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Episode 86 A New Beginning

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Author: Kataoka Naotaro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Ankydon English Source: Re:Library

Here I stand, glaring at the emperor. Disrespectful? Don’t give a damn.

I’ve received a sudden summons from the emperor. An invitation politely suggested from me and Rico to visit him. Whatever the reason, we headed to the royal palace. Someone led us towards a room that was used by the emperor to meet the foreign emissaries.

As we waited, His Majesty appeared and placed himself on the throne. The prime minister and His Highness Prince Viras stood by his sides. Then a tired boy with a beard appeared from another door.

「Are you in good health, Marquis Versam?」

The prime minister looks strangely tense today. What’s happening?

「You are becoming more beautiful by the day, my sister」

「O-Of course. I’m glad you’re in good health too」

As I was bust processing to events, prince Viras spoke to Rico. As expected, Rico had no trouble answering.


His Highness finally spoke. It’s the first time he said the words「brother-in-law」.

「There is a reason for your presence here, bother-in-law. There is a confidential matter to adress」

「Do you wish to ask for a personal favor?」

「Indeed. You can hear the details from Yuri-dono」

「A pleasure to meet you. I’m the prime minister of the Principality of Niza, Yuri」

「Versam Dake Rinos, a pleasure to meet you」

「I have a request for you, Marquis-sama. Would you consider saving our principality?」

「Did something happen in the Principality of Niza?」

「It goes like this…..」

The Principality of Niza is a country ruled by dwarfs. As a result, the country became famous for its excellent blacksmiths, as well as the armor and weapons they make. However, during the last few years, the farmlands fell into ruin with no possibility of them sustaining the population’s need for food.

「Was there some sort of natural disaster?」

「No, no such thing. It’s pests」


「How should I say it……the deers suddenly multiplied and consumed the crops」

「Deers? Don’t you have any hunters?」

「There is a belief among us dwarves that deers are the servants of gods. Therefore, killing a deer is a serious crime」

「So, what are you expecting of me?」

「If possible, we’d like you to share your wisdom in hopes of reviving our farmland…..」

「I don’t think there is a method that doesn’t involve killing the deers……」

「In that case, we request you to do so……」

Doing it themselves is punishable by the law. So why not to ask someone else and pretend that「the deer herd suddenly became smaller for no reason whatsoever, tehe~」? Fools and idiots always have an easy life, huh.

「Isn’t it fine if it’s not me then? There are plenty of others」

I glared at His Majesty. What’s the meaning behind an invitation to both, me and Rico? But the prime minister ignored me and continued.

「The truth is, there is another matter we’d like to entrust you with」

「What might it be?」

「There are signs indicating that the deer outbreak might have been artificially induced」


「The scale of the outbreak is unheard of in the principality’s history. It happened too abruptly. Moreover, their recent political decisions seem rather strange too. On that note, I’d like you to investigate the situation from the inside」


「Brother-in-law, our Hideta Empire and the Principality of Niza are long-time allies. I apologize for the inconvenience, but can I count on your help?」

「If that’s what you wish for, Your Majesty…..」

「In that case, Marquis Versam shall temporarily assist the Principality of Niza. Is this arrangement fine with you, Yuri-dono?」

「You have my grattitude」

Prime Minister Yuri has left and we followed after His Majesty. We’ve arrived at his private study soon after. There was a girl inside, which I last saw with His Majesty in my hotel. The moment she saw us, she immediately tried to leave.

「It’s alright, Taunzette. Come here」

「However…..Your Majesty…….」

「I don’t mind, everyone here is a relative」

The girl by the name of Taunzette, returned to the chair she originally sprung up from.

「Please allow her to be present. After all, I’ve already fallen into her trap」

「Eh!? Congratulations are in order!」

It seems the prime minister didn’t know. What a surprise. Though he had his suspicions.

「I see, so that’s why Taunzette-sama is in His Majesty’s room….」

「Indeed. The women at the royal court are the jealous bunch. I’m letting her stay in this room for her own safety. There are rumors that I’m having her work all day and night every single day. Hahahahaha」

「And that’s where I come in…..」

「You are quick to catch up. I’m counting on you」

I put a barrier on Taunzette-sama. A pretty strong one, as a service.

「Well then, brother-in-law, everyone. There are still some things left to discuss regarding the Principality of Niza」

「I don’t think there is any reason for me personally to do it, Your Majesty….」

「Why did you pick Rinos, bother? Please let me hear the reason」

「There are traces of demonic activity in that country. They cause a lot of confusion within the country. A confidential letter had arrived from the Dwarven King. There is no denying the principality’s importance as a trading partner and it’s geographical position. Of course, I have no intention to use them as a buffer state and I also have a great opinion of the Dwarven King. Me trying to help him is my personal desire」

I see, so it’s in a strategic location and any disturbance would be unwelcome.

「I’ll send you as a representative of our country. Officially, you’ll be there to help with their farmland. After all, you do have a track record. They should welcome you with open arms. While there, I also want you to deal with any demons you find. This problem could eventually affect the empire if left unattended」

「….I don’t have an option to refuse, do I?」

「You are the brother-in-law of the emperor, Rinos-dono. I won’t force you to do anything. There is a forest you have to pass through to get to the principality, it will also be possible to investigate the deer problem while at it. The only person I know who can do both things is you, Rinos-dono」


「Counting on you」

Continuously asked by His Majesty, I reluctantly nodded my head.

I told everyone what’s happened the moment I came back to the mansion.

「It’s hard to imagine the deers suddenly multiplied for no reason」

Mei tilted her head in puzzlement.

「Do you have to go alone, Master?」

「No, Gon and……Ferris, you’ll go with me. Everyone else is on standby at home. Prepare your things, we’ll depart shortly」

That night, Rico crawled into my bed. She was the most assertive I’ve ever seen her.

「What’s wrong, Rico?」

「……You are going on a trip. And you aren’t taking me with you」

「There is still Kurumfar」

「Perhaps…….But I don’t want to sleep alone」

「It’s alright. I’ll be sure to teleport back every night. No need to worry」

「Every single night?」

「Of course. Every single night I’ll be there to embrace you」

「You must, you have to come back」

I hugged Rico close to myself and gently squeezed her buttcheek. Stimulated by my touch, she wiggled in delight as her breath turned hot and rough.

And so the night continued.


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