Layout Tester

We have received an invitation from Ezoic to test out their Layout Tester app. According to them, by installing and activating the app, their Artificial Intelligence (AI) will test and find the best layout customized for each individual users to optimize the user experience according to their browsing behavior.

If you noticed that the site layout has changed in the next few days, do not be alarmed as it was due to the AI working on customizing a theme that fits your browsing habit. We will be experimenting with the Layout Tester for a while and if we find it too annoying or received too many complaints from the users, we will be turning it off.

If you run into any problem with the theme, please take a screenshot and send it to us on

3 thoughts on “Layout Tester”

  1. all the links are suddenly broken – can’t go previous or next and all the index pages don’t have links either

    1. Truly sorry about that, just asked the Customer Support to help me switch to biannual plan and they majestically broke the site, I don’t even know such a huge mistake could result from a task as simple as upgrading plans.

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