Chapter 31 – I Fed the Lily Sisters

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters
Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1322 words

 Good morning everyone! I will do my best today too~

 I went down to the dining hall and Lily brought me my meal. From a slight glance, I could tell that the cook was glaring at me from the kitchen.

“I’m sorry about yesterday.”
“No, don’t worry about it.”

 I listened to her explanation.

 It was because of the udon I made two days ago, when the other customers saw me and Lily eating it, they started asking the cook for it.

 And the cook had even proclaimed “I made that”. But no matter what the other customers said, he wasn’t able to bring it out.

 Apparently, after I had gone up to my room, the other customers had started severely denouncing him. They started saying things like the udon was something that I had created, and that probably even the previous orc meat dish was also actually mine.

 As such, the cook who had his pride severely hurt, said all that stuff yesterday to try to get a new recipe. Well, it’s not like getting praises from a bad copy of my dish is anything to be……..never mind, it doesn’t really matter.

“Hah, I see.”
“I’m angry at him too, thanks to him, I won’t be able to get a share of what you make anymore……”

 Ah, as expected, she’s mad about that.

“Don’t worry, I thought about other ways to cook. I will still share some with Lily.”
“Eh!? Really!?”
“Yep, but be a bit more quiet.”
“Well, it won’t be as soon as tomorrow, but soon in the near future.”
“Okay! I’ll wait!”

 Aren’t her expectations a bit too high? Don’t raise the hurdle that much!

 Afterwards, we talked for a bit more before I left the inn. As expected, sugar was expensive.

 As I headed towards the gate, I looked towards Norn who was walking beside me, she looked like she was in a good mood. Apparently, Bell’s hunting skills have improved quite a lot in the past few days.

  In that case, I guess I should overlook their behaviors while I’m gathering?

 I passed in front of the guild on the way, and I saw the receptionist lady who handled my guild registration sweeping the entrance, so I gave her a greeting.

“Good morning.”
“Good morning, will you be gathering herbs today?”
“Yes, umm…….”

 I didn’t know her name.

“…….Ah, my name is Salena.”
“I see, Salena.”

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 So her name’s Salena. I will remember that.

“Speaking of which, you seem to be getting along with my little sister.”
“Little sister?”
“She’s a waitress at an inn. I believe it is the inn you’re staying at?”
“Ah, do you mean Lily?”
“Yes, I’m referring to Lily. It appears you allowed her to eat something very delicious, she’s been talking non-stop about it everyday.”

 Ah, so she was annoying her sister about the foods I fed her. Sorry about that.
 But Lily and Salena…….so Yuri Shimai?1

“Apparently, it was something about a dish she’s never seen before?”
“Well, would you like to have some?”
“Eh, do you really mean it!?”

 I still have some udon remaining. I wanted to get along with Lily, and maintaining good relations with guild staff would be beneficial. Above all, she was my favorite type, so I would like to increase my favorability with her.

 As such, I was taken to the back of the guild, to one of the rooms the guild staff used.

 Apparently, Salena already ate breakfast, but if it’s just udon, she should be able to eat it if I gave her a smaller portion. Thus, I brought out a bowl of udon.

“T-This is……”
“Please enjoy.”

 I also decided to join her and eat some. Slurp! Yep, delicious.

“Oh my……..”

 She had the same expression as Lily. The two are definitely sisters.
 We finished eating in no time.

“Thank you for the meal, it was very delicious. This is the first time I’ve eaten something like this…….”
“No, it was nothing special.”

 The guild master came in while we were talking with each other.

“Oh? What’s this smell? It smells really good……what were you eating?”
“Ah, good morning.”

 As Salena gave a greeting, I also bowed.

“What did you eat? Huh, little miss? Ah, great timing. I have something I need to talk about.”
“…….What is it about?”

 It’s not something bad, right?

“No, you don’t need to be so worried about it. I’m not going to eat you or anything.”
“Hmm, now then, where should I begin…….it’s a bit troublesome so I’ll keep it short. Little miss, why don’t you sell your monster materials?

 Huh? Did he find out?

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“That’s right, I’m not that easy to fool. I know little miss has been hunting a lot of monsters. Or to be accurate, little miss’ familiars have.
There have been quite a few people who’ve seen your wolves gathering monster corpses while you were gathering herbs.”

“Ah…..that, umm, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, I’m not angry. Adventurers under 13 years old aren’t allowed to accept subjugation requests, but they’re allowed to fight back if they‘re attacked.
Plus, in the case of Missy, I heard that your familiars were just attacking the monsters that were aiming for you while you were gathering herbs.
That’s why you’re completely fine, don’t worry about it.”

“That is……is it really alright?”
“Yep, don’t worry. For Missy, it would be justified as self-defense since you were attacked by monsters. There’s absolutely no problem.

 So the mountain of corpses from before were the results from protecting me. I need to apologize to Norn later.

“Rather, the issue is more about how you’re storing the materials. Why don’t you just sell them?”

“Uh, you know, just sell them normally?”
“But I didn’t accept any subjugation requests, so can I?”

“Why not? The materials that you got after being attacked would be wasted otherwise.”
“I see…….”

“That’s right, orc meat is considered a luxury item for the common people. Even those in the lower class eat it occasionally. But the town still has difficulties keeping up with the supply and demand. So it would be a waste to let the material you have go bad.”
“Umm, I’m sorry?”

“No, like I said, I’m not angry. Judging from how you reacted, it seems you didn’t sell the materials because you didn’t know you could.”
“Um, right.”

“In that case, if you sell them, it will be alright.”

 ……Is that so. Then I’m fine with selling them.

“Oh, that’s right.”
“I also have an ogre, is that fine too?”
“An ogre!?”

 Oh, was that perhaps too much?

“Wait a moment, you have ogres too!? How many!?”
“Eh? Eh? Eh?”

 Apparently, ogres were considered fairly dangerous monsters that could only be defeated by Rank D and above adventurers. And an ogre had appeared. Furthermore, if there were a herd of ogres, several parties of Rank C adventurers would need to be assembled.

 As such, ogre appearances would be quite bad news. Anyways, I quickly explained that I only had one.

“Just one……it might be nothing, but it still isn’t something that should be ignored. For now, the forest area in the south will need to be placed off-limits while we send out an investigation team.”

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 It seems to be more serious than I thought.

“Somehow, I’m sorry about that.”
“No, Missy didn’t do anything wrong. Rather, you definitely reduced the amount of casualties by defeating it. Although it’s been several days since you defeated it, and there haven’t been any signs of movement from a herd. It will still take at least several days to complete the investigation.

 I’m fine as long as there’s no punishment.

“To think that Missy’s familiars are strong enough to beat an ogre, when I think about it……..there’s a lot to process.”

 Ugh, why do I have this bad feeling?2


  1. or Lily Sisters
  2. Silva: Is this the cliche rank up event?

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