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Chapter – 152 – Lily…! What a Troublesome Girl…! (Part 1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

Well then, let’s put the party names matter aside for now. What should we do from here?

“Well, I’m about to head back. What about you, Kuro? Do you have stuff at our place? Should I come to bring it first thing in the morning?”
“I’ll go get it now.”
“That’s not a good idea. If you go get it now, you’ll be going back alone, right? I honestly think you will be fine, but there’s always a slight chance something will go wrong, so it’s a no.”
“Don’t mgh me. Some things are just not allowed.”

Uhhh, is Ryuu… Kuro’s mother or something?

“In that case, how about all of us go get the luggage together? That way, even though it’s just us girls, we’ll have four people going back. Also, it might be a good idea to greet Gim. And from what I heard earlier, the one who’s come with you this time is Triela, right? I’d like to see her face again after such a long time…”

“Hmm… Well, I can’t quite agree with that. Not because I think Ren and the others are weak or anything, but separate from that, I still think it’s not a good idea for just girls to walk on the night roads. Also, it’s one thing to meet her, but I don’t think she will come to see you. You know her personality, right? She was arguing with Gim that she was here for work and unless it was a coincidental meeting, she wouldn’t make time to meet you. He said it was okay if she made some time, but she’s too diligent for her own good.”


It seems like every time we meet, Ryuu becomes even more of a gentleman. Is he handsome? Lily and Arisa, even though he’s younger than them, seem a bit shy around him. As for Triela, well, she’s as steady as ever. I feel a bit lonely, but that’s just how Triela is. If she’s not coming from her side, there’s no problem with going to meet her myself.

“You don’t have to force yourself to come for a greeting either. Regarding Kuro’s situation this time, Gim told us that it’s not like Ren tried to recruit her actively, so he said there was no need for you to come.”

“Oh, really? In that case, hmm?”

“No, even then, we’ll still go and say hi. We know Gim, and even in the previous incident with Ren, we received various help from him. Instead of leaving the possibility of being rude here, it’s better to put in a little effort now. Even if we weren’t acquainted, just by your words it’s clear that he’s a kind and good-hearted person, and if that’s the case, it’s not a bad idea to make a connection using this opportunity.”

“Huh, seriously…I mean, is that how it is?”
“…What’s that for? Don’t laugh.”
“I’m sorry… Pfft.”
“…Yeah, I mean, Gim told me that first impressions are important so I’ve been trying to improve the way I speak and tone, but it’s not easy… It’s tough, you know, this kind of thing.”

I see, he seemed to be minding how he talked for a while now, and it looked like Gim had advised him on it.

“That’s true, it may be challenging, but it’s not wasted effort, so keep trying.”
“Yeah. Ah right, I really should head back soon. It’s pitch dark outside.”
“By the way, where are you staying now?”

Yeah, I never really thought about it before, but even though there aren’t that many inns in this town, there has been a significant increase in the number of adventurers since the special goblin extermination quests. I was wondering where they’re all staying.

“Huh? Oh… So, the inns in this town got fully booked by the ones who arrived early, and the ones who came later are camping outside the town.”
“Eh? Outside the town?”

“Didn’t you know that, Ren? The people who came to deal with the goblins set up tents and stuff on the open area across the town and the highway. That whole area has become like a makeshift lodging place.”
“Is that so?”

“…Ren, you really don’t seem to have any interest in things that don’t directly concern you, do you?”
“Arisa, it’s not so much a lack of interest as it is indifference, don’t you think?”
“….No such thing.”

Yeah, that’s not the case okay? Probably… in theory.

Okay, let’s stop. Next topic please!

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“Well, still, wouldn’t gathering such a large number of people like that lead to territorial disputes or something?”
“Oh, it’s surprisingly okay on that front. They’ve set up stakes at regular intervals and tied ropes between them to partition the space. Each space is quite spacious, so you can even start a fire and cook there. Plus, there are a few people who like to be in charge, so if any disputes arise, they step in to resolve them.”

“I see… How about baths?”
“Ah, they’ve apparently created a communal bath behind the guild. When people return to town, they’re encouraged to take a bath to wash off the dirt before returning to their lodging. And it seems like they’ve separated it into male and female sections.”

Oh, it’s quite organized in various ways. That guildmaster seems like quite a capable person.

As we were chatting like that, it got really dark outside, so Ryuu hurriedly ran back home. It was decided that we would pick up Kuro’s belongings from Ryuu and Gim’s base first thing in the morning.

By the way, when Ryuu mentioned earlier that “Triela won’t come to see us,” it’s because she’s responsible for maintaining the tents and such at their lodging site. After the study meeting, a new female member joined Gim’s party, and she seemed to be mainly accompanying that person. Gim seems to be considerate in many ways… He’s really a kind and responsible person.

By the way, for tonight, Kuro ended up sharing my bed. She clung to my belly until she fell asleep, but when I woke up in the morning, she was curled up at my feet. Hmm, she’s a cat…

Daily routine? Well, under these circumstances, I really can’t do it, okay?


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