.


  1.  This is the author’s note. 
  2. Drunk debauchery? 

Episode 70 One Grand Plan, 「Big Haul」

「Did you say that Ricolette’s subordinates, who received a pardon, disappeared?」

「Not just that, it seems that the second and third sons of nobility disappeared too」

「What is happening?」

「It seems that the Daquet company under Honorary Marquis Versam actively hires them and sends them to his territory」

「What is he trying to achieve in this desolate territory……?」

Such a rumor appeared in the imperial palace. No wonder. Only His Majesty the Emperor, Prince Viras, and the prime minister are aware of the reason.

After the conversation with Mayor Marcel, I immediately returned to the capital. I headed straight to the imperial palace and asked to release Rico’s subordinates. Fortunately, it was quickly approved and her subordinates were released one after another. In the name of Rico, they were allowed to join the ranks of Honorary Marquis Versam. Those who wished to join receive three days to prepare themselves for departure.

Before leaving the capital, I went shopping. On the way, I visited the store and designated the gathering spot.

After buying a lot of food, clothes, and other daily necessities, I returned to the mansion. Then, we spent 2 days preparing the boxed lunches for everyone. We prepared around 3000 lunch boxes. Considering that they were made by 7 people, I count it as an achievement.

We made three kinds of lunch boxes. I wanted to make more, but we had limited personnel.

Still, with Peris in the lead, Rico’s and Ferris’ talents have shined. On the other hand, Mei found gigantic bamboo leaves with sterilizing effect and had the harpies carry them. Gon too decided to harvest his vegetables with crying Luara, who was forced to help him.

I didn’t play around either. I asked Marcel to mobilize all the fishermen in three days and had the guys make various preparations. After that, I just helped with the cooking. I spent quite a bit of MP, but I think I did well.

Three days later. First, I met up with Rico’s subordinates in the designated location. There were 100 of them. There were soldiers and officials, but as expected of the princess’ people, a lot of them were women. Most of them were women.

I transferred them together with Rico to the Kairiku town. [1] Before the transfer, they received an explanation from Rico and she asked to help with the preparations.

After that, I headed to meet the people from the rumors in the capital. There were soldiers, officials, beastmen, adventurers amongst them. They numbered 150. We returned to the Kairiku town first while Gon interviewed them one by one. He only checked them for「Curse」or other weird skills, but they numbers were still reduced to about 100.

When the preparations were mostly complete, they were finally teleported over.

「Welcome, everyone! From now on, we are going to proceed with the grand plan! Amongst 600 sea tribe people under Marcel, men are to capture the esaraharu, women are to dismantle it. Rico’s subordinates shall protect the town together with the guard, the others shall do as ordered. Pius and the rest of you are to act together with the recently teleported people. The ones who were teleported from the capital should listen to them! 」

The people split up to form their respective groups.

「This plan is to capture the esaraharu. It is a fish that rots in no time. I want to ask the sea tribe to dismantle them as fast as possible. The human tribe will dispose of it! They begin to rot right after their death. It is a race against time! I’m counting on you! If this plan succeeds, we will discuss your future employment conditions. I understand if you are uneasy, but I want you to trust me! 」

I cast a barrier on a vacant house, Mei was inside of it.

「Mei, it’s up to you!」

「Yes, leave everything to me! It will work out! 」

Seeing that everything was ready, I positioned myself on a hill from which I could view the whole town. The sun was slowly climbing upwards. The sea was calm. However, the sea was pitch black for quite the distance.

「Well then, let’s start!」

I created a white sphere in my hands. Inside of it, I created hundreds of explosions. Then, I threw the barrier in the sea with the shockwave and sound confined inside of it. I threw multiple spheres and created an oversized barrier around the esaraharu. A while after they disappeared in the sea, I dispelled the barriers.


Here and there, I could see water rising into the air. I cast a barrier on the beach. After that, a few hundred esaraharu, which were caught up in the explosion, rained from the sky. I gathered them together and passed the baton to dismantling squad.

At the same time, a great number of esaraharu floated on the surface of the sea, after a while, the whole surface was covered in them. The men gave them a finishing blow and delivered the fish to the women. The women swiftly dismantled and put them in the boxes that were prepared beforehand. After that, the men split and some of them headed towards Mei while some of them towards Pius and company. Looking from above I could see a smooth cooperation, unfitting of those who work together for the first time.

I made a round around the beach and collected the remaining esaraharu using my barriers to put them in the infinite storage. Then I headed towards Pius and his company. There, the grilling of esaraharu was in process. I created a lot of ice and handed it to them. After that, I joined Mei in her work.

Roughly 2 hours after the start of the hunt. After we dealt with about a third of esaraharu, something strange occurred in the sea. Dozens of gigantic fish appeared and started devouring the esaraharu.

It was dangerous to remain on the beach, so we decided to have lunch.

「Pius! Bring out the esaraharu! 」

Esaraharu sashimi with sliced garlic and onions on top of it. There was also Peris’ creation「Ponzu」.

「It feels the best eating it together!」

I also brought out the hot atasha rice.

「Un, delicious!」

「Such a rich taste!」

「I like this taste!」

It seems to be popular amongst the sea tribe. After that, we finished our meal and the sea tribe delivered the last of the dismantled esaraharu.

When I looked at the sea, the esaraharu were being eaten at the visible rate. In just 1 hour, the esaraharu that were filling the sea disappeared.

「Are they edible?」

「This fish is called orlein. This fish is quite the delicacy」

I made the exploding barrier again and threw it into the sea. [2] After a while, the giant fish that ate the esaraharu floated bellies upwards too.

「Marcel! Can you catch that fish too? 」

「Of course! Hey, you lot, let’s go! 」

The men immediately boarded the ship and left to gather them. This time, the sea tribe people professionally collected the orlein. Approximately 1 hour later, about 90 orlein were gathered by Marcel.

「Can you process them too?」

「Of course, I will handle this personally」

Marcel agile controlled his giant knives and dismantled them in a blink of an eye. 10 of them were directly turned into a vast amount of sashimi. The rest I stored in my infinite storage. I can eat the orlein for a while.

When the sun was about to sink beyond the horizon, our plan finally reached its conclusion.

「Good work, everyone! Look at the sea! 」

There was a calm sea covered in the light of the setting sun.

「Our sea is back!」

「We can sail again starting from tomorrow!」

「Rinos-dono, I didn’t believe that you could restore our sea. I’m grateful. I truly am! 」

Marcel powerfully shook my hand. Not intending to lose to him, I shook his hand too.

「All right, let’s have a party! Drink until you are full! Eat your fill! 」

Orlein sashimi, steak, esaraharu, rice, and drinks appeared on the scene. Soldiers, nobles, adventurers, beastmen, and sea tribe people ate without holding back. When I looked around, I discovered Luara humming to the side as she gazed into the sea.

「Oi, aren’t you hungry? You too should eat. Ah, will eating the esaraharu count as cannibalism for you? 」

It’s all right, she said as she stretched her hand towards the plate.


「Right? The meal is tastier after the work. Such meals should be enjoyed together with your coworkers. It would be even tastier」

「…..I’m glad. The sea is clear again. I thought about what I should do……because of me, a lot of people……gusun……」

「Don’t cry. Your tears won’t change the past. It’s all right to fix it once you recognized the problem」

「Yes, thank you very much…….」

「First things first, eat! You won’t have any energy otherwise」

Yes, she said as she joined everyone.

Suddenly, I became aware of Mei’s absence. After I searched, I found her inside of my barrier. It seems that there is some work happening inside.

「O~i, Mei. What’s wrong? Are you all right? 」

「Ah! My husband! I’m fine. Just concerned about something…..」

「Don’t worry. If it doesn’t work, we just have to redo everything」

「I was wondering for a while, what are you doing?」

Marcel and his subordinates approached.

