Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 53

Well, damn… What do you know? Today’s my birthday. Happy 29th years old me… just one more year and I’ll be called a Middle-Aged Uncle… Already 29 years old and I’m still so dependent on my parents, ugh… what a failure of a man I am…

I always tell myself to start looking for a girlfriend and take my work more seriously, but I never went around to do it. Getting a girlfriend would mean less personal time for my hobby (i.e. gaming, reading and translating). And I am lazy by nature so even though I know deep down that I cannot remain like this, I still took my work half-heartedly and always skipping work whenever I can.

So for my birthday wish this year, I wish that I can get over my timid and lazy nature. My first step to overcoming that wall is to post a double chapter today. Don’t thank me just yet, it’s mainly because both are short chapters 😛

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6 thoughts on “Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 53”

  1. You gotta just jump into something crazy. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow, and go take down a bear.

    Though if you can’t do that, other stuff is fine too so long as it’s stuff someone timid would usually shy away from, but it should be memorable. The general idea would be to do something that you’d end up comparing to other things you’d be reluctant to do, so you’d have that “I’ve done X, so why would I be afraid of this?” thought.

    Just one method, but you do you~

  2. Hey brother if you have no idea what to do in life seriously think of joining the military you will not regret it

  3. Hey, I’ve had similar thoughts myself. I’m as of recently a NEET, and I’ve been pretty depressed, although thankfully its not chronic. However I got feeling lethargic, and also, GAD. I’m still trying to get to a better place, but I’d like to share a little bit of what I’m doing to help myself, because even though it isn’t much, I’m very proud of it. I hope it means something to you.

    My birthday is in a month, and I thought for half a year now that on this birthday I was going to start improving myself. At the start of June I realised I was being lazy again, and setting myself up for failure, even though I was really serious about my birthday being the big day.

    So I changed plans. I’m using June to get ready, ease myself into the new habits and routines I want to build. Now my goal is to be doing the simple stuff by my birthday. Its going to be my first big milestone.

    I spent a long time being sick and underweight, generally unfit and unhealthy. In part because I’m lazy, poor, and forget/skip meals. So I’m trying to drink water, and what I save on drinks I buy healthy snacks like apples, and celery, carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli in these little dip kits. And I eat them, too!

    With a small step towards fixing my diet, I’m doing simple stretches and exercises almost every day. Right now I’m at about 10 minutes, but I want to get my sessions to 20 minutes. When I reach 20 minutes routinely I’m going to start increasing weights or doing more pushups.

    To reward myself for exercising (because although I dislike myself haha, it still deserves a reward), I make a fruit/yogurt smoothie and read some manga (a chapter of Danberu, a chapter of something Yuri). Also I rinse my face, go for a walk, and drink water.

    I also did half my laundry, just finished the rest, so after I finish this I’ll go fold it 🙁
    But yeah keeping my surfaces and floors clean, making up my bed as silly as it is, opening windows and gettting fresh air has been making me so happy this week!

    Sleeping 8-9 hours means I’ve been feeling less lethargic, despite doing more each day I’m feeling slightly more refreshed, slightly more energetic.

    This is all little stuff, but its been huge to me. And its adding up. I don’t do it all every day. In fact, sometimes I haven’t done any of them. But the subreddit r/nonzeroday showed me that missing a day doesnt mean all my work is invalidated. I can still do even just one small thing, to make today count.

    And you know what, when I’m in a better place, I’d like to fill in the last missing piece and reconnect to people, socialize a little. Even thinking about it makes me anxious! But I’ll get there 😉

    Trying to solve my NEET situation but nothing good to report there. But even though not everything is going well, I’m actually, occasionally, feeling a little positive lately. And that makes me so happy I’m probably going to cry when my birthday rolls around.

    If there are three last things I’d like to write to you:

    Remember to breathe, I forget often, but I’m getting into the habit of reminding myself, it really helps me.

    Try saying things out loud to make them real:
    “I am going to do five minutes of stretches and five good pushups after reading this worthless NEET’s thoughts on self improvement.”
    And then follow through- thats the hard part, I know, lol. But now I’m picturing one of those mangaka’s faceless author characters doing pushups, so you should deliver lol.

    And lastly, you are there with your parents. Thats a valuable support network. Maybe tonight write down something you’d like to tell them but are too embarrassed (something nice about them, ideally). Maybe you can share it with them some day. Wouldn’t that be nice? 🙂

    So as someone with some similar things going through my head, please let my comment reach you! You aren’t alone! You aren’t worthless! You can improve in anything, and enrich your life! I really truly genuinely hope you have a happy day today, tomorow, and whenever you feel down! I want that for myself! You can want it too! You deserve that!

    And uh thank you for the chapter, thank you for your hard work. Happy Birthday. Its your first big milestone! 🙂

    1. Wow, that’s hell of a long read. Thanks for the encouraging words. And yeah, I agree that it’s hard to change your habits. It take at least three weeks of dedication before your habit kicks in and stick with you.

  4. I wouldn’t say you are a failure though. I’m 26 and still have some issues since I am just finishing university with student loan debt. My mother says that people aren’t really young anymore after 30, but that’s wrong. You aren’t really old until your wrinkly and even then you don’t have to be old if you don’t want to be. My father also showed via example that you are never too old for love too! He’s really f***ing old, like 71 and I’m 26 so if you do the math then … you can always start a family.

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