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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 72

I truly hate making last-minute vacation plans, I wonder why men in general, always do this. My father always asked me to book for flight tickets at the last minutes, and then there’s my friend, who told me to plan for a vacation trip to Penang and Melaka since July, but we still haven’t gotten around to book flight tickets and hotel rooms since his passport is still pending.

I hate the idea of booking for flight tickets and hotel rooms at the last minutes because they tend to be more expensive and harder to find a good deal.

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Chapter 71 – Demon Maiden Spirit Power

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1976 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1264 words

“Demon Sword Maiden?” Lily was startled upon hearing that.

She looked at the vibrating Seiwa Tamashi with red, sparkling runes. It seemed like it didn’t have the same righteous aura as when she bought it. Now, it had a distinguishable demon fury.

Her chest thrust in and out, which made her breathing visible.

Demon Sword Maiden, Lily learned of their existence when she was transmigrated to this otherworld alone. She had nothing but plain clothing and witnessed the night parade of a hundred demons the very same day.

One who exterminated the demons and trod on the moon!

That was Lily’s first vision for the future when she came to this otherworld, her first shock!

A human woman could also reach that intimidating level.

Lily was no longer feeling inferior because of her gender.

She was no longer sinking in the pain of losing her right to be a man.
‘Her1’ sword flashed and reflected the moonlight like some kind of signpost for Lily, giving her directions in this dark world, showing her the way to survive.

‘She’ was an aloof existence that Lily could never touch, ones that she could only admire far in the distance.

Lily studied her slender, porcelain hands. Her slim fingers looked delicate and weak. Cocking her head, she turned her attention to observe her succulent breasts, they were full of womanly charm, demanding to be cherished.

This body was beautiful, soft, and pure; and it could be the one that topped the night, slashing ghosts and monsters, fighting to her heart’s content?

Am I really like Uesugi Rei, the one I consider my Valkyrie?

‘Am I… a Demon Sword Maiden? Is it true?’


Lily’s eyelids shivered. If it were true, and not the random babble of that female ninja due to the aphrodisiac, could the chance of awakening senior sister be one step closer?

‘If one day I could be like that invincible Uesugi Rei, I could travel around the world to find a way to wake up my senior sister, couldn’t I?!’

‘Do I have such potential?’

At this moment, as if to prove Shiu’s words before she fainted, the Sakura Parasol in the corner of the yard suddenly got up. She took to the air, spinning excitedly, calling Lily, “I- I remember now! Master, I remember!”

Being startled, Lily asked a little grumpily. “Remember what? Aren’t you high and mighty right now?”

“Master, don’t scoff at me, listen. The beautiful vivid red spirit power from your body isn’t demon fury. It’s the spirit power with Demon Maiden’s attribute! It’s an extremely high quality spirit power, among so many of those with attributes! Only a Demon Sword Maiden can make the secret scripture and runes visible on the sword like you can!

“Master! That female ninja didn’t just talk in delirium. You are actually the Demon Sword Maiden of legend! I’m sorry, I, my memory is so chaotic I couldn’t remember that. I just got it from what the female ninja said!”

Lily looked at the Sakura Parasol with eyes as calm as water, but waves were surging and rolling in her heart. “I’m sorry, Sakura, you’ve given a large amount of information in just a short moment. You were talking about attributes? A spirit power with an attribute?”

“Master, it’s the soul with the attributes to be exact. The natural attributes of souls will determine the spirit power’s attributes of the creatures. However, among the people who cultivate spirit powers and shikigamis, the ones with the spirit power attributes are all natural-born experts with inborn advantages! For example, there are Lightning Soul, Ice Soul, Fiery Soul, etc. Those natural attributes are so formidable already. However, the Demon Sword Maiden attribute claims the most overwhelming demon fury. It’s the combination between right and wrong, innocence and elegance! It’s both evil and good, innocent and alluring. I’m not bragging. It’s an attribute that is both rare and powerful!” The Sakura Parasol jumped, twittering.

“Can’t believe my Master is a Demon Sword Maiden… After a while there will be some possibility to take revenge for my former master…”

“Sakura, is a Demon Sword Maiden that formidable?”

“Master… It’s a long story to tell. With only what I’ve remembered recently, it’s enough for me to talk half a day long. Anyway, should we solve this event first? We can take time and talk about the Demon Sword Maiden’s secrets later. Is it okay?” reminded Sakura.

Lily looked at the fair-skinned female ninja on the ground. Her mask and clothes had all been blown away. At this moment, she didn’t have many secrets left.

“Sakura, go check grannie’s situation,” Lily turned and looked at the small, tattered building deep in the corner of the courtyard. It was the storage room where they kept wooden logs at Chrysanthemum Inn. She continued, “Then, come and meet me in the log storage house. Do you still have enough spirit power?”

“Master, don’t worry. It’s just a short journey. No problem,” Sakura replied then turned and flew toward the corridor of Chrysanthemum Inn.

I wonder if grannie was alright.

Lily was worried but she must solve this incident in a hurry. It would be bad if the female ninja woke up. Even though she was lacking in strength, she was an annoying opponent indeed.

Lily stepped forward and lifted Shiu’s limp body. Considering her strength, it was as easy as flipping her hands.

After bringing Shiu into the log storage and lighting a lamp, Lily closed the door. After searching for some rope she went to attempt restraining Shiu.

However, although Lily had mastered her fighting skills, for the time being, she didn’t know how to tie this girl.

There was no way she could know. Tying someone up and interrogate them, she wasn’t born with these talents.

At this moment, though she didn’t know why, the image of Uesugi Rei, with her fluttering silver hair, emerged in her mind. If it were her, perhaps she would be good at it…

“What! What are you thinking about?!” Trying to sweep that thought away, Lily blamed herself.

“First, I have to solve this first!”

“Hmph! If Uesugi Rei can do it, then why can’t I?”

With her confidence rising, Lily made up her mind. She just needed to figure it out a little bit at a time and she would be able to accomplish what she wanted. Once she started to try then it would flow naturally.