「Ah, I’m drying the esaraharu. Like this, they could be preserved for longer. I thought it could become one of this town’s specialties」

「Drying……I see, they shouldn’t rot as fast if they are dry….I never noticed」

「I still didn’t finish, though. I hope it tastes good. I’m trying to adjust the process, but it will take some time. Please wait for a while」

「If we can sell the esaraharu, this town will prosper……. Rinos-dono, no, My Lord, I can’t express my gratitude」

「No, I’m not a lord, just a manager. Rinos is fine」

「Rinos-dono, we the sea people shall lend you our strength at a moment’s notice」

「Thank you. By the way, did you eat? Let’s have a meal! The drinks are plentiful. Let’s drink with everyone today! 」

「We prepared the drinks from our side too. Feel free to have a taste」

「All right! Let’s drink, everyone! 」

On that day, I drank until my head went blank. At that time, I had no way to know of a sad development ahead of me.


  1. That fishermen’s town. Forgot to mention its name before. 
  2. Casual ecological terrorism. 

Episode 69 Confirming the Circumstances or Interrogation

「Nooooo, don’t look at me!」

Even though she tried her hardest, she wasn’t able to stop the overflowing liquid. Thanks to her, the floor is now wet. After she calmed down a bit, Kuena moved into action and cleaned up in a blink of an eye.

「I bet it’s unpleasant to stay in these clothes. Ferris, sorry but can you lend her some underwear and clothes? 」

「There are still some clothes that I bought and didn’t use……but, are you not going to cut her down? 」

「Yeah, please lend her some」

I dragged the woman with wet nethers to the place with the teleportation barrier. The woman revealed her anger at me trying to drag her away.

「Be sure to remember! I won’t forgive you! 」

「For what? You brought it upon yourself. Because you didn’t answer, you became a woman who wets herself in public at the age of 15」


The woman returned to the mansion together with us as she tried to withhold the tears in her eyes.

「I’m going to put you in a bath, are you all right with heat?」


「I will treat your silence as affirmation」

I immediately heated a bath and Ferris dragged her into the bath without any questions. Ferris-kun, it’s not appropriate to drag people by their hair, your father will be frightened.

「Stop! I ask you, please stop it! 」

「Noisy! Be obedient! Ei! Don! Don!……Dobon!!」

「Giya! Kya! Kya! It hurts, it hurts!! 」

「Stop struggling! I can’t wash you like that! Uryaa! Uryaa! 」

「Gya! Save me, save me! I’m sorry!!」

Tremendous screams reverberated around the mansion for some time. Let’s leave the rest to Ferris. Even if something happens, Ferris won’t be easily defeated. There is a danger coming from Ferris, though……After a while, the crying woman in different clothes appeared together with Ferris in the dining room.

「……I will listen to you, please, don’t put me through this anymore. I’m truly sorry…….It hurts」

Ferris pushed the woman, who apologized with her head lowered, until her head hit the table. Ferris-kun, she might die if you do any more than this, treat her with some kindness.

「When I was dragging this woman to the bath, her clothes were torn apart, what should we do about them? Since it’s just a garbage, should I throw them away? 」

「I permit. But first, please release her」

The woman was made to forcefully sit on a chair. Before she left, Ferris muttered something to the woman. The woman trembled and became even more frightened. Ferris, what did you even say to her?

「All right then, I will continue with the questions. For what purpose did you arrive on this land? 」

「Uuu that, I mean, in a ma-ma-ma-mansion, meet, meet, meet, ueeeeee」

She started to cry for some reason. Rico loudly hit the table. The woman twitched and looked towards Rico while trembling. Rico signaled with her chin to Ferris. Ferris leisurely approached the woman. The two were expressionless and incredibly eerie and scary.

「No, no, noooooo……..」

「All right, Ferris, that’s enough. You can return to your sit」

Ferris bowed to me and returned to her seat. Even when returning to her seat, she didn’t look away from the two. As I said, stop. It’s really scary, please stop.

I looked into the past of the trembling crying woman. [1]

「……What? 217th? How many children does Poseidon have? Are there any more? ……Oh, is you mother a human?…….Mm, because you’re 217th, you’ve met him only once. You had dinner together. Hou, you are properly educated. Un? Dancing and singing?…..So you are a shrine maiden who dances and sings for the god of the sea. Ho…..idiot, weren’t you against it? Did you want to see your mother’s homeland?…..Did you run away from your home? Didn’t the god of the sea become angry because of you? Did you dupe him by manipulating esaraharu? And?….Together with the succubus?…..Ou, erotic. Hm, hm. You failed to control a big number of them and they rampaged. What have you done? Put yourself together. The succubus said that she didn’t know anything about the cause of the rampage? And?…….The sea and the fishing village will be occupied by esaraharu and the land will be occupied by you? This plan had too many holes. Absolutely unrealistic. Did you just sleep and eat all the time?!」

The woman’s pupils gradually grew bigger as she listened to my words. Then, she froze as she was.

「By the way, don’t you need to return to the sea?」

「I-It’s all right. If I submerge myself in water once a day…..」

「What are you going to do from now on? You can’t manipulate esaraharu anymore, right? How are you going to return? 」

「This is….But I don’t want to return to the sea castle. There would be no place for me even if I return」

「No, you are a shrine maiden, right? Do you work properly」

「With dances…….I’m fine, but singing…… can say that I dislike it, I mean…….」

「What kind of song is it? Try singing it」

「No! Absolutely no! Everyone says that my songs are headache inducing! I don’t want to sing! 」

Slam, Rico struck the table again. The woman started singing while being on the verge of mental breakdown.

……Isn’t it a ballad? Well, it might be hard to accomplish for the girls of her age. The dance was just about waving her hands. True, it is important for a ballad. However, she lacks training. She is just singing, there is no feeling of a ballad. [2]

「It’s bad. I’m not that great myself, but that’s how it should be 」

I cleared my throat and sang track 18 from my father’s karaoke.

「Nami no~tanima ni~inochi no~o hana ga~futatsu~narande~saite iruuu~」3

「What was that? What kind of horrible song is this? 」

Peris and Mei entered the dining room together. Rico and Ferris are frozen solid. Gon is also spacing out. The woman was silently staring at me, but then suddenly came close to me and prostrated.

「Please let me call you my teacher! This is a song I strive to achieve! Please teach me! 」

No, I’m just mimicking my father. Are you sure? Is my father that amazing at this?

「The road of a singer is full of thorns. It’s will be too late to regret later」

「Yes! I will follow you into death! 」

…….I ended up accepting a disciple. Well, for now, I shall let my incompetent disciple, Luara, to stay here for a while. Let’s have her assuming the post of a shrine maiden again as our goal.

We used the teleportation barrier to return to the Kurumfar territory once again. I’m worried about the fishing villages. The farming is almost nonexistent in the Kurumfar territory. The fishing industry is the only lifeline of this territory. Apparently, the fishing industry recently received a great damage. I can’t overlook it. Gon, Ferris, Luara and me headed towards the fishing village about 20 kilometers of us. Since Luara can’t fly, she is being carried by Ferris. I heard her scream on multiple occasions but pretended not to hear.

That was a small town surrounded by a stone wall. We asked the gatekeeper to lead us to the person of the highest authority in this city. The gatekeeper looked rather irritated, it seems that the authorities aren’t that popular around here.

I immediately discovered the mayor’s mansion. It could be easily spotted after you pass through the gates. This is the biggest building around. The town is quiet and listless. The people are living here, but there is almost no pedestrian traffic. We arrived at the mayor’s mansion soon enough. The mayor was shaped like a human, but his skin had some scales on it, a fish-like man. When I asked, I came to know that he was a member of the sea people.

