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[Manhua] Rhapsody of Mulan Chapter 4

I don’t normally translate in the weekend, other than editing and scheduling chapters to be published next week, at other times, I’d have nothing to do and translating manhua is good for killing time. Well, I do have a lot of games pending to be played, I actually haven’t been playing any game lately due to my busy schedule, perhaps I should take a nice break every once in a while to indulge in gaming…

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[Manhua] Rhapsody of Mulan

Don’t mind me, just trying my hands at translating a manhua. I got pulled into it by one of my Editors. This series actually already have 39 chapters released (19 according to the previous scanlator). I’m re-doing it from chapter 1 for obvious reason, low quality scans available throughout the net, bad translation in some chapters, and the worst offender is that the scans are not following the same chapter sequence as the raw.

I’m just doing this as a side project, so don’t expect much. We probably would take a bit of time before catching up to chapter 40, so if you can’t wait that long, go ahead and read the scans from the other team~

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