Lily expended a lot up time and effort, working up a glistening sweat. It was really harder and more strength-consuming than the previous battle. Eventually, she had tied Shiu entirely with a complicated and tight criss-cross pattern.2 By hurling the other end of the rope over a wooden beam Lily was able to hang her up.

“Hmph, how dare you try to assassinate me. If you weren’t a woman, I would have killed you already! Today, not only will I make you tell me what you know, but I will also teach you a lesson!” hissed Lily.

As if on cue, Shiu slowly woke up.3

“Er? W- where am I?” Shiu struggled as she came to, but since she was suspended beneath the beam all she accomplished was making herself spin around.

Lily proceeded to her front, lifting her chin with a single outstretched finger. “Spit it out. Who are you? What’s your name? How much you’d received from Daidouji to assassinate me?”

Shiu’s moist eyes opened wide. “H- how come you know the name of our client! Let, let me go. I, Shiu, will tell you nothing!”


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 71

Well, ladies and gentlemen, wait… do ladies even read this series? Anyways, that’s not important. Just wanted to let you all know that the 3rd project has been unanimously decided by the Patrons. Remember how I told you I might be hiring a Japanese translator to translate a Japanese Gender Bender series with my own pocket money? The talk has proceeded smoothly since then, to my demise, and now the third Gender Bender project on Re:Library has already been decided to be ‘The Life of a Female Knight and a Dark Elf‘.

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Chapter 70 – Demon Sword Maiden (Part 3)

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1649 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1071 words

The vivid red spirit power reminiscent of the beautiful core of a higanbana was blooming magnificently around Lily’s body. Her red kimono fluttered like the bird’s wings. Her splendid black hair flew in a sad rhythm in the red melody.

For the time being, even Shiu was entranced by the opponent’s beautiful, charming spirit power blooming in the night.

She was a little hesitant, but soon, she made up her mind.

“I can’t lose! The glory of my Mido Clan, my father… I can’t lose!”

“Hmph, let see how much you will inhale!” Shiu threw the secret-technique purple balls toward Lily.

With labored breathing, Lily covered her voluptuous breasts that were laden with beads of sweat, rolling in rhythm with her pants.

“Swoosh!” The Seiwa Tamashi in her hand flourished with intent, creating a fierce wave of air which blasted the slow-moving light-weight balls into the distance.

“What?!” Shiu was shocked. It shouldn’t be possible to throw off these secret-technique purple balls with a powerful force. Or else, they would explode in mid-flight. Lily actually circumvented this point by creating a blast of air with her sword to blow them away without touching or exploding the balls!

“It’s just a fluke!” Shiu threw more small balls. However, Lily did the same trick. She wielded her sword to create the wave of air, blowing the balls into the hot spring.

Although her trick was revealed, she knew it required great strength and good sword skills to create a wave of air strong enough to blow the balls away. Shiu was deeply shaken. This woman’s power-level was beyond hers! And now, Shiu found that she was running out of secret-technique balls!

If she continued this way, she couldn’t win…

Then her father would…

“I’m going to stake everything in this!” Shiu’s spirit power burst out abruptly. A blue aura emerged in the night. One of her hands held the last three secret-technique balls, and her other hand gripped the sword in reverse. It was her ready-assault position!

Shiu’s eyes showed that she was about to strike a life-risking attack.

Lily also felt the pressure. What kind of attack is she planning to use?

All of a sudden, Shiu threw the three balls in her hand toward Lily. Almost at the same time, she upped her pace, following closely behind the secret-technique balls. Her spirit power accumulated on the Shiroi Fugu behind her, which was all of her power at the moment!

Shiu had considered carefully. ‘If Lily wields her sword to blow away my balls with a gust of wind, then she would leave an opening and wouldn’t be able to counter my fatal attack!’

‘If Lily ignores the balls to block my attack instead, she will be surrounded by the mist of the secret-technique balls. Once she breathes in too much secret gas, she would lose her resistance!’

‘And, Lily can’t dodge all three of my balls at her speed!’

‘No matter which way she chooses to counter, Lily will be defeated!’

Shiu’s eyes twinkled, showing her resolute mind. The Shiroi Fugu vibrated due to the accumulated force of the spirit power. She chased after the balls, charging at Lily to determine the result of this battle.

Facing this dilemma, Lily didn’t dodge and chose to stand her ground, pointing the Seiwa Tamashi at the incoming enemy. The splendid red spirit power gushed ever more vigorously from her young, glamorous body under the effect of the drug. Gradually, strange, shining red runes began to emerge on the sharp, silver Seiwa Tamashi.

Seeing the purple balls about to reach her, Lily swiftly raised the Seiwa Tamashi high above her head. Shiu continued to follow closely behind with her Shiroi Fugu in a reverse grip, ready to launch a fatal attack with spirit power on the same level as a high-class samurai.

“Boom ——! ! !”

A wave of red energy blast slashed the three secret-technique balls like a raging sea of blood! The extremely powerful gust of wind blew all the purple mist backward and assaulted Shiu all at once.

Shiu was like a sapling inside a tornado. All of her clothes, including her stockings, were torn and blown away. Leaving only some strips fluttering in the wind, which clung to the important areas on her porcelain, flawless body. The purple mist attacked her mouth, nostrils, and bare skin directly!

“Ahhh!” Shiu screeched as she was blown away by Lily’s blood-red energy wave. She was rolled in the great wave for several feet and landed helplessly on the ground.

After that sweeping slash, the greenery in the courtyard looked gloomy as though the autumn wind had just blown away the yellow leaves.

Excluding the most important privates, Shiu’s front was almost naked. Instinctively she covered her medium-sized breasts and her nether region with a frown. Her eyes turned dreamy as she gasped, cheeks blushing a rosy red.

Lily adjusted her breathing, wiping the fragrant sweat on her hair. Holding the katana, that sparkled with strange runes, she walked toward the girl she had attacked to the point of stripping. With each step, her long, creamy legs were discernible at the slit of her kimono.