「I’m Marcel of the sea tribe. Did the lord change again? It must be hard for you」

「Yes, it is indeed. There is a mountain of problems with this territory. I need to solve them one by one」

「That would be nice」

「For now, can you tell me about this town?」

「The situation won’t change even if I talk about it」

「Still, please do」

「We, the sea tribe, are people who dive into the sea to fish. However, since a few months ago we weren’t able to enter the sea anymore. The reason is the fish called esaraharu. The appeared in large numbers and attacked the boats with their sharp teeth. In reality, a few of them were sunk. We can eat esaraharu, but since it rots in no time we have to use it immediately. This helped us to avoid dying from hunger. However, continuing like this will be challenging」

「Will exterminating them all do?」

「The are large in numbers. This would be difficult. Besides, this isn’t the only problem」

「You mean?」

「The farmlands are desolate and the farmers are starving. Even if we offer our fish to them, it will already be rotten once it arrives. That’s why the farmers turn into bandits and attack the towns of our tribe. Recently, our town was attacked too. To be honest, we don’t trust humans too much」

「Understood. I don’t blame you for that. However, the bandits have been exterminated. Most of the farmers should be dead already. Ah, that’s just me talking to myself」

「Have the bandits been exterminated? There should have been over 100 of them…….」

「Yeah, they are all dead」


「I know about the farmlands in this territory. That’s why if the fishing industry crumbles, this territory is finished. I need to stop it at all costs」

「……But the shore is full of esaraharu……」

「First, let me see the situation myself」

We followed to the sea under the lead of the mayor.

「Uwa, this is horrible」

The sea was black. That’s how many esaraharu there were.

「With this much of them, all other fish at the bottom of the sea should be dead already」

「The bottom of the sea is rocky here, so there weren’t much fish in the first place. You can get a rich haul in the open sea, but we can’t even leave this place」

「Can you show me esaraharu?」

The mayor pulled out a thread and threw it into the sea. Immediately after, he pulled out a big esaraharu. It had sharp teeth indeed.

「Can I eat this fish?」

The mayor borrowed a knife from the nearby fisherman’s house and splendidly made it into sashimi. When I tried it, it was definitely delicious. I have a memory of this taste.

「Marcel, was it? The problem of esaraharu might be solved」

「Do not joke. If this is possible, our whole tribe will swear allegiance to you」

「This is possible. I have a plan」

I was aware of it. Aware of my own villainous face when I talked about it.


  1. Ferris-san, scary. 
  2. I’m kinda confused with this passage. 
  3. In the valley of waves the two flowers of life bloomed next to each other. This song, appreciate if you want =) 

Episode 68 Listening to the Circumstances and Administering Punishment

Toku, toku, toku…….I awakened to the sounds of a gentle heartbeat. When I raised my head, I saw Rico’s face amongst the dim light of my room. It was the face of a dignified and intelligent lady, but only during these times, she had a tinge of innocence on it. Sunlight shone on her beautiful cheek through the window. What a beautiful scenery. I marveled at this splendid sight.

After that, Rico slowly opened her eyes and found me with her unfocused gaze.

「Good morning」

「Good morning, Rico」

「Yes, it’s already morning, isn’t it?」

She tried to cover herself with a sheet in embarrassment. I stopped her hand and fixedly stared at her.


Rico turned red in the face and tried to avoid her eyes. When I saw her embarrassed appearance, I felt a bit of moe. I embraced Rico once again and left the bed.

After breakfast, we teleported back with the same crew as yesterday. Upon our arrival, we accidentally found the guys having breakfast too, how noisy. Kuena was beautifully taking care of this noisy bunch.

「Good morning」

Kuena, who discovered us, greeted us.

「How is it? Did something change? 」

「Yes. The girl from yesterday is still asleep. The small geryuon drank some milk but didn’t show much of an appetite」

When I looked at mini-geryuon, he was already telepathically conversing with Ferris.

「Kyuuu. Ki~yuu~u~u~u」

「It seems that he didn’t sleep well」

「Because geryuons prefer to act in a group. It might be hard for him to be separated from everyone else」

「Oi, what happened to your herd? I can bring you back if you know the location」


Mini-geryuon powerlessly swung his head.

「……..Because he was chased out, he has no place to return to……But he wants to beat everyone who hurt his mother when he grows up」

This mini-geryuon’s mother led a group of 30 of his kind. However, six months ago she lost to a male geryuon from another group and was chased out with her child. Not just that, it seems that she lost one of her wings in the fight. Apparently, the wings weren’t just to fly in the sky but also to retain the overall body balance. She had a hard time hunting after being chased out. Seeing this, the child geryuon went hunting himself. Then, he was attacked by the bandits and caught.

「What were they trying to achieve by catching him?」

「They probably intended to sell him as materials or food. I never heard about geryuon’s meat being particularly delicious, but there are plenty of nobles with weird tastes」

It seems that his mother pushed her injured body and reached the hideout. However, she didn’t succeed and was dismantled before his own eyes. A picture from hell.

「…..He is afraid of going outside, or so he says」

「No wonder. Your mother was killed in front of you. But you have to go outside. Living longer and happier than you mother will be the best revenge against those who hurt you. You’ve suffered enough, nothing will happen to you in the future. You just need to stand up. Only happiness awaits you from now on」


Mini-geryuon burst into tears. It seems that Ferris was ready to follow-up, so I left everything to her. Meanwhile, I approached the sleeping girl.

She was calmly sleeping. She looked like a normal girl except for the deer horns on her head.

「Such a mysterious creature. First time I saw something like that」

「She has the horns, can’t she be a deer beastman?」

「The horns of the deer beastman are a bit bigger. The shouldn’t be this short. Their hair also isn’t blue」

「It seems that I have no choice but to leave her be until she wakes up」

We left the girl where she was and headed to see the succubus.

I mentally prepared myself as I opened the door. Back then, I saw a kingdom-toppling beauty. After the three aspects of beauty, ero, and moe, nothing can faze me anymore. Whatever she does, won’t be able to affect my state of mind, probably. I’m not going to lose to a demon, most likely. The delusions of her doing this and that, ~ehehe, are completely under my control, I’m sure of it.

I opened the door in one go. The succubus was listlessly facing us with her back inside of the barrier. It seems that she rampaged quite a bit. My prided barrier had an uncountable number of small cracks. With her doing that for one more day, it could have become dangerous. That is, is she has the necessary endurance and MP to continue.

I approach the succubus. In response to my footsteps, her body moved with a twitch.

「…….Energy, give me the energy~」

When I saw her face, she looked like an old lady. Wrinkled face, droopy breasts……..can I have a refund for my excitement?

I dispelled the barrier around her. Of course, considering the possibility of an attack, I didn’t release the barriers around us.


She fell down with a thud. Apparently, she died. From the old age.

「The succubi age without men’s vital energy. I thought that she lived for at least a few hundred years and I was right」

As expected of Gon. That’s why she gathered a hundred men here to engage in Fever Hustle every night. Although this demon didn’t do any good, her victims weren’t innocent either. Truly, no good people lived here. A bunch of vulgar bastards. Know some shame!

「Amazing, Rinos-san! To suck all of her energy within a day. Please, teach me too! 」

「….It’s still too early for you Ferris. You will understand when you become an adult, don’t ever become like that demonic woman, okay? 」

Ferris made a confused face. Looking closely, the succubus’ body is gradually turning into ash. Do they naturally turn into ash upon their death? She was determined until the end. Some people should learn from her, from a certain perspective.

When we returned to the mansion, Kuena flew to our side.

「That girl is about to wake up」

I hurriedly went to check her condition. The body that was completely motionless just a while ago was now turning from left to right. After some time, her eyes slowly opened.

「Uunn, I slept well」

Seems like a comfortable awakening.

「Hello there. How do you feel?」

「Ha? Who? 」

「I’m Rinos, the current manager of this territory. I discovered you when I intruded into bandits’ mansion. I didn’t want to leave you there, so I took you with me. Who on earth are you? 」

「Who ~ knows」

She seems rather defiant. Is she an enemy? For now, let’s appraise this girl.

