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Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 320

So my computer makes a weird clicking noise whenever my GPU fans spin up.
Until now there have barely been any games able to put enough of a load on my GPU to make the fans spin up for more than a couple of seconds.
I’m hoping it’s just a cable that happens to be touching it, or just something that will go away tomorrow.
God please don’t force me to have to try and fix my PC again, it’s been nonstop issues with it lately.

Why am I getting so fatigued when all I do is sit at home all day?

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 45 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 319

I made over 50million on X4 now! Hurray!
This puts me just under half way towards my ultimate goal of building my own spaceship from the ground up!
So far I can make the hull, weapons, shields and engines but I still need to work on the ability to make the drones and missiles.
Of course, even when I can make all the parts I still need the really expensive blueprints to assemble them, which is what I am saving up for.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 44 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 318

So it’s been announced that Shokuhou Misaki from A Certain Magical Index is getting her own spin off.
After Accelerator’s spin off was a bit of a drag I hope they can pull this one off.
A Certain Scientific Mental Out here we come!

I am a bit excited because it’ll be interesting to see where this sits in the canon.
Oh dear god please don’t make me have to rewrite a huge portion of my fanfic plans in order to accommodate the new additions to the canon!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 43 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 317

It’s Chapter 42! Again!

Did you guys see the trailers for the new anime? Oh right and that Tsukihime remake thing that got announced or whatever it was…
Wonder what that is?
I remember thinking about it before in the past but…that was so long ago I’ve forgotten now…
Oh well can’t be that important.

And then there’s Combatant’s first PV. Yay. Should be pretty fun if they adapt it well.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 42 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 316

I don’t have the level of brain power or effort to write much for this pre-chapter rambles today.
I’m quite a bit exhausted.
Spent all the day roleplaying, had to do the event on Genshin which I suck at and it took too many attempts to get it half done…I still need to do the other half tomorrow.
My X4 game is either a miracle or a disaster…I can’t decide which…because two of the major factions of the game have been eliminated in a war, removing an entire race from the universe sandbox. It’s amazing that it’s possible but also not so amazing that my game is now half wrecked by what is blatantly a violation of canon…especially when I was hoping to use that save to experience all the future DLC new too for a unique experience of what happens when a well established empire collides with a brand new one that DLC added instead of coexisting from the start.

Basically I have no energy. It sucks.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 41 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 314

I somehow managed to tank the Silicon economy in my X4 game by overmining.
I used to get 130,000 per haul but now I’m lucky to get 110,00 per haul.
That might not seem like much until you realise how frequently my vessels unload their hauls! The per haul drop isn’t over significant but the accumulated loss in profits is a massive dent in my plans to create a mining empire!

Well actually it’s not too bad, I just need to locate another system that I haven’t destroyed the economy of. Or reallocate one of my silicon vessels to mine ice or something instead to let the economy recover from my overabundance.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 39 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 313

I just got kidnapped by a mining ship in X4….
I was exploring the new feature of being able to walk around your ship and stations, I didn’t realise the teleporter took me to docked ships as well as new station modules!
I saw a bridge on the teleport list and started walking around the bridge! It turned out it was a huge mining vessel and it started to fly away!
This left me stranded on their ship since I couldn’t go back to the station where my ship was. I was a stowaway!

I had to order one of the my NPCs to dock at the big ship and pick me up in order to escape. I’m just lucky it was a big mining ship that kidnapped me, if it had been a smaller one then I would have to wait until it landed somewhere else!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 38 «