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Episode 73 The Fall of the Throne

「Both Kairiku and Tohotsu didn’t suffer any casualties as of yet thanks to Rinos-dono’s barriers. However, they are filled with cracks, the situation became increasingly dangerous after the last attack」

For them to be able to put a crack on my moderately sturdy barrier is quite impressive. Well, the barriers should be able to protect everyone at least 2-3 times.

「What about the numbers? What kind of monsters is attacking? 」

「It’s geryon. About 200 of them」

「When did they attack?」

「It was Tohotsu the day before yesterday and Kairiku yesterday. Judging by their route…..」

「The next is the Kurumfar mansion」

「Yes, I think that they should attack today」

I left 50 harpies in the Kurumfar mansion but having them face 200 champions of the forest, geryons, isn’t wise.

「All right, I understand. I’ll go. I wanted to visit today anyway」

Leaving Peris and Mei behind, we teleported to the Kurumfar mansion.

Upon arrival, I immediately made my way to Tohotsu. I heard the circumstances directly from the man responsible for this town, Kars.

「The day before yesterday, in the afternoon, I received a report from the soldiers stationed on the wall about the monster attack. I ordered to close the gate and had the women stay in their homes. Fortunately, there weren’t any casualties thanks to the Rinos-dono’s barrier but the sight of roughly 100 geryons launching wind magic was quite a shock」

Looking closely at the barrier, I could see some minor cracks but there weren’t any critical problems. I mended the cracks and headed to the next town, Kairiku.

I listened to the report of the sea tribe member and mayor of this town, Marcel.

「We were attacked yesterday afternoon. Since I was told about it by Kars from Tohotsu I wanted to prepare a countermeasure, but as expected, 200 geryons are too many. There was no choice but to close the gates and persevere」

When I examined the barrier, I found a big crack. That was a close call. I immediately recast the barrier making it even stronger in the process.

「Why did they attack?」

「Because of the fish’s smell, most likely. We captured a lot of esaraharu the other day and were in the process of dismantling and drying them. The sea breeze might have carried the smell of the way to the forest」

「So you mean that they will come again」

「Most likely they intend to gather their forces and attack once more」

I looked at the「Map」. Looking closely I found a mass of mana deep in the forest. Seeing their red color, they must be the geryons. They didn’t stay too far from the Kairiku town. Apparently, their next target is Kairiku.

「If they come attacking once again we will fight back」

「However, there are too many of them. With just our forces……」

「It’s all right, I have a plan」

After a while, the group of geryons began to move. They head straight here. Kairiku is the target.

「Geryons! Geryons came out! 」

Hearing the screams of the gatekeeper, we moved towards the wall. Looking from the top of the wall, the geryons marched towards the city in orderly lines. Not just that, a lot of geryons were stationed in the sky. There was also an abnormally big geryon amongst them.

「This is the geryon king. As expected of the king of the forest. The strongest individual is participating on the frontlines」

I equipped the katana and went out of the gate. I slowly walked towards the geryon king. Then I pointed at it with my finger and waved it in the air provocatively. [1]

With its pride hurt, the geryon king dashed towards me. I pulled out 「Kurogatana」and aimed between its eyes. However, it jumped to the side and dodged it. Then it swung its foreleg with sharp nails in my direction. I dodged its strike by bending my body.

The geryon king moved its wings as it roared. Green mist rose from its body. After a while, multiple「Wind Blade」came flying my way. I released wind blades of my own and canceled its.

I made a thrust at it again. It dodged the strike to its face. However, I changed my target to its left foreleg.


The strike connected.


An impressive roar. Looking closely, its left foreleg seems to be broken. While it was at it, I swung towards its head.


It body collapsed with a bang. Moving naturally, I swung towards its remaining foreleg and its hind legs.  With its legs crushed, it could only crawl on the ground.

「Shall we continue?」

Breathing roughly, it stared at me with eyes filled with killing intent. Apparently, it didn’t give up yet. I applied recovery magic and restored its wounds. [2]

「All right then, let’s proceed to the second round」

Maybe because it thought that I will attack it again, it slowly retreated while glaring at me. The other geryons watched holding their breath. Just when I thought that it would run away, it suddenly stopped and its figure disappeared.

