Episode 62 Please Answer About Your Motivation and Self-PR

Once I returned to the mansion, I told everyone about the emperor’s suggestion.

Everyone’s expressions turned weird. Everyone was worried whether their current lifestyle would have to change in the future. Even I want to maintain our current lifestyle. Besides, no one could predict what Rico’s retainers would do, once they obtain their freedom. But more than this, Rico would be sad. I want to avoid this if I can.

However, since we don’t even know the details about the territory, there is no point in discussing it any further. However, an unexpected person accepted the burden, it was Jeneha.

She suggested leaving the matter of questioning the monsters in the woods and scouting the territory to the harpies. She will also participate herself.

「It is about time for the young ones to have a field training, might as well」

The harpies agreed to this proposal and Jeneha, together with the selected harpies, departed to explore the territory for one week.

「I caused you some trouble. I didn’t expect for Jeneha to volunteer」

「It should work out if it’s Jeneha」

I talked about the future with Rico and Merias as the three of us entered the bath. We used it separately at first, but Rico went out of control in her attempts to stick to me. I didn’t want to leave Merias out, so I occasionally bathed with her too, but lately, Rico intruded even during those times. After that, it became normal for us to bathe at the same time.

Merias’ and Rico’s size wasn’t quite comparable, but I was very happy inside. A beautiful girl and a beautiful woman, a big chest and a flat chest. A sight for the sore eyes. [1]

As a matter of course, I washed them myself. Rico’s skin was surprisingly fine and delicate, while Merias’ skin is clear too, the texture of her wool is still the best. In return, the two washed my every nook and cranny so the bath time was the most enjoyable time of the day for me.

I was thinking about Jeneha and her harpies as I entered the bath. The possibility of them losing to someone in the forest was close to zero. But it they are spotted in the Kurumfar territory, people might form the subjugation corps to deal with them. That’s why I decided to cast a barrier that granted a certain degree of invisibility on them.

In the morning, before their departure, I cast this barrier. Jeneha and another 10 harpies departed as they expressed their gratitude.

On the same day, close to the evening, my map displayed a presence. It was yellow, so it approached the mansion while being cautious. The number of presences was one. It looked human, but apparently, it was a monster in the human form. This fake human cautiously approached the mansion. When I was thinking about asking the harpies to scout, this fake human increased his speed and headed straight for the mansion. For now, I told everyone about the monster visitor and asked everyone to stay alerted.

After a while, it reached the entrance, opened the gates without saying anything, and started searching for something. It reached the building and curiously looked around. And when it finally opened the door to our dining room, I saw its appearance.

It was a girl of 12~13 years old.

The girl muttered「Black hair…..」as she looked at me and then smiled.

「Are you Rinos-san?」

「I am, so what?」

「I came here to live with you」


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Rico released a slight bloodthirst. Merias completely spaced out. Let’s calm down first, you two.

「Your pegasus is too fast. I lost you halfway, it took me a lot of effort to find you. But, fortunately, I did it. Since I decided to live here, I was afraid of what would have happened if I didn’t find it」

Ehehe, laughed the girl. I looked towards Gon, but he too didn’t understand the situation and shrugged his shoulders. While we were spacing out, the girl put her baggage on the ground, fuuu, breathed out and said

「I’m finally here. Are? Who are these people? Who are they to you? 」

Rico’s, Merias’, Gon’s, and Peris’ eyes narrowed. Something burst inside of me.

「First things first, you have three minutes to introduce yourself」

「Eh? Introduce myself? But I always wanted to visit this place……..」

「Are you hoping to be employed in my company? Thank you for your efforts. I’m Rinos, the head of the HR department. This is the head of our general affairs department Gon, the secretary Ricolette, the head of the research department Merias, and the head of the planning department Peris. I will personally conduct the interview」


「Let’s start with some questions. It may be difficult for you to answer, depending on the content. Please, do not hesitate to tell me if I overstep my bounds. All right, you have three minutes to briefly introduce yourself」

「You mean……my name? Etto, my name is Ferris. I descended the Juka Mountain Range…..reached the city…….」