Luara (Princess Poseidon, 15 years old) LV19
HP: 159
MP: 74
Water Magic LV2
Wind Magic LV2
Lightning Magic LV1
Sword Arts LV2
MP Recovery LV1
Mana Absorption LV1
Paralysis Resistance LV2
Dancing LV3
Singing LV2

「Ha? Daughter of Poseidon? A daughter of the sea monarch? 」

「How did you!? Could it be that I was found? No, it shouldn’t be like this! I was always together with the succubus once I reached the shore」

「For now, how about telling me about your background?」

「Don’t know. Why don’t you find out yourself? More than that, I’m hungry. Give me something to eat」

「This girl, let’s cut her down」

Ferris is releasing her bloodlust. That Luara woman raised her nose up high with a humph. Apparently, she is still behaving like a daughter of Poseidon. I might need to punish her.

「For now, give her some milk」

「Fuun, that’s how it should be」

The woman drank the milk and asked for more. She calmed down after asking for a refill three more times.

「First things first, you aren’t on the same side as the bandits, right? You said that you’ve met the succubus, were you planning something? There is also a baby geryuon, is this your doing? 」

「Who knows? What do you think? It seems interesting, can you tell me? It will help me to kill some time」

Fufun, proudly grinned the woman. I silently left the room.

「This girl is so not cute」

「Rinos, this woman should be cut down」

「She is a daughter of Poseidon. We can’t just do it. Well, just leave everything to me」

When I asked later, I learned that I made a face of a villain back at that moment.

After a while, I heard her vibrant scream from the other room.

「What is this?! What!? I can’t get out! Let me out immediately! Let me out! Let me out! 」

「What? Dou you have an errand to run? 」

「Let me out! Let me out from here! 」[1]

「I will let you go if you answer my questions. Your relationship with the bandits, your relationship with the succubus, about the baby geryuon, these three」

「…..I said I don’t know! 」

「Then stay here for a while」

I turned around intending to leave the building.

「Wait! Please! Let’s me go to the……t-toilet……」

「Answer and you are free to go」

「Uu, please……」


「…….About succubus…..she said that she wanted to make a base here and invited me to join……that’s why, summon the esaraharu, she said…….The bandits were gathered by the succubus, so I don’t know. The geryuon was captured by the bandits on their own, so I don’t know. I really don’t know! 」

「Esaraharu? What is that? 」

「This is a delicacy, A fish that rots before you know it. It has sharp teeth and eats almost everything. It acts in flocks and quite dangerous to meet in a sea」

「Ho, so it’s a delicacy. I want to try it sometime」

「Please, toilet…..」

「Well, all right. Exit the room and turn left. Come on」

I released the barrier. At that moment, the woman dashed towards the door.

「It doesn’t open! This door doesn’t open!!」

「Don’t push it, pull」

「I-It opened!」


With a sound that could be heard even here, this woman leaked in a grand fashion.


  1. Neglection play (deadly for succubi). 

Episode 67 Bandit Extermination ②

「It is a disgrace for the imperial knight’s order」

Fumed Rico as she listened to my report after I returned to the mansion.

「Well, it reached the conclusion. We did what we should have done」

Pius declared our victory and concluded the topic. I ordered the guys to take a break, asked Kuena to prepare tea, and entered the office together with Gon, Rico, and Ferris.

「Are we going back to the mansion?」

「No, to be honest there is still something left to do. There is still someone in the bandits’ hideout. Well, a monster to be precise」

「It is better to deal with it」

「Please, bring me with you! I will definitely be useful! 」

There are three monsters in the hideout. Two of them don’t seem to be too dangerous, but the third presence is rather big. I have a bad premonition about this, so let’s deal with them as soon as possible.

「Then, are you going now?」

「After dinner, I will. Rico, you should just return to the mansion ahead of us. Gon, Ferris, and I will deal with the monsters」

「If that’s the case, I shall wait for you here」

「Then stay together with Pius and Kuena. If there is a danger, do not hesitate to leave this mansion. If we take too long, you should return too」

「I understand」

After dinner, we immediately straddled Irimo and rode towards the hideout.

It takes about a day to reach this place on foot, but with Irimo, 20 minutes are enough. Ferris can fly even in her human form. As expected, she isn’t of Irimo’s level, I flew towards the forest while keeping an eye on her.

After a while, I saw a small mountain and a mansion halfway up. I could also see a number of tents surrounding it from all sides. Apparently, the underlings spent their lives camping.

I erected a barrier to completely conceal our presence and entered inside. The insides of the mansion were brightly lit. There is a big monster presence in the reception room nearby. I headed there first and tried to open the door when I heard a voice from the other side.

「He’s late~. Aaa~ my whole body is aching~. Can’t he hurry up~」

I quietly opened the door. There was an unprecedented beauty inside. Not just that, she was dressed incredibly erotic.

Is she about 20 years old? Her breasts were squeezed together and except for the most important places, she was essentially naked. There is no such uncle who can hold himself back at such a sight.

「You are finally back~ Welcome home~. Are you alone~? Then let’s do it with just the two of us~. Fufufu」

This is bad, she is totally in my strike zone. However, looking closely, she has black wings on her back. Gon, who was riding on my shoulder, said.

「She is a succubus. A demon that feeds of male’s energy~. Master, you can’t let your eyes wander」

The excess ero made my heart race, but it’s not on the level of being mesmerized. Clear thoughts, clear thoughts. The succubus twisted her waist and walked towards me with her index finger in her mouth. Although it smells of the Showa era, it is erotic.

「The bandits are dead」

The succubus’ body trembled. She looked dumbfounded for a moment, but then furrowed her brows and flew into a rage.

「Did the all the men die~? Where should I get the energy!? Energy……energy……」

A black fog came out of her body. I immediately responded by locking this succubus inside of the barrier.

「I will suck all of your energy!」

A sharp needle was released from the inside of her body. Unexpectedly, it broke through my barrier and a part of it flew my way. I accepted the blow with a new barrier, but the remaining part flew towards Ferris.


「……..I’m absolutely fine」

The needle has stuck in her arm, but it seems that it wasn’t able to penetrate the scales on it.

「My scales won’t be broken by this little thing」

「Damn it!! I hate the little girls like you the most! But I won’t kill you. I will use you as a bait to attract more men」

「Are you retarded? Instead of speaking ridiculous thing, you should worry about yourself more」

Right after I saw my barrier being broken, I erected a new one, a stronger one. I should resist a dragon’s breath with ease. I wasted about 3000MP on it, it is a superb article.

「A barrier master…..It doesn’t seem like I can break it. Fine. I won’t resist you. You can play with my body however you want」

Saying that the succubus became completely naked in a second.

「You can start whenever you want, you know? Taste me as you desire」

「……Master, let’s leave this succubus here for today」

「Is there something?」

「It won’t be too late to think about her tomorrow」

「……That’s true. It’s better to spend some time to reset my mind and come again later」

「Don’t say that~. Treat me like your toy~. Your thick and sturdy…….」

……With Ferris’ education in mind, we silently left the room.

「Why didn’t you kill her?」

「Un, let’s leave her be for a while」

「Ah! Are you going to weaken her by not giving her anything and then kill her? As expected of Rinos-san. But why did that monster stripped naked? I thought that she was going to undo her human transformation…….」

「Un, well, there is that. It was probably her plan to make an enemy relax his guard」

「I see! She pretended to surrender by getting naked and wanted to launch a sneak attack! She is as sly as a black dragon! You’ve seen through her, as expected of Rinos-san! 」

「Ah, un, that’s right. Hahaha……」

Her sparkling eyes pierced my heart. Feeling weak in my legs, I headed towards the weaker monster presence.

The map sowed that it was in the basement. The staircase leading to the basement was situated in the back of the mansion, once I descended there, I was greeted by the darkness. I released 「Light」spell to illuminate the surroundings. The basement was full of swords, axes, other weapons, and rusted armor. There was a steel cage placed on the big table. When I approached it, I saw a tiger-patterned kitten with wings on his back.

「Isn’t it a child of geryuon?」


「They run faster than the wind and can fly in the sky. It wields wind magic and has formidable power, it can easily one-shot a bear. Once grown up, it can contend with the strongest creatures in the forest, it is an S-rank monster 」

We approached the cage.


