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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 55

After 55 chapters, I’ve finally recruited an Editor for Demon Sword Maiden. Out of all the applications I’ve received, only 3 of them were legit while the rest were spam. And out of all the applicants, only one of them managed to finish the test. Or well… the only one who even bothered to do the test.

So let us give a warm welcome to Deximus-Maximus, the new editor of Demon Sword Maiden and the chief moderator of Demon Sword Maiden Wiki page.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 54

Well, damn… What do you know? Today’s my birthday. Happy 29th years old me… just one more year and I’ll be called a Middle-Aged Uncle… Already 29 years old and I’m still so dependent on my parents, ugh… what a failure of a man I am…

I always tell myself to start looking for a girlfriend and take my work more seriously, but I never went around to do it. Getting a girlfriend would mean less personal time for my hobby (i.e. gaming, reading and translating). And I am lazy by nature so even though I know deep down that I cannot remain like this, I still took my work half-heartedly and always skipping work whenever I can.

So for my birthday wish this year, I wish that I can get over my timid and lazy nature. My first step to overcoming that wall is to post a double chapter today. Don’t thank me just yet, it’s mainly because both are short chapters 😛

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Chapter 24 – Sleeping Beauty

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1401 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 950 words

The frigid mountain wind caressed the girl’s dress.

But it was unable to relief her sweltering body.

Lily felt that she had already gained enough experience and power-up through this expedition. It was about time to hand in the examination task, so she decided to climb down the mountain and return to Takeshita.

However, this journey wasn’t going to be easy. Her body felt really hot, even though she didn’t engage in combat or did any excessive exercise, she was sweating non-stop.

That intoxicating feeling from absorbing too many animas was unable to be quelled.

Lily’s footstep became more and more unsteady as she walked.

Her head felt dizzy.

“Un… W-What is happening to me?”

She unsteadily walked towards a big tree and lied down with her back leaning against the tree. She couldn’t help pulling apart her collar and skirt to let some of her body heat dissipate. However, it didn’t seem to help at all…

“Ah—!” Lily let out an involuntary cry. Just like that time when she absorbed the true essences of the surrounding plants, she passed out again.

It would seem that every time she used the ancient runes, her consciousness would feel faint. It was her good fortune that she lasted until now. If she was to faint much earlier, she might already be gone from this world. As a matter of course, fainting in the middle of a high tension battle wasn’t very likely to happen. But once she loosened up, the impulse would hit her all at once.

However, Lily was still in quite a precarious state. For a beautiful woman to lie down at the roadside of the mountain woods, her fate would be unthinkable regardless of whoever passed by, be it a samurai or a monster. Perhaps they might be faced with a disaster if they woke Lily up, but what about the moments before she did?

What if she was found by Akira’s group?

Lily was naturally worried about that. She did try to resist, but just as the sudden outburst of the mysterious power from earlier, fainting was not something she could stop with willpower alone…

Lily fainted with a blushed face and rapid, shallow breathing. Even while asleep, her face remained as red as a blossoming flower, and she seemed to be muttering something. The excess heat and rapid breathing could spell danger to her body, or perhaps she might be caught in the maelstrom of lust.

At this hour, the moon was in full view.

The bright moonlight filtered through the gaps between the trees as they shone upon Lily’s chest and blushed face. Those moonlight gradually twisted and wrapped around Lily’s body like silky threads. They slipped into her clothing and rounded up the beads of sweat. Her flushed body was being wiped by what appeared to be the softest handkerchief in the world. It was as though her heated body was being baptized by the moon…

Slowly but surely… Lily’s complexion turned back to its natural color. Although there was still a little bit of natural blush remaining, her body was no longer burning up. Her body temperature returned to the norm, even her breathing had gradually returned to normal. Her sleeping face looked much peaceful than before. The sexually arousing state she was in had been pacified by the silky moonlight…

Lily naturally didn’t know this, but from now on, even though her body would still heat up as a consequence of using the ancient runes, even though she would still be affected by her inner devil and succumb to unhealthy desires, she would no longer faint. It was unable to cause physical harm to her body any more.

As luck would have it, a group of people just happened to pass by after some time had passed. It hadn’t even been long enough for Lily’s body odor to spread around.

“Hmph! We actually didn’t run into a Mountain Imp colony even after spending two nights in the open. We only encountered a group of ten Mountain Imps, and even let three of them escape! But at least we have killed quite a few other monsters on the way,” Saikanji Nanako let out a complaint on her horse.

“Young lady, it is quite a feat to be able to collect seven Mountain Imp animas in two days! There are so many quasi-samurais out there unable to complete their task even after entering the mountain for half a month!” The old retainer, Taihara Yukimichi, praised Nanako.

“Alright, alright, I get it already. I’m just afraid that getting number one in the combat examination will be very hard with this amount… Ah… so sleepy. That’s it! I haven’t taken a bath for two days already. Let’s go back, take a bath, and sleep!” It seemed as though Nanako would lie on the horse’s neck and sleep just like that. She then muttered to herself, “I wonder if that big-breasted woman has completed the test already or not. She wouldn’t be devoured by the Mountain Imp already would she…”

“Huh?” Nanako vaguely located what seemed to be a girl in white clothes lying against a roadside tree ahead.

Nanako’s sleepiness faded away all at once. ‘Why would there be a girl lying down at this kind of place? Could it be a monster?’

The others had already discovered the suspicious figure. They approached the white-clothed girl on high alert and slowly surrounded her. A few foot soldiers pointed their long spear at her and used the lantern to light up the area…

“Ahhh!” Nanako vigilantly approached on horseback to check out the situation. As the figure of the sleeping girl registered in her eyes, she immediately let out a cry, “Big breasted woman!”


Chapter 23 – Dance of Sorrow

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1138 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 780 words

The sound of sheathing Seiwa Tamashi reverberated throughout the mountain woods.

‘It’s finally over… I think.’

Due to the desperate situations brought about by the Daidouji Clan and Mountain Imps, her innate potential had been awakened. Because of that, she was able to live to fight another day.

But then again, just what kind of power was that? Lily didn’t have the answer for the time being.

Daidouji Akira… This vile, fiendish, and ruthless man wanted to kill her merely because she won against his nephew in a competition.

Then he wanted to take her by force because she was beautiful.

