Chapter 54 – Sleeping Beauty

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1401 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 950 words

The frigid mountain wind caressed the girl’s dress.

But it was unable to relief her sweltering body.

Lily felt that she had already gained enough experience and power-up through this expedition. It was about time to hand in the examination task, so she decided to climb down the mountain and return to Takeshita.

However, this journey wasn’t going to be easy. Her body felt really hot, even though she didn’t engage in combat or did any excessive exercise, she was sweating non-stop.

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That intoxicating feeling from absorbing too many animas was unable to be quelled.

Lily’s footstep became more and more unsteady as she walked.

Her head felt dizzy.

“Un… W-What is happening to me?”

She unsteadily walked towards a big tree and lied down with her back leaning against the tree. She couldn’t help pulling apart her collar and skirt to let some of her body heat dissipate. However, it didn’t seem to help at all…

“Ah—!” Lily let out an involuntary cry. Just like that time when she absorbed the true essences of the surrounding plants, she passed out again.

It would seem that every time she used the ancient runes, her consciousness would feel faint. It was her good fortune that she lasted until now. If she was to faint much earlier, she might already be gone from this world. As a matter of course, fainting in the middle of a high tension battle wasn’t very likely to happen. But once she loosened up, the impulse would hit her all at once.

However, Lily was still in quite a precarious state. For a beautiful woman to lie down at the roadside of the mountain woods, her fate would be unthinkable regardless of whoever passed by, be it a samurai or a monster. Perhaps they might be faced with a disaster if they woke Lily up, but what about the moments before she did?

What if she was found by Akira’s group?

Lily was naturally worried about that. She did try to resist, but just as the sudden outburst of the mysterious power from earlier, fainting was not something she could stop with willpower alone…

Lily fainted with a blushed face and rapid, shallow breathing. Even while asleep, her face remained as red as a blossoming flower, and she seemed to be muttering something. The excess heat and rapid breathing could spell danger to her body, or perhaps she might be caught in the maelstrom of lust.

At this hour, the moon was in full view.

The bright moonlight filtered through the gaps between the trees as they shone upon Lily’s chest and blushed face. Those moonlight gradually twisted and wrapped around Lily’s body like silky threads. They slipped into her clothing and rounded up the beads of sweat. Her flushed body was being wiped by what appeared to be the softest handkerchief in the world. It was as though her heated body was being baptized by the moon…

Slowly but surely… Lily’s complexion turned back to its natural color. Although there was still a little bit of natural blush remaining, her body was no longer burning up. Her body temperature returned to the norm, even her breathing had gradually returned to normal. Her sleeping face looked much peaceful than before. The sexually arousing state she was in had been pacified by the silky moonlight…

Lily naturally didn’t know this, but from now on, even though her body would still heat up as a consequence of using the ancient runes, even though she would still be affected by her inner devil and succumb to unhealthy desires, she would no longer faint. It was unable to cause physical harm to her body any more.

As luck would have it, a group of people just happened to pass by after some time had passed. It hadn’t even been long enough for Lily’s body odor to spread around.

“Hmph! We actually didn’t run into a Mountain Imp colony even after spending two nights in the open. We only encountered a group of ten Mountain Imps, and even let three of them escape! But at least we have killed quite a few other monsters on the way,” Saikanji Nanako let out a complaint on her horse.

“Young lady, it is quite a feat to be able to collect seven Mountain Imp animas in two days! There are so many quasi-samurais out there unable to complete their task even after entering the mountain for half a month!” The old retainer, Taihara Yukimichi, praised Nanako.

“Alright, alright, I get it already. I’m just afraid that getting number one in the combat examination will be very hard with this amount… Ah… so sleepy. That’s it! I haven’t taken a bath for two days already. Let’s go back, take a bath, and sleep!” It seemed as though Nanako would lie on the horse’s neck and sleep just like that. She then muttered to herself, “I wonder if that big-breasted woman has completed the test already or not. She wouldn’t be devoured by the Mountain Imp already would she…”

“Huh?” Nanako vaguely located what seemed to be a girl in white clothes lying against a roadside tree ahead.