Once it perceived us, it slowly lifted its head and stared at us with its shiny eyes.

「Oi, are you okay? Did the bandits catch you? 」


It seems that it can understand our words but can’t talk. Yet, it still tried to tell us something.

「Kiyu kikiyu kiyu」

It kept crying like that.

「Please, wait for a minute」

Ferris approached and intently stared at it. After a while,

「It seems that this child was brought here after he got lost in the woods. And….un? It seems that his mother came here to save him……un un…..And she met her demise. Then……she was dismantled before this child’s eyes…..He wants to be released to avenge her」

「….It was painful for you. Relax. The bandits have already departed to the afterlife. I avenged her in your place, you don’t need to fight anymore」

「Ki~yu. Ki~yu」

「Thank you very much, or so it says」

「Nevertheless, you are amazing Ferris. You can understand even the words of such a child」

「No. It is the telepathy. Our dragon tribe is able to transmit the thoughts. Just like this」

『Rinos-san, Rinos-san』

Cool. I can hear her voice in my head. This is convenient.

For now, I wrecked the cage and released it outside. Once outside, it flapped its wings and jumped into my chest. What’s up with it, it’s super cute.

While hugging this child, I headed towards the third presence. There, I saw a fainted girl.

「Who is this girl?」

She had a cute face and deer’s horns on her head. Is she some kind of beastman? I tapped her on a cheek, but there was no reaction. For starters, I decided to grab this girl too and leave the mansion. Then, I set up a teleportation barrier and returned to out reception room.

「Welcome back. How was it? 」

「For now, give this child geryuon something to eat. As for this girl, let her sleep somewhere」

Kuena moved like the wind to prepare everything. Since the girl was just asleep, I let her sleep on a sofa. In preparation for the worst, I cast a barrier on the girl.

「Just what happened exactly?」

I told Rico about my encounters in the mansion.

「This is surprising. Let’s keep them here for a while. Depending on the case, we may also bring them to our mansion. By the way, what kind of monster was that succubus? 」

This is, I’m having a hard time to explain. That appeal……I can’t, I can’t. While I was contemplating, Ferris answered first.

「Ah, about that, she was naked」

「Rico!…..I mean……I want you tonight, can I? 」[1]

「Of course!」

I received an immediate answer. As a reward for all the work, I brought everyone home through the teleportation barrier.

That night, I loved Rico to my heart’s desire.


  1. Crisis masterfully averted. 

Episode 66 Bandit Extermination

When I opened my eyes, I discovered myself clinging to Mei’s body. Sheep’s wool is a truly mysterious thing. It’s warm during the winter and cool during the summer. For a while, I enjoyed the feeling as I stroked her hair. I wanted to enjoy it longer but it wasn’t possible today. After a great struggle, I got up from the bed.

I tasted the breakfast prepared by Peris. Ferris seems to have a good learning ability and already mastered several dishes. She can prepare magnificent omelets. I’m looking forward to the future.

When breakfast was over, Mei handed me a sword.

「My husband doesn’t like to kill people very much. I made a light yet hard sword for you. Please try it if you have an opportunity」 [1]

It looked like a Japanese sword and was similar to 「Onigiri」. When I pulled it out of the sheath, a jet-black sword appeared before me. It was as light as a branch. However, it was harder that a lump of iron. I named it「Kurogatana」. [2] From now on, I think of putting「Onigiri」and「Kurogatana」on my hips, and strapping 「Holy Sword」on my back.

I take the sword and teleport back with the same members as yesterday. I listened to the report about yesterday, fortunately, nothing serious happened. I have no idea where they got it but the imperial knights have been drinking until late at night.

In the afternoon, Baron Jiono came into the room where we were staying at.

「It seems that you don’t have any particular questions, so I’m going to return to the capital. Farewell」

「Be careful on your way back」

With a grin, Jiono went out of the room and, together with the imperial knights, left the mansion. After I saw him off, I gathered everyone in the stables.

「Everyone are to be prepared for a battle. Pius, Paltan, Popia, Nokita, and Aga, follow me. The rest of you lot should guard the mansion. Rico and Kuena are on standby in the mansion. Also, Ferris, you are staying home too. If the bandits attack this mansion, you are to protect everyone. Got it? 」

「Yes! Leave it to me! 」

「10 harpies are to guard the mansion. The rest will follow me」

Pyi, the harpies flew into the sky.

「What is happening, Rinos?」

Asked Rico with a worried face.

「If I was the bandit’s boss, I would have aimed at the opening when the knights have retreated. In most of the cases, the secure atmosphere of the mansion makes people relax their guard after the tiresome journey. Besides, the retreating battle is difficult. I don’t think that they are this proficient. [3] The bandits should be aware of this too. It is easy to win if you are able to ambush the retreating troops from the forest and successfully break their formation. But that’s when we will appear on the stage. The bandits probably don’t doubt the success of their plan. This is their weakness. If we hit there, we can win even with small numbers」

According to the map, the bandits moved through the forest in full numbers. I immediately ordered to depart and straddled Irimo.

I stationed the harpies in a point where they could overlook the forest and the highway. I also put a barrier on everyone present. It didn’t end at this, I also colored them. With this, they shouldn’t die from swords or magic. The bandits engaged the knights. The imperial knights, who were interrupted during the march, descended into chaos. I created a dense fog around the battlefield as I surveyed the surroundings.

Due to the dense fog, both the imperial knights and the bandits became confused. I used this opening to circle around to their back. After that, I dispelled the fog,


The harpies and those guys attacked the bandits. Some of them were incapacitated by the harpies, some of them were cut by the guys.

The bandit’s equipment was all over the place. Some of them wore simple clothes, while some of them donned the knight’s armor.

The imperial knights reformed their ranks and the bandits ended up completely surrounded. Even still, there were plenty that tried to break through and escape. I immediately smacked them with「Kurogatana」until they became incapacitated.


I heard a scream from the side of the imperial knights. At this moment, a small group separated from the rest of the knights. I chased after them. While running, I hit two of them with「Kurogatana」until they fainted. Three men were still running in front of me. A few harpies landed ahead of them.

「Kuh, damn it」

The smallest of them seemed to be their leader. As I approached them

「It seems that you rampaged quite a bit recently. Where did you get the balls to destroy a city? 」

「This country is about to be destroyed! Since it is going to be destroyed, I will do whatever I want before I die!!」

「We, the farmers, are starving, yet the fishermen’s stomach are always with filled to the brim. We belong to the same country, yet the country has abandoned us! There is nothing wrong with killing them!!」

Seems like an important problem. That being said, slaughtering a whole city is an overkill.

「…..Enough. We can’t return as long as they are here. Let’s use that」

The leader took something out of his bag. The other two did the same and swallowed it.

「「「Guh, GAAAAAAAAAA!!!!」」」

The three’s bodies rapidly expanded until they turned into 3-meter tall bear-like monsters. An evil aura radiated from them. I appraised the leader.

Rukiata (Demon, 21 years old) LV44
HP: 266
MP: 220
Sword Arts LV4
Body Strengthening LV4
Wind Magic LV2
Evasion LV4
Curse LV3

His MP and HP aren’t worth mentioning. Nevertheless, his skill levels are pretty high. It’s on the level of Madoisen, who was able to overwhelm teacher Falco and Eril. I would be better take it seriously. I sheathed「Kurogatana」and pulled out the Holy Sword. With this as a sign, the three attacked me.

The leader came straight at me with his sword. The other two attacked the harpies. The harpies were pushed back at first, but they gradually dominated the opponents with their teamwork. Very soon, the two’s eyes received a hit from the harpies resulting in their defeat and death.

On the other hand, right after I stopped his thrust, the leader swung his sword towards my arm. I dodged it and swung my sword. The sword hit his thigh and his right leg became stained in blood. However, the leader didn’t bat an eyelid and kept attacking me. It seems that he doesn’t feel any pain because of the body strengthening. Forget about pain, he even utilized wind magic to manipulate the fallen leaves to obstruct my vision.