However, Lily did not feel much hatred in her heart. If she must hate someone, then she should direct her hatred towards this world where the strong eat the weak. From the way Lily viewed it, Daidouji Akira was no different from a demon. If she ran into him, just kill him, that’s all.

What was there to hate?

Was she supposed to direct her hate at fate? Fate had brought senior sister and herself to doom, then it threw them into this parallel world. But wasn’t it because of fate that she was able to live through that crisis just now?

If this was not predestined, then it could be that she got played around like a toy by some high and mighty gods.

She didn’t have an answer, the only thing she could do was to forge her own path forward in this dangerous world. The path which would lead to the awakening of her beloved woman.

Lily spread out the Spirit Waves to scout her surroundings. She found out to her surprise that the detection range had expanded to around three or four hundred meters. The range was a few times wider than before.

She quickly found the Sakura Parasol stuck on the branches halfway up the steep slope.

With the interference and threat gone, Lily jumped up and grabbed a twig that grew on the slope. Then she nimbly jumped over any trees and boulders where she could stay for a time. With her jumping force now, she could leap for at least six to seven meters in one go.

After retrieving the Sakura Parasol from the tree branch, she climbed up the slope.

A towering figure stood right in front of her.

That was Noboru, who died quite a while ago.

Lily approached this man who was riddled with scars.

He —who already died for so many years— appeared more manly than any humans alive.

Lily looked around and noticed that the Daidouji Clan was already gone. She didn’t have such a strong impulse to seek them out for revenge.

“I have been turned into a girl and trapped in this parallel world. I only wanted to protect myself and save senior sister. I… do not like the cycle of hatred and slaughter, but if someone tries to trample my honor, I will fight back without mercy!”

Noboru’s pitch black body was lifeless. His anima had already been taken away. Lily wanted to bury Noboru, but she found that she was unable to move this dead man.

She felt something tugged at her heartstring.

As though she suddenly recalled, she returned to the bottom of the valley to fetch the skeletons of little Aomi. She buried it beside Noboru’s foot.

For a split second, she thought she saw Noboru’s body trembled for a moment. He’s such a magnificent father, even though his soul has been taken away, his willpower was still here!

Lily retreated for a few steps, with her back facing Noboru.

The girl took off what little remained of the tattered red kimono. Her bare back was reflected by the bright moonlight.

She changed into the white yukata from the bag she recovered earlier.

She turned around with a proud and sincere look.

“Shing—!” Seiwa Tamashi flashed with the reflection of the moonlight as Lily unsheathed it. With a solemn expression and a pair of mournful eyes, she slowly started to dance and hummed a tragic song from her mouth.

That song and dance didn’t possess a shred of playfulness. There were only hints of sadness, sorrow, and homage.

As the dance came to an end, Lily stepped forward and used the katana to write something near Noboru’s foot.

She wrote down these few words.

“Died in Honor.”

The white-clothed girl then carried the sword and made her way down the mountain.

By the side of the giant monk, there was a small tomb. A branch was set upright in front of the tomb, with a bright red cloth attached on top of it. The cloth fluttered gently as the night wind blew past.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 53

Well, damn… What do you know? Today’s my birthday. Happy 29th years old me… just one more year and I’ll be called a Middle-Aged Uncle… Already 29 years old and I’m still so dependent on my parents, ugh… what a failure of a man I am…

I always tell myself to start looking for a girlfriend and take my work more seriously, but I never went around to do it. Getting a girlfriend would mean less personal time for my hobby (i.e. gaming, reading and translating). And I am lazy by nature so even though I know deep down that I cannot remain like this, I still took my work half-heartedly and always skipping work whenever I can.

So for my birthday wish this year, I wish that I can get over my timid and lazy nature. My first step to overcoming that wall is to post a double chapter today. Don’t thank me just yet, it’s mainly because both are short chapters 😛

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 52

It has come to my attention that people are rating this novel with 1 to 3 stars not because of the plot but because they can’t stand the protagonist’s personality. There were quite a few comments bashing at how Lily should man it up and stop wussing out whenever she was about to take a bath or a piss. Where would be the fun in that if she accepted everything readily and looked at her “new” body with no guilty conscience? This is what gender bender is all about.

And I have a firm belief that hate comes from love. There are only three main reasons why you would hate someone or something;

  1. You love them but your love is not rewarded.
  2. They remind you of something unpleasant (mainly due to something you did in the past that you want to forget or your own personality).
  3. They threaten your self-esteem.
If you can’t stand the novel or manga you’re reading, I suggest you to stop reading and come back again after you sort out your feelings. Depending on your feeling at the time you’re reading a certain novel, you can feel different emotions. Let’s take a romance novel for instance, how would you feel when you are reading a romance novel while you are in love and while you just broke up?

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Chapter 22 – Slaughter Fest

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2002 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1520 words

Lily raised her head to face the four or five Mountain Imps that jumped at her. The crimson glow in her eyes reflected with her rosy lips, accentuating the calm, yet icy expression on her pristine features.

With one of her legs as the axis, Lily kicked the ground with her other leg. By lowering her center of gravity and concentrating the power into her slender waist, Lily began to rotate on the spot. The red clothes covering her lower body fluttered as a result of the rotation, and her long hair formed a black crescent behind her.

The Seiwa Tamashi in her hands drew a perfect circle with ample strength.


Those four or five Mountain Imps were cut in half right across the waist!

Red animas flew out from the evenly cut sections as they got sucked into Lily’s katana.

Lily had long since reached the upper limit of the Spirit Power her body could contain.

Lily felt herself overflowing with power as she performed another full circle swing. She saw the potent Spirit Power forming a sword wave that twisted the surrounding scenery!

That sword wave remained stationary at first, then it abruptly increased in speed as it flew towards the Mountain Imp pack.

“Pff! Pff! Pfff! Pffff! Pfffff!”

The crimson sword wave flew out for more than ten meters. No less than ten Mountain Imps were killed in the process. The sword wave grew bigger and thinner over time. It struck the bulky tree trunks constantly before it shattered and dissipated.

Two huge trees about a hundred meters in height had been cut by the sword wave as they slowly began to fall. The Mountain Imps atop the trees jumped all over the place in a panic.

Truth be told, it was actually possible for a close combat samurai to launch a long-range attack with Spirit Power. That move was none other than the famed Sonic Wave. However, it consumed too much Spirit Power and was normally less powerful than an ordinary slash, so it was hardly ever used.

