Not Sure, Another World Chapter 30

First thing to get out of the way.

Babylonia was frelling brutal this week!
The Laḫmu are ten fold creepier in anime format, it’s one thing to have creepy subtitles on screen, but the fully voiced versions are just terrifying! And then even went as far as to animate the death games and other horrifying atrocities they committed!
Oh man that episode gave me chills. From here on, Babylonia is going to be going at full pace! Well it already was, but that’s not the point.

Now that’s done. I finally realised the other day that this novel is more popular than Demon Sword Maiden, so I’m contemplating moving over my regular selfmusings to these chapter updates because more people will read them. Not that there has been much distinction between them anyway because of the way I schedule them.

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