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Episode 82 Harvest and Mei’s Awakening

Right now, I’m sweating bullets and Peris is making ohagi in front of me.

「Peris, are you okay?」

「Anko is about to be ready!」

「All right, please wait for a moment」

We continued the work that we started at five in the morning for 6 hours already. When I looked outside the window, I saw a lot of people there. We still need to make much more. After renewing my determination, I joined the anko-making efforts.

It is a nice autumn day. It was time for a harvest in the Kurumfar territory. Especially the rice grown in the paddy fields. It shined in golden color and showed a magnificent growth.

「Oi, we have enough of those. You should go get lunch! When Pius-san and the rest finish over there, let’s all have a meal! 」

Kunogen, the former member of the imperial knights, gave his instructions in a powerful voice, unfitting of a person that only recently woke up. Right now, he was in charge of the mercenaries’ training.

Kunogen, who departed to the imperial capital together with Oshe, appeared before us five days later and

「Can you hire me to work in the Kurumfar territory? Oh, here is a letter of recommendation from Commander Rafaiens」

There was「as an apology for that day, I will give you this man」 written in it. I immediately hired Kunogen and delegated him to work under Pius. Kunogen’s talent surfaced in no time as he began training the mercenaries and teaching them about the strategy. Even at today’s harvest, he displayed his splendid leadership as the mercenaries harvested the rice without any wasteful movements.

The fields were harvested by the farmer aunties with Ferris and Luara in their center. The males of the sea tribe came to help out, so the harvest was proceeding at a decent rate.

Gon and Mei were in charge of managing the quality of the harvested crops. The two thoroughly scrutinized the ingredients. And Rico commanded the harpies and geryons to drive away all the monsters that tried to interfere with the harvest. As expected, there were no foolish monsters that decided to go against S-rank monsters, geryons, and the harpies. If there is something they can’t handle, like a dragon, I’m going to step in myself.

The princess of Kurumfar, Itora tasted ohagi and zenzai made by us. It seems that she liked it as she cried out kiyukiyu in joy.

In the afternoon, we’ve finally met our goal and me, Peris, and Rico, who was hugging Itora, teleported to the harvest area with ohagi and zenzai that we made.

「Oi, let’s have a meal! Ohagi and zenzai are the desserts! 」

About 1000 people on the scene made a grand ovation.

I took out some tables and put out onigiri, sandwiches, salads, soup, pasta, vegetables that we prepared since three days ago. I also put ohagi and zenzai together with them. The plates were cleaned out in no time. At that time, all I did was to refill it.

I also handed lunch for the geryons and harpies, who were in charge of security. They ended up taking a meal in turns so I made their portions twice as big.

Everyone ate with a great vigor. I could hear happy voices from all over the place. Such a peaceful scene.

「…….For everyone to become like this」

Suddenly muttered Rico.

「What’s happened, Rico?」

「Behold, Rinos. Men and women, old and young, beastmen and adventurers, monsters and humans, everyone is working together, eating together, and laughs together. To be able to witness such a scene…….is a miracle」

「Even I don’t know how this happened……」

「……It would be nice to see such a scene many more different places」

「I agree」

I gently embraced Rico.

After a while, Gon and Mei came back.

「Good work out there! It’s time for a meal! 」

「Master, I’ve checked the harvest with Gon-sensei. There is no problem! It’s all good! 」

「I see! That’s great. Oi, someone, call Willis. Also, call Marcel too」

After a while, the two arrived.

「Willis, it seems that the harvested goods are all good in quality. Open the supermarket tomorrow as planned. After you finish your meal, carry the ingredients. I will the arrangements to you. Tomorrow is going to be busy, so go to bed early」

「Understood! Please leave it to me! The customers kept asking when the store is going to open. I will definitely have it open by tomorrow」

「And Marcel, good work but you’ll have to deliver dried kelps and katsuobushi to the supermarket too. Bring it by tomorrow morning」

「Understood, Leave everything to me」

During these three months, I spend some effort in developing katsuobushi and dried kelp. In the end, I managed to produce a satisfactory result. I tried selling them at Willis stall and they obtained great popularity. Even now, it is being swept from the counter the moment it is brought out. Thanks to that, our household’s menu became even better. This time would be a long-awaited sale.

While I was settling the matters, Mei was surrounded by a lot of people and had an embarrassed expression.

「Ano……everyone, is something the matter? 」


「「「「「「Thank you!!!!!」」」」」

Mei’s eyes became round at their excessively loud voices.

