Two as One Princesses Chapter 132 (Part 2)

New Chapter!
Hiya~! March seems to fly for me this year, but as always, Monday is always AinCiel Monday!
Last time on AinCiel: Going back to the floor with the survivors, the older princess found something curious about one of the survivors, a boy with weirdly expensive but un-adventurer-ish clothes. Our cast decided to ignore him, since he reeks of trouble, and slowly made their way up to the exit. On the way, they found that their witch lady friend was waiting for them and now the three of them slowly make their way back to the surface.
Now then, what will happen next? Will our cast leave the den within the chapter? Will there be no trouble from here on? And what more is there to be done?
Find out in the second half of The Way Back, the Boy, and Regrouping!
Now then, I hope you enjoy the chapter! Please stay safe! Feel free to comment! And I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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