Most people wouldn’t have been able to cope with it, but it didn’t have any meaning before me, who had presence detection LV5. I’m aware of his every movement. He quietly circled behind me and made a thrust. I dodged and countered with a stab in his throat.

「How does being defeated by your own technique feel?」

However, the leader ignored my sword in his throat and swung his sword again. This unexpected attack did manage to surprise. I subconsciously pulled out my sword and took some distance. Even with blood pouring out of his throat, the leader took a stance with his sword and produced a thrust of the same power as before. It seems that he truly doesn’t feel any pain.

I evaded this thrust and cut towards the leader. The leader has been split in two and finally stopped moving.

「Could it be the medicine made by Merias?」

「Yeah, it might be. Maybe it has an effect of raising the skills」

After a while, the guys and Oshe, together with his knights, arrived at the scene.

「Are they the last?」

「It seems that the guy that is split in two was the bandits’ leader. What about the corpses? Are we going to collect them? 」

「No, we don’t have so much free time. We will leave them here. The monsters will eat them until there is nothing left. Ah, I am giving you their gear. That being said, it’s not that great」

「You sure know a lot. Are you acquainted? 」

Oshe glared at me, and then he turned around and left. I examined the corpse and found nothing important except for 500G. I don’t know if it is wise to leave the corpses, so I incinerated them.

I saw the knights as I left the forest. They were throwing the dead bodies into the forest. It seems that they also executed the captured bandits, no questions asked.

「Are you not going to bring them to the capital?」

「We don’t have any spare energy for that. Killing the bandits as soon as they are discovered is the common sense even amongst the adventurers」

「But you aren’t an adventurer, Vice Leader Oshe」

Oshe clenched his teeth so hard that I could almost hear the sound. Looking closely, the bodies of the people wearing the knight’s armor were lined up nearby. About 40 of them. The number of injured people is quite a bit. In essence, about 30% of the knights were either dead or injured. This could be considered as a great loss for them.

「Are you going to dispose of these bodies too? They should have their families in the capital」

「The knights, who were defeated by something like bandits, won’t receive an honorable treatment. As such, we will leave them here」

「They died because of the incompetent commander. Without me striking from the back, you definitely would have been annihilated. Oshe, under a competent leader, it wouldn’t have escalated to such an extent. Nevertheless, you were ambushed by the bandits, panicked, and fell into chaos. Am I right? 」


Oshe looked at the corpses as he trembled.

「……Take care of the dead. The capital isn’t too far. If you split the load, you can easily bring them back」

Oshe canceled the order and returned to his troops.

「Honorary marquis, thank you for the reinforcements!」

When the troops were ready to depart, Baron Jiono appeared out of nowhere, waved his hand, and joined the knights.

I turned around without responding to him and returned to the mansion.


  1. To hit people into submission? 
  2. Should I change it into english? 
  3. He is probably referring to the knights in this sentence. Else, it doesn’t make any sense. 

Episode 65 Negligence of Duty

Two men stood atop a grassy hill. The two didn’t attempt to wipe the sweat that dripped down their foreheads. They just stood there silently.

There were ruins before the two men. No, three days ago, when they came here, there was a town. It wasn’t big, but it was full of life. You could hear the voices of the strong fishermen, the women; who wanted that fish, and the kids; who played around.

However, right now, they could hear only the wind. The warm wind carried an unpleasant smell with it. The town was, most likely, full of corpses.

「What should we do?」

「Burn everything」

A few hours after this short conversation, the town was turned into ash. After completing the assignment, a soldier approached them.

「Reporting. Honorary Marquis Versam has arrived」

「……So he is finally here」

These words unintentionally left his mouth aimed at no one in particular.


The two turned around and left this place.

We reached the Kurumfar’s mansion near the evening. We entered the mansion as I admired the sunset beyond the sea. We told the soldiers stationed around the mansion to report our arrival and were guided by them to the big room. When it became completely dark outside the window, the two men have arrived.

「The baron of the empire, Jiano Reiar」

「The vice leader of the northern imperial knights, Oshe」

The two were responsible for the administrative and military work respectively.

「I’m sorry to ask after you’ve just arrived, but I would like to finish the procedures to pass down the territory. The details are in this document. If you have any questions, please ask them before tomorrow afternoon」

In the document, there was the map of the mansion and the territory, and information about the identity, quantity, and location of things inside the mansion.

「There are too many unknowns. First, what is the current state of this territory? Financial situation? I didn’t see any documents regarding these」

「You can find them in the previous count’s office」

「No, I want to hear it from Baron Jiono’s and Vice Leader Oshe’s perspective first」

「No, we are supposed to preserve the mansion until the next lord arrives, we aren’t well-informed regarding the situation outside」

「It is as the baron says. We have been guarding this mansion for that last three months after we received this duty from Baron Gragoleir. After the incident with Count Kurumfar, this territory was managed by Baron Gragoleir. If you want to hear the details, you should ask him」

Answered Oshe, intending to withdraw.

「Baron Jiono. There is no way the emperor would have stationed a baron here only to watch over the mansion. If you really don’t know anything, I will report you for neglecting your duty to the prime minister and Prince Viras, is this fine with you? 」

Baron Jiono’s face contorted. Oshe, who saw it, said.

「This country has no future. The fields are covered in salt, the bandits are pillaging everything, and the fishing industry is in ruins. One town was destroyed by the bandits just a while ago. We turned what was left of that town into ash right before you arrived」

「You burned down the town!?」

Rico stood up in a surge of emotions.

「Isn’t it Princess Ricolette. It’s been a long time. I’m sorry for not noticing you. Allow me to congratulate you on your wedding. The town was full of corpses. Unless we do that, the monsters would come out of the forest to feed on the dead. Please understand the necessity of this action」

「Why didn’t you subjugate the bandits who attacked the town?」

「There are about 100 bandits against our 300 knights. More than this, they built their base deep inside the forest. To wipe them out, we need to plow our way through the monsters while being wary of them. I can’t let the knights participate in this dangerous mission」

「First things first, congratulations for receiving this mansion in our stead, Honorary Marquis Versam. You can use this mansion however you want. Our duty ends here. I will depart tomorrow in the afternoon, I leave everything here to you. Well then」

Jiono concluded with just that and swiftly left. Following after him, Oshe too left the room.

「So that’s why he said to ask him before the tomorrow afternoon」

「We were left to deal with the consequences, Rinos-dono!」

The oldest, Bius, raised a scream of anger.

「That being said, it was quite a report. Those two didn’t manage the territory properly! 」

Rico was fuming with anger.

「Well, nothing will change whatever we say here. For now, let’s have a meal. Rico, Ferris, I will take the dishes from the infinite storage, arrange the meal properly」

Rico and Ferris swiftly filled the table with dishes. Rico’s attendant, Kuena, helped them out. In a blink of an eye, a buffet-style meal was completed.

「All right, good work everyone. Fill your bellies to the brim」

To be honest, there wasn’t much work involved, though. Maybe it was because of the barrier that obstructed recognition. We just had fun camping out for a few nights.

「They don’t have any more materials that this? How horrible」

「It is absolutely the neglecting of duties」

After a meal, we left the cleaning to Kuena and the guys immediately went to secure their bedding. I told them to wipe themselves while they were at it as I filled the tub with water. Meanwhile, Rico, Gon, Ferris, and I went to the office to look through the remaining documents. There was a safe, but it was empty. It was a vast mansion, yet it was filled with only the necessary things.

The only useful thing there, was a family register that recorded every person living in this territory. Besides the names and ages, it also recorded their occupations and addresses. The list was sorted by the occupation. It was personally created by Count Kurumfar, which showed his excellence.

As for everything else, there were only people who watched over this mansion. I found the reports addressed to the count, but they weren’t useful at all. The reason is, they mostly reported some stupid things.

They didn’t speak about the crisis and only described some rumors. The reports also described the rumors about Rico, which made me uncomfortable to read any further. It seems that the Kurumfar couple was too eager to educate Rico and failed to educate their subordinates. Most likely, they were the type that couldn’t concentrate on multiple things at the same time.