「Ah, eh? What is h-happening? 」

「We thought that this land was beyond saving. However, Mei-chan made our land so great. Thank you」

「When the lands became white, I was at a loss what to do. Never did I expect for the land to become like this. Everything was brought by your efforts, Mei-chan」

「The tools made by Mei-sama are truly useful. The harvest has ended so fast……it was truly a lifesaver」

「Thank you for saving us」

「Thank you, Mei-chan」「Thanks」「You’ve saved us」「Tell us more sometime later」

Mei stood amongst a myriad of smiles. She was talking with the villagers with an extremely embarrassed but happy face.

「All right, after the meal we are going to harvest the remaining crops! Tonight, we will make a party using the things we harvested! 」


We finished harvesting before the evening and prepared the party. Drinking and eating sashimi prepared by the sea tribe was especially pleasant as we watched the red sun sinking into the sea. And, as a matter of course, the harvested rice and vegetables were quite delicious. I took out the remaining meat of Curse Charole and the golden birds to add to festivities.

I wonder how long did it last. Some distance away from the noisy party, Mei was quietly looking at the land of the Kurumfar from the top of a small hill.

「What’s wrong, Mei?」

「……..No, it’s nothing」

「if you stay here too long you may catch a cold. Nights and mornings became much colder recently. It’s about the time to close the party. We are going to help Willis out with the opening tomorrow, so it’s better to rest now. I’m going to return to the mansion soon, let’s go back together」

「Am I…….allowed to go to Master’s place? 」

「What’s happened?」

「I killed a lot of people. But this me has also received the gratitude from so many people. Is this truly how it should be……」

「Of course, it is. Mei, to live in this world, it’s enough to remember only two things. You didn’t do anything wrong, it’s okay」

「Only two things?」

「Right. First, don’t be a nuisance to other people. Second, you need to do things that help people. Right now you do not bother anyone and do work that helps people. That’s enough」 [1]


「The people of Kurumfar are all grateful to you, or did you find their gratitude annoying?」

「There is no way this is true! I was just hesitant. Is this really okay…….」

「Mei, how do you want to live your life? Are you against doing research that helps people? 」

「I…..want to save all kinds of people. If my skills, my technology can be of use to people then I will be satisfied. No matter what. No matter the job」

「That’s how the job works. No matter how small, it can make some people happier. Mei did a job that saved a lot of people. Can you continue with it from now on? 」[2]

「…….Yes. Please let me do it! 」

「Oh, Mei……look at the sky. It’s incredibly beautiful」


The sky was full of stars. The cold atmosphere made the picture even clearer.

「Let’s go back, Mei」

「Wa……..kuh, uuuuuuu……..」

「Mei, what’s wrong!?」

Mei clutched her head and crouched in pain. I gathered everyone in a hurry and moved to the mansion. Then, I let Mei sleep in her room. I ordered the rest to sleep since we had things to do on the next day. However, Gon and Rico insisted on watching over her, so we did it together.

Mei suffered from high fever. Occasionally, she mumbled「I’m sorry」「forgive me」in her sleep. Closer to the morning, Mei finally regained her calm breath.

「How about some rest, Rinos? I can take care of the rest」

「She doesn’t have the fever now, it should be all right」

「No, we should soon head to Willis’ place. There is no need」

As we had such a conversation, Mei slowly opened her eyes.

「Mei, are you all right?」

「Yes, my head feels so light. My mind was never so clear. A heard something breaking inside of my head and I suddenly felt good. Was this Master’s magic or maybe Gon-sensei’s………」

Heard something breaking? Mind became clear?……I felt the same when I was released from being a slave. I panicked and appraised Mei.

Merias (Slave Sage, 19 years old) LV57
HP: 282
MP: 750
Alchemy LV5
Blacksmith LV5
Pharmacist LV5
MP Recovery LV4
Education LV5
Etiquette LV1

Grandmaster, Country’s Finest Doctor

Grandmaster: Alchemy LV5 Blacksmith LV5
Country’s Finest Doctor: Pharmacist LV5 Education LV5

「Self-loathing」title is no more. Not just that, most of the skills increased in level and four of them even hit a counter-stop. Apparently, the skills that were suppressed until now were suddenly released provoking such a reaction. She even received two additional titles. Just what is this……?

Later, she was acknowledged as「Holy Maiden」for saving lives and educated many talents earning recognition as「Great Sage Merias」but both, Rinos and Merias, didn’t know that yet.


  1. It seems that I’m a failure of a human. 
  2. I can’t, I can’t translate anymore. Too many rainbows. 
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