Shiu’s blurred eyes looked up at the slim, big-breasted female samurai walking toward her. Her eyes slid from the beautiful but cold eyes that made her heart race, to the katana with glowing, ancient, red runes…

Looking at the ancient runes that seemed to draw people’s souls, in just a blink of an eye, Shiu seemed to understand something.

Her eyes opened wide, clear pupils reflecting her respect and fear…

Her voice shivered from being defeated, subdued and humiliated.

“Demon Sword Maiden… Sister, y- you are a Demon Sword Maiden…”

The young girl with a blooming-flower-like face panted. With fear in her heart, she continued talking.

“No wonder I lost. I’m completely defeated…”

“Unmatched in the Heian Empire, the women who stand at the peak of human samurais, the monsters among geniuses, who can slash demons and ghosts with no qualms, an existence that is a cluster of power, beauty, and supernatural arts…”

“If I had known this earlier, even if Shiu had one thousand lives, I would never have dared to provoke you! Sister… You are… actually a— Demon Sword Maiden!”

Shiu’s breathing grew hotter, and somewhat aromatic, as she gasped for air. Finally, with tears of despair rising in her eyes, she let out one last gasp before fainting.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 70

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Chapter 69 – Demon Sword Maiden (Part 2)

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2249 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1391 words

“Although she’s a female ninja, I can’t be fooled by her tender appearance! Her power-level was equal to that of Akira. Moreover, she could have more strange tricks up her sleeve!” That was what Lily reminded herself.

Steam arose from the murmuring hot spring not far from the yard, and the deep moonlight shining over gave light to a faint silver mist. The courtyard was beautiful and serene. But now, it was about to become a battle arena between two female martial art practitioners.

“Hmph, if those guys weren’t useless, I wouldn’t want to attack a woman,” Shiu looked down at Lily from her height.

“Well, you’re talking as if you’re not a woman. As you’ve ordered your henchmen to do such operations, even if your hands are clean, your soul is already contaminated!” Lily snapped back.

“Stop talking nonsense! Although it’s a pity I have to take your life, this mission is very important to me! You should cooperate so as you don’t need to suffer!” Shiu suddenly took her stance, her hands moving as fast as a shadow.


She threw three shurikens at the same time.

As the three shurikens were aiming at Lily, it wasn’t easy to dodge.

Lily sent her spirit power to the sleeves of her kimono. This method allowed her to keep the large kimono’s sleeves flexible yet extremely tough. Now they were unbreakable!

The red sleeves swung like a dancer with graceful momentum. “Swish!” Lily blocked the three shurikens.

“Demon fury?!” Shiu saw the red energy from Lily, which made her startled. “This is not some common Demon fury… You, your power-level is surely not of a middle-class samurai. You, who are you after all?”

“I also want to know that myself! But at the very least, I don’t like meaningless killing, especially not a woman like you. You and I don’t have any grudge against each other. Why should we kill each other for a little commission?” Lily’s eyes turned cold. The Seiwa Tamashi shielded in front of her, releasing beams of sharp light.

“You don’t understand! The samurais have their principle. And we ninjas have our own belief! When we receive a mission, we will not take our affections or personal resentment into account, whether it’s evil or not! That’s our ninja’s belief!”

“Clang!” Silver light flashed. Shiu drew her straight sword.

Her slender but vigorous thighs flexed, propelling her high like a swallow rolling in the sky.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Three other shurikens came.

Lily flipped her sleeves, dodging and deviating the shurikens. At this moment, Shiu stepped in the empty sky, creating a bursting mass of air like a mist. Borrowing the force, she plunged towards Lily from above.

Lily had almost been unable to defend herself. What kind of trick did she use to borrow force in midair?


Lily’s Seiwa Tamashi and Shiu’s straight sword, Shiroi Fugu, clashed. They sparked a dazzling red and white, lighting up the dark night..

Spirit power erupted from the impact!

Shiu rolled backward using the recoil force, withdrawing from Lily’s attack range. Then, she dashed to one side.

Lily gave chase.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Shiu continuously threw bunches of shurikens, which came in a set of three shurikens each.
Lily set her sword vertically to shield. Changing her footstep to dodge the shurikens while chasing after Shiu. However, her pace wasn’t slower than the other.

Lily’s pace was astonishing. Shiu twirled around to face Lily behind her, slashing with her sword.

This time, Lily was prepared. Wielding the Seiwa Tamashi she parried.

“Clang!” Light flashed. The ground shook.

Shiu was blown backward. Stepping in the air once again, she jumped to evade a tree. Pivoting in flight to land on the pine’s branch.1

“That Penetration Force was so powerful!” Shiu was astonished. The Shiroi Fugu in her hand was still vibrating, her arm numb. Was it really true that big-breasted women always had strong power-level? She put her hand on her chest to self-assess her breasts. They were normal, neither big nor small.

However, while she was studying her target, she saw Lily wield her sword.

While being skeptical, she saw the air turning into waves of red light, flying toward her at speed.

“What!?” Shiu was frightened. It was a sword wave!

She hurried to jump aside. The sword wave followed its trajectory unaltered, cutting off the big branch and flying up into the night sky.

As Shiu was about to land, she was surprised to find that Lily was dashing toward her. The sharp light of the Seiwa Tamashi twinkled in her hands.

Shiu didn’t dare to parry Lily’s attack anymore. Reluctantly, she landed then hastily leaned aside to dodge Lily’s slash.

Lily, not wanting to let Shiu escape, released the handle of her sword and drew the scabbard from her waist.

“Pat!” She whipped Shiu’s bottom.2

“Argh!” Shiu felt a sharp twinge across her bottom. She screamed then flew away, falling to the ground and rolling several times before she could stop.

Panting, she covered her rear and got up. She was both enraged and embarrassed. “You, how could you use the scabbard! That’s a long sword, how could you hold it with one hand!”

Lily didn’t attack the normal way. Shiu got hit and lost her face at the same time.

Tossing her scabbard aside, Lily queried, “Still want to fight?”

