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Episode 84 Let’s Make Her Our Pet!

As the three were engaged in a staring contest, Ferris came back from the capital. Ferris stood petrified once she laid eyes on the fairy dragon.

「It’s my first time seeing a fairy dragon with such colorful and magnificent wings」

「Does that mean something?」

「The more colorful the wings are the more talented a fairy dragon is supposed to be. This child seems to have quite the talent」

「When I met it, it didn’t have one wing. It also lost all of its horns」

「Strange. For us, dragons, the horns are as valuable as the life. For it to lose them………it must have encountered a strong monster. I’m going to ask」

Ferris stared fixedly at the fairy dragon. It seems that they were engaged in telepathy. Ferris’ face gradually turned serious as they talked.

「Are you an idiot!? Go ahead and rest! 」

Then, out of nowhere, she grabbed it by its horns and started swinging it around. The dragon let out a scream in response.

「Ferris, that’s enough!」

Having heard my voice, Ferris stopped. Then, she threw the dragon on the table, stared at it once again, grinned, and laughed. For some reason, Itora was rejoicing at the side.

「Kiyuo! Kiyua, kiyua, kiyuaaaa」

The dragon burst into tears. Oi, Ferris, what have you done?

「It’s alright. Just a little scolding. This one’s story? Ah, it’s okay if you don’t hear it. It’s incredibly stupid」

「Kiyua, kiyukyukyu, kiyukyukyukyukyu? Kiyukyukiyu, kiyu, kiyu」

She desperately tried to somehow appeal to me but, regretfully, I couldn’t understand a thing. [1]

「Ferris, just what did this dragon say?」

There was a nice follow-up from Rico.

「Ah. It’s an incredibly stupid story. Well, if it’s big sister Rico, I might as well tell」

Rico and Ferris looked at each other. And, gradually, Rico’s face stiffened.

「……..There is no need to tell Rinos. Ridiculous」

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The dragon’s wings dropped on the ground and she lowered her head in disappointment. Somehow, it made my chest hurt.

「Rinos-san, what are we going to do about this dragon?」

「What do you mean?」

「Make a steak or smoke…….stew is also okay」

「Eh! Are you going to eat her? You are a dragon, right? Won’t that count as cannibalism? 」

「Since we aren’t of the same subspecies, it won’t. Rather, she is just a right prey」

「Agya! Gya! Kiyua」

The fairy dragon seemed to be angry. Ferris breathed out and

「You still don’t understand. That’s why you can’t」

Having said that, Ferris took the fairy dragon by the horns and threw her out. As expected of a dragon, she flapped her wings and avoided the collision with the ground. Ferris headed outside as she stripped herself of one piece of clothing after another until she became naked. Then, she turned off her human transformation before the fairy dragon.

「Kya, kiyuaaaaaaaaa!!!!!」

Seeing Ferris in her kukulkan form, the fairy dragon let out a loud scream. At that moment, my chest became heavier and, before I noticed, there was the fairy dragon there. Such incredible speed. The dragon hid her face in my chest as she trembled all over. Oh, how adorable. I tightly embraced the dragon.

「Rinos, can I count on you to not spoil her too much?」

Rico made an exasperated expression.

「I don’t understand her circumstances. However, you can’t treat this dragon as pitiful」


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Just what on earth is happening? For now, let’s appraise this fairy dragon.

حب الملوك (Fairy Dragon, 7 years old) LV10
HP: 89
MP: 874
Wind Magic LV1
Recovery Magic LV1
MP Recovery LV3
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV1
Dragon Magic LV1
Flight LV5
Purification LV4
Covert Action LV4

Wind and Thunder

Wind and Thunder………Flight LV5

She has a name but I can’t read the letters. [2] Why is it? That being said, such skills in just 7 years. MP is abnormal. Flight skill also reached counter-stop, which explains her speed.

However, without being able to communicate with this dragon, I can’t do anything.

「Oi, Ferris, how does one use telepathy?」

「…….Just talk to the other person inside your head. 『Rinos-san, Rinos-san』or something like that」

Let’s try talking to Ferris inside my head. There was no reaction at all. She said that telepathy is a type of dragon magic if I remember correctly. Since it’s magic, let’s use some MP. In other words, should I use mana to carry my words? For now, I concentrated my mana in Ferris’ direction. I concentrated. I concentrated.

『Ferris has hair growing on her ***』

「Eh! Really? 」

……..It seems that I’ve succeeded. Ferris didn’t realize that it was telepathy, turned her butt towards Rico, and tried to confirm. While she’s at it, let’s try again.

『Oi, fairy dragon, can you hear me?』

『Eh? This voice, could it be? 』

『Yeah, it’s me, Rinos』

『Rinos…….I’m Shinjo』


『Un, I was told to use it as the Goddess』[3]


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『Un. Once I become bigger, I’d have to be the Goddess』

『And why was such a dragon in that place?』

『Emm. I got bored with studying every day. I’ve come out to play』

『Aren’t you going to go back home?』

『Un, I don’t want to go back. Then I got hungry and went searching for food, found a place with delicious water and flowers, and stayed there』

『Then why were you so injured?』

『I got hurt when I tried to leave my home. I couldn’t fly that well, it was such a disaster』

A dragon nurtured to be the Goddess……I can feel myself getting involved in something troublesome.