For now, I will examine the territory through my map. There is a forest to the west of this mansion and several towns close to the sea. As for the burned town, it should be the town about 5 kilometers away from the mansion. There we no human presences. Most likely, the survivors have evacuated to nearby towns and villages. In other words, this mansion is completely isolated.

Also, there was a dense cluster of people in the forest. This should be the bandit’s hideout. Still, they built their base in the forest in the midst of the monsters. Perhaps, I shouldn’t underestimate them.

「These bandits might be surprisingly strong. Their leader seems rather intelligent」

「It would be difficult to catch them unprepared」

「Well, it’s not like it is completely out of question…..anyway, it is late, let’s go to sleep. 」

I created the teleportation barrier in the office. I told the guys to stay here and report through the portal if something happens. I let Irimo and the harpies stay in this mansion. The stables were neatly arranged and seemed to be quite pleasant to stay in. Kuena decided to return with us and together we passed through the teleportation barrier.

I enjoyed a long-awaited bath. When I told Mei about the salt problem, she said that she would try to develop a solution for it. We also have the fertilizer developed by Gon and Peris to grow their crops, it should be useful for the Kurumfar territory.

Kuena slept together with Rico while I enjoyed the time with Mei first time in a long while. Mei’s beautiful big breasts are indeed a nice article. [1]


  1. My lonely self is sad. 

Episode 64 Towards the Future

「That place isn’t suitable for people to live in」

It was the first thing I heard from Jeneha. The Kurumfar territory was filled with problems.

The first problem is the salty sea breeze.

The ground still had patches of snow from the bird’s eye view. When they thought about saturating their thirst with this snow, it turned out to be salty. In other words, it wasn’t snow, it was salt. Most of the farmlands were covered by it, this region was expected to have trouble feeding itself.

The second problem is the public order.

The bandits were roaming around the territory in great numbers, they even recently attacked the neighboring port. The harpies thought about rescuing the citizens, but the bandit’s numbers exceeded one hundred. Almost like a little army. Even with Jeneha, they didn’t feel confident going against such numbers. She decided to give up on them and returned in dejection.

The third problem is the condition of the fishing industry.

When the port town is under attack, the fishermen are often killed in the process. That produces a negative impact on the industry. The Kurumfar territory won’t be able to prosper by relying on salt without agriculture and the fishing industry.

「What are the soldiers doing?」

Rico raised her voice but immediately remembered. Most of them fell during the fight with the imperial army. As a result, the security became worse and the bandits went out of control.

「They aren’t able to deter the bandits as they are now」

「We should head for the Kurumfar territory immediately!」

On the next day, I went to the imperial palace, spoke with the prime minister, and expressed my desire to head for the Kurumfar territory as soon as possible.

「I see. However, it is not appropriate for you to head out now. The amnesty is about to begin. Who can receive them apart from you? 」

In the end, he agreed to dispatch some officials to stabilize the situation, while I stayed in the capital.

Soon enough, the first batch of Rico’s vassals has been released. It consisted of 10 people who attacked my mansion previously. [1] As a matter of course, they lost their rights of succession and were banished from their respective houses. I want to the prime minister’s mansion to pick them up.

「Yo, long time no see. How have you been? 」

……Everyone simultaneously glared at me. What’s up with you guys? Are you trying to pick a fight?

「Bius! Paltan! Popia! Are you fine? Is Niz injured? Pario….lost his weight. Ah, Nokyu, Nokita, Jakun, Tsujin, and Aga are fine too! 」


The men surrounded Rico and cried. A boy named Aga was about to jump into her chest. This chest is mine. You won’t be able to leave unscathed if you touch it! More than that, it is slightly hot here so they are all smelly. If you leave your scent on Rico, I won’t forgive you.

Noticing my glare, the bastards moved towards me.

「Could you be Ricolette-sama’s husband? My name is Bius. I guarded Ricolette-sama since my childhood」

Since his childhood, he put some emphasis on these words. Is he jealous of me?

「We are grateful to you for saving Ricolette-sama」

「Don’t thank me, thank His Majesty. Rico’s treatment together with your amnesty were all decided by His Majesty. I just followed his orders」

You could read「Rico? Don’t carelessly address Ricolette-sama like that! 」from their eyes. Well, Rico is mine, I can address her however I want.

「Well, let’s not talk while standing. You are finally free again. Let’s grab something to eat and discuss the future」

I dragged them to the nearest restaurant. I generously suggested them to order whatever they wanted, and they actually did it. Do they even know about restraint or are they trying to harm my finances?

We talked as we had a meal. Apparently, they were released earlier but were confined in the prime minister’s mansion. They were fed timely, but received no meat. Everyone is a young growing man. Everyone ordered meat and ate with a vigor. Do they really serve the princess? As for Rico, she looked at them with a grin.

「All right then, you can listen as you eat. I’m entrusted with managing the Kurumfar territory. That being said, you shouldn’t misunderstand. The official lord is Prince Viras. I’m just acting on behalf of the lord. Madam Kurumfar was yours and Rico’s tutor, right? You teacher’s territory is currently in peril. I’m going to fix it. If someone amongst you wishes to go to the Kurumfar territory, I could use your help in reconstruction. I won’t force anyone」

Everyone stopped eating and looked down.

「Is Ricolette-sama going?」

The youngest of them, Aga, asked Rico.

「Of course, I am!」

Rico gave a powerful answer. Following that, several people agreed to participate.

「I am renting the rooms for you in the inn nearby. It was prepaid for a week. Those who want to participate are to gather before Rinos’ mansion in a week. Those who do not want to participate should prioritize their own matters. I won’t blame you for that」

Rico handed every one of them a bag filled with money. In this way, she wanted to thank them for their hard work up until now and for taking care of her, the money came from the emperor’s gift for our wedding. She gave everyone about one million in Japanese yen equivalent. It was rather generous from her. Of course, they cried.

After the meal, they headed for the designated inn.

And a week after we returned to the mansion those guys arrived at our doors. Every one of them.

「We are prepared to serve Ricolette-sama for our whole lives! Please allow us to accompany you! 」

「Thank you. Thank you very much…….」

Rico cried, and the guys who saw it cried too. When I put my hand on her shoulder, she buried her faced in my chest and continued crying. The men instantly directed their bloodlust at me. After that, Mei, Peris, and Gon counterattacked with their own bloodlust until those guys were forced to avert their eyes.

Since we couldn’t leave without the prime minister’s orders, we extended their stay at the inn and ordered them to wait for further instructions. In the meantime, they prepared the equipment and food with all necessary seriousness.

Sometime after they left my mansion, a woman came to visit our mansion.

「Kuena? Isn’t it Kuena? 」

This woman was Rico’s attendant and raised her instead of her mother.

「I grew up in Kurumfar. If the princess wishes to go there, please let me accompany you」

「If you truly wish for that…….」

According to Kuena, Kurumfar used to sell salt to purchase the necessary food, due to lack of the local production. However, because of the lord’s unexpected death, the salt deals came to a stop and the territory experienced a shortage of food. The imperial army tries to help out, but their help has its limits. The territory is in need of immediate revitalization.

While we were waiting for our departure, we decided to procure the supplies. While at it, I also selected the members who will go with me to the Kurumfar territory. It was me, Rico, Gon, Ferris, ten guys, and Kuena. I will also bring 50 harpies as escorts. Jeneha is staying home. However, after we settle down to a certain extent, I plan to construct a teleport to visit this place whenever I want.

After a month, we finally received the prime minister’s permission to depart. It was nearly the summer.

In the morning, before the departure, the guys gathered before my mansion. Everyone, except for Rico and Kuena who rode in the carriage, prepared their horses. Using this preparation time, I introduced the guys to the harpies.

「A harpy! That dream wasn’t a dream after all! 」

Towards the shuddering men, I said.