「All right, three minutes have passed. Thank you very much. The next question. What motivated you to choose our company? 」

「Motivation?……Why did I come here? Ano……I decided to be independent…I will be in your care….etto. Etto, I came….I mean, I wish for you to take care of me……」

「I understand, thank you very much. Then let’s get to the last question. In case we do hire you, describe the merits that you will receive from us and the merits that our company will receive from you」

「Merits? Ano…..it will be a good learning experience for me …….The Mansion is large……it looks good too…..」

「All right, thank you. Regardless of the result, we will inform you at a later date. In the worst case, if you didn’t receive any news in one week, you can consider that we declined you. Thank you for coming all the way here today」

「Ano……Can I…..stay here…….? 」

「As I mentioned before, we will notify you later. You have to do with just this for today」

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The girl’s eyes turned round from surprise. Maybe because she tried to say something but failed, her mouth kept opening and closing. After a while, she tightly shut her eyes.

「You mean……I need to return…..? It can’t be…..gusu, gusu…….」 [2]

She burst into crying.

「…..They said that the meals are tasty, they said that everyone here is nice…..That’s why I worked so hard to turn into the human form……I even learned the language…..Lars is an idiot!」


Gon and I have unintentionally looked at each other. Lars, that dragon, 「Crybaby Lars」?

「I’m Lars’ big sister」


For now, I decided to let her calm down and listen to her story.

She is Lars’ older sister, a female kukulkan. When kukulkan sheds its scales, they turn red. The kukulkans that shed their scales are sent into the world to gather experience. They mostly linger in the mountains and forests before returning to the tribe only after 50 years have passed. Apparently, she shed her scales about a month ago.

「And you chose this place to start」

「I thought I could spend this time here……He said that the food is good, Rinos-san is quite strong so it should be safe, mama told me to do it……..」

「Ha? What’s up with your parents out there? 」

「Mama and papa are truly grateful to you for saving Lars and delivering him home. Papa though that it is a waste for Rinos to be born as a human. The dragon kind always repays their favors. If you don’t, you are inferior to even the humans……..」

Wasn’t I insulted just now?

「That’s why I came here to return Lars’ debt too」

「Ferris, was it? Do you have any useful skills? 」

「….Nothing in particular」

I’m getting nowhere from talking with her, I silently appraised her.

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Ferris (Kukulkan, 21 years old) LV22
HP: 324
MP: 604
Wind Magic LV3
Barrier Magic LV1
MP Recovery LV3
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV3
Dragon Magic LV3
Evasion LV3
Education LV3
Paralysis Resistance LV3
Poison Resistance LV3
Flight LV3
Human Transformation LV3

……..Her skills are ridiculously high.

If we consider her talent to be average amongst the kukulkans. This 12-13-year-old kid won’t go down easily. 50 years are enough for them to reach LV5 for at least one skill. Apparently, they can rejoin the tribe only after they raise any of their skills to the god class.

「Well, your skills seem to be pretty high. By the way, when you cancel your human transformation, does your ability increases? 」

「No, I don’t think it does」

「Can you revert to your original form once?」

Yes, she cheerfully answered and undressed with the speed of lightning.  She used only a moment to become completely naked while I turned my head away. Her body shone with the bright red light and she turned into a small red dragon. Her skills didn’t change.

「Thank you, You can transform back」

She returned to her human appearance once more. At that moment, her stomach released a growling sound.

「Could it be, are you hungry?」

Ferris nodded.

「That’s a good timing, we were about to have a meal. You should eat too. We will decide whether you will be staying here or somewhere else tomorrow. Today, you should stay here」

Ferris made a relieved expression. Let’s start with putting some clothes on. While putting her clothes back, she said that she had a favor to ask of me.

「I want to have an arm pillow from Rinos-san when I go to sleep!」

「Ri-Rinos’ arm pillow is mine! I won’t allow this! 」

Rico became agitated. It seems that Ferris’ employment will be full of issues.


  1.  There are no inferior ***** in this world. 
  2. Crying sound. 

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