But Lily had so much Spirit Power that it was practically overflowing. As long as she kept killing the Mountain Imps, she would have a limitless supply of Spirit Power. Since the surplus of Spirit Power was going to be wasted anyway, she might as well compress them into sword waves and release it.

The panicking Mountain Imps became furious. They had judged that Lily’s strength had already surpassed that of a High-Class Samurai and approached the domain of Low-Class Kengo. However, there was no way the hundreds of Mountain Imps would be satisfied after so many of their companions had fallen. And thus, they charged at Lily with even more fervor. They firmly believed that they would be able to kill Lily once she ran out of Spirit Power!

But Lily was not at all worried about her Spirit Power drying up. Her penetration force was one level stronger than her previous self. Moreover, the Spirit Power released by the red magatama in her energy core strengthened her body drastically!

The speed and power behind all her attacks were not something the Mountain Imps could dodge or guard against!

So long as they entered Lily’s attack range, the Mountain Imps would inevitably die with a single slash from Lily!

What was even more enigmatic was Lily’s footwork. She was somehow able to avoid the Mountain Imps encirclement and surprise attack at all times. Then, with a successive slash to the left and right, she sheathed her sword. The Mountain Imps in her path were all beheaded by the dreadful red light and scattered randomly!

The corpses of the Mountain Imps dropped from midair one after another. That sexy red-clothed girl looked as though she was an envoy of death. She appeared elegant and ethereal among the group assault of the demons as she occasionally switched between execution and evasion.

Each and every single one of her attacks never missed their target! The number of the Mountain Imps were dwindling far too quickly!

Lily opened the Anima Container while she was at it. She allowed a portion of the Mountain Imp anima to be absorbed by the Anima Container because she wouldn’t be able to bear it if all of them were taken into her body!

Not only that, Lily felt that if she took in any more of these red-colored Spirit Power, her body would get hotter and hotter. Her face was also becoming redder over time and her entire body was dripping wet with sweet-scented sweat. Even the parts that were not supposed to be sweating were getting wet.1

That’s why she might as well collect some animas that could be converted into money. Although a single anima was not that pricey, they should add up to a considerable amount with such a big quantity.

In only a few minutes, the corpses of at least a hundred Mountain Imps were littered everywhere.

The Mountain Imps were slowly getting dominated by fear.

This couldn’t be considered a fight, this was practically a massacre!

The Mountain Imps were monsters with a certain level of intelligence. They relied on huge numbers to fight a samurai much stronger than them. Never once had they hesitated to sacrifice a few of their companions to exhaust their opponents, but the potent Spirit Power released by Lily had a little resemblance to the Demon Fury. Moreover, she didn’t weaken at all even after killing so many Mountain Imps. On the contrary, the more she killed, the stronger she got. Not only was her Spirit Power filled to the brim, but her strength was also increasing with each anima she absorbed.

If this kept up, their advantage with numbers would have amounted to nothing!

The only way to defeat Lily now was to make her face off against an opponent much stronger than her. Number advantage was meaningless as they would only provide Lily a means to recover her Spirit Power! The Mountain Imps would only throw their lives away in vain.

But of course, if there were tens of thousands of them, a chance might reveal itself when Lily’s bodily functions reached their limit, which would ultimately lead to her defeat! A few hundred was just not enough.

The Mountain Imps would disregard the damages incurred to their group when attacking a powerful individual. They would continue the siege even when many of their brothers were down for the count. However, that didn’t mean the Mountain Imps were stupid enough to die for nothing.

When they determined that this woman, or perhaps a witch, had powers beyond their understanding and that they were unable to exhaust her with their numbers, the Mountain Imps started to retreat!

Several hundred Mountain Imps scattered in every direction all at once as they made a run for it. Lily did not go after them, but in the valley, under the cold gleam of the moonlight, the severed corpses of a hundred and fifty odd Mountain Imps were left behind.

Lily had gathered up to fifty additional animas. The rest had either been absorbed by her or used up. Lily’s Spirit Power was still full by the time the Mountain Imps were fleeing. Since the battle had concluded, she flung off the blood sticking to her sword. In contrast to her surrounding, the young girl with demonic aura was brimming with the colors of spring.

Only now had she finally noticed that her power had drastically increased due to absorbing close to a hundred animas from that battle just now.

Lily wasn’t sure of the concrete number, however, if she was to encounter Akira again, hmph, there was no telling who would end up victorious in the end. Even if their weapons were to clash again, Lily was no longer fearful of it.

Around this time, the light blue Spirit Power that existed naturally in Lily’s body slowly recovered. Due to the drastic strengthening of her body, the potency of the light blue Spirit Power also became a lot denser.

Lily noticed that when she shrouds the sword with the red Spirit Power refined from Soul Eater, the ancient runes would appear on the sword and the blade would be covered in a thin layer of red light. Lily then waved her sword towards an empty space— “Whoosh!”

A powerful wave of wind blew past the dark mountain woods and brushed the grasses!

Its penetration force was several times stronger than unrefined Spirit Power!

Lily heaved a long sigh of relief. Her big breasts also swayed up and down as she relaxed. She lowered her head to look upon what little bit of red cloth that was covering her body. It was downright ridiculous how there was so little cloth remaining. After the danger had passed, her feeling of shame had returned so there was no helping it if she started to blush. It was quite fortunate that there was no one around to watch.

Lily skillfully twisted her wrist a few times to turn the katana around before sheathing it into the scabbard with a “Clank!”


Chapter 21 – Soul Eater

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1776 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1135 words

Lily couldn’t help but stroke her fingers up and down as she held onto the black and thick sword shaft.1 The weird runes on Seiwa Tamashi were flickering with a red light.

The Mountain Imp —with the blade still stuck in its dead body— had its anima sucked out. The anima curled up the blade like a red thread. It flowed through each and every rune on the blade before reaching Lily’s hand. As a result, the hand which Lily used to hold the shaft was also covered in a layer of red light.

The anima glowed brightly as it was absorbed into Lily’s body. The assimilated anima coursed through Lily’s body until it reached below her navel. That was the approximate location of the dantian as described in the traditional Chinese medicine of Lily’s original world.

Lily suddenly came to realize that the location below the navel was the main core of her body, which was even more important than the heart itself.

She could vaguely feel a microscopic space in the dantian below her navel. Although that space was really small in her body, she could feel an infinitely large space with her spiritual perception.

That was a boundless energy core.

