Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 54

Well, damn… What do you know? Today’s my birthday. Happy 29th years old me… just one more year and I’ll be called a Middle-Aged Uncle… Already 29 years old and I’m still so dependent on my parents, ugh… what a failure of a man I am…

I always tell myself to start looking for a girlfriend and take my work more seriously, but I never went around to do it. Getting a girlfriend would mean less personal time for my hobby (i.e. gaming, reading and translating). And I am lazy by nature so even though I know deep down that I cannot remain like this, I still took my work half-heartedly and always skipping work whenever I can.

So for my birthday wish this year, I wish that I can get over my timid and lazy nature. My first step to overcoming that wall is to post a double chapter today. Don’t thank me just yet, it’s mainly because both are short chapters 😛

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6 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 54”

  1. Don’t get gf. There is one more important thing than anything else in the world and that is translating Demon Sword Maiden. There are over 1700 chapters, that is more than 22 years of translating with your current speed.
    btw. i’m 29y too, hobbies are more important than girls.

  2. Well I managed to finish my degree and get my first permanent contract at 30y, granted I had lived on my own for a decade by then but every now and then parents would help out with a sudden tax or stop by to hand over full bag of groceries. As long as you have some kind of a destination ahead then detours don’t really matter.

  3. Happy birthday and thx for the chap………… wait, whaddya mean they’re
    both short chapters this is an outrage lol 🙂
    And as for the other stuff no comment I’m in the same boat too so good luck to the both of us. Hang in there.

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