「Oi, Ferris! This dragon says something about the Goddess」

「So you’ve found out…….Wait, telepathy? 」

「Yeah, I’ve grasped it」

「As expected of Rinos-san…….Yes, she is qualified to serve the Dragon King. I heard that a child with such qualities is born once every 1000 years. Once he grows up, he becomes the head of a tribe and serves the Dragon King’s as a messenger」

「Is it alright for her to be here?」

「It’s not. Because she escaped, fairy dragons might be abandoned by the Dragon King. She is truly stupid. She abandoned the future of her tribe to escape herself. Even though serving the Dragon King is a guarantee of a tribe’s prosperity……Indeed, the training is hard. Even my own training was hard, forget about those like her. However, she ran away. She will definitely be killed, even if she came back. In that case, being eaten would be a good ending, as far as the tribe goes, her existence would be shameful」

「I see…..Un, I wasn’t that diligent myself, after all. It’s not like I can’t relate to her」

「Do not joke. In order to gain such skills, Rinos-san must have definitely trained hard」

「U~n. In my case, I didn’t have a choice in order to survive. People are often like that. Won’t learn until they feel a sense of crisis」

「Sense of crisis……It’s true that she doesn’t have one. Besides, despite my objections, she wanted to stay at Rinos-san’s place forever, quite an impudent fellow. She even dared to pick a fight with me. She doesn’t know how high the sky is」

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「Was she hurt because she was attacked by some monster?」

「Since she was an existence of utmost importance, she most likely lived inside a protective barrier. I think that she lost her horns and a wing trying to break out. It’s a heavenly punishment. Still, she survived through that. It’s said that a dragon that lost its wings and horns usually loses its sense of direction……..」

『Oi, dragon, you did well living through that』

『It was such a disaster. I had no idea where I was』

『What did you do about your meals?』

『Emm, I lured the food by producing its favorite scent』

『Producing smell? Can you make any kind of scent? 』

『Yes, I can. I can imitate anything』

『Can you make this powder?』


At the fairy dragon flapped her wings, black powder appeared on top of the desk. When I tried to smell it, it had a scent just like vanilla. Let’s try the taste……Tastes like vanilla. Apparently, this dragon is capable of producing vanilla beans.

『What other kinds of scent can you make?』

『A lot of them. The water and flowers around here are delicious, so, if it’s something that smells nice, I can make it』

……She might be unexpectedly useful. However, it wasn’t like I had no concerns. Let’s confirm with Ferris.

「Won’t the Dragon King become enraged if someone kills her?」

「I don’t think he will. After all, she is a runaway」

「Will he come here to kill her?」

「I don’t think he will. Probably, he won’t have any interest」

「Then is it okay to let her stay?」

「Are going to let this coward be your friend?」

「More like a pet」

「Pet……You mean, she will be even lower than a slave? Rinos-san is, of course, the owner but, in general, she is everyone’s property, right? If it’s like that then I won’t object」

「What do you think, Rico? It seems that this dragon can produce a good-smelling powder from her wings. Ah, if that were to happen, I might love Rico even stronger. This would be Rico’s……. 」

「Let’s keep her!」

An immediate answer. Rico’s eyes are scary.

『Do you want to stay in my place?』

『Un, you gave me some incredibly delicious food, fixed my wings, this place seems safe, and I can eat delicious things』

『My home is not a place where you can stay idle. You will have the lowest position amongst all of us. If you listen to my comrades and, of course, me, I don’t mind letting you stay』

『Un, I understand, I’ll listen』

『From now on you should call me Master and you can’t be selfish anymore. If you won’t listen to big sisters, I’m going to eat you, got it? 』

『Uuu…….got it』

『Not「Got it」! I understand! 』

『I understaand』

Ferris glared at the dragon with an intense face. Ferris, stay! Stay!

「Let’s give her a name for now. Let’s see……your name is Fairy」


『Thank you very much!』

『Thank you very muuuch』

Ferris seems to be a good choice for a teacher, so let’s leave it as it is. However, with Ferris being angry while naked, it was quite a surreal sight.

「How about wearing some clothes, Ferris? That being said, your transformed body is truly well made. Smooth skin like that of Rico’s and, although the chest is small, a well-proportioned body」

「…….big sister Rico, can I remove your clothes? 」

「No. Not in this place」

「Then when you take a bath」

「I-I won’t show my figure to anyone but Rinos!」

「But you are bathing with big sister Mei!」

「Me-Mei is okay!」

「Why am I not okay? Let’s enter together」

「No! I’m not going to show you! 」

Apparently, the female team went in a weird direction. However, the blushing Rico was so cute that I pledged my heart to her once again at night.


  1. And from this sentence forward “it” is officially established as “she”. 
  2. Apparently, it’s arabic for: love Kings (Google Translate), Grain of the kings (Systranet), Jatropha (, doesn’t help, right? 
  3. Not sure about that godly part of her background. 
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