“You, don’t you dare look down on ninjas! Hmph, you big-breasted samurai, do you think a battle between ninjas and samurais is merely about swordsmanship and strength?!” Shiu shrieked angrily.

Shiu unfolded her five fingers, revealing several small purple balls.

“Swoosh!” She threw them in Lily’s direction. Since the balls didn’t fly fast though, Lily was able to dodge them easily.

However, after they fell around Lily, they exploded, spreading a purple cloud. “Boom! Boom!”

Breathing in bits of the gas, Lily suddenly felt hot. Her breathing became short and her slender legs felt unstable.

Lily hurriedly left the area of the mysterious cloud. Flushed, she covered her nose, asking. “What, what is that?!”

Shiu smirked coldly. “Hmph, it’s the secret ninjutsu of the Mido Clan from Wind Demon Clan. Why would I tell you! When a woman takes in the purple mist, it will be like she has inhaled something ten times stronger than aphrodisiac. She will turn jello and dizzy, craving to be taken care of or conquered. There’s no way to stop it. She will lose her fighting strength and the only option left is to let the opponent tie her hands!”

“Ah. . .” Lily was startled. How could they have such an evil technique! But did the other just tell everything again?

“Hmph!” Shiu looked at Lily’s troubled posture, smiling contentedly. “Let alone a female samurai like you, even if I carelessly inhale this mist, I will also turn into that unbearable obscene appearance!”

“Eh?” Lily was bewildered. “So you don’t have an antidote?”

“Hmph, you stupid woman, this is a secret ninjutsu that has been passed through many generations. How could you get the antidote that easily?! Stop talking nonsense. Just taking in a bit and you’re already like this. Your persistence is nothing special. It’s a little cunning to use this trick to deal with a woman, but I have to win at any cost!”

Shiu took out more purple balls, throwing them toward Lily.

She didn’t aim at Lily but her surrounding area. Then, no matter where Lily came to dodge, she would remain within the mist’s coverage.

“Despicable!” Lily could only choose a random direction. However, she couldn’t avoid the effect when the ball exploded. Even while holding her breath, she still took in bits of mist.

“Ngh…” Even Lily’s breathing had turned self-conscious.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Shiu anchored her hands at her waist, laughing. “You brainless big-breasted samurai. Is this your level? Just inhale the mist several times more and you won’t be able to move anymore!”

Then, Shiu hopped on a rock. Her hand flipped and showed more purple balls.

“In that case, I must end this battle soon!” Lily’s eyes turned solemn. Her spirit power caused her silky black hair to flutter around her body. Although she felt hotter and her face blushing, her eyes turned more beautiful and sharper, just like the twinkling stars in the velvet night sky emitting red halos.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 69

The next chapter will be the last chapter of the second arc. We will be moving to the third arc starting from Chapter 71.

The following arc will be the third arc of volume 1 known as Crimson Arc, when translated literally. There will be twenty-seven chapters in this arc. Then the last arc of volume 1 can be translated as either Soul or Spiritual Arc, with fifty-eight chapters in total. After that, we will finally be moving on to volume 2, where the VIP chapters are starting.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 68

We just got a new editor for Demon Sword Maiden, please welcome the newest addition to our team, Robinxen. His work isn’t as detailed and throughout as Deximus, but he got the speed and decent English skills to back him up. With this, we probably wouldn’t have to worry about getting new editors for a good while.

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Chapter 68 – Demon Sword Maiden (Part 1)

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2885 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1815 words

Just who were these people? They sure had guts to intrude the house adjacent to Genji Dojo’s gate. Lady Sakiko wasn’t here but the old woman and herself were. Their target was obviously herself.

“One, two, three… Thirteen people in total. One of them has strong spirit power fluctuation, much stronger than my blue spirit power!”

Lily didn’t react right away. With her katana on her side, she sat down in her room. Looking calm, as if nothing was happening around, she poured herself a cup of green tea.

Leisurely she enjoyed her tea while watching the beauty of the pond outside of her room.

Lily didn’t release her spirit power because she couldn’t confirm whether the assailants were able to detect the fluctuations or not. It would be better for her if the intruders didn’t know she was prepared.

Despite their almost inaudible footsteps, Lily could feel those people coming. Her extremely sensitive hearing caught the tiny noises akin to rats running on the ceiling. However, no sound was made in or around this room, nor in the corridor.

Who could move in such a discreet manner? It didn’t seem to be samurais. She couldn’t be careless.

After completing her cup of tea, the rattling noise running on the ceiling had finally reached the area above Lily’s head, making her anxious.

Not with her spirit power’s sensing ability, but with her women’s intuition, she could feel someone gazing at her exposed neck above the collar of her kimono.

However, she continued to act as if nothing happened. Pouring herself more tea, and gently sipping. Inwardly, she was startled that she could still elegantly drink tea while extremely nervous under such a tense situation. The tea was strangely cool as her mind was as calm as water.

All of a sudden, the hurried squeaking noise burst out from the ceiling.

“Rumble ——!” Several of the ceiling tiles fell at the same time.

Dust rose from the broken wooden tiles as four ninjas jumped out, landing around Lily.

Lily abruptly grasped her Seiwa Tamashi. The cup of tea falling free from her hand.

The four ninjas threw their hands back, attempting to draw their chokuto to slash Lily from the four directions.

However, Lily had already raised one of her knees. With one knee touching the ground as the axis, she rotated, drawing her Seiwa Tamashi at the same time.


Her sword drew an arc of the crescent moon!

“Pufffft!!!” The three ninjas got slashed at the same time. The sounds when the Seiwa Tamashi cut through the bodies echoed continuously.

The three ninjas were killed without a chance to draw their sword!

The last ninja standing diagonally behind Lily was bewildered. The situation had developed beyond his calculation. He couldn’t even draw his sword, which left it in its scabbard.

“Kiaaaaaa——!” The ninja panicked. His eyes turned malicious when he screamed angrily to boost his own courage. Then, he finally drew his ninja sword, trying his best to gash at Lily.

In this moment, Lily had already turned around. The last thing the ninja saw was the, beautiful, sharp eyes under Lily’s fluttering bangs.

