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[Manhua] Rhapsody of Mulan Chapter 15

It’s been a while since I made any update for Mulan huh? Well, we’ve actually already finished chapter 15 ~ 16 a while back, I just got lazy to upload them here. And I also haven’t received any ZIP file from Dex for Chapter 16.

You can read the latest chapter done by us on MangaDex, but since Google has featured our site on the top for Rhapsody of Mulan, I thought I might as well upload them here as well~

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[Manhua] Rhapsody of Mulan Chapter 13 & 14

Yay, another chapter (or two) of Rhapsody Mulan~ Translating manga is a bit annoying, in that we can’t easily copy the text and paste them into online dictionary for assist, but at the same time, it also helps you improve your Chinese faster than just translating novels since you are required to type or write them out if you need to use the dictionary.

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» Chapter 13 «
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