Two as One Princesses Intermission 1 (Part 2)

New Chapter!
Hiya~! Welcome to our first week of May! No wasting time today; story summary here we go!
Last time of AinCiel: Inside their bedroom, our princesses once again have their attention stolen by the bothersome letter. Pondering whether to just throw it through the shredder or not, they asked their newest maid for advice. After hearing the pros and cons of keeping the letter, our older princess starts concocting sinister schemes. Just in case, y’know?
Now then, what will happen next? What other topics will our princesses chat about today? Will we spend the whole day in bed today? And will it be more comfy after this?
Find out in this half of Interlude: Letter, Crest, and Naming!
Now then, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Please stay safe! Feel free to comment! And I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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