Lily believed that the energy core should be located in the brain, but how come her energy core was below the navel?

‘Perhaps it varied from person to person.’ Lily brushed off the thoughts with that.

Inside the energy core, the thin fog that was originally pale blue in color had been dyed red. It seemed like there was also a dark red magatama2 inside the energy core. That magatama was still dull and lightless just moments ago, but after it sucked in the anima that entered the energy core, it suddenly shone brightly as though it had just been awakened.

The magatama was also releasing Spirit Power at the same time, which replenished Lily’s exhausted body.

“Ahn—! Lily let out a flirtatious scream. That was because the energy released by the magatama was revitalizing her body at a rapid pace. Her Spirit Power was also replenished at the same time. It gave her a strong sense of pleasure and satisfaction.

After all, it was normal for a physically and spiritually exhausted body to crave for a spiritual healing.

The Spirit Power refined from an anima was a lot denser and stronger than the Spirit Power slowly accumulated from the air. The absorption rate was also numerous times faster.

The Seiwa Tamashi trembled in delight from its first taste of anima. Lily was holding it tightly as though she was a girl madly in love. She unconsciously squeezed the sword shaft in between her breasts.

Seiwa Tamashi’s blade produced an unprecedented force of attraction that sucked out the anima from all the dead Mountain Imps within several hundred meters.

“Hum— Hum— Hum!” The anima flew towards the katana.

All the animas had been sucked into the katana that glowed a beautiful scarlet ring of light. Then, with the sword as the medium, the anima was absorbed into Lily’s increasingly beautiful body before they were refined into Spirit Power.

Absorbing the souls of the monsters and demons, then refine them into Spirit Power to strengthen oneself. That was the Soul Eater, an exclusive skill of the shikigami and monsters! It was unknown how a human girl like Lily was able to use that skill.

“It’s full… it’s completely full…” Only by absorbing a dozen or more anima, Lily’s body was already overflowing with Spirit Power. There was so much that the surplus changed into a red demonic aura that covered Lily’s body whole.

Although these processes took a long time to explain, it actually happened in only a few seconds.

The Mountain Imps around Lily were intimidated by the sudden emergence of the dark red Demon Fury. But they recovered quickly and prepared to attack Lily all together.

They might suffer from some casualties, but as long as they attacked as one, even High-Class Samurais would exhaust their power eventually and get killed by the Mountain Imps. This was not the first time this group of Mountain Imps carried out this kind of massacre. They didn’t have a leader but still moved in groups by instinct. That was how the individually weak Mountain Imps survived until now!

After a short period of confusion, the Mountain Imps rekindled their desire to tear this woman limb from limb! But of course, not before they carried out an even more evil deed!

“Shriek!” A big-sized Mountain Imp jumped at Lily.

Lily was still in a crouching position with the glowing katana propping her body.

Lily didn’t lift her head so her face was still covered by the hair, but she detected the Mountain Imp jumping at her with Spirit Power.


That slash was so fast that it wasn’t visible to the eyes. It was as though Lily’s arm moved by itself without her realizing. The slash left a beautiful red light in its trail.


With a penetration force so unbelievably powerful, the Mountain Imp was split in half and flew towards the tree like a bullet. “Bang! Bang!” The two halves of the Mountain Imp turned into meat paste as they bumped against the tree!

Its filthy insides splattered everywhere.

All the Mountain Imps were frozen with shock. It wasn’t that they hadn’t faced a samurai more powerful than her before, it was just that they couldn’t understand how this woman suddenly became stronger than before. She was obviously already on her last straw just a moment ago.

Lily got up slowly, then she grabbed the ripped skirt that could’ve caused her to trip. She swung the Seiwa Tamashi from back to front in order to cut the skirt. There was only a little cloth left to cover her front and rear. The front was just enough to cover her panty, as for the back… it was almost enough to cover her bottom, but the lower part of her rather fleshy butt could still be seen.

Lily also seemed to be surprised at how much she had cut off with that slash. However, she didn’t pay it too much mind.

She lightly tossed the red skirt she just cut off on the skeleton of Aomi. Then she turned around and walked towards the several hundred Mountain Imps.

There was no way the Mountain Imps would give up on the prey they almost hunted just because of one powerful slash. No matter how powerful their opponent was, they could still exhaust their opponent by attacking together!

The Mountain Imps let out a cry that spread throughout the mountain woods. With so many of them crying out at once, even the powerful monsters would choose to withdraw.

“Shriek! Shriek! Shriek!” One after another, the small but surprisingly strong Mountain Imps jumped at Lily.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 51

An editor? Yup… I might want to recruit one. In case my brain stopped working and unable to come up with the right words for the right time, I might need an editor to help me rewrite the sentence or just brainstorm together with me. I feel like I am starting to hit the limit of my vocabulary and the future translations might become monotonous due to lack of new words. I think I will need an editor with a high level of vocab.

Well, if anyone’s interested in taking up the position of Demon Sword Maiden exclusive editor, fill up the form below. Do note that as an editor, I’ll also require you to manage the Wiki page on top of editing the chapters. Your reward will be early access to chapters I’ve translated without subscribing to Patreon 😛

Make sure to enter your contact email when filling in the form, because I will be sending you a test to assess your ability. Good luck to all.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 50

Translating is not easy, yeah… I did say that, but if you really want to start translating, there’s nothing to stop you if you can at least speak the language. It is quite common for Chinese who live outside the Mainland to not be able to read Chinese, it’s normal, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I mean, I am among those “foreigners” who can’t read Chinese. I started my translating career due to an impulse to read ahead of a web novel I was following a few years back. I wasn’t able to read, so I decided to translate them to English instead, by using nothing but audio. I would copy the Chinese text and paste them into Google Translate, play the audio over and over until I get the meaning, then I will translate them into English.

After doing that for a few months, I then moved on to use online dictionaries and read the pinyin instead. I’ve been doing that for years and am still translating with the help of online dictionaries. I can now read more Chinese characters than before I started translating, but I still found reading the pinyin to be easier.

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Chapter 20 – Aomi

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2188 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1522 words

Lily’s clothing was tattered, that beautiful red kimono was in a shabby state. Her moonlit skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Her red lips were unable to remain shut from taking deep respiration and expiration repeatedly. Her breasts constantly jiggled up and down in short intervals.

