Not Sure, Another World Chapter 31

The past week has been pretty fun for me honestly.
I got the Honkai character I’ve been after since I started, and her signature weapon (may have spent a bit of money).
I preordered the Nemesis figure that was announced (and my Ereshkigal one is dispatched soon).
I caught up with Der Werwolf (good series).
Got to reread the official version of Altina The Sword Princess (a favourite series).

However time for the important news.
Some of you may know that I was planning on writing an original scifi isekai, about someone reincarnated as their female avatar in a space MMO, for this site months ago but ran into roadblocks and such.
Decided to shelve that idea.
Instead I got a new idea.
The current working title is Yesterday’s MAIDEN vs Tomorrow’s World (name subject to change) and it’s about a guy waking up inside a female android on a post apocalyptic planet. If you think you might be interested in reading it, please shout in the comments so I have no escape motivation.

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