“Pufff ——!”

Lily turned her sword and slashed. A red hue filled the ninjas vision as the sword flashed! Right after that, he couldn’t help but fall aside, falling deep into the darkness…

The four ninjas from Wind Demon Clan were all killed the instant they faced Lily.

“Ninjas!?” After Lily killed her enemies, she recognized their identity through their dead bodies. “Why would the ninjas want to assassinate me?”

While thinking, Lily suddenly felt the murderous aura coming from the wooden screens behind her. Being startled, she turned around and slashed her sword.


Blue light flashed!

The white surface of the screen cracked,then rattled slightly, before falling onto the ground with a crash.

Two ninjas in gray suits were exposed behind the screen. They were holding a sword, preparing to stab her. The two stood there silently for a moment, then slumped to the ground one after the other.

Lifting the Sakura Parasol, Lily put it on her back and walked through the collapsed screen to enter the adjacent room.

In this moment, two more ninjas jumped into Lily’s room from the column of the watchtower in the backyard. Seeing their teammates’ dead bodies scattered on the ground, they were frightened.

Seeing Lily going to the adjacent room they thrust their hands into their waist pockets, retrieving two shurikens.

“Swish! Swish!” They threw the shurikens toward Lily at an exceptionally fast speed. However, since Lily had Spirit Vision, this speed was as if it was in slow-motion to her.

Predictably, the spinning shurikens were flying towards her. Lily gently wielded the Seiwa Tamashi in her hand.

“Clang! Clang!” Fire sparked twice! Just like slashing two flying cups of tea, Lily’s sword sent two shurikens to the column.

The two ninjas then took out their swords, dashing toward Lily.

Suddenly having an idea, Lily drew the Sakura Parasol from her back. Opening the parasol, she hurled towards the ninjas with twirling spirit power.

Bringing a tornado of spirit power the Sakura Parasol spun fast, making a curve in the air as it flew towards the two.

“Boom! Boom!”

The two ninjas were sent to the ground but the Sakura Parasol continued its course, flying out into the night before spinning and returning to Lily’s hand.

The two ninjas were actually knocked out by the parasol to Lily’s surprise. Although the Sakura Parasol had lost its power, it still retained its toughness. Lily got the impression that the paper-like parasol is even tougher than her sword!

Cautiously, Lily pushed the door of the adjacent room, stepping out into the corridor.

Two ninjas stormed out from each end of the corridor, halting Lily.

They were stunned when they identified her at first. But they immediately threw their shurikens.

Lily’s body swayed and dodged like a butterfly. Slipping through all the hidden weapons. One of the shurikens missed Lily but flew toward one of the other ninjas on the opposite side, making a cut on his face.

Dashing at Lily, the four ninjas unhesitatingly drew their swords, trying to lock her down in a pincer.

It was extremely disadvantageous for Lily as she had to fight in a narrow, long corridor. Although Lily was really strong, she would still die if the sword slashed her. And, she could clearly feel that these ninjas were stronger than the previous ones!

When it came to death and life, Lily didn’t want to restrain herself. The red spirit power emerged on her body. All of a sudden she opened the Sakura Parasol, using it to shield herself from the attack by the two ninjas on one side!

With the thought that it could cover her during the night parade, she gambled on the logic that ordinary ninjas like these would be unable to break it too.

At the same time, with the sword in her right hand, she lowered her body slightly and took half a step aside. She then swung the sword cladded in red spirit power with all of her might.

The two ninjas’ swords also hacked at Lily.

Single-handedly, Lily’s Penetration Force was around six-hundred kwans, and her sword was three feet and seven inches. The ninjas’ swords weren’t longer than two feet. So, Lily’s sword reached them before their sword could reach her!

“Boom ——! ! !”

A beam of red blood!

The extremely heavy Penetration Force immediate bisected the first ninja at the waist, launching his body outside. The second ninja got gashed at his shoulder. The Seiwa Tamashi continued to slice through the screen. The first ninja was sent to the end of the corridor. He crashed through the wall and out of the room, bumping into the mountain stone in the yard and turned into a meat paste from the impact. It was a really gruesome sight.

Both the second ninja and wall screen were sent flying inward. Pieces of the broken screen hit the wall further inside the room. The ninja banged into a wooden pillar, snapping it with a distinct “Squeak”. Blood and flesh was scattered!

Lily exhaled “phew!” then retrieved the red parasol.

The other two on the other side were petrified watching the bloody scene.

They disbelievingly looked at the young girl who was releasing red demon fury. Being scared, they backed off continuously.

“Mon… Monster!” Shivering, a ninja stammered.

Lily’s sword had stabbed through the throat of one of the two.

“Ahh!” The other ninja was so scared he burst out, slashing crazily toward Lily. Lily took one step back to avoid his attack. Taking a horse stance, she raised the sword and slashed!

“Puff!” A column of blood splashed the white wall.

Her sword shivered, but Lily shook the blood off of it. She despised dirty souls. Moreover, her bottom line was to not take in any human souls.

Leaving the room, she walked out into the yard.

She had finished twelve out of thirteen intruders!

There was only one left.

In the yard, the night air was cold. Standing on the huge mountain stone, with silver crescent moon hovering behind her, was a teenage girl with a ponytail.

A sharp wisp of spirit power mingled with the night from the body of Mido Shiu, the ninja from Wind Demon Clan…

Lily hurled the Sakura Parasol upward. The parasol flew aside like a bamboo dragonfly, landing at the corner of the yard. Now holding her sword with both hands, she studied the lone teenage girl with cold eyes.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?” asked Lily coldly.

Shiu covered her face, and said, “Hehehe, can’t believe you can kill twelve junior genins of Wind Demon Clan! You’re much stronger than what the intelligence said! You don’t need to know who we are. I’m not the one who wants to kill you. Someone else wants your life.”

“What?” Lily was confused. She said I don’t need to know, but she had just introduced, right? “Who? Who wants to kill me?”

