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Chapter 150 – Looks Like a Complicated Situation (Part 1)

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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library

I was a little surprised to unexpectedly run into Kuro in a place like this, but since we couldn’t really talk here, I asked her to step aside for a moment. Kuro seemed quite dissatisfied but reluctantly moved away.

“Um, long time no see? Or rather, why are you here, Kuro?”
“I’m going with you.”

Huh? I can’t quite grasp what she’s saying.

“I’m going with Ren. So I came.”

Just as I thought she was saying something incomprehensible, Kuro clung to me again. She didn’t hug over my arms this time but… oh, what should I do…?

“Well, um… What about everyone else? Aren’t they with you?”

I asked whether she came alone or with others, but there was no response. Instead, Kuro just buried her face in my stomach and kept rubbing. How do I handle this…?

I looked over at Lily and Arisa, who were nearby, as if seeking help, but they both seemed equally puzzled. Well, I can’t blame them.

“Wait, Kuro and Ren? Whoa, seriously, you guys are here… that’s incredible.”

As I was feeling a bit lost, Ryuu approached us, perhaps after the mock duel had ended. Thank goodness! Please help me out!

“It’s been a while, Ryuu. But why are you here? And could you please do something about this situation?”
“Oh, yeah. Hey, Kuro, let go of Ren for a moment. It’s causing a scene. Okay?”
“No ughs now, okay? Come on, let’s move a bit that way. Ren, and, uh, are your companions over there fine with… I mean, is it alright with you?”
“Huh? Oh, yes, it’s fine.”
“Sorry, and thank you… Kuro, shall we go? Um, Ren too.”
“No mghs either. Come on, Ren won’t disappear or anything.”

…No, but seriously, Ryuu is amazing.

He easily calmed Kuro down and then gently detached her from me, leading the conversation in a different direction… Right? It’s Ryuu we’re talking about, isn’t it?

We moved away from the crowded area, though not too far. Hopefully, we can have a more composed conversation here.

“So… it’s nice to see you again?”
“Yeah, it’s been a while. You seem well, Ren.”
“Oh, thank you? Um, so why are you two here?”
“Well… a few things happened, but right now, we’re working as supporters at Gim’s place. He took on a special goblin hunting quest, and that’s why we came together.”

A supporter, in a nutshell, refers to the jack-of-all-trades in an adventurer party or clan. Their main roles include tasks like carrying supplies, setting up camps, keeping watch during overnight stays in the wilderness, managing the base during expeditions, and providing various forms of logistical support. It’s a crucial and honorable role, particularly in larger clans or parties where they’re often hired. Some adventurers even specialize in being supporters, and the more capable they are, the more in demand they become among renowned clans and parties.

However, there are persistent issues in this profession, such as some adventurers with poor behavior or misunderstandings mistreating supporters or exploiting them for cheap labor. Some clans or parties also hire young, inexperienced adventurers who cannot undertake quests or hunts yet. They opt for this approach either to cut costs, as hiring dedicated supporter adventurers can be expensive, or because experienced adventurers with a nurturing attitude help mentor newcomers. It’s also an opportunity for novice adventurers to gain practical experience in a live setting, making it a surprisingly popular job.

Wondering why I’m so knowledgeable about this? Well, before I recalled my memories from my past life, I had planned to focus on gathering and support activities as my main role in adventurer activities after leaving the orphanage. So, I did quite a bit of research back then.

“Oh, that’s good to hear.”
“Yeah! It was quite enlightening, and I’m really grateful… I mean, that’s not it. Um?”
“Kuro mentioned that she’s going with me… What’s that all about?”
“Oh… you already heard about that? Uh, it’s a bit of a long story, and discussing it here is not quite… well…”

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Indeed, discussing a lengthy story in a place like this isn’t practical.

“Lily, Arisa, uh…”
“It’s alright. It seems like a complex matter, so we can continue the conversation at your home.”
“Thank you. In that case, Ryuu, we have a place we’re staying at, so let’s continue the conversation there… or is this time suitable? Should we wait for another time if it’s going to take long?”
“Oh, can you wait for a moment? Gim is over there; I’ll go explain it to him.”

Ryuu said this and ran off without waiting for a response. …I must say, Ryuu’s growth is impressive. Youth is truly something else.

As for Kuro, she’s been clinging to me and rubbing her head against me this whole time. Hmm, quite a contrast.

After that, I headed home with Ryuu, who had returned soon enough. On the way, I stopped him from buying dinner from a food stall and persuaded him to have a meal at home. Meanwhile, Kuro continued clinging to my clothes, making it slightly uncomfortable to walk, to say the least.

Upon returning home, we took baths, changed, and then resumed our conversation in the living room. By the way, both Kuro and Ryuu also took baths, Kuro with me and Ryuu by himself.

Lily and Arisa were busy preparing dinner. They seemed to have considerately left us alone. However, there weren’t any substantial barriers separating the kitchen from the living room, so their efforts were somewhat in vain.

“Now, where should I start?”
“Ryuu, you can start from wherever you think is best.”
“Well… for now, let’s begin from the time when Ren disappeared from the capital city. It also relates to the story of me working as a supporter for Gim.”


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