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Episode 85 Peris’ Human Transformation

「Well then, let’s begin」

「I’m counting on you, Gon」

Taking a deep breath, Gon calmed down his mind. At the moment, Gon wasn’t in his usual human form but in his true white fox form. And before him, there stood the nervous Peris.

「Rinos, I want to consult with you about Peris」

Some time ago, I was approached by Rico. Apparently, she had the same conversation with Peris a while ago.

「Peris is going to become 16 years old very soon. How about sending her to the university in the imperial capital? 」

「The university in the imperial capital?」

「Yes. Peris wants to learn so much more. In that case, the university should be the best place for her」

「Will she be able to enroll without any complications?」

「There is no problem with her knowledge. But I don’t know whether it’s possible for monsters to enroll」

「Un, I’m keeping her under the barrier, though」

First of all, I called Peris from the kitchen to the dining room to have a talk.

「The university…….I want to try it. I want to learn all kinds of things」

「Peris always works hard as the chef, I thought it would be a pity for her to stay home all time. If Peris wants to learn then I want to support her with all my power」

「I see. Then you should go. I agree」

「While she’s away the meal would be made by me, Ferris, or Luara, Gon can take care of the fields. Peris should concentrate on her studies」


「It might be better to downsize her a little, though」

There are times in university when one needs to change his clothes. Even my barrier can’t cover for that. Well, it can, but it will take a lot of time to set it up.

「It would be nice to be able to transform into a human, like Gon-sensei………. I’ll do my best to learn it before the admission starts」

「No, getting the skill from Gon might be faster」

Gon had「Human Transformation」as one of his skills. When I asked Gon about it,

「My Human Transformation skill is LV3. In case you need me to bestow a skill above LV3, I need Ohi-sama’s permission」

Immediately I brought Gon with me as I moved to Ohi-sama’s mansion for the first time in quite a while.

「It’s been a while」

「It has indeed…..Your titles have increased once again. Looking at your skills truly makes one jealous」

Un? My titles?? I appraised myself in a hurry,

Rinos (Barrier Master, 19 years old) LV∞
HP: 55859
MP: 92114
Barrier Magic LV5
Fire Magic LV5
Water Magic LV5
Wind Magic LV5
Lightning Magic LV5
Earth Magic LV5 (UP)
Recovery Magic LV5
Life Magic LV3 (UP)
Chanting LV5
Appraisal Magic LV5
Sword Arts LV5
MP Recovery LV5
Presence Detection LV5
Mana Detection LV5
Mana Absorption LV5
Body Strengthening LV5
Evasion LV5
Etiquette LV3
Education LV5
Paralysis Resistance LV5
Poison Resistance LV5
Mental Resistance LV5
Black Magic LV5
Divine Protection LV5

God of War, God of Knowledge, Great Demon God, Iron Man, Iron Fist, God of Barriers, Hothead, Wiseman, Famous Tracker, Life and Death, Scholar, Creator of Worlds

God of War: Sword Arts LV5 Lightning Magic LV5 Wind Magic LV5
God of Knowledge: Appraisal Magic LV5 Recovery Magic LV5
Great Demon God: Black Magic LV5
Iron Man: Mental Resistance LV5 Poison Resistance LV5 Paralysis Resistance LV5
Iron Fist: Body Strengthening LV5
God of Barriers: Barrier Magic LV5
Hothead: Fire Magic LV5 Water Magic LV5
Wiseman: Chanting LV5 MP Recovery LV5 Mana Absorption LV5
Famous Tracker: Presence Detection LV5 Mana Detection LV5 Evasion LV5
Life and Death: Divine Protection LV5
Scholar: Education LV5
Creator of Worlds: Earth Magic LV5

…..Earth Magic is maxed out. How did that happen?? MP also increased by a lot.

「It’s normal to grow fast when you use the same magic over and over. You’ve used Earth Magic to the limit of your MP, am I correct? Moreover, with you having Divine Protection skill, it’s a matter of course for the other skills to rise up in levels」

Despite my LV being displayed as infinite, HP and MP keep increasing. I don’t really understand the workings of this world.

According to Ohi-sama, when your Earth Magic is maxed out, you can make the earth assume any shape you want. Should I dabble in ceramics in my spare time?

Pulling myself back together, I presented the offering. This time, in addition to the usual ones, I brought out cream bread with our newly developed custard cream. A first-class item made from Fairy’s vanilla beans and harpy’s eggs.

「Hou, cream bread, is it?……..It’s not bad…….but This Mistress still prefers ohagi」

……So Ohi-sama is into Japanese sweets. The supervisors, Chieda and Saeda, seemed rather delighted, though. From now on, let’s leave cream bread to them.