When I came to myself, I noticed its face above my head. With its mouth wide, it tried to crush me with its teeth. I tried to avoid it on reflex but it still bit my left shoulder.

「Gakin! Baribari!!」




I heard the screams of Rico and others. Yet, I didn’t move. After a while, geryon king’s head relaxed and slid down my shoulder.


Its magnificent fangs were blocked by my barrier and completely crumbled apart. It started whining as it bled from its mouth. I pulled out the Holy Sword and slashed its eyes taking away its sight. After that, I cut off its wings, forelegs, and hind legs making it unable to stand once again. [3]

「You’re quite fast. I shall compliment you for being able to escape my sight even if only for a moment. All right then, in the third round, I’ll be serious. Try it again with your speed and attacking power. Well, people say that what happens twice can happen thrice, so you need to try harder」

I applied recovery magic once again and healed the geryon king.

It wasn’t as intimidating this time. With its tail between its legs, it slowly retreated and, once it created enough distance, run away like a frightened rabbit.

「Don’t you run away, moron」

I released「Scorching Bullet」and destroyed its right hind leg. Having its leg suddenly blown away, it stumbled and fell on the ground. Immediately after, its wound ignited at the same time with the explosion ahead of it. [4] The blast wave blew him towards me. Its body had severe burns and it was in danger of dying.

I healed it for the third time.

The geryon king didn’t move. I sheathed the Holy Sword, pulled out the「Onigiri」, and stood before it.

「Shall we do it once again? This time I’ll show you the true hell」


It closed its eyes and assumed a submissive pose. I spoke to it while it was maintaining the pose.

「What, you don’t want to?」

「I plead. Do not kill me」

「You were attacking our villages and now you are prostrating? Aren’t you a bit too shameless? 」

「….Perhaps it is so. Then kill me in one strike」

While we were talking, 10 geryons approached us. Apparently, they intend to bite me. Didn’t they see the previous fight? Or so I thought as I slashed them with the「Onigiri」one after another.

「Guogyaaaaaaa!!!! Gugyaa!!」

10 geryons writhed around me. Looking at this sight, the other geryons seemed to lose their will to fight.

「You are the geryon king. Make them surrender. If you are able to do it, I don’t mind saving them. If you aren’t, I’ll slaughter every single one of you. I will even let you choose between dismembering or hellish suffering」

The geryon king stood up, turned towards its comrades and roared. After that, the geryons in the sky and the geryons in the forest gathered before my and lowered their heads in submission.

Once I confirmed it, I healed the twitching ones. Once healed, they stopped twitching and turned submissive. Let’s leave them at that.

「You’ve lost to me, therefore, you are now under me. My orders are absolute. Disobedience means death」


Answered the geryon king as the representative.

「I shall protect those who are under me. You can get the explanation from the harpies. But first, can you tell me why did you attack the town? 」

「To secure provision. The tasty smell of the fish reaches us every day. There is no way to endure it. The group that I dispatched to gather food was easily repelled. After that, I launched a full-scale attack in the name of the king only to end up like this」

「I see, you do look like cats. Do you like fish this much? If you are willing to serve me, I don’t mind splitting some fish with you. How about it? 」

「Since we have surrendered, we shall follow Master’s orders」

「Understood. Marcel! Please divide some esaraharu. Give them some of the processed ones too」


A great number of esaraharu was given to the geryons. They devoured the fish as if it was the center of their worlds.

After that, we returned to the mansion where I had the harpies meet the geryons and explain them the meaning of being my subordinates.

After a while, 200 geryons lined up in front of the mansion. For some reason, the showed me their bellies and assumed a submissive pose. It must be very surreal to witness 200 champions of the forest showing their bellies. I wonder, what exactly did the harpies explain to them?

At that day, the title of the「Ruler of the Forest」was passed to the human from the beasts.


  1. Beat the king to become the king? 
  2. Something reminds me of a certain dragon. 
  3. It’s been a while since that last relentless abuse. 
  4. My guess is that it pierced through its leg, flew forward, and collided with the ground ahead of it thus creating the explosion. 
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