“Hmph, our Wind Demon Clan will never disclose the name of our clients! You provoked the Daidouji Clan. You’re a pathetic fool. A dying woman doesn’t need to know many things!”

“Er?” Lily was bewildered again, thinking, ‘You already told me everything I need to know!’

Looking at the female ninja who looked a little odd, Lily was scared. That girl’s aura wasn’t less than Akira of Daidouji Clan. At least, she was as strong as a high-class samurai!

Not long before this, Lily didn’t have the power to resist Akira and she could only run away. If Noboru hadn’t mistaken her with his blood daughter and risked his life to save her, she would have fallen into Akira’s hand.

Facing such an opponent, Lily didn’t dare to be reckless!


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 67

I have weak tear glands, I always found myself tearing up whenever I watch Fairy Tail, even in scenes that not actually remotely tear-jerking. My eyes will get wet just from the sight of a character crying on the other side of the screen.

Although I do have to admit that Fairy Tail, despite being shunned by some fans for whatever reason, has great characters development. Because otherwise, there’s just no way you’d be able to invoke tears in the audience if the characters have a shallow background. I once wished I could reach that level of writing one day, where my fiction could move the readers with an emotional roller coaster.

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Chapter 67 – Night Before Receiving Certificate

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2694 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1728 words

By the afternoon, the sky above Takeshita Town looked dark.

Lily had a feeling that the daylight was getting a little shorter.

She was standing in the front yard of Chrysanthemum Inn. Nearby the yard, she could hear the river murmuring on the other side of the road.

She always had a sense of satisfaction she couldn’t describe, but today, she didn’t know why there was a gloomy shade in this sort of satisfaction.

Lily was really sensitive. She didn’t know the reason but she felt somewhat insecure.

Anyway, the dojo adjacent to Chrysanthemum Inn was Lady Sakiko’s base of operations. With that thought, she felt she should be safe. Moreover, these days she had been practicing the method of using spirit power to stay alert from the Moon Grace book, and she had set up some wisps of her spirit power around the courtyard.

Those wisps of alert spirit power carried a hint of Lily’s aura. They quietly attached to flowers and grass, rocks, and even the beams of the roof. It was estimated that they would scatter after one or two days, leaving no trace or flaw.

Not far from her, a young girl ran toward her from the town. The cold wind billowed her pink, short-skirted kimono. She was Nanako.

Nanako entered the courtyard. Seeing Lily standing in a daze there, she was a little perplexed. She handed Lily a square, fabric-wrapped box and spoke. She didn’t seem to have a good mood. “Master, your tailored clothes are done.”

Nanako didn’t understand why she always felt irritated when she called the other Master in daylight. She felt unwilling and she hadn’t gotten used to it yet. Perhaps because she had been a Lady for quite a long time.

Lily received the kimono, feeling a little embarrassed. “It’s really embarrassing that I have to use your money to order the clothes. Thank you, Nanako.”

Nanako cocked her head to one side, pouting her lips annoyedly. “Psst, I said I just lent you some money. Within one month, Master, if you can’t pay me back, including the interest, it’ll be the amount I’ll use to redeem myself from slavery. So, it’s not important that you can pay me back or not. Moreover, being my master and you have only one set of outdoor clothes to wear, you’re really poverty-stricken. You will make the others laugh at my face, your slave. The Master of the Lady from Saikanji House should at least wear something elegant and noble!”

Lily shook her head. She always felt strange that Nanako was her slave, and her life was now controlled by her slave.

“The autumn wind rattles a lot today. It’s cold outside. Let’s go in,” Lily said then pulled Nanako’s small hand.

Nanako was startled and she couldn’t react. However, the warm temperature of that soft hand made her unable to resist.

Then, they returned to Chrysanthemum Inn like a pair of sisters, the older pulling the younger.

“Swoosh —— Swoosh—— ”

The cold wind blew through the misty forest and mountains. It was both cold and wet.

However, a group of people didn’t take the main road but discreetly moving through the giant, old trees in the forest. Quietly, they approached Takeshita Town.

The leader was the female ninja from Wind Demon Clan, Mido Shiu.

Behind her were around ten Wind Demon ninjas, wearing black-gray ninja suits.

Mido Shiu was a senior genin, equivalent to a high-class samurai. Although she was just sixteen years old, she could fight against Akira of the Daidouji Clan.

With her Power Level plus her knowledge of assassinations, apparently, she was more than capable to kill a middle-class female samurai who didn’t have much experience in practical fights.

Wind Demon Clan had always been ruthless. They had sent a senior genin assisted by more than ten junior genins at lower rank to ensure no mistakes would be made.

Shiu brought the ninjas to the mountain flank. They stood on the branches of giant pine trees, watching Takeshita Town on the other side of the river.

“Is that the Genji Dojo? It has almost occupied half of the town. Hmph, truly extremely arrogant!” said Shiu, who wore a dark green mask.

“Master Shiu, the Genji Dojo is the largest force of samurais in Kanto. The Chief has repeatedly advised us not to disturb the Genji, let alone provoking them,” said a sturdy male ninja with ash-gray eyes as if they were made of white clay.

“Hmph, the Genji Dojo is intimidating, indeed. However, the way they defend ninja’s intrusion is ordinary. Moreover, they are concentrating in the courtyard inside the dojo. The one we have to kill is staying in a normal house outside the dojo. It’s not a problem to intrude that house. Anyway, after killing that woman, we have to retreat fast. Do not let the Genji Dojo recognize us. Moreover, in case any of you got captured by the Genji Dojo in a stroke of bad luck, do not reveal the name of our client,” Shiu said coldly and resolutely.

“Hmph, that woman’s really stupid. She offended the Daidouji family. Does she really think that no one can do anything to her if she hides in Takeshita Town? What the samurais can’t do, we Wind Demon Clan can do easily!” the male ninja said contentedly.

“But the target’s a female samurai. Although she’s not strong, we can’t be careless. We don’t want to see her create any casualties in her death struggle.”

“Understood, Master Shiu.”

“We’ll take action immediately when the night falls. We will intrude Takeshita Town,” said Shiu.