Lily’s beautiful long hair weakly dropped onto her milky white breasts. Her sorry excuse for a kimono was already torn to shreds and only a bit of clothes were left covering her front. It was purely by chance that her important parts were covered up.

Even at her waist, the only thing remaining was the sash and some red clothes. Her slim waist was undoubtedly on full display. Her skirt was torn diagonally and her thighs could almost be seen completely from a certain angle. Her body continued to release a delicate fragrance as though it didn’t care about the current state of affair.

A little bit of mud was clinging to her feet, but rather than making her feet seem dirty, it emphasized her purity and elegance evermore.

Even now, the distressed girl was as beautiful and alluring as ever, but this was her bottom line, the young girl couldn’t allow herself to be soiled more than this.

However, she already became like this merely from running away and falling into the valley. Just what kind of pitiful state would she end up in if she was to face a few hundred Mountain Imps at once?

One or two Mountain Imps were nothing to be scared of, Lily could deal with them easily.

But it was a different story when it came to a colony with hundreds of Mountain Imps. Even a High-Class Samurai would be torn to shreds!

And for a beautiful young girl like Lily, it would be the best outcome for her if she was simply killed on the spot.

This valley was several meters wide, the trees stood tall and it was precipitous on all sides. It was practically impossible for Lily to climb up as she would most likely be dragged down into the valley by the Mountain Imps perched on the trees.

But to engage them in combat? How so? How could a Mid-Class Samurai like Lily deal with several hundred Mountain Imps? Just a few dozen of them were enough to kill Lily several times over!

With no way to escape or defeat them, just what should Lily do?

If she still possessed the Sakura Parasol, perhaps she could somehow conceal her presence, but the parasol in question was now gone!

As Lily exhaled, her breath touched the blade and condensed into mists. The inverted image that was reflected in the sword became blurry.

“Senior sister, Lily doesn’t know what to do. I have no idea what will become of me if I am captured, however, Lily does not plan to surrender! Nor will I give up!”

Lily swiftly raised the sword and pointed it towards the precipitous mountain wall, then she moved her long legs as she ran to the side.

The Mountain Imps also started to move instantaneously.

One Mountain Imp after another jumped from branches to branches as they pursued Lily. The ones that were closer to her jumped down immediately!

“Pfff!” As Lily continued to run, she grabbed the katana with both hands and did a single-loop jump1 to cut down the first Mountain Imp that jumped at her!

The second Mountain Imp launched at her from the front.

Lily thrust Seiwa Tamashi forward and pierced through the Mountain Imp’s gaping mouth. Lily flung her sword to the side and threw the forty to fifty kilograms corpse at another Mountain Imp that jumped at her.

“Huff— Huff— Huff!” Lily was wounded, exhausted, and almost out of Spirit Power, but she must overtax her body in order to maintain the speed. It would be the end if she got swarmed by the Mountain Imps.

Six to seven Mountain Imps simultaneously jumped at her from above. There was also a number of Mountain Imps that were trying to surround her from the ground!

Lily jumped off the ground with her legs spread open. After jumping over one Mountain Imp, she stepped on the face of the other one. Her katana danced in the sky and opened up a bloody path!

But as just she landed on the ground, she was inattentive and got hit in the lower leg by a Mountain Imp she failed to notice. Lily lost her balance and fell down. Just before touching the ground, she turned over and touched down on her back. While that was happening, she took advantage of the turn to cut off the arm of one approaching Mountain Imp.

In spite of that, another Mountain Imp grabbed her hair and dragged her on the ground. Lily didn’t even take a look and stabbed the Mountain Imp to death. Immediately after that, Lily lifted her legs to kick away a Mountain Imp that jumped at her belly.

One Mountain Imp tried to grab Lily’s leg but only managed to snatch a shoe due to Lily bending her leg.

She rolled to the side and avoided the attacks of a few Mountain Imp by entering a small passage. She managed to kill a few of them by using the passage as a cover. After that, she jumped out and continued to run the other direction. What immediately entered her sight was a countless number of Mountain Imps jumping at her from above and behind. It formed a very peculiar scene.

Regardless of how this scene came to be, it portrayed only one conclusion for the girl. Weary and exhausted, the girl would face a tragic end right here, right now!

Lily’s Spirit Power was nearly exhausted, she wouldn’t be able to maintain enough speed to keep the Mountain Imps at bay. She also wouldn’t be able to cut the Mountain Imps in half as easily as before.

“Pfff—!” This slash didn’t even contain a tenth of Lily’s penetration force. It cut into the flesh of the Mountain Child but didn’t cut through the bone. The body weight of the Mountain Imp was directly applied on Lily —who was already weakened— and caused her to fall mid-run.

The sword was still stuck in the body of the Mountain Imp so it slid to the corner of the valley along with the cold corpse.

Lily’s lungs felt as though they were scorching. It was so difficult to breathe that her mind almost went blank. Her unfocused eyes only saw one-eyed monsters jumping at her from everywhere.

And yet she didn’t even have any strength left to pull the sword out from the corpse and stand up.

Right now, Lily didn’t feel any fear whatsoever. That was because she completely ran out of strength, with not a single ounce remaining.

She knew that this was the beginning of her gruesome end. And the start of her demise wouldn’t end with something as merciful as death!

These wicked monsters wouldn’t be so merciful to a human girl!

At this very second, the time flow around Lily seemed to have slowed down. She saw a pile of bones near where she fell. The bones were worn out and appeared to have been left there for many years.

Some extremely tattered clothes were attached to the bones, but Lily could vaguely tell those were once a small-sized pink kimono. She unconsciously crawled towards the bones. She didn’t know why, but perhaps because she could feel that the bones were once a human, and a small girl no less. An innocent small girl that was consumed by the Mountain Imp.

A safety charm hanged on the chest of the bones. It was badly damaged, but the fuzzy letters carved on the charm could still be identified.


In this instant, Lily did not feel any anger nor sadness. She had apparently peered into the truth of this world. She was naive and kindhearted, weak and innocent. She wouldn’t be able to protect herself like this!

She was just like this pitiful little girl and the upstanding man that was her father.

These kinds of people who would ultimately end up as mere bones and vengeful spirits.

“Hehehe… Hehehehehe.”

The moonlight spread on Lily’s back and shoulder like a silky net. Her arm stretched out from the dilapidated kimono and held firmly onto the shaft of Seiwa Tamashi. Her face was covered up by her long black hair.

