Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1070

New Chapter!
So if you’ve read the updates you should know what I am about to say already, if not this is important.
In the immediate future the amount of releases for this novel will be halved, from the current four per week to two per week.
This decision came after a long time of deliberation.

The current four chapter per week cycle is held up by having multiple translators work on the novel, and was adopted because this novel used to be the sites chart topper.
In terms of readers it was the highest by a large margin, however that is no longer the case, there just simply isn’t enough readers anymore to support paying multiple translators.
Instead those funds and translators will be shuffled around to other projects that readers seem to be enjoying more, or have potential.

I hope you can all understand the person most sad about this is me, since I get a cut of the ad revenue. Sniffle. Half my income, gone…
And I am only half joking about that.

Anyway, it’s not like this novel is being dropped, you probably wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t say, haha.

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