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Update on Project Gender Bender

Stories Behind the Broken Theme & Links

First off, please allow me to apologize to all the readers who experienced issues with the broken theme and broken links for the past 30-40 minutes. I am really sorry about the inconvenience caused. It was never meant to happen, and this problem doesn’t root from the Layout Tester I am currently testing with Ezoic, but I still appreciate you guys informing me of the issue.

All of this started when I tried to upgrade my current plan from an annual plan to the biannual plan, I reached out to the customer support to get them to change my plans, paid them an extra 200USD, and happily thanked them for the help. However, what I didn’t know was that, immediately after the move, all the plugins and theme on the site were broken. I would probably have found out much later if not for a certain comment and email about the broken links. Thank you both for reporting the issues to me promptly.

I honestly did not expect a simple upgrade in the plan would lead to such a huge issue, so I complained to their customer support, get them to fix the issue ASAP, and have them compensate me for the inconvenience caused. They fixed the issue within 30-40 minutes and agreed to add one extra month to my plan, which I am extremely grateful for.

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