She laughed, and a creepy laugh at that. Even so, it was a snicker with a bit of allure!

But nobody knew why she snickered, nor who she was sneering at.

In Lily’s body, just a little below her lower abdomen, an inherent yet uncanny soul torrent began to spread throughout her body and arms. These torrents eventually flowed into the Seiwa Tamashi that Lily was using to support her body. The blade that was originally glowing in blue light suddenly turned red due to the strange flow. On the mirror-like surface of the blade, shiny red runes that pulsed like blood vessels pop-up one after another.


Chapter 19 – Mountain Imp Colony

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1431 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1054 words

A young girl was forcing her way through under the boundless night sky. In her hands was the heirloom of the Daidouji Clan.

Even if she gave the treasure back to them after getting caught, there was still no way she would be left alive. If she could escape, Lily would treat this family heirloom as her own treasure without the slightest hesitation.

Behind her was a mountain road covered by dead leaves and the trees’ shadow. There was also Daidouji Akira, who chased after her like a mad bull.

Noboru was overwhelmed by the four Martial Monks and one onmyoji. Although he did everything he could to stop them, he was still gravely wounded after all. His power depleted quickly just from dealing with the five of them. He was all but powerless to stop Akira.

The enmity between Noboru and Akira lasted for one whole generation, but from Akira’s view of point, Noboru was already on his last straw. And Lily, on the other hand, looked like a helpless little girl before him. But she actually went and cut off the arm of his dearest son! With only one arm, his son would be handicapped for life! Not only that, she still dared to take his family heirloom and made a run for it! It was only natural that his hatred towards Lily was now at the peak!

That Akira was a High-Class Martial Monk. Although speed was not his specialty, he was still a little faster than Lily if he ran like crazy.

Lily jumped off the road and charged into the forest. She was hoping to restrict Akira’s huge body by using the shrubs as obstacles. However, Akira was like a mad bull and simply charged into the shrubs, sending the branches and leaves flying all over the place. His speed was not affected at all!

And because Lily needed to avoid those shrubs and potholes, her speed did not increase in the slightest.

The distance between the two was shrinking at a visible pace!

One Akira caught up, that would be the end of her. Lily could feel from their exchange just now, Akira was a lot stronger than her. Moreover, he had masterful techniques and ruthless moves. She had no way to deal with him!

“Damn! This guy is so persistent!” Lily constantly changed directions with the darkness as her ally. She kept threading her way through deserted regions with uneven paths. Her kimono was torn in many places and revealed her spotlessly white skin. She had slight difficulty to breathe due to that attack just now, but now even more so.

Lily kept predicting the possible outcome as she continued to run. If this kept up, she would be caught sooner or later. Even though Daidouji Akira was far more powerful than her, even he wouldn’t remain unscathed if she was able to cut him! If there was really no way out, then she would have to bet everything on an all-out attack!

The night was dark, and Lily who only focused on escaping suddenly stepped on empty ground. Her body felt weightless and in the next second, she went sliding down!

Lily wanted to grab onto something in the midst of falling, but there were only shrubs and weeds in her surroundings. Moreover, it was extremely steep and slippery under her foot. Soon after, she fell into a deep valley.

Seeing that Lily had lost her footing and fell into the valley, Akira slowed down to take a look from above. The red-clothed Lily looked like a small flower in the deep valley. The valley was estimated to be at least a hundred meter deep.

He was unable to determine whether she was alive or dead. However, as ruthless as Akira was, he didn’t care about such trifling matter, he would go down the valley and finish this woman off with his own hands. But he suddenly discovered a countless number of eyes spying upon that woman from behind the trees and shrubs!

Akira felt a chill run down his spine. He soon renounced the idea of going down to teach her a lesson and left with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

As for Lily, she was lying on the valley floor and gradually recovered from the dizziness. She protected her body with Spirit Power during the fall. Even though her clothes were torn to the point that barely covered anything, there were only indistinct red marks on her skin. It looked like she had only been whipped lightly and didn’t sustain any injury. However, her remaining Spirit Power was not looking so good.

She grasped the katana and used it to push her body up from the ground slowly. Her back felt drafty, so she reached out to her back and found that a large area of her clothes was torn. Her back was completely exposed and the Sakura Parasol was nowhere to be seen!1

‘This is bad! The parasol must have fallen somewhere when I rolled down from the slope!’

Lily touched her lower stomach and found that although the mirror was slightly displaced, it was still there. She adjusted the position of the mirror and turned around to look at the top of the slope. This slope was at least a hundred meter tall, but Akira was no longer there. It was unknown whether he thought that Lily had fallen to her death and left, that or he was looking for a detour.

Regardless of which, she must find that Sakura Parasol at all cost. Not only was that an extremely important item, but Sakura was also her partner and friend!

However, just as she started to wonder how to climb up the slope, she felt a chill creep up her spine. It felt just like the watchful eyes of many creatures who wanted to eat her up.

Lily turned on the spot and what she saw left her frozen stiff.

There was a countless number of shining eyes staring straight at her in the darkness behind.

High upon the pitch-black tree branches, there were monsters. Rows and rows of monsters. All bearing a striking resemblance to apes and monkeys.

Mountain Imps! A colony of Mountain Imps! Looking from afar, they looked just like black crows crowding together in the woods. There were at least several hundreds of them all together!


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 49

It’s a weird feeling. As a translator, I love short chapters because I can finish translating faster and go on to indulge myself in the pool of sloth. But as a reader, I like long chapters because you can never have enough of a good read.

Most translators can probably relate to this feeling, but what about the pure readers. Can they truly feel the pain and struggle a translator goes through without experiencing it themselves? My answer to this question is probably not. If you are only looking at the side, the things that others do may look easy to you, but it is not as easy as you initially thought when you are actually doing it yourselves.

I’m not pointing finger at anyone in particular, I’m only saying this because I’ve personally gone through this experience.

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Chapter 18 – Unyielding Blade

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3737 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2699 words

Lily was trapped between the pine trees that reached up to heaven. They were so tall that they might as well be a cage under the night sky.

The moonlight shone upon Akira’s back and outlined his stout body. His face couldn’t be seen due to poor lighting, but the sinister flash in his eyes was clearly visible. The corner of his lips curved into a sneer.

