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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 615

One of the light novels I preordered got delayed a few months, not surprised.
Also one of the manga that should have been sent out to me weeks ago still has no news on stock.
Well I have come to expect that from my Arpeggio preorders by now, that’s why I so obsessively preorder them, otherwise I will just never see stock.

The next Otome Mob volume releases in a week, hopefully they have the stock to send that one out at least.
I really really want to read it after that last cliffhanger.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 124 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 614

Regular reminder to cast your votes for what art you want to see done for this novel soon!

Anyway, today I spent some time catching up on updating my Stellaris mod because it needs more love.
I didn’t actually do much, I just had an idea for something and quickly threw it together over a couple of hours, and did something I had on my to-do list for a long time.
Namely I had added a feature that meant you could pick one of the two weapon paths included in the mod (in order to make them an interesting choice and prevent the tech tree getting clogged with my new content) but had never stated anyway that they were mutually exclusive technologies. So I added a little tooltip that shows that info now. No more confusion!
It also means that I could possible add other weapon trees for different types of weapons and have them all be exclusive to each other.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 123 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 613

So originally I was planning to work on my Stellaris mod, or maybe write down some dumb ideas to turn Infinite Stratos into a mini-isekai story based on a meme I saw.
But now I might end up watching Vivy just to get it off my Plan To Watch list after forever.
Or maybe I could do both.

Oh well.
I got the day off work tomorrow so I have more free time.
The world works out for me!

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 122 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 612

Hello readers once again.
Friendly reminder that you have three weeks to start deciding what artwork I will commission for this series next month!
You’re probably wondering what has been suggested so far!

So in no particular order and with minimal detail the suggestions so far are:
The Lily and Shenzue bondage scene!
Lily and Senior Sister in the mirror!
Lily in her ninja infiltration gear!
Lily landing the final blow in the duel from Volume 4 Chapter 87 !
Some artwork of Ayaka or Kimiko!

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 121 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 611

So pride month tangent, the new pokemon legendaries and starters.
Honestly they’re lame.
Why are they so mechanical when they’re legendaries?
Why does the (probably) legendary of past and future exist when the legendary of time is a thing.
And why does the past pokemon look like a motorbike, it reminds me of Eden Titan from FFXIV.

And the starters are so bland.
Anyway. Back to this.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 120 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 610

Hello everyone, now as a gender bender focused site we have our fair share… well a lot of yuri content.
Naturally of course this means we’re not idiots.
It’s time to celebrate pride month!
And do that we’re splashing out some bonus chapters.

Specifically I’m providing 2 DSM and 2 ReStart, sadly there’s not enough of a stockpile for Automata yet.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 119 «