The night fell. The moon was almost covered by dark clouds, shining some weak moonlight.

The shadows created low rattling sounds while moving through the forest outside Takeshita Town. Using the coverage of the night and bushes, they discreetly entered the town.

Takeshita Town didn’t have a city gate or wall or any soldier on guard. As long as the intruders didn’t get into the Genji Dojo, they didn’t need to prevent anything.

At this moment, Lily was reading in her room. However, today, she couldn’t focus on her reading much. As she was thinking about when she could start to let Nanako bathe her.

While she was having such a thought in her head, Nanako came.

“Master,” Nanako’s shadow kneeled by the door, calling.

“Nanako, come in.” Lily slightly blushed, feeling a little awkward.

“Master, tonight, Nanako has something she wants to ask your favor for,” Nanako slide the door open, pouting her lips. She mentioned favor but she didn’t look like she wanted to negotiate with Lily.

Favor? Would she proactively ask to bathe me? That’s not good! Lily thought about the other matter again.

Nanako continued, “Master, Nanako’s former servants, Taihara and his son, will return to Suruga Province tomorrow. They’re preparing a farewell dinner in an inn in downtown. When we part this time, I don’t know when I will see them again. I wonder… if I can go there to meet them?”

Lily was a little absent-minded. However, she said generously, “No matter what, you and them have had a master-servant relationship for a while. It’s understandable that you want to talk before parting. Go, but don’t return too late.”

“Thank you!” Nanako said then gave her a light bow before turning around and leaving.

Tonight, Sakiko also stayed in the dojo. She wouldn’t come home, leaving only Lily and that old woman in Chrysanthemum Inn.

After taking a shower, Lily didn’t go to bed straight away. Seizing the time that Nanako wasn’t here, she took out the new clothes the girl had bought for her.

In Lily’s previous world, there was a saying that read, “Men buy women clothes because they want to take them off.”

“So what is it for when a woman bought clothes for another woman?”

As Lily mumbled, she unfolded the garments in front of her.

These clothes had a beautiful bright red color, which perfectly matched Lily’s natural red lips.

The red fabric was decorated with many big white flowers and many smaller, colorful florets. The decoration motif was so beautiful and fascinating.

Although this otherworld Heian was full of dangers, women’s clothing in this world was really beautiful.

Gorgeous and generous; elegant but still romantic.

And, her figure was perfectly fit with this type of kimono. Speaking in a not-elegant way, this kimono required a big booty model.

And, it was given to her by Nanako; Lily couldn’t help but have light and airy feeling.

“Thank you, Nanako.”

Although Nanako said that she just wanted to lend her some money, Lily felt like Nanako had cared about her.

Lily blushed, but then she got a hold of herself. What happened to her? It was just the clothes the Loli had given her. How come she was so excited? She wasn’t some weak, little girl!

Anyway, no matter what, she should try it on. She had to wear it tomorrow to receive her certificate.

Lily took off her yukata. Her beautiful, graceful, and holy body had only a piece of tiny, black cloth. Even though there was no one else here, she shyly covered her chest with her arm. Turning around, slowly, she put on the vivid red kimono…

After she had put it on and adjusted everything nice and neat, she unfolded her sleeves, which made her look like a higanbana1 that drifted and bloomed beautifully in this otherworld. This piece of clothes didn’t only fit her. It looked tailor-made for her.

Lily was very pleased. However, she didn’t want to wear such good clothes to bed. As she was about to take it off, all of a sudden, strange noises came to her from every corner of Chrysanthemum Inn.


Lily could feel at least a dozen different auras, which were quietly entering Chrysanthemum Inn from both the front and the back doors. If Lily hadn’t set up her alert spirit power, she would have never been able to sense those intruders. Apparently, Lily had subconsciously assumed that the Chrysanthemum Inn was a safe place so she didn’t bother to release waves-type detection spirit power.

But now, at this moment, her feeble wisps of spirit power had reported some uninvited guests.

Each of them, even though they caused no sound, was full of murderous intentions.

Lily’s dreamy eyes suddenly turned sharper.


Chapter 66 – Spirit Power, True Essence, and Resentful Spirit

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2385 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1493 words

Early in the morning, Lily went to the forest near the shrine to practice with her sword.

Compared to the dojo, she preferred this place. First, she was waiting for the certificate and it wasn’t convenient to ask Sakiko to help her with anything. Second, she got something she didn’t want the others to see.

Nanako had washed the clothes pretty late last night so she was still sleeping. Lily didn’t wake her up. She went out alone to practice.

“My sword-play, compared to my Penetration Force and Spirit Power is far too weak. Currently, I’ve reached only the basic level of the Matsuda Clan,” said Lily.

Of course, the “Genji Swordstyle” was what Lily wanted to learn the most. However, only the members of the Genji Dojo could buy and learn it after they had become samurais.

After receiving her certificate for passing the test and managing her spoils of war, she would go and buy the “Genji Swordstyle” manuscript. That was what Lily had planned.

“Master, you’ve woken me up that early. What do you want?” the Sakura Parasol leaned against a rock, talking in a low-spirited tone.

“How can a parasol possibly feel sleepy? Oh right, you’re a Shikigami.”

At first, Lily used her blue spirit power to wield the sword. Then, she said, “Sakura, I’m using my spirit power to practice with the sword.”

“Um, yeah.” Sakura replied, “Seems you’ve practiced your Moon Grace well.”

“Yes, I’ve mastered the contents of the first Moon Grace book. But it’s not the most important point. First, watch.”

Lily urged the red spirit power from the mysterious space under her lower abdomen she had gotten from Soul Eater.

“Kiaaaa—!” It was a sudden slash. A faint, charming aura emitted from her body. However, the Penetration Force was incredibly strong it made a gust of wind expanding, blowing the grass.

“Master!” Sakura immediately flew up. “It is… It’s demon fury! The red spirit power’s demon fury!”

