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New Year Update & Future Plans

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 120

Three pieces of news I guess!

Most importantly, I think I’m going to start writing a different web novel to the Female Spaceship Pilot one I had planned. Mostly due to difficulty in starting it, despite pages of lore which I’ll reuse for something else. Instead I’m going to use a new concept about someone waking up in a female android on a post apocalyptic planet. You could think of it as something akin to a scifi version of Demon Sword Maiden? Though that’s a really loose description.
I’ll need motivating to write it though, I drop novel concepts like America drops bombs.

Next piece of news, my Ereshkigal figure’s release got delayed to April instead of the end of January like originally planned. Well, it’s not unexpected but it is a let down.

Lastly, I forgot to update the word counts for Not Sure, Another World yesterday but I’m too lazy to fix them. Oh well.

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