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Chapter 17 – The Way Of Pleasure

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3180 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1638 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“I wouldn’t dream of challenging Captain Renka’s authority,” Lily spoke with a blend of humility and confidence. “I merely wish to caution you, Sister Renka, against actions that defy the natural laws. It could be detrimental to you.”

“What?” Renka fixed her gaze on Lily. Her resentment stemmed from the death of her secret lover, Inaho-ko, at the hands of Wakarai during an attempt to capture Lily. Yet, she found it hard to harbor true hatred toward Lily, enchanted by her stunning beauty. Renka’s intent hadn’t been to kill but to inflict severe punishment on Lily out of frustration. Acknowledging the logic in Lily’s words, Renka recognized the importance of not allowing her anger to lead to errors in judgment.

“Alright, your point is taken. I must consult Rakshasa-Onna for a decision on this matter.”

Immediately, she utilized the treasure to convey a mental message to Rakshasa.

A response came shortly after.

Reluctantly eyeing Lily and Hyozuhi, she muttered a curse, “You’re both fortunate! Her Highness Rakshasa has decreed, albeit unprecedentedly, that we adhere to the highest law. With Hyozuhi becoming Lily’s slave, she’s temporarily exempt from defeat status. She may train under Lily, albeit forfeiting her competitive rights. Should Lily, against all odds, triumph in the Night Parade, which seems nearly impossible, Hyozuhi will be hers.”

The declaration left everyone in shock.

“Silence. Pay attention!” Renka advanced toward Lily, their heights comparable. She tenderly stroked Lily’s cheek, plucking a strand of her hair. “Should you lose in the future, both of you will find yourselves in a brothel!”

“But… isn’t it supposed to be forced labor…” Hyozuhi murmured timidly from behind Lily.

“Quiet, you’ve forfeited your right to speak, slave,” Renka chided. “Indeed, the failed shall toil. Yet, Miss Lily, recall you lack the jade token. Owing to your distinctiveness, numerous affluent brothels eagerly await your downfall, prepared to offer fortunes for you! Your value far exceeds any bounty on you. The allure you hold is beyond my comprehension. I admit to feeling a tad envious. Hehe…”

Vaulting atop the dragon, Renka remarked, “Master and slave sharing a brothel’s confines will only enhance your appeal. Do us a favor, Kagami Lily, and hasten your defeat. Our Rakshasa Dojo stands to profit immensely, hehehe…”

Renka’s laughter echoed as she signaled the guards to escort the maidens to their respective dragons.

“Let’s return.”

Consequently, the dragons transported the maidens back to their dwellings within the depths of the Rakshasa Dojo.

Bathing was a risk in that perilous area; the presence of demons or malevolent individuals was unpredictable. Despite them not being direct adversaries, Lily was averse to the idea of being seen.

Back at the courtyard, Lily finally had the opportunity to use the public bath situated in the corner. Yet, the stares from the women were unsettling. Lily opted to wait for a private booth for her bath.

“Master, allow me to assist you.”

“Oh? No, there’s no need…”

Lily hurried into the private booth.

At last, she could enjoy a soothing bath and unwind.

As the clear water cascaded over her, Lily recognized the physical enhancements from the last seven days. While practicing Charm True Intent similarly bolstered her physique, the Empty Spirit Cave offered unique benefits. Charm True Intent’s improvements plateaued once a certain comprehension threshold was met, unlike the continuous physical strengthening in the Empty Spirit Cave. The two training methods complemented without interfering with each other.

It was akin to honing talents; whether it was drawing, poetry, or music, each skill enhanced her without conflict.

Nonetheless, body tempering in ordinary settings proved less fruitful.

“Training in the Empty Spirit Cave, amidst demons, wayward Yomi experts, and competitive maidens, holds its perils but is remarkably effective. The unique nature of the land, devoid of spirit power, notably aids in physical tempering. The Rakshasa Dojo’s claims on this were truthful,” Lily reflected as she bathed.

“Kyaah!” A scream from Hyozuhi pierced the air outside.

“What’s the matter?” Given it was the courtyard, Hyozuhi wasn’t likely in grave danger, yet she might be facing harassment. Caught mid-bath and bare, Lily was conflicted on how to proceed.

Suddenly, the door to Lily’s booth was forcefully kicked open.

Lily quickly retrieved a star-patterned towel from the storage jade on her arm to cover herself, yet much of her skin remained exposed.

Tamai, flanked by two other blade maidens, blocked the entrance, leaving Lily, with her body and hair still wet, to blush involuntarily.

“What are you doing?” Lily demanded, clutching the towel around her as she spotted Hyozuhi being cornered in the distance. Though Hyozuhi’s strength was comparable to Tamai’s, her will to fight had diminished along with the loss of her treasures, rendering her weaker.