「They are my subordinates, they won’t attack you. You can be at ease」

Their shuddering quickly subsided. I told the guys to head to the stables and help out with the carriage. I made a final check with Gon before our departure. After a while, a harpy arrived at my side and reported.

「Master, everything has been completed」

When I praised her for good work, she left my side.

The summer’s sunlight was dazzling. When I gazed towards the horizon, I saw air being distorted because of the heat. While feeling the approaching summer with my skin, I looked at the stables.

Inside the stables, I could see 10 men in adventurer’s outfits. I silently stood before these men.

「All right, let’s go!」

I mounted Irimo and rode for the distant horizon. Behind me were 10 men and one carriage. It was the beginning of the「Miracle of Kurumfar」.


  1. Do they even count as the talented people? 

Chapter 3 Kurumfar Arc

Episode 63 Employment with Conditions

Disregarding the issue with the arm pillow, we ended up having a meal first.

Today’s menu consisted of the fried rice, tempura, and tamagoyaki. And for dessert, I brought out my masterpiece of a pudding.

「T-Tasty! It is the first time I ate something so delicious. Lars wasn’t lying! 」

Ferris had a bigger appetite than I anticipated. She didn’t eat anything since she left her mountains, the mountain of rice disappeared in no time. At this pace, she would finish everything, so I ended up making karaage.

She wasn’t satisfied even after finishing the dessert. She was finally full after I brought out 20 portions of ohagi from my infinite storage.

After the meal, I managed to ask her about Lars. The Crybaby was as always, but he did work hard in his own way. He hunted on his own initiative, it was expected from him to become an accomplished warrior. When it is time for his journey, I would be nice to meet him once.

Apparently, Ferris heard about us from Lars on the daily basis. We were together for just one week, but the events became increasingly exaggerated as they came out of his mouth. Coupled with Ferris’ delusions and convenient interpretation, my image turned into something close to a god.

Today, I had her stay in Peris’ room. When she saw me preparing a bath, her eyes glittered.

「This bath is really great. Let’s go in together later」

After I saw Peris acting as a big sister, I decided to leave everything to her.

I distanced myself from them and entered the bath.

「What should I do with Ferris?」

「Didn’t husband already decide?」

「Un, she is Lars’ big sister, I can’t just disregard her」

「However, with her appetite, Peris-san and Rico-sama might be in trouble」

「Un. Should I teach her how to cook? 」

「That might be the best choice」[1]

When we left the bath, Gon came into our room. It is rare for him to visit in the night.

「Depending on the circumstances, this dragon girl, Ferris might be quite useful to us」

「Oh, we discussed it just a while ago. Are you talking about her appetite? I’m thinking about making her cook for herself. Also, we might ask her to hunt too」

「There is something more important than this. With her, we can secure a safe passage through the Juka Mountain Range」

「I see!」

I didn’t try to return to the Juka Kingdom simply because I couldn’t. It is a matter of the distance from the Hideta Empire. It takes about two months to circle around the Juka Mountain Range and reach the Juka Kingdom. The round trip would take 4 months. I can’t leave my mansion for that long and the prime minister won’t be happy either. However, if you go through the Juka Mountain Range it would only take a few days. With Irimo, I could arrive in two days. The difference is substantial.

We decided to postpone it to the morning and climbed on the bed.

However, Rico’s behavior was unusual since a while ago. She didn’t say a word. Maybe because she understood the reason, Mei quietly returned to her room.

「…..Rico? 」


「Rico-chan? Do you want the arm pillow? 」


She turned her back to me and didn’t speak. I put my arm under her neck and gave her the arm pillow. Following that, Rico turned around to face me.

「Why did you let that dragon girl stay in the mansion?」

「Are you against it?」

「Somehow, I can’t forgive her. She assumed such an impudent attitude. She ate everything and troubled you, even though it was our first meeting」

「She is still a kid, can’t help it」

「Besides, why did she ask for the arm pillow………」 [2]

「Ah, when I was on my way to deliver her little brother home, I let him do it」

「Did you do it to someone else besides me?」

「To the small male dragon that is. He didn’t fall asleep otherwise. It is only Rico and Mei amongst the women」

「Leaving this little girl in the mansion……ah」

I silently embraced her and stole her lips.

「Fuh, hah, hah, I, I………」

「I know. My arm pillow is only for Rico. Or you still aren’t satisfied? 」

「Then…..all right」

「Thanks, Rico」

Teary-eyed, red-faced Rico was truly beautiful. I embraced Rico once again.

In the morning, when I entered the dining room, Ferris was already there waiting for me. Peris was skillfully preparing breakfast and Rico went to help her out. Mei seemed to be taking care of Irimo. Gon and I sat before Ferris. Following that, Ferris stood up

「I’m sorry for my rude behavior yesterday. I will do anything to be useful, please let me stay here」

and lowered her head.

「All right. You can sit. In this house「If a person doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat」. Therefore, those who can do nothing can’t stay here. I have two conditions you have to agree to before you can stay」

Ferris swallowed with a sound.

「First condition, I want you to help Rico and Peris when you are here. In other words, I want you to learn how to cook. If you want to eat more, you have to hunt for ingredients in the forest. Since I left the hunting to the harpies, you can just cooperate with them. This is about it for the first condition. The second one, it would be fine even if you can’t achieve this. Can you somehow arrange a safe passage through the Juka Mountain Range? That place is the dragon’s den, they will attack if you approach carelessly. Can you arrange the passage at least through the lands of your own tribe? This is the second condition」

Ferris stared at my face and nodded.

「I’m good at hunting. That’s why I left on a journey in the first place. Besides, it should be fine with the passage too. No one would touch us as long as you bring me with you」

「All right, I understand. You can stay here for as long as you want! 」

「T-Thank you very mush ~uuueeeee」

She started crying. She does indeed resemble her brother.

「Everyone, please gather! This is our new friend from now on, Ferris. Take care of her, everyone!」

「Best regards」
「Best regards」
「Best regards」
「Best regards」

「Ev, evirione, besd regars ~uuuu」

Ferris greeted everyone through her tears. Yet, she still devoured breakfast in a moment.

「All right, I’m off to work. Let’s throw a welcoming party for Ferris tonight. I will shop for ingredients in the capital」

「Please buy some sugar!」
「Buy fish today. Also, kelps, squids, and prawns would be nice too」
「We are almost out of bittern too」

「All right, I will try to close the store sooner. Mei, let’s go」

Mei and I mounted Irimo.

Today, after I finished a few of the orders right after the opening, I didn’t have anything else to do in the store. We decided to use this opportunity to make a cake.

I took out the harpies’ eggs, sugar butter, and bought the strawberries from the market. In the process, I failed to adjust the heat and nearly burned everything, but, nonetheless, it was a success.

Today’s dinner ended up being quite grand. Everyone smacked their lips seeing the amount of meat, fish, and salads. It seems that Ferris went out to hunt while I was away and brought 8 cow-like monsters home. Gon worked hard to dismantle them all, their meat was truly delicious.

As for dessert, I brought out our masterpiece of a cake. It was a gigantic cake with a lot of strawberries on top. Everyone ate with a gusto. That taste of the harpies’ eggs was truly delicious, it had a nice touch to it. When I asked later, I learned that the harpies’ eggs are considered luxury goods and even royalty rarely has a chance to taste them. No wonder.

Regarding Ferris’ room, I delegated her a room next to Peris’. This was the room that I used previously. It seems that she spends most of her time in the human form as a part of her training. With that as it is, we couldn’t let her wear the same clothes every day, so on the next day, we went on a shopping spree to buy some new clothes, armor and weapons for hunting, and daily necessities.

In the first place, her baggage was mostly filled with food and little to no personal things. I wonder what she would have done if she didn’t find me. It took us several days of shopping to completely arrange her room.

A week after Ferris’ arrival, our life has finally calmed down. And as if aiming for that time, Jeneha came back. I received a shock after hearing her report.


  1. He probably entered inside with Rico and Merias. 
  2. Sounds like 80% of the reason.