“Kagami Lily, you are nothing but a nameless and powerless Low-Class Samurai, and yet you dare to put a smudge on the glory of my Daidouji Clan time and again, injuring my nephew with treacherous methods, and now you want to talk about the pride of a samurai? I can kill you without sparing any effort at all! However, I will give you a chance. Put down your weapon and let us capture you obediently, Then you will come with us to Daidouji Mountain Town and apologize to my nephew! If you do that, perhaps we can spare your life!”

“Apologize?” Lily’s eyes were covered by the shadow of her hair as she lowered her head, “Hmph, it seems that as long as you intend to mistreat me with strength, I will be guilty no matter what I said. My sin lies not in the fact that I wounded your blockhead of a nephew, but in the fact that I am a powerless and nameless woman!”

“That’s right, you ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ ⓢⓛⓤⓣ! How dare a lowly woman as you go against the great me! If it is not because of your good looks, we will have already killed you without giving you a chance to talk! Why don’t you just kneel down quickly and beg forgiveness!” scolded Takano as he pointed at Lily.

“Hmph, you are exactly right. In this Heian Empire, power and authority make right! But you do not have the qualification to talk sense to me, not when you are merely a straw bag that relies on your father!” Lily’s tongue was also getting venomous, but her real goal was to provoke Takano since this was the only opponent she could easily deal with!

Regardless of what Lily did, it was unlikely for Daidouji Akira and co to let her off. If she had to suck it up and beg forgiveness, she might as well die!

Since that was the case, Lily steeled her determination to go for the kill.

“If you want my body, then exchange it with the life of your son!”

Ever since she saw the soul of her senior sister innocently sleeping in the mirror’s domain, Lily had never thought of being a good person in this parallel world!

If anyone dared to stop her from searching the methods to awaken senior sister, if anyone dared to threaten her purity or trample on her noble spirit, she would fight back without caring about the consequences!

As expected, Takano unsheathed the katana in a fit of rage. The tall and robust him seemed to have forgotten Lily’s test results in the heat of the moment as he took large strides towards her. It was as though he saw Lily as nothing more but a weak little fowl.

Akira had not fully understood Lily’s level of strength, so he wasn’t particularly mindful. All he thought was that his son should be able to deal with this kind of woman. After all, Takano was a lot stronger than Taro.

Noboru tried to get up at this time even though he was gravely injured.

“Bind!” That aged onmyoji threw a talisman at Noboru. As soon as the talisman was stuck on Noboru’s forehead, the character on the talisman suddenly flashed and materialized. That materialized “缚” word let out a divine light as it floated in front of Noboru’s forehead.

After the “缚” word materialized, it resonated with the other talisman that was stuck on Noboru’s shoulders and back. A purple cage made out of spirit energy was formed and trapped Noboru within.

Even though Noboru had every intention to break out of the cage, he was tightly confined. He wasn’t able to break out no matter how much brute force he exerted!

The old onmyoji waved his gohei and shot two spiritual bullets from his finger. The bullets hit on Noboru’s face directly and half of his face was scorched by the explosion.

But the old man also seemed to be a little weary. He stopped his attack and took a deep breath over there.

This was the first time Lily saw how an onmyoji fought. Her face was colored in surprise. She couldn’t even begin to fathom the workings of those bizarre artes. What she did know was that those talismans were the most dangerous weapon of an onmyoji and she must avoid getting hit by one at all cost.

At this time, Takano’s lofty figure had already blocked Lily’s line of sight. He was already in front of Lily, but evidently, he didn’t want to give Lily an easy death. Rather than unsheathing the katana, he lifted it and attempted to smash Lily’s head with the sword handle.

Even though Takano was fat, the speed of his smashing attack was still very fast!

Even though Takano’s arm should have become a blur due to the sheer speed of the swing, it was played in slow motion with Lily’s dynamic vision.

Too slow! That was Lily’s impression.

As Takano lifted his arm in an attempt to smash Lily with the sword handle.

Lily was already gripping the handle of her own sword.

“Shing—!” A blue light drew an arc in the darkness of night.

Takano only stared blankly at her. He felt something was not right. Why was it that the sword handle hadn’t smashed Lily’s head and knocked her out when he already exerted strength into his arm?

Soon after, he felt the upper half of his arm becoming lighter.

Takano’s arm had been cut off since a while ago.

“What?!” Only now did Takano finally realized that only one-third of his thick arm were left attached to his body. And in front of him was the petite Lily with a flickering katana in hands. Her actions indicated that she had just performed a slash.

“Ahhhh—!!!” By the time Takano registered all this information, he drew back in a panic while covering his bloody arm.

Akira and the rest of the Martial Monks were also colored in surprise.

Actually, Lily had a lingering fear the very second she cut off Takano’s arm. With her reaction speed, perhaps she could’ve subdued Takano with a less damaging method, but why was her means so vicious whenever she made a move! Why didn’t she have any hesitation? Her sword speed was so fast that the notion of kindness never occurred to her!

And now, the die had already been cast!

After seeing Lily cut off the arm of his dearest son, Akira became furious. His eyes became bloodshot as he shouted, “Ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ! Kill her!”

He originally intended to take Lily back to Daidouji Mountain Town to play with her, then slowly torture her until she died. However, now he only wanted to kill Lily on the spot, the sooner the better!

“Kill her!”

Three Middle-Class Martial Monks charged at Lily from all around with their iron club lifted!

A smash from Middle-Class Martial Monks contained at least 500-600 kwan of striking force! After all, a club was heavier and more powerful than a sword. Even if one didn’t die from a single strike, they would still be disabled!

There was no time for Lily to keep blaming herself, she immediately switched to battle mode and quickly ran sideways before the three Martial Monks surrounded her. However, the line of sight was still closely observing the Martial Monks.

The Martial Monk closest to Lily changed his direction as he ran towards Lily. The big club in his hand came showering down on Lily.

Lily waved her sword to deflect the club. The heavy impact on her sword made her arms go numb!

The club used by the Middle-Class Martial Monk was made from excellent quality Grade Two hardwood. It wouldn’t be an easy feat for Seiwa Tamashi to cut it in half.

The impact caused Lily to lose her balance and stagger.

That Martial Monk raised his club a little and swung it toward Lily’s back.

Lily couldn’t see the attack but she detected it with her spirit perception. She dodged the club by rolling to the front. After she got up, rather than balancing her body, she let it continue to fall forward and abruptly swung her sword around.

“Pfff!” The sword tip just so happened to cut one inch into the lower leg of the Martial Monk and cut off the tendon!