Observing Lily’s form made Tamai breathe heavily. “You have an impressive figure. It’s fortunate for you that our paths didn’t cross in the Empty Spirit Cave. And what’s this I hear about you taking an underling, one who’s even willing to be your slave? You seem to be thriving.”

“Leave,” Lily demanded, her cheeks flushed. Despite the common gender and partial coverage by a towel, she was uncomfortable being observed during her private moments.

Nevertheless, this was merely the courtyard. Lily would not initiate conflict unless attacked first.

“Oh, feeling shy? Your defiance, combined with that blush, is rather adorable. Fear not, young lady Lily, we have no designs on you today. But know this, should our paths cross again, I will… defeat you! And then…” Tamai whispered provocatively into Lily’s ear, tracing a wet finger along Lily’s collarbone before tasting the droplet with her tongue.

“Leave…” Lily uttered, lowering her reddened face, her voice tinged with anger.

“Hmph! Ensure you’re clean and wait for me. And don’t you dare lose to anyone else before I defeat you! Hehehe…” With a final chuckle, Tamai exited with her followers.

Breathing heavily, Lily thought, ‘Tamai is unbearably irritating!’

“Forgive me, Master. I… I was powerless to stop them!” Hyozuhi hurried over, kneeling in apology.

“It’s alright, no harm done. Please stop staring and close the door,” Lily implored with resignation.

After their bath, Lily and Hyozuhi returned to the dormitory, only to find Lily’s usual spot taken by another. Lily chose not to contest it and instead found a quiet corner for herself and Hyozuhi to rest. Nonetheless, she couldn’t escape the envious and desirous stares that followed her, causing discomfort.

In particular, Tamai and her entourage watched from a distance, with Tamai looking especially smug as she was attended to by her underlings. All the while, she cast occasional glances at Lily, who tried to block it all out by closing her eyes.

Fortunately, the night passed without incident within the safety of the dormitories, allowing them some much-needed rest.

The following day broke with the maidens being rudely awakened early in the morning once more.

The realm of Yomi was inherently dark, but illuminated by numerous glowing crystals that dimmed to a mere glow at night, brightening slightly by day to mimic a semblance of a day-night cycle.

All the maidens convened at the courtyard’s center.

Today, it was Renka who arrived to address them.

Renka began, “The prior training concentrated on physical conditioning. This phase will involve training in the feminine arts.”

“The feminine arts?” echoed several maidens, perplexed.

Renka clarified, “The essence of the feminine arts revolves around service and gratification.”

“Serve and please?” Lily felt a shiver at those words.

“Given your experiences here, I assume you’re familiar with the concept, even if not firsthand. As Big Dipper experts, the intricacies of pleasure are not unknown to you. However, these lessons require discretion. Each of you will be paired with an instructor for personal guidance. Follow when your name is called, and you’ll be led accordingly.”

“Your lessons will be conducted in private… on the art of pleasing a woman,” Renka intoned, her voice taking on a more suggestive quality.

“Why are we being taught this all of a sudden?” Lily murmured, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment.

“Silence! Enough with your questions,” Renka snapped, sauntering over to pull Lily by the arm. “How do you expect to master the Charm Intent without this knowledge? Or perhaps you’d prefer lessons in pleasing men? Shall I summon a demon to serve as your practice partner?”

“What? No, that’s not what I want!”

“Hmph!” Renka shoved Lily back. “Then be silent and wait your turn!”

Renka summoned each maiden individually, pairing them with an instructor.

One by one, the maidens departed to receive their instructions in the arts of pleasure, leaving Lily unsummoned and waiting.

Eventually, only Lily and Hyozuhi were left in the courtyard. Given Hyozuhi’s status as Lily’s slave, she required no additional training, leaving Lily conspicuously without instruction.

Renka, appearing to overlook this oversight, turned to leave without further comment.

“Captain Renka, if I may…”

“What’s this? Miss Lily, did you not just decline? Changed your mind so quickly? Eager to learn the arts of pleasure, are you? How brazen!”

“I’m not opposed to skipping these lessons, Captain Renka. But they’re part of the competition, aren’t they? If I’m not taught, I could be at a disadvantage in the Night Parade. That hardly seems fair,” Lily countered.

“Hmph, just look at you, all eagerness and anticipation! If you’re so keen on learning, just say so directly. Spare me the pretense of righteousness!”

“That’s not it at all! I’m… I’m simply anxious…”

“Anxious, you say? Eager to master the art of seduction, perhaps?”

“You…” Overwhelmed by a mix of embarrassment and indignation, Lily hung her head, finding herself unable to contend with Renka’s remarks.

“Fear not, our stunning beauty. Your turn shall come; just be patient,” Renka commanded with a smirk. “Now, someone see to it that Lily is bathed and her attire refreshed. Make sure she’s dressed to impress. Ohohohohoho.”


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