「Mumu! Isn’t that outstanding? Umumu, this is good. I like it! 」

……Sandill seems to be in favor of it too. Does this old man have a sweet tooth?

「Thank you very much. I made sure to prepare additional aburaage for Sandill-san」

I brought out katsuobushi with some aburaage, radish, and soy sauce inside of it.

「T-This is!! You overdid yourself」

It disappeared in an instant. Since the matter of tribute has been finished, let’s get to the main topic.

「I’m thinking of giving one of the monsters, who live with us,「Human Transformation」skill. Is it okay for Gon to bestow LV3 Human Transformation skill? 」

「Monsters aren’t to be given skills」

「However, she was the one, who made today’s tribute」

「Fumu……In that case, Gon can proceed」

Great. The permission has been given. Ohi-sama already knew about Kurumfar’s success and was greatly impressed. I also received an order of sashimi for my next visit. Sandill stood by her side with inflated nostrils, so let’s bring him some too.

I soon as I came back to the mansion, I called Peris and had Gon grant her Human Transformation skill.

Gon didn’t move as he calmed down his mind. After a while, Gon’s white body shone yellow. In accordance to that, Peris’ body was enveloped in yellow light too. In a moment, the whole room was covered in dazzling light. When I opened my eyes, I saw Gon fainted on the floor.

「Gon! Are you okay? 」


He is dead tired. Apparently, he used his MP to the limit and lost his consciousness. At the second glance, there was also Peris. She didn’t seem particularly affected. Let’s appraise her.

Peris (Belial Princess, 15 years old) LV22
HP: 264
MP: 229
Fire Magic  LV3
Water Magic LV3
Wind Magic LV2
Lightning Magic LV2
Recovery Magic LV2
MP Recovery LV2
Presence Detection LV2
Mana Detection LV2
Body Strengthening LV2
Spear Arts LV2
Evasion LV1
Etiquette LV1
Education LV3
Flight LV2
Human Transformation LV3

Human Transformation skill was properly added. After 5 years in our house, her skill grew overall but, since she didn’t participate in any battles, there was nothing dramatic. I should let her fight sometime in the future.

「Etto……….then I’m going to try it out」

Peris’ body glowed purple. Her body gradually molded into a human shape. After a while, she became a purple-haired beautiful girl with a well-proportioned body. [1]

「Oh! Beautiful! 」

「Amazing, Peris-chan is so pretty!」

「Big Sister Peris, beautiful!」

I, Ferris, and Luara unknowingly let out surprised voices. Fairy stared with her eyes round. Since she was naked, I wanted to gaze at her for a while, but Rico chimed in.

「So cute! As expected of Peris! Let’s pick the clothes right away. I have some brand new clothes. Let’s try them on! 」

「Yes. Yes, I’m in your care」

Being pulled by her hand, she was dragged into Rico’s room. Although it was slightly disappointing, I can rest easy if it’s Rico. Just as I thought so, Rico came running back.

「Peris collapsed!」

When I came to Rico’s room, I saw Peris in her normal belial form collapsed on the floor. It seems that she ran out of MP. Let’s replenish it.

「……Thank you very much. MP consumption is more intense than I expected. I might need some practice」

「When spent to the limit, MP will increase. It’s hard at first, so practice diligently」

「Yes, I’ll do my best」

From this day onwards, Peris began her training. At first, she fainted every time she attempted it, but, eventually, the time she could spend in human form grew longer. In the beginning, she was always naked when transformed and, when she stood in the kitchen with only an apron, she looked like a figure from many men’s fantasies.

After 2 months of training, close to the end of the year, she could maintain her human form for a whole day. After that, to Rico’s delight, she finally made her wear clothes and went to buy some things in the capital. They spent the whole day buying a mountain of clothes, underwear, and accessories. Even though they were supposed to carry it home on their own, they ended up buying so much that they needed a carriage.

After they came back, Peris became Rico’s personal doll to dress and undress. Indeed, she had a beautiful place and a great style, so whatever she wore it suited her well. How enviable.

And when spring came, it was time for the university examinations. Unlike Japanese examinations, there wasn’t only a paper test but also a magic test. There were about 500 applicants with humans and beastmen taking about half each. Apparently, only 100 of them will be accepted.

In the end, Peris managed to pass. And she was at the top at that. She took the first in both, paper and magic test. Peris, being a humble person, was relieved when she heard that she passed.

However, she didn’t know. She greatly surprised the teachers in the university and they decided to give her special treatment and focus on nurturing her talents. In addition, due to her exceptional beauty, she instantly became famous amongst the freshmen.

Peris’ university life was about to begin.


  1. Of course, she’s beautiful. Can’t have it any other way. 
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