Hearing that, Lily was a little bewildered. She retrieved her sword, asking. “It’s what bothers me. I’m obviously a human girl. Why can I… use demon fury. Moreover, it’s even stronger than my common spirit power… Is it… Is it true that I’m a monster but didn’t recognize it myself? Could I be some fox spirit or something…”

“Hehe, Master, you got a coquettish, charming appearance. No wonder you would be mistaken as some fox spirit.”

“Who’s coquettish!” Lily blushed, turning anxious.

“Alright, Master, no more joking. First, I’m sure you’re a human, an ordinary human, a female human that can surely give birth and breastfeed. Your reproductive functions are healthy. At this point, you don’t have to worry.”

“… You could just say I’m a female human,” Lily said with a dark face. Why everybody wants to tease me that much? Am I really attractive?

“Anyway… How a human has demon fury. It’s… Um… I think I know it!”

“Oh? Why?” Lily’s big eyes twinkled, anticipating.

“But I can’t remember.”

Lily arched her brows. Instantly, she put the Sakura Parasol on the rock and straddled it. Then, she reached her hand back to grab the top of the parasol. It looked like she was attempting to break the parasol!

“Ouch ouch ouch. Master, it hurts… Please don’t sit on my shaft…Master, you smell good!”

“Eh?!” Lily finally recognized it was something wrong the way her body contacted the parasol’s shaft. She hurried to get up and hurl the Sakura Parasol away. “Sakura! You big bully!”

“Sigh, Master…” Sakura shook the shaft as if it hadn’t been satisfied yet. “Alright, Master, no more joking. I can’t remember. You know my memory is insufficient… But I know that red spirit power. That’s demon fury. It’s the basic knowledge of spirit powers anyway.”

Lily despondently sat on the rock. “Tell me, I’m listening.”

“Master, the red spirit power contains demon fury because it carries resentful fixations.”

“Resentful fixations?”

“Yeah, using the harmonious state of nature to absorb the spirit power released by nature, it will be faint blue. But this sort of energy is rare. Everything in the natural world produces a little of it. The red spirit power can be obtained by charming, sucking, and robbing spirit powers of the surrounding living things. Afterward, those living things will wither and die. Although this sort of spirit power will be purer than the natural spirit power, it contains the resentment and fixations, even the unwillingness of things when they die. The fixations seep into the power, making it red.”

“Anyway, your spirit power’s nature seems dissimilar to that red true essence. It’s purer with a more genuine red hue. I don’t know why, but it could be because of taking in the red true essence.”

Lily remembered that night. Her power rocketed but her surroundings withered and died. Was she really a monster? Or some bad woman?

“Sakura, I used to absorb the red true essence, and I did make things withered and dead. But it was my unconscious behavior. I didn’t want to destroy those innocent flowers and trees.”

“Master, your nature is kind-hearted, gentle, and beautiful. Sakura knows it. You don’t need to blame yourself. Things grow unceasingly. Fate comes and goes. It’s the rules of the world. Many kind Shikigamis absorb true essence at a moderate pace. Those withered bodies are all rich sources of nutrition to the soil. The flowers will bloom again in the coming year.”

Lily shook her big breasts, exhaling in relief. “Sakura, I feel better when you said so. Ah, right, this time I went to the mountain to hunt the Mountain Imp, I had absorbed the Mountain Imp’s anima. It’s strange. When the anima container sucked it, it was blue; but when I absorbed it, it was red.”

“Master, it’s the resentful spirit.”

“Resentful spirit?” Lily felt somewhat scared when she heard that.

“Red spirit power from the flowers, trees, mountains and rivers, when it’s absorbed completely, it becomes true essence. And, when you forcefully absorb the animas, of course, they aren’t willing at all. With vehement resentful fury, they become resentful spirits. The anima containers have some way to delude the souls so they won’t turn resentful. For the Shikigamis, because of our special features, most of the souls we eat will become resentful spirits during the Soul-eating procedure,” Sakura explained.

“Oh… Turns out… It happens like that… But the spirit power from the resentful spirits’ true essence seems more powerful than the ordinary spirit powers.”

“Of course, all the true essence and the monsters’ souls are much purer and stronger than the scattered spirit power you can find anywhere in this natural world! Especially animas! That’s why most of the Shikigamis can cultivate fast with the premise that they can capture a lot of animas.”

“On the other hand, absorbing true essence of the plants and flowers is to destroy nature, which will accumulate more and more resentful fixation or energy. It’s harmful to the body for sure and makes it turn more malicious. And, absorbing true essence from wicked monsters with a lot of grave sins, the accumulation of resentful energy seems very little. Perhaps, it’s the balance between good-doing and evil-doing in this earth and heaven.”

“So, if the Shikigamis aren’t starving, we will not go as far as absorbing the true essence of all living things in this natural world. If we do that, the accumulation of sins will grow. That’s why we go hunting for monsters. We use soul-eating skill to strengthen ourselves. It’s the right and just path to go.”

Lily’s bright eyes sparkled. She nodded. It’s true that listening to the Lord’s words for one time is much better than spending ten years to read books.

“Sakura, you know many things! It will be really good if you can recover your memory fully. I wonder what level of anima could help restore your memory?”

“I also forgot about that, Master.”

“. . .”

The next several days, Lily and Nanako stayed in Chrysanthemum Inn to practice or study the knowledge in this parallel world. She got benefits from Nanako, indeed. Before Taihara and the others left, they had brought Nanako’s luggage here with so many books her mother had requested her to read to practice martial arts.

Lily really loved reading. Perhaps it was because senior sister was born in a family with a literary reputation. Anyway, Lily couldn’t study the ancient martial arts of Nanako’s family, which was the Kodachi. It wasn’t good to look over other family’s secretly transmitted techniques. Lily was simply Nanako’s master. She didn’t think that she could explore the Saikanji House’s secrets.

Eventually, after one week staying in Chrysanthemum Inn, the notice finally arrived, asking Lily and Nanako to visit the Dojo tomorrow to receive the certificate of being qualified.

Finally, Lily could take the status of a female samurai. Although her competence had soon surpassed the ordinary samurais, when she received the notice, she was still somewhat excited.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 66

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 65

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