Nanako’s sleepiness faded away all at once. ‘Why would there be a girl lying down at this kind of place? Could it be a monster?’

The others had already discovered the suspicious figure. They approached the white-clothed girl on high alert and slowly surrounded her. A few foot soldiers pointed their long spear at her and used the lantern to light up the area…

“Ahhh!” Nanako vigilantly approached on horseback to check out the situation. As the figure of the sleeping girl registered in her eyes, she immediately let out a cry, “Big breasted woman!”


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  1. So some interesting things have happened. And I’ve apparently made it back.

    She has a power that humans shouldn’t possess, which can permanently increase her power level, capacity and density.
    And now she doesn’t faint from doing so, she just succumbs to her ‘unhealthy desires’. I dare say said desires are far more unhealthy to everyone else, though. Makes me wonder if her body/spirit/soul are fully human, though.
    The separation of colors, blue and red, also kinda makes me think that her moon spirit power and demon power are not exactly cut from the same cloth.

    Oh, and her consistent use of a spirit training technique that comes with a 100% ironclad guarantee of making the user more beautiful, graceful and feminine probably isn’t helping in her quest to retain her man-cred.

    Now, the issue of Lily receiving favoritism from the dojo actually makes some logical sense if you think about it. For someone of her current level to have spirit training is unheard of, and she undoubted has outstanding potential. Given that dojo leader lady and her fellows are talented and capable features, she probably noticed Lily’s unique status and potential right away, at least to some level. In that case, they would want to show her favoritism in hopes of fostering her growth and building a strong positive impression of the dojo on her.
    TL:DR with meta terms: Sakiko noticed Lily’s ‘Main Character Status’ and is showering her in favor in hopes of gaining a powerful future ally.

    I noticed that you had talked about looking into OCR to help with translating the paid chapters. I guess I wanted to ask what kind of OCR options you looked into and if you had considered one built into a PDF program.They may also have options and settings that some pure-OCR/online options don’t have, which may help in getting up the accuracy with some fiddling. Also, they are usually the most accurate OCR option available, which is also why you have to pay for them. But that’s why they have demo’s to test with, right? I heard ReadIris 17 is good as a individual use option. Something to think about, and hopefully something useful to you.

    Anyways, thanks for the continued work on the translation!

    1. Well, one of the OCR I’ve looked into is the Fairy Text, it is a mobile app and requires me to take the screenshot from SFACG app one page at a time, so it is actually very time-consuming, and it doesn’t have perfect accuracy either. It is very notable when it came to 一 (Yī), which is translated as “one”. That word would always be mistaken as an underscore.

      Then for the other option, I’ve tried looking into the one as recommended by Isaac. By taking a screenshot of the entire page using a certain plugin, I was able to convert the page into a PDF file, which I can upload to Google Drive and change it into rich-text docs. This option is faster but the accuracy ain’t the best either. Though I might be able to live with it if I just refer back to the actual raw when I find something wrong with the text.

      But the best option would still be that someone will take up the job offer and provide me with up to 50 “checked” chapters per month.

  2. I really can’t believe I’m first to comment on one of these it’s a niracle. And lily just had to faint in full view of a road where anyone with bad intentions (which is 90% of everyone she’s met) can just walk up tie her up and get their urges out.
    God only knows what little miss psycho flat chest here is gonna do to her.I have a feeling the brat is gonna try stealing her Animas if/when they search and see how much she’s got.

    1. I doubt she gonna do something evil, She looked arrogant but not someone who would stab in the back. Prob gonna make fun of her or take her back with them if she wont wake up. Well thats just my guess tho..

      1. Well if I were in that situation and she took me away while unconscious to be her slave servant, she would wish she left me by the road. And I’ve noticed that in these cultivation novels everyone is all up in ur business even the nice ones, although they are not likely to hurt u with that knowledge.

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