That Martial Monk responded by sinking his knees into the ground.

Lily also fell forward, but that was due to her own action so it didn’t post any major problem.

The other two Martial Monks also raised their club and ran over here.

Lily quickly got up and ran towards one side.

But unexpectedly, the other two Martial Monks that remained stationary ran over and outflanked her.

Lily was confronted from all sides!

“This is bad!” These Martial Monks couldn’t be put on the same level as those bandits. Each of them had the ability to hurt her. It was already quite strenuous to face one of them, but with four of them attacking from all sides, Lily was also out of countermeasures.

Since the Martial Monks outflanked her from all sides, Lily could only run deeper into the encirclement.

However, Daidouji Akira was waiting there for her with the gold spiked club in hand. Furthermore, the onmyoji was right behind him. It appeared that he had already recovered and was ready to hit Lily with all kinds of arcane artes!

Lily had absolutely no idea how to deal with arcane artes!

“You are finished!” Akira glared at her with a fiendish face!

Lily noticed that the old onmyoji was already reciting an incantation! Noboru was already on his last gasp, this arte was definitely aimed at her!

‘I am really done for! If I can’t even defeat Akira, how am I supposed to deal with this powerful and coordinated group!’

For an instant, Lily showed hostility towards Akira, the one who pushed her into this desperate situation. If she couldn’t defeat the underlings, then a change of strategy was required. She was not expecting to kill Akira, but as long as she could injure him, then the other side would definitely fall into disorder!

Lily kicked the ground with her slender leg and charged into Akira with no holds barred!

Those cold eyes filled with naught but killing intent also shocked Akira for a split second.

But Akira was also a seasoned fighter, and his power was much stronger than Lily. Although Lily was fast, it wasn’t to the point that Akira couldn’t deal with!

As a matter of course, Lily already went all-out with her Spirit Power. The possibility of another sudden burst in speed wouldn’t happen now.

Akira remained motionless like a mountain. He waved his gold spiked club to smash Lily with enough force to cut into a mountain. Lily had already anticipated this, so she changed her footwork to dodge the attack. She continued to dash towards Akira with a slight change of direction.

Akira had a cold glint in his eyes, who would have thought that he didn’t attack with full power just now. He was well prepared and lifted the club to pound at Lily.

The range of his attack was too big, and with extreme speed added on top of that, it was impossible to dodge it. Lily had no choice but to give up her assault and go on the defense.


That Grade Three gold spiked club was as heavy as a huge pillar. It almost caused the web between Lily’s thumb and forefinger to split open. Even the sword was nearly sent flying away from her hands.

“Ahhh—” She let out a feeble cry as she was knocked away by the club.

Lily was airborne for a few meters before she hit the ground and rolled until she was in the vicinity of where Noboru was trapped.

That feeble cry just now seemed to have touched something deep within Noboru’s soul. His bloodshot eyes were stubbornly fixed on Lily who just fell to the ground.

“Beat her to death!”

A few Martial Monks rushed over and swung their club at Lily.

Lily felt a painful heat at the pit of her stomach and it was a little hard to breathe. She used up three-tenths of her Spirit Power just now to defend against that hit!

“Damn it! These Martial Monks are too strong, especially that Akira!”

She got up with difficulty and knelt there with one knee touching the ground. Her arms still felt numb from that hit just now, and yet she found the Martial Monks already before her eyes and ready to hit her with their heavyweight club!

An unrelenting flash could be seen in Lily’s eyes.

All of a sudden, the ground began to shake. A surge of violent Demon Fury burst out from Noboru’s body. With an explosive sound, the cage that was binding him broke into pieces! That was truly a feat of a miracle.

“Aomi—!!! Who dares to harm my Aomi!”

Noboru let out a howl and brandished the machete wildly with his hill-sized body.

“Scram—!” Noboru waved his machete and deflected all the clubs that were aimed at Lily. The force from the unexpected counterattack caused the Martial Monks to stagger and fall.

The giant monk Noboru was bleeding all over, but his resentment was so strong that they had condensed into clearly visible purple gas that covered his entire body. Noboru moved in front of Lily to cover for her, then he raised the machete and said;

“You guys dare to hurt my Aomi! I want you dead!!”

Akira and the Martial Monks were caught unprepared. They didn’t expect this half-dead monster to still possess this much power. No, this power didn’t come from his inner strength, he was purely driven by strong obsession!

An obsession to protect his daughter Aomi at all cost!

That Noboru stood in front of Lily to cover for her without a care for his own wellbeing like any father would. He would protect her even if he had to exhaust the last of his power to do so.

Noboru suddenly took out something from his clothes and passed it behind to Lily without any explanation. That was a round object that emitted serene light.

“Aomi, take this with you and run! Daddy will cover for you! Daidouji! I will not let you guys do as you wish!” Noboru urged Lily to run with a howl.

Lily looked at the object Noboru just passed to her. That was an orb with a warm luster and about the size of a pomegranate.

“That is the heirloom of my Daidouji Clan! Put it down immediately!” Akira began to panic as soon as he saw the orb.

“Run! Aomi! Run quickly! Take that thing and run!” Noboru shouted with anxiety as he blocked the Martial Monks in front with a swing of his machete.

Lily’s eyes instantly became ice-cold. She had all the intention to tell Noboru that she wasn’t his daughter Aomi, but she had changed her mind.

Looking at Noboru’s current condition, it was likely that he was already at the end of the line. It was the least she could do to let this man die a noble death by allowing him to protect his daughter in the last moment!

He was the first bona fide man that had earned Lily’s greatest respect in this parallel world!

Lily silently gazed at the back of that gigantic figure. She didn’t say much and just turned around to run!

“You ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ ⓢⓛⓤⓣ!!! Don’t let her escape!” Seeing that Lily was running away with his family heirloom, Akira almost exploded with madness! The group wanted to go after her.

But the demonized Noboru was blocking their path.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 48

Procrastination and long chapters don’t play nice together. Took me almost one whole week to finish this up. Yup… slowing down the chapter release is definitely a good call in situations such as this. At least I won’t be pressured to speed up my translations in case I have an unproductive week.

Thoughts of the day:
Does anyone like to play the Atelier series? It’s one of my favorite games since the PlayStation 2 Era. Too bad I wasn’t able to get PS3 or PS4 so I was unable to enjoy the rest of the console exclusive series.

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