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Dragon Princess

[New Series] Dragon Princess

After so many months since I last translated the teaser for Dragon Princess, chapter 1 of the series has finally been completely translated and from now on, we will be getting a steady supply of Dragon Princess at the rate of 1 to 2 chapters per week.

When I first picked this up, there was still no VIP chapters and the chapters are not sorted by volume, but now there are 263 VIP chapters and 5 volumes? Even the cover art has been updated! So many things about this novel have changed.

Just a fair warning, this novel has a lot of Chinese slangs, informal tones, archaic dialect, and first-person context. It’s my first time translating a novel like this so I’m not sure how well I do. There might be inconsistencies with the tenses due to my lack of experience, so if anyone wishes to apply for editorship for Dragon Princess, I’m more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

Oh yes, and give thanks to TribeOfOne for editing the first part of this novel, I really had a hard time with those archaic accent, it was thanks to him that the first part of the novel reads that much more smoothly.

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